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Google-Blogger Fairness Doctrine

This is a short update and notice. I am still wrestling with jetlag and adjusting to winter clothes.

On Saturday Google-Blogger lifted the restriction. Obviously there was nothing on my site deserving the restriction placed with no advance notice.

As most of you already know I am not technologically savvy, so help me out here:

Supposedly these kinds of restrictions are inflicted by ‘Blogger’ due to either ‘spam reporting’ and or ‘flagging,’ and it is all automated and done indiscriminately when they receive spam reports and or when the site is flagged by a certain number of visitors. This means a group of people, or organizations, or governments can simply go to sites they don’t like and click the ‘flag’ option enough times to get you suspended, and stop you from disseminating information/news for a few days. As simple as that.

Here is what I want to know: Once Blogger reviews the sites and clears it, couldn’t they suspend the access of those malicious spammer/flaggers? Wouldn’t it be easy to do this? Just check the IP addresses that visited and wrongfully flagged the target site, issue a report to the site operator (so that someone like me would know whether it was,, or whoever that inflicted the ‘site blocking.’ That in itself would be very telling; don’t you think so?), then, go and block those particular IP addresses’ access to Google and Google-related sites.

I know many of you are going to say: This is what you get with Blogger, and this is why you should move to your own site…I don’t disagree with you. I am certainly going to do that. I backed up everything, and will continue to do so. I am also transferring the content to a ‘wordpress’ site to act as a mirror/back up site temporarily while I am traveling. Once I am back, I will have a hosted site and will put in place needed functions to prevent (as much as I can) this kind of incident…

But let’s go back to Google-Blogger again. This whole issue has become important to me, regardless of what I’m going to do for the future of this blog. Google is a giant corporation. They have tons of money, and all the technology and expertise. I want to have a report on the IP addresses of ‘attackers.’ I want to know who these people/entities are and where they came from. I believe that knowing the timing of ‘their’ attack, many of you would be very interested to find out who didn’t want you to know .

Don’t you think what I’m asking for is fair? As for Google-Blogger: it is easy for them to do and doing this may act as a deterrent for malicious attacks; and it will be good PR for them, and …

I would like to have your take and opinion on this. With enough people demanding we may make it happen. So why not? It may be an interesting and worth-while collective campaign.

Please bookmark in case Google blogger decides to block me again.

I am planning to post my next Boiling Frogs interview on Thursday, thanks to the lovely Internet Cafes with awesome extra strong latte offerings here! I’m certain you are going to enjoy ‘Phil Giraldi unplugged.’

Before I forget, I want to thank you all for all your support, backing, and kind words during the roller-coaster sworn deposition journey. I am very grateful to all of you who put out the word via ‘twitter’ and your blog sites. Speaking of ‘twitter’: Nice to have all of you - my new twitter friends!

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  1. Dear Ms. Edmonds:
    Glad to see you back up and not blocked. That blocked thing is irritating. Please Ma'am, be careful in airplanes. Seriously.
    skulz fontaine
    don nash
    Gaza Strip, Utah/Nevada

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are a heroine. Thank you. As many have noted, MSM has been absolutely silent about your sworn testimony. I contacted Greg Palast, Wayne Madsen, Amy Goodman, Raw Story – even these mainstream alternative sites have remained silent. I suspect it is healthy fear, since Russian Mafiya are notorious for throwing people off of buildings. The real issue of heroin manufacture in Turkey could supply the Turks with money to buy influence. Still, where are the brave souls? Can they all be procrastinating for the official videotape?


  3. Kingfisher says:


    Taking on Google? Conserve your enemies, and pick your battles; remember my initial comment here about Mission Creep.


  4. Kingfisher says:

    I’ve found most of the comments about possible threats to your safety to be fear mongering and misplaced; but Don is correct about airplanes. Avoid using light aircraft; if you absolutely must, do so at the last minute with as little announcement of your intentions as possible.

  5. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Well, it made it to all the Turkish MSM just yesterday: newspapers, radio, TV. This weekend it will be in UK…So, that leaves US MSM and pseudo alternative ones;-)

    We are still waiting for the tape/video. Transcript will take a while (court clerks' time table).

