I am Back…

I am back and ready to reclaim this site.

First, let me thank you for all your comments and support. I think I am almost over my jetlag, and ready to tackle some of the objectives I mentioned here. This week I’ll get the domain name, sign up with the right hosting company, and start moving.

Next, here is a list of updates and the latest related to my deposition and upcoming court testimony on October 1:

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Jon Craig was present during the court hearing, and published this the next day.

AntiWar and Huffington Post picked up the latest by BradBlog.

Here is a solid piece by Mike Mejia at OEN.

On our ever-lasting and increasing police state Washington Post had this report:

    “The Obama administration wants to maintain the secrecy of terrorist watch-list information it routinely shares with federal, state and local agencies, a move that rights groups say would make it difficult for people who have been improperly included on such lists to challenge the government.”

    “Intelligence officials in the administration are pressing for legislation that would exempt "terrorist identity information" from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. Such information -- which includes names, aliases, fingerprints and other biometric identifiers -- is widely shared with law enforcement agencies and intelligence "fusion centers," which combine state and federal counterterrorism resources.”

They want to make sure we get it - nothing has changed under the new administration. And, they want us to get used to it and shrug it off as ‘this is the way it is.’ Well, we get it all right. As for getting used to it and accepting it as a fact of life, our lives that is: Not me! I’ll go on croaking and invite you all to join me. With enough of us croaking the sleeping majority may wake up. First they may get annoyed (who isn’t when wakened from a deep slumber?!), but once un-groggy they may look for ways to hop out of the boiling water 😉

Also, this week I’ll publish the Boiling Frogs Interview with Peter Lance. If you haven’t listened to the interview with Joe Trento I highly encourage you to do so. The archived shows are now listed on the left side of this page. I have a list of exciting guests for the upcoming round of interviews, so stay tuned.

Now, how have you been?

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  1. Welcome back! Robert Creamer has tons of skeletons in his closets. I'll e-mail you.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sibel, Welcome back, Wikipedia states there are 72 Fusion centers in the US. This should be scary, but you know they are filled with Careerist incompetent Government Workers and Civil Servants (like the kind you ran into, when you worked for them), burned out Cops and SWAT, TSA bullies and DHS affirmative action hires, the same people who let 9-11 happen and probably a large group of foreign Anti American groups or Lone Wolves. With all this Talent, they still cannot find UBL? If I were a betting man, my moneys on the bad guys. They are smarter and have more money, powerful friends, advisors and guards, ETC., ETC.I wonder how many innocent Soccer moms are being watched/monitored while real AQ/Taliban sleepers enjoy living here in the US in Peace and Safety? Shalom, Jaye

  4. Good to have you back Sibel!! Looks like you're cookin'. Keep at it – keep croaking!

  5. Hi Sibel,

    Nice to see things moving here.

    As I post on various sites, I'm dropping your name in. As long as I don't post a URL, nobody can nail me for spamming :).

  6. Welcome home, Sibel.

    Could you feel the temperature of the water rising as you walked off the airplane?

    Everytime I return to the US after being away long enough to actually start to decompress, I can feel that knot in my stomach reforming the moment I step out of the jetway into LAX or SFO international terminal.

    Something about the airports in NA that let you know you are back in NA with the first breath you take, before you even get to customs… everything from the vendors, advertisement kiosks and billboards, to the looks on people's faces and even the way they walk by… I can sense a palpable tension in the air that seems to be missing almost everywhere else I've been, with the exception of Great Britain (something about the machine guns in Heathrow, I suppose), and is never quite so obvious, like a slap in the face, the moment I walk off the plane.

    Are you missing NZ, yet?


