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It’s been a roller-coaster week and I expect that to continue for the next few days. My week was taken up with the latest frenzy surrounding the congressional campaign on the whistleblower protection bill. Also, I was presented with a very interesting development in a case that seems to be related to my state secrets privilege case. Due to the confidentiality involved with an ongoing court case and several attorney parties I cannot discuss the details now, but stay tuned; more to come very soon.

Next Saturday I will be leaving for four weeks. I’ll be overseas and mostly on the road, moving from one place to another. The posting on this site will be light, but in addition to publishing my Boiling Frogs Interviews, I’ll try to provide you with occasional posts and updates.

Announcing Mizgin’s Desk

I am proud to announce that starting this month this site will feature exclusive articles by a great researcher and analyst, Mizgin Yilmaz. For the last few years Mizgin has been one of my best sources and the go-to-person on issues, developments, and cases related to the Kurdish regions of Southeast Turkey and Northern Iraq, Turkey, and Central Asia. Not only does she have great research and analytic capabilities, but she also has reliable hard-to-come-by sources in ‘places and areas’ where no American journalists dare to venture. Mizgin is fluent in several languages, thus is able to find, read, and analyze news and documents in and from that part of the world. Her expertise and education in the history and politics of these regions, her research and linguistic capabilities, a fearless approach, and an articulate and fiery writing style are some of many ingredients that make Mizgin’s work shine as solid and dynamite. As you can tell I am a big fan of her work, but I’ll stop here and let you judge my choice and admiration based on reading her upcoming pieces!

Coming Very Soon: Jamiol Presents

Our regular visitors are familiar by now with Paul Jamiol’s wonderful political cartoons. Newcomers can just scroll down the main page and see a few more of his recent works. Soon Paul will be creating exclusive cartoons for this site on our related topics and posts. I am honored to have him as a contributor and a partner. I am expanding this site and his contribution will enrich the content. After my return this website will go through a bit of a facelift, and after that you’ll get to see Paul’s work regularly. Meanwhile you can visit Paul’s website and enjoy his work!

The Boiling Frogs Show

Well, what can I say! It’s been really incredible. I love working with Peter. It is as if we operate from one mind when it comes to our spontaneous questions for our guests. It’s been so informative (for us too!), thought provoking, revelatory, and fun, fun, fun. Really! This week we’ll be interviewing Richard Barlow and Joe Trento on the nuclear black market and related issues, many of which go unreported by the media. After my return Peter and I will hopefully find a solution that will allow us to offer our show more frequently. Our list of future guests keeps growing and the number of cases and issues we want to cover keeps increasing. We must find a way!

Speaking of Peter, he recently interviewed Mark Klein, the AT&T whistleblower who exposed the NSA’s secret splitter room in San Francisco. Klein discusses the illegal interception of Americans’ communications, the cover up by most MSM outlets, the irresponsive Congress, and more. Klein recently self published his book “Wiring Up the Big Brother Machine…and Fighting it.” The book is now available at Amazon. I encourage you to visit Peter’s site to listen to this important interview.

I am working on a couple of other exciting projects for this site and will report back on that soon, after my return. Meanwhile please help me spread the word on this site and our Podcast show. Thank You.

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  1. I posred the following on your podcast #2 thread and am reposting here for wider view:

    I listened to your interview with Russ Tice on Friday and was meditating on it for the past couple of days when I ran across this piece by Sen. Feinstein at Huffpo:

    I remember in the late 80's having a bad feeling when both Former CIA director George HW Bush AND Former KGB head Yuri Andropov ascended to power. I thought then about the "Peace of the Spooks".

    Now, after reading your's, Bamford's and Tice's allegations, I see the counterintelligence divisions at both FBI and NSA thoroughly penetrated by the intelligence services of at least FOUR foreign powers; Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and China.

    Am I the only one who is glimpsing a global alliance of intelligence services whose capabilities are aimed, not at each other, but the hapless inhabitants of those nations as well as our own?

    Below, is my reply to another telecom rat on the Feinstein article:

    Quite agree. Another 28-year broadband telecomm expert here as well. The only way Warrantless Wiretaps can work, BY DESIGN AND AS CURRENTLY CONSTRUCTED, is to monitor everything. on the DOMESTIC telecommunications infrastructure. If the targets were strictly overseas circuits AS THE NSA MANDATE SPECIFIES, the secret NSA rooms would be in the Transoceanic cable head and Satellite earth station offices, NOT DOMESTIC SWITCHING OFFICES like 611 Folsom St. San Francisco. Meanwhile, I've read credible reports from more than one whistleblower that journalists were routinely targeted for surveillance along with politicians like THIS PIECE'S AUTHOR.

    Additionally, I've read credible reports stating that the technology used to implement the WWP is being supplied by companies with connections to foreign intelligence services. I've also read reports stating that counterintelligence divisions at both FBI AND NSA have been thoroughly penetrated by the intelligence services of at least 4 different foreign powers. The people who attempted to bring these allegations forward were, instead, hounded out of their jobs and made subject to State Secrets Gag Orders. Who's minding the intelligence store Senator? Certainly NOT YOU.

    Also, Simon, I'm the guy you cited in your first piece. Thank you for including the Infraguard information. I've also been QUITE ALARMED by this latest Fascist maifestation of government/corporate partnership, particularly the revelations of FBI deputization of Corporate Infraguard members including Deadly Force authorizations for their use in "martial law" scenarios.

