Sunlight Foundation’s Exposé of the Turkish Lobby

The Joint Turkish-Israeli Lobby Forces

On September 10 Luke Rosiak of Sunlight Foundation wrote a thorough investigative piece on the Turkish lobby as it relates to the recent developments in the Schmidt v Krikorian case. Here is the best part of this expose:

    “Lobbyists for the government of Turkey, including former congressmen Bob Livingston, made more than 2,260 contacts with officials in an unparalleled push to quash a resolution in Congress that would deem the events genocide.”

A simple click on the highlighted data will take you to the ‘overt’ working of our nation’s foreign lobbying machine. But allow me to walk you through this clicking:

The highlighted ‘contact’ will give you a little glimpse of ‘for sale ex-congressmen’ cashing in. Who do we have here specifically?

    Ex Congressman, Former Speaker of the House, Bob Livingston serving his foreign masters with his lobby firm ‘Livingston Group.’ A bit of background here and here.

    A group of ex congressmen, including Dick Gephardt and our many-times exposed scandalous ex Congressman, Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, with their lobby firm ‘DLA Piper.’ For a bit of background on this see here and here.

Not much surprise there, right? After all we’ve been paying attention to and covering a bit our Red Light District-turned-Congress. So let’s go to the part that never gets any coverage. You know, the area unanimously blacked out by our media.

The activated link for 2,260 will take you to the long-withheld ‘overt’ and ‘covert’ partnership and joint operations and lobbying between Turkish players and the Israeli-Jewish lobby. Please click and scan the list of Israeli lobbyists, their chapters, subchapters, distant chapters, hidden chapters…involved with Turkish lobby operations. Impressive list I reckon! Who do we have here:

AIPAC, JINSA, ADL, B’nai B’rith, JCPA, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Council Public Affairs, Agudath Israel, Hadassah, Ohio Jewish Foundation, Seattle Jewish Leader, United Jewish Communities,… even Jewish Institute for National Security! I knew about the extremely active ominous Israel-Jewish lobby in the US, but I had no idea how many of these organizations, sister organizations, subchapters, hidden chapters… have been set up in the US!

Next, as I’ve said repeatedly, in many interviews, both overt and covert Turkish lobby and operations in the US were set up by AIPAC/JINSA by the Richard Perle-Douglas Feith duo. Here is their starting point: International Advisors Inc. After they were exposed, they shut it down and started ATC and ATAA, with all the other sister organizations, subchapters, hidden chapters…such as ATA-DC, ATA-Chicago, TACA, TABA…just like their Sister Israeli Lobby.

You may want to check out a couple of my interviews a few years back on this topic. There is one available on YouTube. An earlier one was during an interview with Scott Horton, which should be available in their archives.

I am thankful to Sunlight Foundation for making this data available to us - the citizens. For years I’ve been talking about the joint Turkey-Israel operations in the US targeted by FBI investigations but protected at the highest levels. The media, as they’ve very consistently done with any issue touching Israel-Turkey, never reported on these ties and operations. Also, since there was and is so very little information available on Turkey and related operations in the US (thanks to the Israel-driven media and publication industry), many people find it hard to understand or even believe. I understand there will be more coming from SF on this topic, so stay tuned and if you can, drop by their site and thank them for this service.

And here is the latest on the relevant Turkey & US Military Industrial Complex front:

    U.S. eyes $7.8 billion missile sale to Turkey

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration has notified Congress of a possible $7.8 billion sale of Patriot PAC-3 antimissile batteries and related gear to Turkey, the only NATO ally bordering Iran.

    The sale would include 13 Patriot "fire units," 72 Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles and a range of associated hardware for ground-based air defense, the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a notice made public Friday.

    It estimated the cost at $7.8 billion, which would be one of the biggest U.S. government-to-government arms sales in years and would mark a return of Turkey as a major U.S. arms buyer.


