The Gate-Keepers of the Revolving Doors

Shielding our Multi-Daddy Statesmen & Generals

Some of you may be familiar with my past interviews, comments, or writings on the issue of ‘revolving doors.’ I started this blog by emphasizing the importance of separating ‘main causes’ from the multiple ‘symptoms’ we’ve been suffering from. Well, I consider the chronic revolving doors phenomena as one of those main causes leading to many of the ailments we suffer from today.

In November 2006 I wrote a two part series on this issue: ‘The Highjacking of a Nation. ‘In Part Two, ‘The Auctioning of Former Statesman & Dime a Dozen Generals’, I provided a few examples of how certain former statesmen and generals cash in on their connections and peddle their influence to the highest bidders turned clients. One of these cases involved General Joseph Ralston. He is the Vice Chairman of The Cohen Group. He serves on the board of Lockheed Martin, which paid the Cohen Group $550,000 in 2005, according to a Lockheed filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Ralston is also a member of the 2006 Advisory Board of the American Turkish Council (ATC), and one of Turkey’s top advocates and lobbyists.

In late summer of 2006, while serving as the Vice Chairman for the Cohen Group, while serving on Lockheed Martin’s Board, while sitting on the Advisory Board of the Turkish Lobby Group, ATC and lobbying for Turkey, this ‘Dime a Dozen’ General, was appointed to be US Special Envoy for Countering the Kurdistan Workers Party conflict with Turkey. Here is an excerpt from my piece:

    “Our government sent this man, Ralston, as a special envoy to help resolve the highly critical Northern Iraq situation with possible dire consequences in the near future. Considering Ralston’s livelihood and his loyalties, as a member of the board of the directors of Lockheed Martin, as the vice chairman of a lobbying firm with foreign interests, as an advisor and board member for the most powerful Turkish Lobby group, ATC, who did this man represent while in Turkey as the special envoy? What interests did he really represent; Iraq’s situation, Lockheed’s livelihood, which depends on further conflicts and bloodshed; the corrupt and criminal government of Turkey and its representation via ATC; or, the furthering of the Cohen Group’s future pimping opportunities?”

Why am I revisiting Ralston and this major case of conflict of interest now? It is because I intend to re-illustrate it within the framework and as an example in the discussion we’ve been having on ‘Dissecting the MSM.’

While the implications of Ralston’s appointment caused a major stir within the Kurdish community and organizations, pointing to Ralston’s position with the Turkish lobby in the US, and within Turkey’s own communities and pointing to Ralston’s position with Lockheed Martin, our own media and watchdog organizations let this gargantuan conflict of interest pass under the radar.

Also from ‘Hijacking of a Nation: Part Two’

    “Why in the world did no one within the U.S. mainstream media give even the slightest coverage of this conflict of interest? Why haven’t we heard anyone asking Ralston the most important question, in dire need of an answer: ‘Who’s your daddy Ralston; boy?’ Ralston’s position is no different than what is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as: “A person conceived and born out of wedlock.” With the possibility of any one of four daddies, and without the benefit of a DNA test, how do we go about determining Ralston’s real daddy?”

Ken Silverstein of Harper Magazine wrote a piece on this in November of 2006, titled ‘Lost in the Valley of the Wolves’. He touched the most important aspects of this case:

    “…But it appears that Ralston is representing the interests of the shareholders of Lockheed Martin rather than the interests of the American people.”

    “Then came the mid-September announcement (just weeks after Ralston's appointment) that Turkeywould be purchasing thirty new F-16's from Lockheed Martin. Weeks later, the Turkish government ruled out purchasing any Eurofighter Typhoon warplanes. This leaves only one option—Lockheed Martin's new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. A deal between Lockheed and Turkey would be worth as much as $10 billion.”

... and he asked the ‘real question’ any MSM reporter with even a half of a brain should have asked:

    “Did Special Envoy Ralston lobby on behalf of Lockheed Martin during his encounters with Turkish officials? It seems likely. Ralston sits on the Board of Directorsof Lockheed Martin and serves as vice chairman of The Cohen Group, a lobbying firm that has represented Lockheed since 2004. On August 11 of this year, seventeen days before he was named Special Envoy, Ralston was appointed to The Cohen Group team that lobbies for Lockheed.”