  7. Frog lore. Welcome back Sibel. As a biologist I would like to expand your frog analogy. A good friend spent 20 years documenting the Spotted Owl and got it listed as endangered working within the system. He always had enough facts and legal documentation. This same friend in retirement spent three years studying what he thought was a new species of frog at Frog Lake. Because Bush had authorized the EPA to destroy the evidence, my friend kept his data close to his chest, since we have unexplained die-offs of frogs in remote mountain areas. His research could be critical. Three years into the project, Obama came into office, and my friend got additional data that revealed unexpected news. He could be more open with his colleagues.
    During those three years I accompanied him with another scientist on several trips. We enjoyed good friendship in nature, worked with youth at risk – that sort of thing. Once I made an unusual discovery. A western toad was found swimming in the lake. This was unusual because they usually come down two months earlier, but a late snowpack delayed their appearance. What was unusual was the ability of the toad to project a field that mimicked its surroundings. I confirmed this anecdotally with jackrabbits, and other prey species. The mechanism is complicated, but it is not an ability to change pigmentation. It has to do with being able to project a field using naturally occurring magnetite in the body. Many organisms have this, including us humans. We have about 7 billions crystals of it in our brains according to Joseph Kirschvink at Caltech.
    Now for the punchline. The reason we could never document where these little frogs went during winter was not because they buried in the mud. They were toadlets that were spawned in the thousands by the big Momma western toad! Most died at the onset of winter, but a few managed to hide under logs. When they got to be ten-years-old they came down to the lake, bred, and spawned thousands of toadlets. The name Frog Lake was a misnomer.
    Moral: even if you as ugly as a toad, they will get you unless you learn to mimic your surroundings. Now who would want to cook a toad? I mean frog legs are delicious, but toad legs? So let the frogs cook, but learn how to blend in until the time is right.


  8. Check for a concurrency between cell phone towers / open-air communication (or anything holding its own magnetic field) and toad die-offs.

  9. Edit_Mommies says:

    It feels like we're all on one of those "lists" for the duration of our College careers. Example, how course work towards any specific major also disqualifies you for other pursuits. Provoking foreign entities with grossly inaccurate intelligence reports will responsibly reshape their investments. Now A "grown up" opportunity, controlling the United States. Dynamic accountability empowers versatility within developing regions of thought. Owning power over the US is as simple as reducing the paranoia the US feels. All a country has to do is be responsible for the development of it's containing people. If done, the foreign country becomes gross intelligence. Exactly the same as a University. You can be outsourced there and if disqualified, you can die.

  10. Quote from Tony Benn:
    What's the best way to keep a population under control? Keep them poor and ill-informed.

  11. Sibel,just watched your deposition taped August 8th. Very poised, careful and articulate. You've demonstrated real courage over these years despite major governmental resistance and threats.

    You are the mark of a true patriot, standing up for what is right. You have identified acts of treason, none of which have been prosecuted. Oil/Gas interests, arms markets and related contributions are certainly at the root for non-prosecution. With all my respect.

  12. Rady Ananda says:

    Welcome back, Sibel

    I posted a news item of interest to you and the SPP: Can a Court Grant Access to Classified Info, by a writer for the Federation of American Scientists.

    Also see The State Secrets Privilege and Other Limits on Litigation Involving Classified Information by Edward C. Liu (Congressional Research Service: May 28, 2009).

  13. Great article by Mike! I hope he writes some more. He's always really good at connecting and explaining things. In this piece, I'm glad he explained about the WMR. It confirms my own evaluation of it.

    We know that Mehmet Celebi did a bunch of fundraising for Rahm Emanuel and Hillary, but I wonder if he did any for Schakowsky?

  14. "So let the frogs cook, but learn how to blend in until the time is right."

    Yeeah… pretty much the story of my life…

  15. Sibel Edmonds says:

    First Anon: I'd be interested to hear about that.

    Dennis: Thanks. I am really warming up to this 'croaking' phrase;-) It will fit well with the new site.

    T: Appreciated.

    bh: Right on! The first thing that hit me at LAX. In fact, it looked as if they had more uniformed TSA guys than people in security line. Nauseating. In NZ, for domestic Instead they have these nice infants room in the airports where mothers can feed, change their babies, and do so without any stress/hassle. Am I missing it? You bet; it started as soon as we took off! Can't wait to return…

    Simon: What an interesting comment!!! And, nicely written.Now my question: when does our 'ten-year' start? Did it start at 9/11?

    coolfire: welcome, and thank you for your kind words. A fairly lengthy article will be out on the 18th, and court testimony on Oct 1. Hope to see you here regularly.