    The primary contractors for the Turkish sale would be Raytheon Co and Lockheed Martin Corp. The notice of a potential sale is required by law. It does not mean a sale has been concluded.

    In the case of a NATO member such as Turkey, Congress has 15 days to block a proposed arms deal by passing a joint resolution of disapproval, though it never has stopped a sale once formally notified.

    The proposed supply of the equipment to Turkey, along with U.S. logistical support, would not alter the basic military balance in the region, the notice to Congress said.

You can read the rest of this article by Reuters here.

This means until Congress approves the sale the ‘establishment’ is going to be ultra sensitive about anything that in any way touches Turkey related topics. That includes the pending Schmidt v Krikorian case, any visible article or editorial written on my testimony, any report issued by organizations like Sunlight Foundation…you get the point, right? You are looking at mega MIC corporations that have ‘a lot’ to lose if this deal is disturbed in any way. You have the fat lobby industry with tons at stake. You’ve got shady Turkish generals who will receive a big chunk of commissions once the deal is concrete. And of course we have the usual criminal and shady but semi invisible operatives involved who’ve been keeping the lid on the truth.

Meaning, that much more reason to follow and support the upcoming reports and investigative pieces by the Sunlight Foundation; monitor and disseminate developments in the Krikorian case (the MSM ain’t doing it; and we know very well why). And of course, keep visiting this site regularly since I’ll be posting significant developments and relevant information.

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  1. Sibel Edmonds says:


    I'm waiting for their (Sunlight) follow up article on the Turkish Lobby. I believe it will be out later this week. Meanwhile, please help disseminate this expose if you can.

    Another update: Later this week an exclusive and lengthy magazine interview/article on my case (and the latest) will be available…Solid work and no censorship;-) I'll keep you posted…

  2. How interesting how money makes people go whacky, lose their ethics and even act in what they cause suffering and death.

    Zionism has made some strange bedfellows. These fanatics have really trashed the jewish brand.

    But the christian thanks to the fundies and opus dei one ain't too good either and the jihadis have not helped with the image of Islam as a religion of peace.

    Religion comes off as a cesspool. It's time for god to make an appearance and tell these jerks they don't represent her.


  3. For those of you with further interest in this subject, I have a number of related secondary source articles posted on my Scribd site :

    An Ex-Leader in Congress Is Now Turkey's Man in the Lobbies of Capitol Hill, The New York Times, October 17, 2007.

    K Street Cashes in on the 1915 Armenian Genocide, by Michael Crowley. The New Republic, July 23, 2007.

    Livingston's Sweet Lobbying Setup, The Washington Post, October 17, 2005.

    Probe Chief No Stranger to Foreign Funds, Los Angeles Times, May 27, 1997.

    Turkey Seeks Help of Israel and U.S. Jews to Fight U.S. Senate Resolution Marking Armenian Genocide, by Wolf Blitzer. The Jerusalem Post, October 24, 1989.

    Former Defense Official Creates Firm to Lobby in Washington for Turkey, by John Fialka. The Wall Street Journal, February 16, 1989.

  4. Thank you Sibel for making the Sunlight Foundation known to me. I had not been aware of them. Very interesting site. Will spend some time there looking around. It is important to find these rare sources of investigative reporting today.It is also important to support them – because if we the people don't – who will? Your contacts and suggestions are always important ones.Oh – and thanks for the "walk-through" on the clicking. 🙂


  5. mcthorogood says:


    Don't miss Sunlight's list of "Insanely Useful Web Sites" at the following link:

  6. arealjeffersonian says:

    Thanks for bringing Sunlight to my attention – I didn't know about them either.

    As for the meat of the post, I don't see any legitimate useful purpose for foreign lobbies. No matter which ones you look at, they all appear filled with corrupt former government officials, intent only in lining their own pockets. The Turkish and Israeli lobbys being prime examples. What benefit are they to us? They only cause turmoil, ferment corruption & utimately lead us into unneccessary conflicts.