…and he emphasized the unmentionable as far as the US MSM is concerned, the Turkish Lobby:

    “As Kurdish activist and blogger Mizgin Yilmaz has explained in detail , Ralston has close ties to Turkey through his military service and through his seat on the advisory board of the American Turkish Council. Lockheed Martin is a leading member and financial sponsor of this council, which “is dedicated to effectively strengthening U.S.-Turkish relations through the promotion of commercial, defense, technology and cultural relations.””

…and he concluded it with a punch absent in the work (stenography) of all other MSM players:

    “It's hard to understand how the Bush Administration could appoint a special envoy with so many conflicts of interest, but Lockheed's corporate slogan says it all: “We never forget who we're working for.” Neither, it seems, does General Ralston.”

Aside from Harper’s Silverstein, one other publication, the Boston Globe, did an excellent hard-hitting report on this. Kevin McKiernan begins the piece with a great punch line:

    “MOST PEOPLE would agree that it's bad ethics for government officials to invest in companies that they regulate. But what about a US special envoy to a Middle East trouble spot who happens to be a director of an arms company selling weapons to one of the parties in the conflict?”

Here is more from McKiernan’s report:

    “The problem is that General Ralston is on the board of Lockheed Martin, the world's largest arms maker, which just last month finalized a $2.9 billion sale for advanced F-16 fighters that may well be used in the Kurdish region (the State Department acknowledges that F-16 s were involved in human rights abuses in Turkey in the 1990s). This gives the ex-general the appearance of holding a financial interest in his shuttle diplomacy.”

    “General Ralston is on the board of the American Turkish Council, the powerful Capitol Hill lobby, and he is vice chairman of the Cohen Group, a corporation founded by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, with close ties to the Turkish military. Unfortunately, Ralston carries too much baggage to be special envoy, and he should step down before he alienates the Kurds of Iraq, the best -- and perhaps only -- friend the US government has in the country.”

And even a punchier finale:

    “Our new man in Ankara will be seen as an arms merchant in diplomat's clothing. He should be replaced.”

Now, here is a list of links to some of the major news coverage involving Ralston’s bastardization of military honor:


CBS News


New York Times


Time Magazine

I can go on and list more, but I’m sure you get the picture. They all went with the transcript faxed to them by the State Department like good little stenographers! Didn’t they have access to Ralston’s background, which is listed even in Wikipedia and his employer’s, Cohen Group, website? Surely they did! Weren’t they given reports and tips by those who’ve been acting as watchdogs on this case? Surely they were!

Here is a statement from ‘Mizgin’ who not only followed the case from the beginning as it was unfolding, but took it upon herself to contact these MSM reporters, supplying them with all the background on Four-Daddy General Ralston, and underlining all the issues of ‘conflicts of interests’:

    At the end of September 2006, a friend in the UK who writes the Hevallo blog had sent me a link to an article in the Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram on the sale of F-16s to Turkey. At the same time, Turkey was considering a purchase of the new Lockheed Martin F-35 but was not scheduled to make a decision on this purchase until the end of 2006. This news came almost one month after former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Joseph Ralston was named by the State Department as the "special envoy" to "coordinate" the PKK for Turkey.

    Since the PKK was preparing to declare a 1 October 2006 unilateral ceasefire, and since I was working on an English translation of Ocalan's statement regarding the ceasefire, I didn't have time to immediately investigate the F-16 story and the connection to Ralston. However, by 1 October, I had completed some initial investigation and noted the conflict of interest that Ralston's appointment created.

