Update: National Security Whistleblowers Robbed; Again

It’s Way Past Time for Real Change

Okay, the Senate markup is completed. Basically, they took out almost all meaningful provisions on National Security Whistleblowers. As some of my members put it ‘…they screwed us; again.’

We don’t understand what ‘some’ organizations are applauding for. Really! On the other hand, these organizations have been in this ‘business’ for over two decades and have to do this dance and look out for their annual funding. In fact, every year they present several medals to these same congressional representatives we’ve been struggling with…

Anyway, here is National Whistleblower Center’s more realistic analysis. I have to read it one more time and digest it further…

This is why two years ago I stopped the ‘congressional fight’ on this issue. The only chance, the only course of action, the real solution, is to kick most of these spineless sold out elected representatives out of Congress, and replace them with real representatives who have honor, backbone, and dignity…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ms Edmonds, when you started this blog, I remember reading that you would "name names". I would be very interested to know the names of Senators or representatives you believe have been especially obstructive in this effort to protect whistleblowers and also those who have been most helpful. I am also interested to know what provisions you believe should be in the law to prevent abuse of whistleblower protection.

  2. Edit_Mommies says:

    "The scope of what can be reported as a protected disclosure at these
    agencies needs to be clarified." – whatsinasenat6ebill

    I know where's the love in that? Soldiers without riot gear . exception, no riot.

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