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Last week Jeremy Scahill covered a very interesting story over at his blog titled ‘Paramilitary Thug with Long History with Top US Democrats Arrested for War Crimes.’ The story is about Agim Ceku who commanded the ethnic cleansing operations in Yugoslavia in 90s, and then headed KLA, an organization labeled ‘terrorist’ by the US government. I briefly covered the issues related to KLA and it’s tainted and biased coverage by the US MSM in ‘The Forbidden Apple of the US Press, and talked about their burial of the dark side of KLA and our government’s partnership with them as just another example of our hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy.

Back to Scahill’s nicely-done piece, and a summary of the case provided in the introduction paragraph:

    “A US-trained paramilitary figure from the Balkans with a lengthy history with leading Clinton-era Democrats, including some now in the Obama administration, has been arrestedin Europe on an Interpol warrant for war crimes. Agim Ceku, an Albanian from Kosovo, is a former Croatian Army General who was trained by the private US security firm Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI) during the Clinton Administration. Ceku, backed by the US, would go on to become the “prime minister” of Kosovo despite the fact that he was responsible for some of the worst acts of “ethnic cleansing” in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s and was the leader of a paramilitary organization with drug trade ties, which Clinton’s top envoy to Kosovo called a “terrorist” organization.”

For the purpose of my coverage please put your own emphasis on “…the leader of a paramilitary organization with drug trade ties.” Now a bit more on Ceku as the darling of the US government and its extension, NATO:

    “Gen. Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, worked with Ceku when Clark led the bombing of Kosovo. “[Ceku] could have been in anybody’s army and done well,” saidClark in 2007.”

And two important excerpts for my purposes with emphasis added:

    “Despite US intelligence that indicatedthat the KLA was a terrorist organization with ties to narco-trafficking and networks connected to Osama bin Laden, the Clinton Administration embraced the organization as its proxy armed force on the ground in Kosovo in 1998-1999.”

    “This is not the first time Ceku has been arrested. In 2003, he was detained in an airport in Slovenia and in 2004 at the airport in Budapest. In May 2009, he was deported from Columbia.”

Since the story’s main focus is on Ceku’s role in ethnic cleansing and our shameful diplomatic relations - based on even more shameful objectives and foreign policy, there is no explanation for Ceku’s trip to and stay in Colombia. We already know he is connected to Narco-Trafficking, and we know the importance of the Balkan Route to the heroin industry. But what the hell was Ceku doing in Colombia? Is there some sort of a barter system, heroin-for cocaine and vice versa within the industry? Again, keep this thought for what’s to follow. Reported as an update by Scahill, interestingly but expectedly, due to “international intervention” Ceku was ordered released the next day, on Thursday, June 25.

Hmmmm, international intervention? That makes it NATO-US.

I do follow Scahill’s reports and editorial pieces regularly, and he is one of very few journalists out there whom I respect. This piece got my attention especially, and brought back memories of another story I followed personally for over a year: Jan Willem Matser, another NATO Thug.

Jan Willem Matser, a Dutch Lieutenant Colonel in Staff to NATO Secretary General George Robertson in charge of Eastern Europe, whose job gave him access to classified NATO material, was arrested on February 2003 in Wemmel, Belgium, and charged with trying to launder at least $200 million for an international drug cartel from his office at the alliance’s HQ in Brussels. Other criminals involved in Matser’s case were Mohammed Kadem, a Moroccan, and Pietro Fedino, a wealthy Sicilian with a previous conviction for cocaine smuggling.

Here is some background as reported by Times UK :

    “According to documents seen by The Sunday Times, the investigation began last September after customs police at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam received a tip-off about a FedEx parcel sent from Colombia [Emphasis Added] to an address in the Netherlands. The parcel was found to contain a receipt for a £120m deposit at a bank in Bogotá [Emphasis Added] and a fake document authorising the transfer of the same amount of money to Tender SA, a company registered in the Romanian town of Timisoara. The company is not suspected of any wrongdoing.”