    In researching Ralston's background, I found that he was working for The Cohen Group, a lobbying firm founded by former Defense Secretary William Cohen, and that Ralston was one of two vice-chairmen for The Cohen Group. The other was Marc Grossman. I had come across a Washington Post article from May 2006 on Cohen and his firm which was written by David Hilzenrath. The article described the revolving-door syndrome between government and private business. In writing the article, I thought Hilzenrath would have the background to see that there was an obvious conflict of interest with Ralston's appointment and his connection to a private company that was listed with the US Senate, in accordance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as a lobbyist hired to sell Lockheed Martin tactical fighter aircraft. In fact, Ralston was listed as a lobbyist with the Senate for this very purpose at least as late as 31 July 2006.

    I contacted Hilzenrath with the information I had managed to search out within a couple of days and suggested that he write something about the appointment since he had written about the people involved with The Cohen Group. He was interested initially and asked for a phone number where he could contact me. I gave him a "throw-away" number where he could reach me, but never heard from him again.

    In the meantime and out of frustration with trying to get the mainstream media interested in an appointment that was obviously very wrong, I wrote an article myself with was first published on KurdishInfo and then on KurdishMedia. Hevallo managed to get the article published in the UK's Socialist Worker. A friend from Diyarbakir translated the article into Turkish and I sent it to Ozgur Gundem, where it was published. I also posted the Turkish version on Istanbul Indymedia. Another friend persuaded the Kurdish National Congress of North America to call for Ralston's resignation as "special envoy."

    Before the end of October 2006, Ralston had secured Turkey's purchase of F-35 aircraft for $10 billion and the official announcement of the purchase came in December 2006. This meant that within a matter of a few weeks, Ralston had squeezed some $13 billion out of the Turkish Defense Ministry.

    From the UK, Hevallo had contacted a reporter for the LA Times, Kim Murphy, after she wrote a piece on Ralston and the Kurdish situation while she had been in Iraq. This also looked promising as Murphy appeared interested initially. Hevallo sent her the information that we had collected on Ralston and the Lockheed deals with Turkey and she was going to present the information to her editor in Washington DC. From that point on the information was buried and we heard nothing else from Murphy or the LA Times.

    Did the reporters themselves make the decision to sit on the information about this conflict of interest or did they, honestly, pass it to their editors, who made the final decisions? I don't know. I guess it really doesn't matter because our experience proves that somewhere along the line, someone in the mainstream media is going to sit on this kind of information to keep it from the public.

    Considering that most of Turkey's purchases of military hardware during the Clinton administration were subsidized by up to 80% by the US taxpayer, Americans themselves should have an interest in what happens when retired generals-turned lobbyists are appointed to handle situations that deal in matters of life and death.

    There were those whom we contacted who did take up the pen to write about the Ralston problem and I am grateful to them for their help. Among those were Ken Silverstein at Harper's; Kevin McKiernan, a longtime advocate for the Kurdish people, writing in the Boston Globe; Chris Deliso, who included information about Lockheed Martin's public relations firm, Public Strategies, Inc., who took a great interest in the things I was writing about Ralston and Lockheed--hence the need for "throw-away" phone numbers when you have to deal with these bloodsuckers; and Luke Ryland, who managed to link the Ralston conflict of interest with the Sibel Edmonds case. For all of these, I have nothing but praise and the greatest thanks

So what did they do instead? They all went by the transcript faxed and or e-mailed to them by the State Department like good little stenographers! That’s exactly what they did, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing when it comes to shielding our multi-daddy Statesmen & Generals.

Is Ralston an isolated case? Of course not! There is an extensive list of these multi-daddy ex government officials who double or maybe even triple dip. Here, check out a few of these dime-a-dozen public servants turned foreign lobbyists:

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert: Here, here, and here.

Former Undersecretary of State & Ambassador to Turkey Marc Grossman: Here, here, and here.

Retired General Brent Scowcroft: Here, here, here, and here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    123realchange is at the top of my reading list, alphabetically and otherwise, so again I get the chance to leave the first comment…which is…and don't forget Dick Cheney, probably the champion and patron of them all.

  2. Imhotep says:

    Well… only because I did not think I had anything to add besides 'great job Sibel' and 'I was in the same room with Ex-Sec'y of Defense Cohen once.'

    Thanks for helping put the puzzle together.
    It's hard to know which special interest (beside mammon) is paramount in the constant dogfighting.