    I am 1000s of miles away, so most likely I'll be the last to find out!

    King Fisher: definitely not my battle, but I'll certainly join any groups who'd be willing to take them on…

    I really like where I am; I had a very suc. meeting with the university here yesterday…

  6. Your average internet account is given access to a range of ip addresses, and that's before you even begin to go into 'spoofing' or simply flagging from a remote location.

    As you go further along in an address the more precise a destination is defined.

    Service providers used to block large portions of addresses, but this ended up with entire city blocks and/or regions without access.

    …"as well as to ensure that Blogger is complying with all national, state, international, and local laws."

    It could also end up opening up a brand new litigious can of worms.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Even if Google complied, you'd also need information from the ISPs to know who's behind an IP address, without even taking into account all the possibilities for spoofing already mentioned.

    You could probably get all this information only with a court order or something.

    There's more info on flagging at:

  8. Anonymous says:
  9. Anonymous says:

    @Sibel;These are the guys playing with your mind and your life. Please use this information and play with theirs, Its real and can be exploited against them, to teach them, who founded this country and why. What did the Character in the movie "V. For Vendetta" say? "People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. Also Melatonin is good for Jet lag, Peace.
    Typical Fed Psych Profile:

    1 Very suspicious and distrustful of anyone not of their own culture.
    2 Too self-assured and self confident, to need, or ask for help is perceived as a sign of weakness, value self-reliance seeking help for any issue.
    3 May possess above-average intelligence.
    4 Perfectionist; overly judgmental of self &others, takes great pride in profession not wanting to bring any shame on it or themselves
    5 Over identify with job resulting in isolating with others in culture which leads to alienation; great deal of personal identify tied up in professional identity; it's much more that just a job, it's a way of life.
    6 Crisis oriented; seek & thrive on excitement & stress; always want to be "in the thick of things"
    7 Defensive & trend to overreact when challenged; take charge personality
    8 Difficulty dealing with feelings valuing cognitive abilities; repression of feelings is a self-protecting mechanism; projection & rationalization used to cope with distress which tends to encourages maladaptive behaviors often resulting in maladies such as depression, despair, loneliness, & cynicism.
    9 Resistant to surrendering self-control; "powerlessness" is considered a sign of weakness
    10 Tendency to equate physical health with mental health; physical and mental illness are perceived, sometimes rightly so, as career damaging or ending; treatment for any affliction, especially perceived "mental illnesses" is viewed unsafe and career damaging; very stigma oriented.
    11 Being deceptive and manipulative is a valuable trait; Feds are trained in techniques of dealing with deceptive persons and in interviewing skills
    12 Resistant to change; tend to view things in black or white, right or wrong.

    Information taken from articles by
    Travis K. Sorrows and J. Edgar Hoover,cops
    I see Feds as lonely, sneaky, lying, college boy and girl scout, robots with drinking, drug and social problems who wannabe be like Eliot Ness or Inspector Erskin from the TV show but can't cope with the Political power and pressure that is put on them! Peace. Sincerely,

  10. Edit_Mommies says:

    Yeah, Feds are definitely people who can be molested. NO seriously. A lot of the times when a person is in distress they are actually plotting the molestation of Federal Agents. Interviewing skills?

  11. Hi Sibel. Yes, you did make it into Turkish media yesterday (Tuesday). It appears ANKA Haber Ajansi picked up a report on the deposition from The Armenian Reporter and actually did a very good job in relaying the information there. There's an example at Radikal. I also saw that Milliyet was carrying it and was told that Hurriyet and Cumhurriyet carried it, too.

    So that pretty much covers the big dailies. It also says much more for Turkish media than it does for US media.

    Regarding the Blogger/Google problem, if the "Flag Blog" icon is the problem, there is a way to disable it, but doing so removes the entire navigation bar that runs across the very top of the blog, including the sign in feature. However, lacking a sign in icon is easily overcome by creating a Gmail account, linking it to the blog and then signing in to the My Account page on Google, where you'll be able to access Blogger.

