The Poisoned Well

To Drink or Not to Drink

    Once upon a time an evil witch visits a kingdom and poisons the central well with a potion that drives people mad. The next morning all who drink from that well go crazy. The king, however, knew about this in advance, and didn't drink from the communal well. The next day, those who drank the poisoned water came to the king and accused him of being the crazy one. The king, aware of what had transpired, was faced with a dilemma: drink from the well and lose his sanity like the rest of his subjects, but remain king; or don't drink, remain sane, but be swept from power by those who would view his very sanity as madness.

Today in our nation those who refrain from drinking from the well poisoned by the establishment witch are categorized, marginalized, and labeled mad, crazy, extremist, conspiracy theorists, and other adjectives along the same line:

Those driven by pure, agenda-free, and nonpartisan civil liberties motives are coined as die-hard unrealistic idealist liberals.

Those in government who dare to come forward, speak up, and tell the truth are labeled as disgruntled whistleblowers.

Those political candidates who choose to run as a ‘people’s candidate,’ not the establishment candidate representing this special interest or that foreign interest’s agenda, are referred to as nutcases, eccentrics, and crazies.

Those groups who fight for accountability and demand justice are dismissed as extremists.

Those activists who dare to ask for ‘real’ investigations in matters such as 9/11 are grouped and stuffed in a bucket as insane conspiracy theorists.

Those real investigative journalists and reporters who have defied the ‘dictation,’ refusing to become stenographers , have found themselves jobless and without paid outlets to publish.

Today in our nation, with the help of the mainstream media and the pseudo alternative-media alike, anyone who dares NOT to drink from the well poisoned by the establishment corruption, greed, abuses and lies, tainted foreign policy agenda, and cover-ups, is destined to find himself stuffed into the same bucket of crazies, loonies, the mad and insane.

Do you want me to be a bit more specific? My pleasure.

Since I recently posted excerpts from Representative Ron Paul’s speech titled ‘Is America a Police State?’ let’s start with him. During his Presidential candidacy he was consistently, and falsely, marginalized as Anti-Semite, racist, extremist, radical, and many other pejorative adjectives. Who did that? Not only the mainstream media, but also those pseudo alternatives who happen to be the extension of the same establishment media only with a different front/mask. These adjectives and intentional marginalization were used for other candidates as well. Whether it was Representative Kucinich being depicted as a wacky nutcase chasing UFOs, or others with similar non-establishment platforms.

I can write several volumes on how whistleblowers, especially those threatening ones from the Intelligence, defense, and law enforcement agencies were viciously attacked and falsely depicted by establishment operatives. Whether based on my own personal experience, or my 150+-member whistleblower organization, or the many friends and acquaintances I’ve listened to throughout the last 8 years, I’ve got plenty of examples.

Remember the burial of AIPAC Espionage Case and Trial? The FBI agents pursuing the involved treasonous criminals were painted as Anti-Semite witch-hunters. A very few investigative journalists, such as Stein of CQ, were portrayed as Right Wing Conspirators attempting to go after their darling filthy senior Democrat representatives. Please be my guest and go check the pseudo Israel-serving alternative media front-runners’ sites’ archive.

The recent sound and needed call by the groups who still seek ‘real’ answers via real investigations into the terrorists attack on September 11 is another specific and recent example. I am talking about the gigantic holes in the fable produced by a group of well-poisoners who had spent their entire career-life in the pockets of the conning establishment. I am talking about dozens of FBI, CIA and other relevant agency insiders such as Coleen Rowley who’ve been demanding an independent and real investigation. The mainstream media and their extension in the pseudo online media have made sure that these voices and calls are either buried, or spun as collective conspiracy theorists worthy of only ridicule.

Let me give you another specific example. People have been forwarding to me communications they have received via popular pseudo progressive online outlets who have been trying very hard to depict my recent sworn testimony as ‘mere allegations,’ and simply lies. I know some of these individuals’ past work and relations. For the last 8 years I have ignored them, and I will continue to do so. Some of these phoney cowards who have been posing as ‘alternative’ are fairly well-known in Washington DC circles and intelligence-related gatherings. One ex-state department operative, who is a regular face in DC cocktail circuits for the State Department and relevant think-tank well-poisoners, either intentionally or out of stupid naivety started this propaganda rumor that ‘I got a glimpse of a much bigger sting operation that I don’t understand, thus rightfully I’ve been gagged...’ This is what you get from Mr. Grossman’s personal buddy;-). Another one - who is now a favorite among Israel circle money pockets and who’s been receiving million dollar donations/investment - has recently been promoting me as a ‘crackpot.’ Coming from him, I consider it an honor. Honored to not be a poisoned-well-drinker. They may produce a good work here and there, but these people are by no means ‘non-establishment,’ and whether intentionally or not they try their darnest to get you to drink from the well.

Anyway. The reason I am writing this post while busy traveling is this:
I’ve been corresponding with several well-known and very-well-respected investigative journalists who are willing to cover some of these blacked-out stories, cases, and issues; do so as solid investigative work. However, they need to make a living. One way they can do this is to get paid per story/work as contract journalists, and cover exclusive and explosive stories for this site - which will have a new home soon.

