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Pardoning Poppy-Kings, Obama’s New Veto Threat & More

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog regularly are familiar with cartoonist and activist Paul Jamiol. I really admire Paul’s astute observations and analytical mind, and of course his artistic capabilities. Last week Paul sent me a variation of a great cartoon he published in 2005, relevant to my new series ‘The Makings of a Police State,’ and kindly gave me permission to use it in my upcoming posts in the series. Here it is, isn’t it powerful? Thank you Paul!

I had the following comment on my ‘Introduction: The Makings of a Police State’ post:

    “…I'm off the belief that people don't really know because they aren't affected by this YET!! Notice I said yet. People do get motivated to do something about this when it either affects them or effects their friends or family…”

When I read it I slapped my forehead with the palm of my hand! I should have listed this as the number ONE reason/factor!!! How in the world did I miss that?! Especially since I happen to be a perfect example. Really. My wake up calls came when:

    Three FBI agents came to my house in February 2002 to confiscate my personal computer at home. What was I suspected of? Communicating FBI wrongdoings with the Senate Judiciary Committee; the committee responsible for DOJ-FBI oversight.

    When I was ordered to take a polygraph regarding my communications with the United States Congress on FBI matters that could arbitirarily be declared classified.

    When I had the honor of being slapped with the State Secrets Privilege; a privilege meant for kings and the despots - which was never passed as a law, thus is not even recognized as constitutional…

    When the US Congress was slapped with an after the fact retroactive classification on my case acting as a gag order on my…

What I am trying to say is this: the police state measures did affect me personally and overtly; I was a direct recipient of these measures so contrary to what I perceived to be my rights guaranteed under the Constitution of my country. They were eye-opening experiences for me, thus I began to actually see and hear, and realize. Who knows, maybe I would be among the blinded and deaf masses today if it weren’t for those experiences. So many people, our majority, are in exactly that position - they don’t see these measures affecting them. As the commenter emphasizes - not yet; when in fact they really are affected; they just don’t know it yet.

Since this commenter chose to post anonymously I am not able to give her/him the deserved recognition. Whoever he/she is - Thank You. This is exactly why I’m posting and sharing these thoughts and analyses; to have a forum where we learn from each other and expand our knowledge and understanding.

Here are a few recent developments:

While our administration keeps bombing Afghanistan in our war against…hmmmm…no one really knows, to achieve…hmmmm…no one has a clue on that either, our puppet government in Afghanistan has been busy releasing high-level heroin smugglers, the lords of the poppies, from it’s jails. Here is the latest:

    “Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pardoned five heroin smugglers, at least one of them a relative of a man who heads Karzai's campaign for re-election next month… A source with knowledge of the case said one of those released was a close relative of Deen Mohammad, who is running Karzai's campaign for re-election in the August 20 presidential poll. The man was jailed for more than a decade in 2007 for smuggling more than 100 kg of heroin [Emphasis Added]. The source spoke to Reuters on condition that he not be identified.”

I guess with poppy production skyrocketing our puppet man Karzai and his poppy-lord clan is faced with a shortage of smugglers. They had to increase the number of their ‘operators’ to keep up with their poppy production. So they went through their list of convicts in prisons and released the best of the bunch they had rounded up a while back - when the production was small enough to be managed by the president’s inner circle clan. Why do I say ‘best of the bunch’? Let’s do a little math: the wholesale price for heroin today is estimated at around $70 per gram. $70 X 100000gr = $7000000; roughly $7 million. So, obviously these smugglers were not dealing in peanuts.

Speaking of Afghanistan, here is an interesting tidbit by Jeremy Scahill on the Obama Administration’s point man on Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke:

    “Last month Chevron was awarded the "Richard C. Holbrooke Award for Business Leadership" in "recognition of the company's global public health programs.

    While giving such an award to Chevron is perverse enough on its own, let's remember whom it is that the award is named after. Richard C. Holbrooke is currently the Obama administration's point man on Afghanistan and Pakistan with a substantial portfolio that includes areas of Chevron's current and, likely, future operations. Before becoming Obama's "Af/Pak" envoy, Holbrooke was the president and CEO of GBC, an organization he spent the past decade building. Holbrooke, who cut his teeth working for Henry Kissinger during Vietnam, has, for decades, marched back-and-forth over the golden bridge linking corporations and government. Chevron received the award in large part because it committed $30 million over three years to the GBC-affiliated Global Fund in 2008 while Holbrooke was GBC's president and CEO.”

And here is more on this mammoth conflict of interest:

    “…But for the State Department to allow Chevron to receive the "Richard C. Holbrooke Award for Business Excellence" at a ceremony which Ambassador Holbrooke personally attended at a time when Chevron is fighting desperately to convince members of the Obama administration and the Congress to take Chevron's side in a high stakes legal case is worthy of a Congressional inquiry.”

I guess the Chevron guys will find The Washington Post’s Saloon offerings for $25,000 a pop wayyyyy beneath them. Don’t you think? When these guys talk, they talk ‘millions,’ so they leave those meager influence purchasing transactions to the lobbyists of humbler companies, ey!