    One bit of news that caught my eye this am is Richard Holbrooke's announcement that the US is giving up on eradicating the record poppy crops in Afghanistan.

    Hmmmm… I bet they are just tired of hiding the tacit US policy support and crowning success of the bumper crops this year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sibel- You should write for 'Nation.' Have you tried them? Seems like a good fit. You're much better than that Rozen Agent. Janet

  4. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Anon: You are right; Cheney tops that list. It would take many many pages to cover his! Also, thank you for your kind words; believe me or not it motivates me when things get too grim…

    Imhotep: 'Halbrooke'- I did read that; not much coverage as usual. Also, about a month ago NATO joined that rhetoric…hmmmm. Let's monitor that.

    Janet: 'Nation' is generally good. I am not a fan of Rozen. She has signed up with Harman;-) Did you read the garbage she wrote on Stein's piece? Agenda, agenda, agent and agents…She is based in DC and I get to hear a lot about her 'daddies';-)

    I am off for an interview session: British Documentary on guess what? US MSM. It will be released theatrically this fall. Here is the info: My case is one of their sample cases for US MSM black out…

  5. Sibel,

    Just great – so well documented! You just keep getting better!



  6. Anonymous says:

    Bill Cohen is part of a group that bought Blethen Newspapers in Maine recently from the Seattle Times. I (Former Fire Chief) was interviewed by your former employer about an incident in Maine regarding the 911crew(s). Did you ever analyze any foreign language radio intercepts acquired in Sept. 2001 from Maine? If you cannot talk about it, I wonder if it would be beneficial for me to elaborate on this further. Going back to Bush 1, why did Kenetech U.S. Windpower suddenly go bankrupt after they announced a big project on the Black Sea, Yet Enron ended up with the assets? Keep up the good work, Respectfully, Grandpa.

  7. eric zaetsch says:

    More revolving door, tying not service, then lobbying-consulting, (with MSM indifference), but – similar in flavor: Casper Weinberger, while still under indictment before Bush No.1 pardoned him, where did he go after leaving the Pentagon?

    Wikipedia reveals, "Weinberger had been Secretary of Defense for six years and ten months, longer than any man except for Robert McNamara and Donald Rumsfeld. After Weinberger left the Pentagon, he joined Forbes, Inc., in 1989 as publisher of Forbes magazine. He was named chairman in 1993. Over the next decade, he wrote frequently on defense and national security issues."

    Ditto, the MSNBC online obit, "In 1989, Weinberger, a self-described “frustrated newspaperman,” joined Forbes to become the magazine’s fourth publisher. In 1993 he was named chairman of Forbes Inc., filling a position that had been vacant since the 1990 death of Malcolm S. Forbes. He endorsed Steve Forbes for president in 1996."

    This link:

    That obit also dates the pardon, "In one of the first of President Bush’s final official acts after his 1992 loss to Bill Clinton, he granted Christmas Eve pardons to Weinberger and five others accused in the [Iran Contra] scandal."

    Casper W. has passed through that one unrevolving door, the one-way one we all face ending things, but before that, he surely had his ins and outs.

  8. eric zaetsch says:

    Pursing "Ralston" on the Forbes site did not yield anything about the 2006 tasking. However, the man is on the board of Timkin, the ball bearing people "Where You Turn," and URS — these links:

    Lots of things interested governments abroad could buy – goods and services – and perhaps the Timkin firm makes the bearings worldwide, for revolving doors??

  9. Anonymous says:

    I sound like a broken record, but what can I say? Another great post, And, 1st Anonymous, its at the top of mine also – should be required reading for all public policy majors.

    Keep it up Sibel.


  10. eric zaetsch says:

    Earlier comment, an error not proofreading before posting, the Weinberger obit link, for MSNBC, is:

    Sorry about the mistake.

  11. eric zaetsch says:

    Imhotep linked to a RawStory item, indicating Taliban makes about $100 million [$0.1 billion] a year from the opium trade. Also, it says, "narcotics is a $2.6 billion-a-year industry that this year provided more than a third of the country’s gross domestic product."