    But you probably shouldn't worry about all this right now. Instead, enjoy the cool weather and great scenery. And see if they make some decent pirzola down there 🙂

  12. Metemneurosis says:

    Adding a bit to Mizgin's last comment everyone else who wants to sign in can just do so here as they post comments. So the nav bar is expendable.

  13. Oneismany says:

    Ms. Edmonds, the silence regarding your testimony (in the US media anyway) is deafening! Would it not surprise you to know that your Wikipedia page is also silent on this matter? Check it out:

    That is not very surprising, however, because the same interests that probably partied-out your blog, and buy out our Congress critters, and deluge the MSM with phony 'experts' and propaganda, are also swarming Wikipedia, which explains why it is an MSM-myth-filled wasteland. (Witness, for example, the 9/11 page.)

    Please be safe Ms. Edmonds. You might happily die with the truth on your lips, but maybe the powers that be would rather turn you into a political prisoner than a martyr!

    National secrecy is a threat to human security.

  14. Deep Politics Forum says:

    Nice to see this Blog back up. Yes, I suspect it was the 'flag' button also. Easy to abuse. Plenty of other people have had their sensitive sites messed with by others. Naturally, the site owners and their supporters have all complained to Google and as usual nothing much has been done to prevent this happening again in future. Similar stories with Wikipedia entries getting disappeared and censored and edited. Google are unlikely to suspend those IP addresses. IP addresses can be changed easily and some are dynamic anyway. They would have too much to lose in the way of business if they started banning IPs. A particular IP address may be flagging your Blog repeatedly but the same IP may be happily using other google services and bringing in money for them and generally being good Google citizens elsewhere in cyberspace. When you are in charge of your own site you will be able to control this sort of thing more. For example you can ban all .mil IPs if you like. We ban a lot at our site mainly because of spam but then innocent people do get caught in the net and cannot register because of the global ban we have in some areas or countries. They can contact us if they are blocked and then we can set up access for them individually once it is brought to our attention. Also IP addresses can be hidden and proxies used. Google risks more with banning IPs than it does blocking your site. So I don't think they are going to change any day soon. But by all means take a ticket and stand in line to pressure them about this and I, and many here, will support you but …. don't hold your breath waiting for Google on this and don't take your eye off the other ball where your energies are better used. I'm sure there must be a Yahoo group out there somewhere with tons of disaffected Google Blog site owners.

    While free WordPress hosting is a good port in the current storm I hope that you will move to your own server soon and have more than one site, as it can happen there as well though they don't (yet) have the reputation Google does for this. The WordPress architecture is perfect for what you want to do and you can take that anywhere. But as for their free hosting it still makes it a bit vulnerable if they should ever get pressured in any way they can block it or close it.

    You could ask Google for the IP analytics and stats of the blog for the last few months. It should show who clicked the 'flag' button or any other link there. Don't know if they will share that info or not though as technically it is their site not yours. You can get the software for this sort of thing for your own site in future. You will (not) be surprised at who your visitors are.

  15. Sweet as!

    Make sure to take time to look up at the night sky and find the Southern Cross and the Magellanic Clouds… (when the weather clears this weekend).


  16. Oneismany says:

    "She has a self-aggrandizing imagination inflating her position at the FBI to that of an interrogator of terrorists." – Turkish Coalition of America

    If she is so irrelevant then why do they go to such lengths to discredit her?

  17. Hi Sibel – it's always nice to read your words. You inspire me to make better choices every day so that I might inspire as well.

    The point made about "light" aircraft probably applies to anyone concerned about safety. Far more "accidents" pop up on those things than in any other way.

    So glad you finally got to put your own experience down under oath.

    On the "flag" button – there's not much you can do. I suspect this will probably happen again, as there's no provision for disallowing the "flag" in the interests of free speech.

    It's interesting how powerful language can be. If you haven't read "conversational hypnosis" by carol sommer, it's for sale on Amazon and while it's poorly bound, it's an excellent primer for those interesting in deciphering the MSM's "hidden" agenda. Drudge posted the picture of the congressman's sign (with the nazi spray paint) right above a picture of "joker" obama. I bet a lot of people see the two pictures and tie them together.

    Thanks again for everything you're doing for us!