    Rady: Thanks for the links. I am going to e-mail you today (I got your e-mails).

    Mizgin: I agree. Hopefully we'll have Mike's op-ed pieces here regularly. Wayne may have his own shortcomings (who doesn't), but he's got many many solid sources (I know this for a fact; many Intel WBs and friends who have confirmed it). One NSA insider said: 'the agency checks out his site several times a day.' Celebi: you mean in addition to his $6000 donation? I'd say 'you bet!'

  16. Hi Sibel,

    Speaking of the NSA, CIA and others, when I redid my current My Space page, I'd check to see where a lot of my hits came from. And many came from Langley and the surrounding area. Which meant either I have lots of fans in the intelligence community. Or I'm the most "dangerous" person on My Space. Which one is true? You be the judge :).

    Re: the progressive media. Other than Brad Blog.com and Malloy's show, has anybody else paid attention to you?

  17. I know a few other blogs (Madsen's being one) have. But I'm talking about other voices (Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, etc.). One limitation with most of them? They're self-syndication. Possibly less corporate politics to deal with. But also, just barely surviving (with the usual mix of podcasts, a site, forum, blog, and more).

  18. Here's a very cool site for a great mix of intl. radio and TV stations. This might be useful to keep up with the global media's coverage of your case:


  19. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Mizgin has two well-written pieces analyzing a couple of very important angles in Schmidt v Krikorian case; check it out when you get a chance:



  20. Re Mizgens’s 09/03 excellent blog entry on Rendon: Rendon, yes, been noting their use since Feb 2002 when they assisted with the creation of the Bush II, Rumsfeld, Feith Office of Strategic Influence, specifically created, in my view, to mislead in order to attempt to whitewash and create support for selfish, profit driven, and illegal international activities.

    The outfit Ruder Finn Global Public Affairs, Washington based, played a similar role relative to Kosovo, as Rendon did on Iraq. James Harff, at that time the Finn Director, was quoted, “We had a job to do and we did it. We are not paid to moralize. Speed is vital. It is the first assertion that counts. All denials are entirely ineffective." Truth is irrelevant when planning for war, and it does not seem to matter which administration.

    At that time I and some who had excellent military credentials, not disclosed, asked our “Coordinator for Counterterrorism,” why we were supporting a known major international terrorist organization, i.e., the KLA/CKU, in violation of all relevant US and International laws. We specifically asked, “What is the new official U.S. definition of terrorism?” as we quoted all current definitions, all of which we were in violation by supporting the KLA/CKU. No response, of course, as we were factual. Little of the public had a clue, has a clue, or ever will.

  21. @Sibel,"One NSA insider said: 'the agency checks out his site several times a day." Are you serious? Now, they know their old NSA Baldheaded Boss Mikie H. was a coward and traitor to the US Constitution according to James Bamford's book and TV Documentary "the Shadow Factory" and "the Spy Factory". Wow how cool is that. Shalom, Jaye

  22. "In fact, it looked as if they had more uniformed TSA guys than people in security line."

    It's been almost three years since the last time I traveled outside the country and I don't recall it being that bad then. However, I do recall that I was held at customs for what seemed an inordinate amount of time while the uniformed agent checking my US passport back into the country asked me a string of seemingly ridiculous questions (what do you do for a living, where do you work, are you in the union, who did you visit and what were you doing where you just came from, etc.???). Wait, am I a foreigner looking to gain entry or am I a citizen returning home? He then ignored me and proceeded to stare at his computer screen, doing what seemed like nothing, for several minutes. During this time, I noticed there were two little webcams mounted on top of the booth and pointed at me, one front view and the other side view when turned to look at the agent. I didn't recall ever seeing that before. Then it dawned on me that he must have been adding my photo(s)(police booking style) to "my file". Cute. I was very tempted to start making funny faces at the camera just to mess with him. Then I imagined myself in a little room like Neo in the Matrix…

    "In one life, Mr Anderson, you work for a respectable computer company and you help your landlady carry out her garbage… one of these lives has a future. The other does not."

    I must be out of mind for posting comments with my real name and photo on this website (no offense, Sibel).