    Take out a Taliban $0.1 billion from $2.6 billion, that leaves the lion's share of $2.5 billion for others.

    The relative numbers, from WaPo and AP original reporting, suggest that the Taliban is a minor factor.

    Also, the production chart in the story suggests by now the crop is likely at about 10,000 metric tons per year. That's 10,000,000 kiliograms so the Taliban makes about $10 per kilo. I'd expect the farmers make more, but that there's a lot of other money around going elsewhere than to Taliban and farmers.

  12. YuvbinDuped says:

    Dick Cheney is certainly the key to much of the events that have occurred over the past few decades as well as GHW Bush, but my question is who are the powerful individuals that shield them? They are minions in the same way as the President is simply that, a "President," NOT the CEO of Corporate "UNITED STATES." Presidents are controlled by corporate needs and only speak for the corporation.

    When I saw President George W.Bush sitting in that classroom on 9-11 (during that well publicized media event) I saw a man that had an expression on his face that in my opinion was one of "they did it, they really did it," I thought of Cheney. What was more startling to me was the inaction of the Secret Service when they allowed our President, despite the danger to himself and the schoolchildren, to sit there and read for several minutes rather than dragging him off by his heels. How did they know they were not in danger of attack?

    Watching Obama's 180 on 98% of his campaign promises is evidence of of one that is under the thumb of controllers.

    For everything there is a reason.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nancy Pelosi gave an interview on 60 Minutes after the Democrats regained control of the House following the 2006 elections. I distinctly remembering her saying something to the effect that the Republican leadership was "worse than criminals." I translate that to mean "traitors". Yet the Democrats did nothing between 2006 and 2008 to impede Bush/Cheney and now Obama with Gates as Sec of Defense has really changed nothing with respect to defense and military policies. But I also recall that Republicans like Hastert and Trent Lott resigned before the last election supposedly so they could sneak through the revolving door. This whole series of events makes me wonder what kind of a deal the two parties struck and why doesn't the public know anything about anything. Secrecy to protect national defense is certainly the excuse I would expect to hear from these slimey politicians. However, every other little bit and piece of information I can retrieve on this and other websites tells me that the politicians' primary motivation for all this deception and subterranean wheeling and dealing is to protect themselves. And my guess as to the corporate overseers of this whole charade is, of course, the defense contractors.

  14. John Francis Lee says:

    Great work. Thanks.

  15. Hannah K. O'Luthon says:

    I hope that Anonymous of June 28 at 1.38 pm will give some help for following up the hints placed here. It's not my blog,
    but the "bait" tossed out has this "fish" biting.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I heard an interview on NPR this morning citing increased hostage taking of BBC and U.S. news reporters. Well, it makes sense after reading the MSM compromise documented on this blog. The rest of the world is not dumb, just controlled. If MSM is the lackey of the Elite, Kissinger and Associates, then they must pay the price.

  17. YuvbinDuped says:

    I might be behind the eight ball here but did you guys ever read the Speech James Traficant made before Congress 16 years ag on the Bankruptcy of the United States? This speech is why I think he was railroaded to prison without allowance by the courts (UNCONSTITUTIONALLY I might add) to call witnesses in his defense. This is really juicy:

  18. Ishmael says:

    I read another Robert Parry article that, though not addressing the media, DOES address the revolving door of government/media/industry.



    Site Contents



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    Refresh Tag(s): Democrat; Evidence; International; Investigations; Iraq; Lee Hamilton; Republican; Truth Commission
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    June 28, 2009 at 23:02:11
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    Promoted to Headline (H3) on 6/28/09:
    Who to Trust on a Truth Commission?

    by Robert Parry Page 1 of 8 page(s)

    nowBuzz up!

    June 26, 2009

    While a truth commission to examine the crimes of the Bush administration has a certain appeal "" especially if there's not going to be a tough special prosecutor bringing criminal charges–there still would be the issue of who could fill the job of getting at the truth.