And here some more background on the investigations from the same report by Times UK:

    “The information was passed to a police unit working for the Dutch finance ministry that specializes in combating organised crime. The package was fitted with a bug and resealed. It was allegedly received by Fedino, who is suspected by the Dutch police of being an Italian mafia boss. Five agents monitored him around the clock and listened to his telephone calls. It was this surveillance that led police to Matser. In a call taped on September 7, a man later identified as Matser said he was “going to be leaving NATO in half an hour”.”

And more,

    “In a further conversation, on December 27, Matser allegedly said: “I’ll make false documents for the entire transaction . . . It’s no problem; my computer’s very patient and I can even recreate the official notary seals from old documents.” Matser also held several meetings with his alleged accomplices. One meeting with Kadem on Christmas Eve at the Airport hotel in Rotterdam was filmed by the surveillance team. Kadem was already the focus of four international drug investigations and had been sought by Interpol since 1996.”Investigators believe Matser helped to set up the scheme when Nato sent him to Romania last year to instruct central European intelligence chiefs on how to raise standards.”

Here comes another very interesting connection:

    “Matser — an assistant to Chris Donnelly, Robertson’s special adviser for central and eastern Europe — is believed to have used his contacts in Romania’s domestic secret service to arrange meetings with senior members of the government. He is thought to have told them of plans to launch a fund, backed by wealthy individuals and middle-ranking investors that would invest £1.8 billion in Romania. This was to begin with the purchase of Petrom, oil refining company, and Libra Bank [Emphasis Added]”

Interestingly Dick Cheney’s Halliburton happened to be another contender for control of Romania’s Petrom. Here is the ‘Interesting’ Connection:

    “Matser and Tender are further connected by their failed attempt to gain control of PETROM National Society (SNP), a soon-to-be privatized Romanian oil-company, which produces 10% of the Romanian GDP. Tender, Matser and Halliburton formed a consortium in an effort to gain controlling stakes - 51% estimated to be worth approx. US$ 1 billion. A few days following the announcement of this trio's interest, Matser was arrested. Subsequently, Romania's Economy Ministry has made it known that the consortium had not met its criteria and was no longer being considered.”

Sanders Research has one of the very few analyses of Matser’s case, here are a few excerpts:

    “Matser had a suspiciously large amount of money to invest, as the Dutch police found out. They discovered in Matser’s apartment papers from a Romanian holding company, Tender SA, owned by the tycoon Ovidiu Tender. Matser said that he had frequently carried out such money transfers with Tender, whom he had met at a NATO-related conference in the Romanian mountain resort of Sinaia in April 2002, [2] and who is often described as being “close” to the Romanian president, Ion Iliescu. Tender was interviewed by the Dutch investigators, and he told them that he had attended a meeting between Matser and the Romanian prime minister, Adrian Nastase, at which Matser had announced that he had no less than $2 – 3 billion to invest. In the latter half of 2002, Matser nearly concluded the purchase of a Libra Bank in Romania. [3] And it seems that he may have been interested in using his money to buy a stake in the Romanian oil giant, Petrom, in which Tender also has an interest. (Oddly enough, another contender for control of Romania’s petro-chemical industry was none other than Hallburton, the company which used to be headed by Vice-President Dick Cheney[Emphasis Added].”

Do you want to get a good chuckle? Here is how Matser tried to explain the source of his fortune:

    “Matser claimed that he had such gigantic sums at his disposal because he ran a sort of freelance brokerage business in the short-term money markets. He claimed that he operated on a 40% commission for companies seeking short-term loans, and that with this business he had amassed a fortune which he wanted to invest. Specialists consulted during the trial said this was simply impossible. But because he was friendly with numerous notorious criminals, his activities started to arouse suspicion, in particular that he was involved in laundering money for drug dealers. Although Matser was in fact acquitted of complicity in organised crime, his two co-defendants had previous convictions for drug dealing and fraud. And he was friendly with Mohammed Kadem, a Moroccan who is alleged to be one of the biggest drug dealers in the Netherlands.”