And finally, while all these little tidbits make their way into tiny publications our president is hard at work, trying to increase his secrecy level, classification authority, and his highness’ privileges never intended in our Constitution. This is the second time he is pointing his finger to ‘threaten’ the no-good-doers in Congress:

    “President Barack Obama has issued the second veto threat of his presidency, informing his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill that he would reject the House intelligence authorization bill because of provisions that he believes imperil the administration’s ability to guard national security secrets.

    In a Statement of Administration Policy dated Wednesday, the Office of Management and Budget objects to provisions in the legislation that would expand beyond the current “Gang of Eight” the number of lawmakers who must be notified of covert operations. The “Gang of Eight” includes Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate and the chairs and ranking members of the Intelligence committees.”

I wonder why he even bothers. Seriously. The lap puppies in Congress have been more than happy to oblige with all requests of secrecy and cover ups; under both the previous administration and his.

Do you remember how Senator Rockefeller was moaning and groaning once the NSA illegal wiretapping of Americans became public? How he and his colleagues whimpered and feigned outrage once this illegal operation was leaked? Rockefeller was one of the few people on the Intelligence Committee who was briefed about this illegal surveillance program three years prior to its public exposure in 2006. He and the other lapdogs knew all about it. What did he and the others do for three years while sitting on this information? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sure, once they were caught with their pants down, they all played helpless victims of secrecy. They said they were all deeply troubled by this illegal program violating the people’s rights, but that they were sworn to secrecy by the President’s Men, thus their hands were tied and their lips remained sealed. Mr. Rockefeller, once he had finished with his dramatic performance portraying himself as the innocent helpless victim in this unconstitutional program, went back and bolstered that same illegal program. He was the lead man steering the Intelligence Committee to grant retroactive immunity to the participating telecom companies. That’s right; that’s how it works!

This scenario has been repeated over and over with the congressional lap-puppies. Rep. Pelosi and her deep knowledge of torture, including water boarding. Rep. Harman and her detailed knowledge of torture ...and so on and so on.

Mr. President, why bother? Really. If these lapdogs could keep their mouths shut so easily under the previous administration while they were the minority, now as your party members and lap-puppies they certainly will! No worries, we assure you there is no real need for your repeated veto threats.

Cartoon by Paul Jamiol

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  1. Metemneurosis says:

    Here are some other interesting things the president objected to in the bill.

    "Increased Presidentially Appointed and Senate Confirmed (PAS) positions . . . H.R. 2701 creates five new PAS positions. Consistent with the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations, . . . [We believe] that if these provisions were to become law, critical national security positions would remain unfilled for significant periods of time . . ."

    In other words having to get the congress to approve people (checks and balances between branches) would take away some of my power as president and I don't like that.

    "Inspector General for the Intelligence Community (Section 406). The Administration supports the
    important work undertaken by Inspectors General . . . as watchdogs for . . . accountability . . . and would like to work with the Congress on the optimal approach . . . for carrying out the important functions of [IGs] . . . Although the Administration supports . . . expansion of the protections and limitations of the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, [We are] concerned that the bill . . . could be understood to constrain the President’s constitutional authority to review and . . . control disclosure of certain classified information. [We] are working closely with Senate and House staff to craft appropriate whistleblower enhancement protections . . . through separate legislative vehicles . . . "

    Again "President's authority".

    "GAO Review of Intelligence Community Matters (Section 335). Section 335 would fundamentally
    shift the long-standing relationship and information flow between the IC and intelligence
    committee members and staff. The Administration has committed to be forthcoming with the
    committees and to provide access to the information [WE THINK] they need to conduct their oversight. The Administration would welcome the opportunity to more fully address this matter before
    fundamental changes to the oversight process are legislated." i.e. we really want to water down this part of the bill till basically toothless.

    "Reporting Requirements (various sections). [We object] to a number of reporting requirements . . . in the bill, such as sections 332, 345, 354, and 366, as well as purportedly in the classified annex. Section 356 would incorporate by reference all reporting requirements in the classified annex into the act, thereby making them a requirement in law. The Administration objects to the passage of such substantive secret provisions of law."

    Not only is this section asking for less oversight but why do we need secret annexes to laws? Even if it has to do with reporting what does it say that they can't tell us. "Cifa has to report its surveillance of civilian protests and/or political groups in a timely manner"? Surely they can tell us who they want to report and what kinds of programs must be reported on without revealing sources and methods. But why do they even need to specify? Shouldn't all of it be reported to someone?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our founding fathers, the signers of the Declaration of independance, are truly rolling in their graves.

    Everyone need to understand what happened in Germany, on March 23, 1933, the day that Germany handed over their democracy by passing the enabling Act.

    There are no longer EFFECTIVE Checks and Balances among the branchs of US government. The MSM is out to lunch.

    The Mar 23, 1933 Enabling Act, passed with help of Catholic Center Party, effectively hands the legislative powers of the Reichstag over to the Chancellor. Act permits Chancellor and cabinet to issue laws without a vote of Parliament and to deviate from the Constitution.


    wikipedia has the history:


    AGAIN, reread Mete's post directly above this one.

    Put on your seat bills. We really need to spread the word.