    That's because over the past three decades, the Washington media/political establishment has shown itself stunningly inept at conducting serious inquiries that can penetrate even the most implausible cover stories if a probe's target has influential friends in high places.

    Instead, investigations into difficult questions have usually settled for politically convenient half-answers, especially when the Democratic love of bipartisanship confronts Republican anger over holding accountable someone like Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney or George W. Bush.

    The key staffing problem is that pretty much all the Wise Men and Wise Women of Washington have seen their reputations thrive in the hot house of intellectual corruption that has dominated the capital for the last 30 years — and thus they are hopelessly compromised."

  19. Ishmael says:

    sorry for the extra crap in the quote. hit publish instead of preview. My apologies.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anon the Neocon-

    Is there a conflict of interests in working for Lockheed and pursuing contracts with Turkey?

    Not unless you can show one.

    One of the ways we solidify our alliances, is by using qualified intermediaries. The only explanation for the obvious weariness of corporate intermediation, is ideological.

    What do you have against the corporate sector, of which the membership on a board representing American-Turkish ties – is a culmination.

    Who would you have negotiating otherwise? An ex-PKK guerrilla?

    Sorry, I feel a corporate man represents America far better, than a ideologist.

    However, considering your objections to Democracy in Iran – why are you bothered by transparency questions in Turkey?


    Isn't the 9/11 family lawsuit far more newsworthy than the questions raised in this post – which are based on claims, rather than evidence?

    Somehow, when it's the third-world guy doing the stealing, Mrs. Edmond's interests dissipate. Too bad the CIA wasn't involved in that one – eh?

  21. YuvbinDuped says:

    Eisenhower warned (after his Presidency of course) to beware of the military industrial complex. Today we have Dick Cheney with his PNAC and of course Halliburton as well as GHW Bush and the Carlyle Group profiteering from wars that should not be.

    Long ago, in 1933 a war hero named Major General Smedley Butler wrote a book called War is a Racket which can be found for free on the internet. This book stated how WWI was more or less a bankster scam. This was almost 80 years ago.

    How unfortunate for us that our media went from reporting and exposing our government to becoming their lapdogs. The stories they pass on to report Michael Jacksons drug induced death should be what we see on our nightly news, yet we'll never hear about them, just like I never heard Sibels name mentioned on the MSM.

    This is disgusting and reprehensible to me.

  22. Metemneurosis says:

    Anon the Neocon

    You know I thought debating you was interesting for a while but you're not even trying anymore to make good points. I can't even take your questions seriously anymore. "Is there a conflict of interests", if you're serious about that then I think Sibel's right you must be in government somewhere. Willful blindness to corruption and corrupting forces is a sure sign of a politician. Ideological? Everyone has an ideology. Your ideology for instance allows you to see nothing wrong with Ralston's corporate ties. You might as well attack someone for breathing. And are you calling Saudia Arabia the third world? You ask why Sibel doesn't complain when people in the third world steal. But if Saudia Arabia is the third world then surely Turkey and Pakistan are too, in which case you conveniently forgot all the info on corruption she posted on former leaders of those countries. I hope you haven't permanently lowered the tone now where all we'll get are these angry wild jabs.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Trust is a very rare commodity. My "Grandpa" once taught me that the art of fly fishing depends on the water and weather conditions, what is hatching, and make sure you tie your flies in various subtle configurations if you want "fish" to bite. The "ANGLER"(s) instead might catch themselves by casting a fly line carelessly upwind. In this case certain physical and or paper trail evidence "may" have been left behind. Trust is key here before the MAINE event is exposed. I would like to "thank" Sen. Susan " enron is just a business deal" Collins for her work on the 911 Commission.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I add this. GHL stock quote

  25. Mizgîn says:

    Is there a conflict of interests in working for Lockheed and pursuing contracts with Turkey?

    There is no conflict of interest in pursuing contracts with Turkey for any company, unless, you're also a lobbyist registered with the Senate who also just happened to be appointed to a position in which you're supposed to help solve a 30-year-old conflict.