And here is how NATO tried to wiggle its way out of this (well, as you will see later, in the end it did!):

    “What is clear is that Matser not only had connections with numerous very powerful criminals – the phone number of his co-defendant, Pietro Fedino, the notorious Italian Mafioso [5], was in his mobile – but also that he had astonishingly high-level political contacts too. On his arrest and conviction, NATO insisted that he was merely a junior employee of the association, and thus tried to dissociate itself from his conviction. But if he was so junior, how did he manage to hold meetings with the Romanian prime minister, or to meet the most powerful men in the country? And how was it that he saw Lord Robertson, Secretary-General of the Atlantic Alliance, nearly every day? Matser even used to use the headed paper of the Secretary-General for his own personal notes.”

NATO or its defendants never answered the following question that arose from the Matser Case, I guess they didn’t have to; after all, they are ‘NATO’:

    “The silence has been deafening which has greeted the revelation that NATO officials consort with some of the biggest gangsters in organised crime. Yet it is obvious what questions Matser’s convictions throws up. What did Matser’s bosses at NATO, including the Secretary-General, know about his criminal activities? How can a NATO official, with all the security controls which such a post implies, entertain friendship and business contacts with well-known gangsters and criminals? How can he amass such stupendous sums of money while holding down a full-time office job?”

Guess what? As with Scahill’s Agim Ceku, despite serious charges supported by tons of evidence Matser was mysteriously acquitted.

    “A Dutch court on 27 January acquitted former NATO official Jan Willem Matser of charges he attempted to launder $200 million by channeling money from a Colombian bank account to Belgium via Romania, AP and AFP reported (see "RFE/RL Newsline," 14 January 2004). The judge said prosecutors had failed to support the money-laundering charges. Matser was found guilty of forgery and fraud on two other accounts and was sentenced to 14 months in prison, but was ordered released because he has already served two-thirds of the sentence in pretrial detention. He was given three years' probation.”

No ‘real’ explanation has ever been provided for his acquittal. Matser was convicted of forgery but acquitted of other charges, including belonging to a criminal organization. Yap, that’s the kind of immunity you get if you are a NATO man directly or indirectly. The organization seems to work like a network set up to advance large scale criminal operations.

And finally, even more interestingly, this story which became the front page news for days, even weeks, in Dutch and Romanian media, received ‘0,’ that is ‘zero,’ as in ‘zilch’ coverage in the USA media. Go check it for yourself. Enter Matser’s name in any news search engine of your choice and wait for the results. Seriously, go and do it. You’ll see 3 or 4 pieces in English, in UK papers, and NOTHING here in the United States of America. I don’t have to wonder why. Do you?

Cartoon by Paul Jamiol

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good nickname for Nato there!

    Congressman Ron Paul says we should be out of NATO and just let it go the way of older european colonizer projects into the dustbin of history……

    Since it hasn't done really anybody much good, what do you think of Congressman Paul's stance on that?

    I think NATO should pretty much be done away with, but that's on the extreme side of things. Yet I can't remember the last time NATO has served any value, except maybe for foreign bankers.

    Oh and as for the controversy on prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald…..I say let the chips fall where they may.

    Lance's book needs to be seen on a wide basis. Fitzgerald in my opinion, as good as his casework was, has always been blackmailed into not just prosecuting all of the law breakers.

    Fitzgerald while well meaning, I assume never had the power to go all the way with his investigations. Because a long time ago he was compromised by the Federal Reserve, I believe most of Fitzgerald's really important cases where he could have put these guys away in prison…have been scuttled, due to the same backroom deals they always do.

    No case can be perfect and in today's day & age, there is no octopus that is more interwoven like a locust through all our organizations……then the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

    I look forward to Peter's book and hope one day we get some special prosecutors appointed that can tear apart what is known as the industrial-banking octopus.

  2. Definitely on to something here Sibel. I've been going over some of the same area. Ceku was flown out on a French plane with the assistance of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (aka Dr Mengeles With Out Borders). Plane landed in France before he returned to the Fort Bondsteel drug processing lab/Kosovo but was not arrested there either due to French government intervention. Under Kouchner and Sarkozy France has returned to the NATO fold. Sarkozy has strong ties with the CIA and Frank Wisner Jr and can be considered 'their' man. Please check Thierry Meyssan's 'Operation Sarkozy' for family background here:

    Ceku's deportation happened at the same time various right wing military cells were being uncovered in Venezuela and Bolivia. They need money to operate.