  3. Metemneurosis says:

    I should have made it explicit that the "WE THINK" in the third quotation about the GAO was exclusively my interjection (as opposed to the other bracketed words). And I meant to give the link to the source.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mrs. Edmonds, I wish to take credit for the quote in which you made reference to about how people will get involved only if a government policy, in this case, the growth of the police state, affects them personally. I'm glad this was of help to you. My name is Mr. Jean Carbonneau, and I live in Portland, ME. I hope the people who have nothing else better to do other than harrass and bother their peaceful fellow citizens take note. You see, I truly have nothing to hide.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lets see……..During the last great depression local scrip was issued as payment for services and goods. Those who received this form of payment were mainly teachers and other community employees. It was enought to keep their families afloat. The only individuals who received "real" money were Postal and other Federal employees or those businesses that had federal contracts. Aroostook County, Maine is a classic example.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well. Be that all as it may, and it is., with the breaking silence on the 8 year secret cia-cheney plot becoming public, all the rest will become coincidental.
    9/11 was 8 years ago.

  7. Edit_Mommies says:

    I agree the Parallelism cogitating clocking mechanics is a painful realization. A cheap pathetic realization. A population set with Heroin addiction degenerates recursively at a very high metabolic rate. Some Police choose to avoid pathetic realizations.

  8. Anonymous says:


    Could you at least restrain your emotional outrage long enough to form coherent sentences so the rest of us can understand what the f**k your saying?

  9. Ishmael says:

    The media's transformation into government propaganda arms really began in 1964 with the beginning of paid political advertisements and accelerated in the 1980's with the rescinding of the Fairness Doctrine.

    What this allowed was the biannual orgy of political advertising known as campaign spending. As billions of dollars flowed into media companies' coffers, it allowed the media companies to buy up smaller competition and made them attractive takeover plums to the increasing vertical integration of companies like Disney, Turner, Fox and others. This also made the cost of actually running for office prohibitive to any but those either independantly wealthy or beholden to big campaign donors.

    So how many of these companies are truly going to act as independant, questioning voices and truly bite the hands that feed them? How many stories are killed or simply not covered because the concommitant loss of those political ad dollars is something they don't want to face?

    The one bright spot in all this has truly been the rise of the Internet and independant media voices in the blogosphere. This is another reason the blanket telecomm surveillance program was instituted and why telecomms and media companies are fighting so hard against Net Neutrality. We are a threat to their "tailoring" of the message and why developments in Iran, China and here are so important. If the blogosphere was having no impact, why would media companies and their voices in the Politerati be trying so hard to discredit them?

    Of course, these are just my opinions and take on the situation.

  10. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Jean Carbonneau: Honored to know you. Thank you so very much for your contribution!

  11. Mrs. Edmonds you are very welcome. I hope my sign on name will jar your memory even more. Lord knows what is contained in your mind these days. Best wishes
    Jean Carbonneau

  12. Edit_Mommies says:


    Could you at least restrain your emotional outrage long enough to form coherent sentences so the rest of us can understand what the f**k your saying?" – Anonymous

    I am not offering emotions. This is the "Beauty and the Beast" argument from the Cold War. A substance that can reduce a person's self appraisal motivates the individual negatively. You remember this argument from the 80's. If you do not remember this argument you have work to do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    We ALL have work to do. but, what has this argument to do with news release of a cheney-cia operation of great secrecy 8 years ago?

  14. Regarding "Bloody Hands" Holbrooke, no one seems to remember his role in Indonesia's invasion and genocide in East Timor.

    He was also heavily involved in the whole former Yugoslavia thing, too. And, say, don't all those Turkish traffickers run most of their product through the Balkans?

    And now Holbrooke's in Afghanistan . . . Well, I guess they needed someone with LOTS of experience.

  15. heisenberg says:

    Isn't Holbrook's organization making him fit to be in Afghanistan winning hearts and mines?


    google = minerals mining afghanistan

    google = "reko diq"

    On the police state, corporate alliance,

    google = sergey aleynikov

    This link re Sergey/Goldman


    The man rocked the wrong boat. A heavy foot came down quickly. 3/4 million bail. And the prosecutor said bad Jedi knights might misuse the force.

  16. Edit_Mommies says:

    "We ALL have work to do. but, what has this argument to do with news release of a cheney-cia operation of great secrecy 8 years ago?" – rm

    Possibly the Water Boarding was an example of how we are not gonna give a fuck about how evolution is processed on Earth? Perhaps the American people produce a much more aesthetically pleasing version of Soylent Green. America progressed further with humane treatment discerning the permeability of damaged people. Obama hopefully will empower healthy future generations who can heal his own unavoidable failings. Obama sounds suspiciously anti-war. ?

  17. Metemneurosis says:


    On the reko diq thing part the mine there is being dug by a company that's partly owned by Barrick Gold. George Bush senior sits (or sat) on their board. This video has some rather interesting info on Barrick.


  18. Don't the rich and powerful know that we can see what they doing now?

    Eh. Maybe they think they can put the genie (the internet) back in the bottle. US business interests sure seem determined to help the Chinese government with that.

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