    Now, if there were no conflict of interest here, then why did Turkish daily Sabah feel the need to write an article to explain how Joseph Ralston was really only appointed to the board of directors of LM AFTER he had been appointed "special envoy" by the State Department? Hmm?

    Because Sabah published an obvious lie, one that was easily disproved. Simply by googling the subject anyone can see that Ralston had been a director of LM since April 2003.

    Why did Sabah feel the need to lie? Why did Turkish Daily News feel the need, in December 2006, to talk about how the F-16 purchase was in the works long before Ralston was appointed (true) but failed to mention the sale of the F-35's which Turkey finalized that very month?

    Since corporations represent the American people, American way of life, American ideology far, far better than anyone or anything else, as you say, then why wasn't the connection between Ralston and Lockheed not boasted of in the American MSM? The appointment of Ralston as "special envoy to coordinate the PKK for Turkey" should have been another feather in the cap of Almighty American Capitalism, according to you, so why did the MSM bury it?

    Because Sabah, Turkish Daily News, and the American MSM know that it's a conflict of interest and, as vile a bunch of vermin journalists are, they at least have enough sense of morality–unlike you–to know a conflict of interest like this one is bad for everyone but the corporate bloodsuckers.

    But I appreciate your comment very much because it confirms what everyone outside of the US knows; that American "democracy" and "freedom" means the "freedom" to choose between Microsoft and Apple, between Toyota and Ford and Mercedes, between Nike and Adidas and Reebok, etc., ad nauseum.

    In other words, your "democracy" and "freedom" is a marketing farce which has to be forced on other countries at the point of a gun.

    And that's why we know that, no matter how much some status quo toadie like Henri Barkey tries to bray about how important it is that the US "mediate" between Turks and Kurds, no one in Turkey who genuinely wants a solution, neither Turk nor Kurd, is going to accept US involvement. We all know that US "mediation" will only go so far as US interests go and that's not far enough. That's why NO ONE in Turkey and NO ONE at Kandil has ever suggested that the US "mediate".

    As for having an "ex-PKK guerrilla" mediate, no, I wouldn't prefer that; I'd prefer a current PKK guerrilla mediate. But that is not what has been proposed; I understand why and accept the reason why. You'd know that, too, if you were ABLE to follow Turkish media.

    Why are YOU bothered by transparency questions in Turkey, Mr. Neocon, because your pseudo-intellectual comments here reflect just that. And forget about trying to convince everyone that you're so concerned about "democracy" in Iran because it's people like you who were, just a few weeks ago, singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb, bomb, Iran" with John McCain and all the other psycho right wing fascists, essentially calling for the vaporization of the very protestors you are now shedding crocodile tears for. You're the same type who wants Muslims wiped off the face of the earth but you shed more crocodile tears every time you hear of an honor murder: "Oh, poor Muslim women! BOO-HOO-HOOOO! If we had wiped them off the face of the earth first, they wouldn't be murdered by evil Muslim men! BOO-HOOO-HOOOOO!!!"

    You fool no one.

  26. Mizgîn says:

    And by the way, little Mr. Neocon, if you're so concerned about the 9/11 family lawsuit or someone in the third world stealing–like who I wonder, since I'm sure you have something particular in mind that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of this post–then why don't you set yourself in front of a computer and write about it yourself?

    But you just added those remarks at the end to be a smart@ss, didn't you?

    Yes, it's very obvious.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Gee, Thanks. Grandpa.

  28. Anonymous says:

    On 9/11/2001 Fox news correspondant Carl Cameron reported an incident regarding 5 dancing Israelis. I saw this on Time Warner Cable in Presque Isle, Maine. The next day Time Warner Pulled the Fox News Network off the air for 1 week. When they finally came back on TW cable, Fox news no longer reported this and did a full 180 on its news broadcasting. The Local General Manager of Time Warner Cable at the time is a big player in the "county" Republican Party and has connections to Susan (enron) Collins, as Ms. Collins grew up in the region. I apologize that I may have given out "too much" info. and that for whatever reason previous posts were deleted. The Maine connection is important and I would not wish to steer anyone the wrong way or cause any problems. Grandpa.

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