    Then there is NATO's Ahtisaari: Still uncharged and free.

    Why, oh, why is it that no matter how hard they 'try' they just can't seem to stop those nasty drugs being produced? Colombia's Uribe has long been known to be involved with narco trafficking see National Security Archive document from 1992 here: . He sit there like a cuckoo in the shrinking Latin American nest for US interests. I am sure that much of the hostility to Morales and Chavez and co is due to their ability to see the use of Cocaine in a different light, and there fore a threat to drug profits as it is to their other social and democratic policies. And now of course Afghanistan. If it wasn't for pesky Iran (and Syria) US and NATO would have total control of most poppy production and distribution from Pakistan. across to Kosovo.

    Please check Rick Rozoff's STOP-NATO list and articles for the reach and depth of the new Nordic Aryan Teutonic Order being created. It goes to South America and all the way back.

    I like Sanders Research and Jeremy Scahill too. Good sources.

    There are of course lots of German BND connections to Ceku. I've got a Serbian government paper on Albanian organised crime with many of these players on the Deep Politics forum but it's 2 am here and I'm vaguer than normal now so can't find link for you but you may get it if you google.

  3. Metemneurosis says:

    Interesting as usual Sibel, especially the connection with Halliburton and Petrom. For those who don't know, Russia, on one side, and the EU/US on the other are in fierce competition to build two different pipelines which, on the European ends, go through almost the same routes. Nabucco is a US/EU pipeline by which they are attempting to break European dependence on Russia for oil and gas. Southstream is Russia's pipeline.

    Here's a link with a map.

    I don't know that owning a company like Petrom would necessarily guarantee anything but last I heard Romania was one of the last two countries that Russian needed to sign up for one of it's Southstream routes. I'm not sure if they signed on to Nabucco yet. But it seems reasonable that if one owned a company that produced 10% of a nations GDP one could pressure that country a bit. Perhaps if nothing else that's what they planned to do because from what I hear Southstream seems to be winning so far.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tying all these threads together becomes an exercise is pattern literacy. Matser and Agim Ceku appear similar to Patrick Fitzgerald linked to Scooter Libby and Ali Mohammed. Upon this blog's recommendation I purchased the paperback 'Triple Cross'. My first instinct is that these are mid-level machinations. Gustavo Gutierrez once wrote that living on the margins of society allows one to see more clearly. I met Linus, who spoke fluent German and French, but lived on the streets. Some of his story alleged that he was a mercenary killing Africans with AK-47's. His father had been Nazi SS. He made one cogent point. I asked him, if he had no problem with killing, why did he not just take out Dick Cheney? He said it would be like killing the head of the hydra. Others heads would pop up. Ulysses used reflected light to kill the Hydra. Using a reformed MSM might do the job.
    In a similar vein Thomas Blinkhorn became central European management for the World Bank. We know from Sibel, the role the World Bank has played in the drug world. I learned through personal contacts that Blinkhorn had gotten his start with the Milwaukee Journal. Seems like if you can't be an honest reporter, then crime pays. I obtained his home address and email, and posted it far and wide across Internet blogs. Wonder if that did any good?

  5. Metemneurosis says:

    By the way most of Sibel's posts here are up on Digg. Just go there and search the post title and please digg.

  6. Sibel Edmonds says:

    First Anon: "what do you think of Congressman Paul's stance on that?" 100% in agreement. In fact I support him 'n many related issues. He happens to be the only congressman I respect and admire.
    "I think NATO should pretty much be done away with, but that's on the extreme side of things." Not extreme at all. Don't let people persuade you otherwise. They should have been dismantled loooooong time ago, at least with the fall of the Soviet Union. Now it is Russia & China; securing the vast resources in C. Asia, Caucuses. Think about it Azerbaijan is joining, the claws are coming out to grab Georgia…
    Hope to have your views/voice here regularly.

    Deep: "NATO's Ahtissari'- This is the first time I am reading about this. Thank you for the link. I am going to dig this further; interesting, indeed.