    The other alarming item for me was the revelation that NSA is feverishly building two NEW data storage facilities to hold the volumes of intercepted communications for later data mining.

  2. Emerson Cargnin says:

    Hi Sibel, just finished watching the "Don't kill the messenger" documentary and I really would like to praise you for your courage and honesty. I will try to get your message to as many people as possible.

    I run a small blog in portuguese and will get a post to let portuguese speak people to know about your story.


  3. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Ishmael: Sound observation; why am I not surprised?

    Check out this link:

    That report got almost no attention/coverage.

    Emerson: Welcome, and thank you. 'My' story seems to be over & dead, but this blog/forum is alive and moving forward (fast!). Hope to have here people from your part of the world…

  4. Safe journey Sibel!


  5. Thanks Ms. Edmonds,

    I read through the first 7 or 8 pages and thought "James Jesus Angleton must be spinning in his grave. It also made me remember another place I was checking out.:

    Considering the subjects of the secret world and counterintelligence, I suggest you contact Mr. Cornwell about an interview. Since he's publicizing HIS new book, "A Most Wanted Man", I strongly feel, with your credentials and credibility, you might be able to coax an appearance out of the creator of George Smiley. I, for one, would be quite interested in his perspective about our State Secrets laws and your particular experiences with it.

    After all, who would know more about foreign intelligence service penetration and it's consequences than the guy who was outed by Kim Philby?

  6. Bill Bergman says:

    Sounds good re: Mizgin, Sibel. Looking forward especially to any further work from her relating to the likes of First Merchant Bank.

  7. Edit_Mommies says:

    We talk about emotionalism and body chemicals surrounding our thoughts. The dilution of individual thought structure surviving as permeable aesthetic. Coping mechanisms reducing my physical activity! Securing metabolite suggestion all at once! Any individual mind, a menu driven dietary pornographer. The solution, a fiendish company protocol swirling the waste deeper into the recesses of the greater coping mechanic. Humbly wasted next to a freshly watered territory. By mirroring our self appraisal we insure we live inside of something only understood through conclusive negative influence. Something really big and dumb.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Friday, July 31, 2009 Modified: Monday, August 3, 2009, 9:00am EDT
    National Security Agency growth could add 11,000 workers at Fort Meade.

    Sounds like something we are expecting. Hau Kola Hoka Hey!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo e-mail? Second time this month here. Any suggestions for a better service? Thank you.

  10. Gmail is great, although the East Coast tends to be vehemently anti-Google as the best product is viewed as inherently unfair.

    Here's to the LCD.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Appreciate that Zach, problem "lies" where Google is concerned, especially with the new agreements between yahoo and google. There ARE issues with certain telecoms such as verizon and att et al. Sorry to say but I am disappointed with verizon selling its assets in the north east (guess they saw trouble ahead). This was IMHO (and experience) with regards to eavesdropping on energy based businesses operating there regarding Angus S. King/Susan Collins and Dick Cheneys' Energy task force. I will throw in the Maine Interfaith Power and Light Group too.(Kinda funny that a Brunswick, Maine cell phone number ended up on Debra Palfreys' phone list). Right Angus (liberty wind)! lots of wind up there,especially on Mars Hill and several other places too (and mineral resources too). God Bless the Air Force Intelligence services for figuring this out. Thanx for listening in to my calls and reading my mail at the USPS.

  12. Sibel Edmonds says:


    I am exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow, by noon, we'll have the press release on a very important (and unexpected) development…Sorry for the susp. (DOJ has less than 3 hours to respond)and stay tuned.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sibel, sorry if this comment is somewhat out of place but I want to be sure you see it before you leave.

    In your Tidbits Round Up–July 27 you announced your intention to interview Peter Lance on an upcoming episode of Boiling Frogs. To be sure, he is a great interview and Triple Cross is an important piece of investigative journalism. I have often heard him tell his story on Coast To Coast. The problem is he spends the entire program laying out the details of this very complicated story and there is no time left over for questions from callers. In effect, he is rarely called upon to defend his conclusions because time always runs out. I hope when you interview him on Boiling Frogs you dispense with another time-consuming rehearsal of his story, which at this point is fairly well known, and spend the bulk of your time asking him hard questions about the conclusions he draws regarding Ali Mohamed.

    I think the big question he needs to consider, especially in light of your recent bombshell that UBL was an American asset right up to 9-11, is whether Ali Mohamed was indeed a triple agent or just another protected asset of the American intelligence services. If time permits I think another fascinating line of questioning for Mr. Lance could be developed from Robert Schopmeyer's analysis of CIA/FBI obstruction of their own counter-terrorism agents' attempts to thwart the 9-11 plot in the months before that tragic day. Mr. Schopmeyer's work can be found here:

    Essentially, Schopmeyer demonstrates that the official documentary evidence entered into the record in the course of three different government inquests into 9/11 (Joint Inquiry, Moussaui trial, and 9/11 Commission) also serves as very telling evidence of intentional obstruction and foreknowledge of 9/11 by known individuals within the FBI and CIA. As you well know these individuals have never been asked to account for their bewildering behavior in the run up to September 11.


  14. Safe & enjoyable travels, Sibel. I hope Mizgin Yilmaz can write in detail about the military bases dotted along the proposed Afghnaistan pipeline. I think the more journalists report about the facts of Heroin & Gas pipelines, the better chance we have of getting out of Afghan.

  15. Edit_Mommies says:

    Ummm…"Pax, not Pox!"

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