Instead of sitting on our bu..s and pulling our hair when it comes to absent journalism in our country today we can go ahead and do something about it. Well, I am in a position where I believe I can do something about it. I can increase the frequency of my exclusive radio interviews to weekly or maybe even more frequently. I can hire several experienced and well-known journalists to cover some of the issues we’ve been discussing. I can do all this only with your support. I don’t want to, I have no desire, no intention, to chase funders and get inside their pockets to do this. Once you do that, you are done; you’ve drunk from the poisoned-well. That’s a fact. Whether those who do it accept it or not, it is what it is. Also, I am not interested in a strategy targeting advertisers for funding. That too defeats the purpose; at least my purpose. So we have only one option left: a site for the people (at least those who don’t want to drink from the well), by the people.

Okay. Now it is your turn. Please let me know if you are ready to support this. Also, let others know and get their take. After my return I will be in a position to decide which way to go, and the major part in this decision will come from you.

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  1. @ Rady,

    "And then contemplate that the portion that is sociopathic will survive… they are the ones wiping tens of thousands of humans off the planet as we speak.

    So if population does get substantially reduced, we're bottlenecking those sociopath genes…

    like we've probably done in the past…

    changing Homo sapiens sapiens into Homo sapiens insanitus"

    Sure. Right. And if so, wouldn't that just be proof positive that 'evil' is a relativistic construct or outdated morality created by pragmatic leaders who saw what amounts to a best path for survival for a struggling human race and calling it 'good', ie. go forth, multiply. Populate the Earth. Don't kill, don't lie, don't sleep with your neighbor's spouse, etc. In a word… 'order' supports survival. How can ‘we the compassionate’ be right if 'we' are DEAD?

    Now, due to modern science and all that 'goodness', the Earth is perhaps becoming overpopulated and these concepts no longer serve our particular purpose, ie. the survival of humanity depends on reducing the population, hence, though it seems unpalatable or a perversion, a clear contradiction in terms for the survival of any particular individual, 'evil' might be seen as the new 'good' in terms of survival for the human race at large… eh?

    In the least radical or offensive mode to the established constructs of good and evil, it is easier perhaps to accept "family planning", ie. birth control and abortion, but, not so easy for everyone. Still a lot of resistance to that type of "progress" dressed up in ideas like feminism, equality and freedom to choose… what a woman does with her own body. No longer a temple or vessel of God… eh?

    What about capital punishment (for any crime)? What about genocide? Where do we draw that line and why?

    "How many does it take before it becomes wrong, Admiral? A hundred? A million? How many does it take, Admiral?"

    You could even turn it around and take a more 'traditionalist' or 'fundmentalist' viewpoint that since modern science has served to create this perversion, modern science itself is 'evil', even in the most compassionate and caring hands, even though it saves millions of lives and has allowed humanity to essentially flourish over the last century or so. One might say that turned out to be a bad thing. Plenty of people would say that and do. Even live their lives by it, from the Amish to fundamental Christians and, in some ways, even fundamentalist Muslims. So which is it… is modern science, modern technology and the progress of modern society good? Or evil?

    ~ continued

  2. "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

    How about this… I believe maybe nationalism is an affectation to support an outdated survival mode based on scarcity which hasn't actually existed for over a century (although, we create the illusion of scarcity to… but that is another issue).

    I am a good person and I believe we are all one race and see that obviously we should help each other to survive. All of us. One world, one people, one community of humans being on Earth. As such, doesn't it make sense that we have one world government?

    Buuut.. isn't that what another group of so-called good people are screaming about? This New World Order that seeks to create one world government and create one jurisdiction that will by default become a police state since there is then essentially one group in power and power corrupts absolutely?

    Isn't working together to manage human society a good thing?

    Well, maybe not if you are one of the weak and oppressed, eh? So, maybe it's a good thing if you weren't one of the weak or oppressed anymore and now you get to be in control. And maybe now you are the bad guy in the eyes of the weak and oppressed?

    But wait, you say you are a good person and wouldn't ever do bad things like oppress people or take advantage of the weak for the good of the many, right? But, again, what really constitutes bad things?

    So what if you are in control, you are responsible and the (evil) genius scientists who allowed humanity to flourish now tell you that if we don't kill off a few billion people in the next 50 years, we will run out of food and energy and have chaos and mayhem on the planet whereby humanity as we know it might not survive at all if we don't 'do something'. The only humans left might be random pockets of roughly stone age communities fighting each other over scraps of land to hunt and plant.

    (Look at the marijuana growers right here in California, protecting their crop from the DEA with machine guns like a third world country or South America. Are we already there?)