    Much love and respect – Elvis

  18. Anonymous says:

    @Edit_Mommies said…
    "Yeah, Feds are definitely people who can be molested. NO seriously. A lot of the times when a person is in distress they are actually plotting the molestation of Federal Agents. Interviewing skills" How can you worship the Feds, when their best Agents ever were Transvestite, Pedophiles i.e. J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson. PS the Profile also goes for Cops, Company, Mil. Intel and all other Security and Intel folks. Once a fed always a fed? The Profile was done by an Alcohol Rehab Fed Specialist. Sibel; how many Feds are exactly like this? Peace.Jaye

  19. The TCA should amend it's self-serving statement to read that Sibel was "a translator of terrorists" because among the wiretaps she translated were those coming from Chicago, the old playground of Abdullah Catli, among others. Therefore, TCA is covering for terrorists.

    Besides, TCA is owned by one guy, Yalcin Ayasli, founder of Hittite Microwave. Here's TCA's Form 990. TCA's assets are almost completely composed of Hittite stock and Ayasli is listed as the director of the TCA. As one friend remarked regarding Ayasli, "whoever pays the piper, calls the tune."

    There's more on Hittite Microwave here. More on Hittite, Ayasli, and TCA funding the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund here. TALDF is the organization that Fein's working for in this case.

    Follow the money trail.

    If Fein and David Saltzman get any kind of honorarium for flying all around the country as attorneys for TALDF to defend those who are so dedicated, either through bribes or blackmail, to pushing a Turkish government agenda, then they're getting their honorarium from the TCA/Ayasli.

    Or maybe their doing all this work simply from the goodness of their little black hearts?

    And I'll add that if the Armenian Genocide itself is so irrelevant, as so many claim, then why does the Turkish embassy in the US spend so much of it's time to discredit its importance? Why are these Turkish organizations so busy establishing Armenian Genocide denial programs in American universities, specifically at the University of Utah? Why have the apologists for these organizations produced teaching materials about Turkey for American schools?

    And why do BAE Systems, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies lobby against Armenian Genocide resolutions? How many of these companies are Golden Horn members of the ATC? How many of these companies have representatives on the advisory board for ATC?

    Follow the money trail.

  20. The first thing I thought of was the flag as well as spam. A group of people or groups I would think could wreak havoc and have a field day with that. Glad your site is back up and running. Yes, I would ask for IP addresses.

  21. John Francis Lee says:

    Google is a giant corporation. It is not your friend. It is no one's friend. It works in its own perceived interest exclusively. It views the human internet population as prey, to be spied upon, analysed, and sold out to the highest bidder. Google provides censorship services to the PRC and Thailand that I know of. I'm sure to others as well. Who knows what personal information its given up to totalitarian governments such as the USA's. Never, ever trust a public corporation.

  22. Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

  23. Edit_Mommies says:

    Jaye, I don't know how to worship the "feds". Do Feds get pregnant? Pregnancy is one of the symptoms. I'm gonna grow up real big and strong and uhhh…

  24. I'm not trying to be pro-Google, or a groupie in any sense of the term, but the tendencies here toward being anti-Google are astounding.

    I'm going to assume this goes hand-in-hand with being technologically illiterate.

    There is no other company on earth that has given so much free stuff to anyone who wants it.

    Don't want to be analyzed? Don't use IGoogle.

    Censorship? They compromise their standards to people in more closed societies access to information at all.

    They give away software MS charges you thousands for and their search results are in accordance with accuracy instead of paid ranking.

    They have rendered the majority of the SEO(read: scam old people) industry obsolete.

    IT(Read: scam old people) generally consists of running a few cords, graphing a series of ips, and keeping windows up-to-date.

    You might have to run a virus scan now and again.

    If there was any multinational corporation I trusted in any regard whatsoever, it would be Google.

    Simply due to the fact they have done more for me than any other company ever would.

    Read up.


  25. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  26. golala.golala says:

    sibel, cant you use a “sitetracker” site, that lets you know the ip address of everyone who views your page, i once did this on myspace. although i would (without fail) get appx. 2 weekly visits from someone who had absolutely no information, just a blank line. occassionally i would get views from quantico and reston, va, (and once even gave a “shout out” to our good friends there!! lol)

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