    Actually, I considered changing my profile to anonymous and then I got pissd off that I even have to think like that…

  23. @bh,

    The webcams are for automated biometric facial recognition/comparison. Not sure if it is at all points of entry or if it is standard op.

  24. Coolfire, Harff at Ruder Finn reminds me of Kissinger: "Covert action should not be confused with missionary activity." The same deal applies to foreign policy under The System.

    You remind me of an article by Chris Deliso that I came across while writing the Rendon post. Deliso mentions Ruder Finn in passing, while talking about Rendon's adventures in the Balkans.

    Deliso also has a book about the region that's worth a read: The Coming Balkan Caliphate.

  25. Sibel:

    Schakowsky + Celebi + $6000 = HA!

    Why am I not surprised?

  26. Looks like something I suggested some time ago works! Scene 1,take 3. Dear Judge………P.S glad you got the message, It was faster than I imagined ; ) http://www.busrep.co.za/index.php?fSectionId=552&fArticleId=5158412

  27. Hi Sibel – just wanted to remind you how inspiring you are to me.

    I'd guess you never wanted to be my hero (and maybe nobody's hero outside of your family).

    Thank you for being you!

  28. @BH, Do you think your connection with this blog, got you extra security screening and that you are now in some secret watch list? Or could it just be the TSA/Customs Bully Syndrome? Shalom Jaye

  29. Hi Jaye,

    The incident in question occurred almost three years ago. (I wouldn't characterize it as being unusual or out of the "ordinary", in any case.) And, I only came across this website a couple of months ago. So, I'd have to say "no", there is no connection between the two.

    That said, I did receive an anonymous message a few days after I posted my first comment here (in which I basically told Sibel how attractive I thought she was 🙂 )suggesting I not "allow infatuation to affect my judgement or actions".

    I have recently applied for a job that requires a security clearance.

    Make of it what you will.

    Then again, re-posting the video of the murder of Neda Agha Soltan on my blog and spewing ideas like "Iranians are not our enemy" then suggesting that, er… "someone" should "do something" would probably be enough to attract some attention from certain quarters these days anyway. Who knows. I'm not a rabble rouser and don't intend to become one. But I believe I should be able to show appreciation for what Sibel is trying to do… like uphold the law equally for everyone. How is that a bad thing?


  30. Eric Pottenger says:

    BH–so I take it you don't entertain any suspicions with regard to how convenient Neda's death was for the psyop being carried out against the Western world, in support for regime change in Iran?

  31. "That said, I did receive an anonymous message a few days after I posted my first comment here (in which I basically told Sibel how attractive I thought she was 🙂 )suggesting I not "allow infatuation to affect my judgement or actions".

    I have recently applied for a job that requires a security clearance.

    Make of it what you will."

    Overzealous background investigator being paid by the hour vs. Husband warning against some guy hitting on his wife. Pick em.

  32. I know I'm a bit late, but welcome back, and hope you had a relaxing trip, and gave your thought processes a little time off.

    Just a couple of random thoughts in general. I seem to recall that during the 2008 Presidential run, Dr. Paul said in a debate that we spent over $40 billion on intelligence gathering, and this was before the Dept of Homeland Insecurity was created. So, spending more will make us, what?

    And my other thought was from a conference I attended back in 2007 in which one of the speakers, (Sheldon Richman, who is assoicated with the Foundation for Economic Education) said that despite on the talk of "making Americans safe", this government couldn't even protect the building that is responsible for national defense.
    Just some wondering thoughts.

  33. Sorry, Eric, I guess I missed this.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to. A 'psyop' being carried out against the Western world? Aimed at regime change in Iran… you mean like by the CIA, MI6 or whatever?

    And, if that is what you mean, are you then implying her murder was faked or that someone other than a member of the Basij pulled the trigger?

    Is there any evidence for any of this? The psyop or something suspicious? Unless you know of some evidence of something, then I would have to say, no, I don't have any "suspicions".

    Was it convenient? Well… I guess coincidence and convenience tend to be a matter of perspective. We can sit here all day and spin up all sorts of theories built on suppositions based on something we imagine might be… I suppose. 🙂



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