    "If it wasn't for pesky Iran (and Syria) US and NATO would have total control of most poppy production and distribution from Pakistan. across to Kosovo." They almost do. Until 9/11 Russia had a pretty good chunk of it with many processing centers in Russia and Ukraine. That market share has been shrinking big time. There was a post on crypto not too long ago re: Russian FM statement (on the record) complaining about direct NATO involvement in Afghanistan (heroin)…Let's see if we can find it…Anyway, you've done lots of research in this area…

    Metemneurosis: as always right on target. Now put this 'n the recent Georgia conflict picture & of course all the 'agenda-driven' coverage. Barely mentioned.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "He made one cogent point. I asked him, if he had no problem with killing, why did he not just take out Dick Cheney? He said it would be like killing the head of the hydra. Others heads would pop up. Ulysses used reflected light to kill the Hydra. Using a reformed MSM might do the job.
    In a similar vein Thomas Blinkhorn became central European management for the World Bank. We know from Sibel, the role the World Bank has played in the drug world. I learned through personal contacts that Blinkhorn had gotten his start with the Milwaukee Journal. Seems like if you can't be an honest reporter, then crime pays."

    This is again a really good point of why the octopus is so far outside of the law.

    It operates in a vacuum rather than with one element at a time, like most mafia organizations. And the World Bank runs most of the drugs for extremely well known politicians, bureaucrats and hardliner NATO mercenaries.

    What's really stunning is the media's involvement inside of this operation. We should be hearing about people like Blinkhorn the first day they come to office, instead I am very concerned that the media, especially television media ignores all these stories on purpose because it is part of it.

    As the media is ignoring the most serious news and stories, it goes without question then that what Congressman Paul and Schiff have hinted at for years is correct & right on the target.

    The media is an organ of the military industrial complex, run by the Federal Reserve bank. It has no independence, rarely does it have any objective thought because it's job is to spew the propaganda line for Israel and other anti-democratic regimes like Turkey or Ubekistan!

    I mean nowhere this is more obvious, than reading just a few of their reports that they write about these conflicts. Names are omitted, crimes are swept under the table, and people who go to prison are seen as just a "random co-incidence" to the media…which tells me that if the courts were filled with these cases, most of the corporate media would be tossed in jail as accessories!

    Over decades of this network's obvious involvement in geo-political sabotage, it is clear that the media's only interest is in what's best for the Fed & what's best for their pocketbooks is what's best for the Federal Reserve. They have no independence, if we flush out the reserve, we should eradicate the media and rebuild it.

  8. TheOctopus says:

    "Matser and Agim Ceku appear similar to Patrick Fitzgerald linked to Scooter Libby and Ali Mohammed."

    They all have a price that they can be bought for, using the same industrial octopus which has ruined entire nations!

    Let's be clear about something, secrecy is a very bad thing. And whether you are pro Ron Paul's position or against it, you have to agree with Paul's sentiment when he says secrecy has costed the world untold trillions of dollars & is the worst thing for any society.

    And when this machinery was set up, it was set up in the dead of night with no oversight by congress or the Treasury. It was set up to basically pawn off resources to the highest bidder.

    You look at today compared to the year 1872 when this thing was first being started, and it's absolutely as though nothing has changed!

    You have the same players involved and their ancestors like Netanyahu or Freshfield, engaged in the same backroom deals all for the same purpose….Greed and revenge by greed.

    Half the transactions in our economy are recorded in secret, where no one can examine the balance sheet. And while this goes on, that same money is paid off to mercenaries like Matser who engage in political assassination for profit.

    Someone is building a world in their image, and they're doing it using the media to casually gloss over those facts in exchange for a new bank account in the cayman islands. Because of those facts were reported, the whole operation would tumble, since everybody would attack it.

    As long as it's in total secret, like the Federal Reserve's black checkbook, nothing can happen to it….Giving the game the power to create absolute chaos. Thus, secrecy is the worst thing there is. We should be done with all secrecy, and throw out the World Bank, for that matter.

    When has the media banking complex's decisions ever been good for anybody but the top 1%?

  9. Anonymous says:
  10. Geez, Sibel, and I almost voted for Wesley Clark.

    I think we have the outlines for a most excellent spy/drug thriller movie. We only need to develop the character of the hero/politician who comes riding in to save the day and end the corruption and other malfeasance. Any candidates amongst our current leadership?