    But back to your quandry as president of the world… what if the only way for humanity as a whole to survive in anything like an orderly fashion is to create protected pockets insulated and maintained by wealth while the rest of the world suffers the chaos that is to come no matter what. Either dying off randomly by disease, hunger, global warming and WAR leading to total chaos, or… by whatever you must choose to do to accelerate the process in an orderly fashion to maintain some vestige of an orderly society while there is still time enough to do anything at all…

    for the good of those deemed worthy to survive… oh, right, I forgot, you also have to decide who is worthy to survive…

    (Still want to be president of the world?)

    ~ continued

  3. Sure, this is only a loose and rambling hypothetical. Right? Because deep down inside we know that isn't happening and common sense tells us that those scientists who helped humanity flourish can't be 'evil'. They saved mankind from all manner of disease and invented ways to grow food more efficiently, for the good of everyone, after all. And they will surely find a way to save us all in the event that the sky really is falling. Science is the new God and Saviour.

    So, breathe easy friends. Our traditional concepts of good and evil are (mostly) safe for another day. (Unless you believe all life is sacred and begins in the womb.)

    But, what if Rady is right?

    Is "what works" the ultimate test? What if our compassion and meekness gets us weeded out? The Darwinian genetic inferior. Unable to adapt to the current circumstance because we cling to our traditional morals and ethics and "feelings"… that Ponerology says is based on our instincts.

    Doesn't that "based in instinct" make us the genetic throwback? Especially if 'we' don't survive?

    Is the fact that we with feelings and compassion currently constitute the "vast majority" make us "normal" or "good" or "right"… or 'clinically' sane?

    Or could our paradigm merely be an inverse example of Ponerology's pragmatic or self-deluding socio/characteropaths?

    I can't help thinking of that classic line from the movie Syriana, "Corruption is why we WIN!"

    I guess it's a war out there folks. And maybe we need a small group of pscyhopaths to fight for us, to get the job done, as it were. I don't know. I think it is clear that reason won't solve this increasingly hypothetical dilemma.

    Jesus or somebody said that the meek shall inherit the Earth.

    For what it is worth, I do still believe. I believe we will make it because a) I'm on the job :), and b) because we have to. At least I have to believe that. Honestly, though, I'm not nearly so sensitive as I was as a younger man.

    Oh well, back to work. Jus' havin' silly fun. 😉

    Make it a 'good' day everyone! 🙂

    PS ~ Sorry if this went too far or off-topic. Probably belonged in my own blog.

  4. Sibel Edmonds says:

    bh: Not off topic; thought-provoking. If I remember correctly you deal w/tech.-Engin. Yet this is a pretty astute socio- anthropological line of thinking…

  5. Er… thanks.

    I was just trying to have a little fun running with Rady's line of thought, creating a semi-absurd scenario to illustrate how relative (I think) the concepts of good and evil become when faced with the sort of extreme moral/ethical conundrums most leaders eventually face.

    I tried not to get too off the wall with it. 😉

    In any case, yes, my educational background is mostly science/technical (Electrical engineering and some mechanical).

    I also attended music school (piano, violin and voice).

    But I've worked in different fields over the years and studied many other subjects on my own. I left computers to work in the arts. Then fell in love with motorcycle racing. Along the way I lived at a Buddhist monastery for a time and recently I've been working in sales and studying real estate. And preparing to return to school soon.

    I look forward to telling you all about it someday.

  6. I can hear Floyd Crow Westerman singing now: "Here Come the Anthros!"

    I saw him speak at a native language symposium in the early 90's. He told us about an idea for a white people museum and called it "The Museum of Unnatural History".

    Back to the Spiral of Silence. It seems to me that this is the poison that the witches and their victims put in the well. Maybe it's not a well at all, but a hole dug just big enough to fit all of our neighbors' bodies.

    Think for a moment about the absence of belief and the responsibility that comes without it.

  7. Sibel,

    Thanks for your bravery and standing up against that big ugly machine. Your story clarifes a few doubts I've had all media esp the so-called alternate ones.
    Also knowing, which I didn't before, that there were actual people internal CIA/FBI/NSA who were pushing for an intependent investigation of 9/11. I've been ready to fight and begin the incredibly necessary but painful deconstruction of this ugly machine.

    I'm ready, and happy to give you money. Thanks again.

  8. On selflessness –

    When all is said and done, one little piggy got one hell of a ride.

  9. It's great to come in here to do a little reading 🙂 Inspiring! Thanks, Sibel, for being a fount of courage and energy.
    Wanted to share with people here an old (1992) but very important BBC documentary on Gladio. Many of you may already know all about it but I just became aware of its existence. It's in 3 parts and can be found at and
    I highly recommend it for an understanding of the foundations of what we're dealing with now.

  10. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Neylan: Welcome. You are right-many haven't even heard the word oper.Gladio. And you are 100% right again when you say 'for an understanding of the foundations of what we're dealing with now.' Hope to see you here regularly.

  11. "Please let me know if you are ready to support this."

    Yes. This sort of thing is long overdue & I'd be glad to support it. Who knows? You might even start a trend: making real journalism cool again after all these years.

    I've bookmarked this blog & will keep an eye out to see what happens.

  12. theepitbull says:

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