  11. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Miguel: Good to have you back!"Any candidates amongst our current leadership?" Chuckle:-)Only Manchurian Candidates.

  12. Ishmael says:

    The more things change the more they stay the same. In the 1700's we had the Triangle Trade; Molasses to Rum To Slaves. There was even a song about it in the film "1776". Now we have the new Triangle Trade; Narcotics to Weapons to Cash. All with the blessing and sanction of the Narcotics And Traffickers Organization.

    After all, when your job has been shipped to China or India, your home has been foreclosed on and you're looking at your new future as a Walmart greeter for less than minimum wage, you might as well get high. That way you won't be so rage-filled to take up arms against an evil and corrupt oligarchy. Of course, their answer is the same as Commander Cockroach and his Roach Reich:

    There's plenty more where YOU came from.

  13. Ishmael says:

    One other thing. Ryan Grim has a fairly good article on the impact NAFTA had on the rise of the Mexican drug cartels here and Clinton's role in obscuring it:

    I've tried to post a comment there linking to this site. We'll see if it gets posted

  14. Ishmael says:

    Well! Big Surprise. My Comment on the Grim piece on Huffpo was NOT posted. Apparently, you're still an unperson to Huffington Post, Ms. Edmonds. Too bad you don't have a fatwa issued against you. Then you'd be all over the joint and appearing onstage with U2.

    After all, all MY comment was about was your research into the links between traffickers, governments like ours and the CIA history of drug smuggling citing you, Gary Webb and Marks and Marchetti along with a link to your blog homepage.

  15. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Ishmael: "Huffington Post':-))) 'Madam' Huffington has never belonged to my fan club;-) My pedigree doesn't include 'Hollywood Club' or 'Gossip Circle' or 'BS Artists'!

  16. Ishmael says:

    Oh, that's right. I also forgot the Greek/Turk thing. My sister-in-law is from Athens, the appropriately named Athena. To her, if you're not Athenian, your a Heelbeely, the second-lowest form of life on Earth. The only form of life lower is the Turks. During all the Yugoslav wars, her constant refrain was:

    They're Turks. They deserve whatever they get.

    One time my wife and I were visiting for the weekend and she was railing about hillbillies. So I told her of my Dad's encounters with his distant relatives in Raleigh/Durham NC during the late 1940's. His characterization of them:

    You had to rope 'em out of trees to put shoes on 'em.

    Then I pointed to her and then my wedding ring finger and told her she had married into the King Hillbilly family. My brother's response to her anti-Turk tirade was:

    Say what you want. You still aren't getting Constantinople back.

    Kinda makes me wonder how she feels about Hillbilly Turks.

  17. Kingfisher says:

    "Now we have the new Triangle Trade; Narcotics to Weapons to Cash."

    Here's a big part of the issue: Liquidity.

  18. OctopusCIA says:

    How is liquidty what keeps the drug trade going?

    Are you saying our worthless money is so valueless, that they have no choice but to fill it with nothing and transport drugs everywhere?

    If that's the case, then we know why we never should have had a liquidty in our assets …

    And our money supply. To begin with finally…

    This is a criminal operation which is an interconnected octopus.

    It exists because we made it, we patented the idea of "Central Banks" and let the bankers foist it upon everyone.

    Now there's greed and criminality through the whole system, proving not only the need of a root canal…..but of an industrial renovation & full blown revolution.

  19. Deep Politics Forum says:

    Hi Sibel,
    Here are some more links with info on Martti Ahtisaari for you. You may be able to get some information in Turkish from the time he was working there. (ostensibly to grease the wheels for Turkey into the EU)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anon the Neocon-

    Well well well…just kidding…look, great piece. I learned something, and frankly – I am shocked.

    If all is as you put it, then it makes me feel sick.

    I have nothing to add.

    It's disgusting.

    @#$% Repulsive.

    nothing to add.

  21. Mizgîn says:

    FYI–The Roberston referred to in the Times piece about Matser is George Robertson, former NATO Secretary General and current "Senior Counselor" at The Cohen Group.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise.


  22. Anonymous says:

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