    Please continue to shed as much "Sunlight" as possible – perhaps that will at least help to lessen their power and influence

  7. You are a jewel sibeland I mean it.

  8. Metemneurosis says:

    Not really that significant but I noticed that on the drop down menu at the pages on Sunlight there is also a listing for Turkish Republic of Norther Cyprus. It only has 25 meetings on it but those meetings do include Dan Burton, Robert Wexler, Joe Wilson etc. Maybe one more backchannel.

  9. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Metemneurosis: good observation (again!). Another backchannel: Azerbaijan, and anything with Caspian in the title;-)

    The upcoming magazine piece will be pretty explosive and relevant. I'll keep you guys posted (it should be out by this Friday).

    The Oct 1 hearing is still on (Krikorian case).

    King Fisher: Excellent links for background. Many thanks.

    Dennis: I am about to read your e-mail:-) I didn;t know about them until recently. I will post another 'expose' by them which is very interesting. It shows Turkish trip(s) for Senator Leahy. The data was dated 2008. I wonder when the Turks started taking Leahy on trips?! Let's see: He & Grassley became very quiet around….2004. Worth checking. I'll also check under Grassley.

  10. Metemneurosis says:

    I was once looking at trips to Turkey by congressmen earlier this year and I seem to remember Chuck Hagel making a fair amount as well. Also are you aware that Waxman is on something called the Caucus on US Turkish Relations run by the Turkish Coalition of America.

  11. Speaking of Turkish, has anyone ever heard of the name Yoksuloglu?

  12. Yoksuloglu is not such a common name, Anonymous, and this is not the first time you've asked. What context do you have in mind regarding this name?

    Turkish Defense Ministry confirms missile tender. According to the TDM, there are other countries in the competition, including China and Russia, so the US is going to have to sweeten the deal because Russia and Turkey now have a signed agreement for Russian pipelines to run through Turkey.

    Historically, the pashas prefer American toys but if they become annoyed with the US, for various reasons, they might go with China or Russia. As the Bianet article says, they started looking around for missiles in 2006 and I remember I first noticed this in early 2007, just after the Ralston conflict of interest fiasco.

    Last year, just before Georgia got all stupid with Russia, Turkey was talking to the same Russian company. mentioned by Bianet.

    Regarding the link to the Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker (2.260 in the post), if you know when certain events in Turkey or in the US Congress regarding Turkey were taking place, you can browse through the dates to get an idea of how tightly Turkish government panties were in knots over certain subjects.

    For example, in October 2007 there were a series of meetings over the subject "PKK/Iraq". At the time, the first Bezele (Aktutun) operation had occured in which a number of TSK'ers were killed and 8 taken as POWs by the PKK. Those POWs were released at the beginning of November of the same year.

    Shortly after that, the TC started to agitate for an invasion of South Kurdistan–to take place in the winter . . . hehehe–and in the run-up to the February 2008 invasion, word came out that Israelis in Batman were running Heron UAV operations into the Zap region.

    Did JINSA, AIPAC, and the AJ Congress pull strings from October 2007 to get the Herons running out of Batman?

    It's an interesting speculation, anyway.

  13. @Mizgin,

    "Did JINSA, AIPAC, and the AJ Congress pull strings from October 2007 to get the Herons running out of Batman?"

    Are you talking about the TSK's Heron's? That deal goes back to 2005. Herons are made by IAI and Elbit which are Israeli, not American companies.

    Or do you mean IDF Herons running out of Batman?

    Israeli's would be hands on in the training of the TSK on the system, maybe running the TSK's Herons for them while they are training them on it.

  14. Reuters, September 15:

    "… Charlie Sheen Blasts Cowardly Corporate Media …"

    Sheen has called the corporate media "hopeless lap-dogs" and "cowards and shills".

    Hmm, the article seems to imply that Larry King would be willing to host a debate about 9/11. If that's true, I wonder if he would be willing to host a segment about congressional corruption and the Turkish lobby. Hmm …

    "Tom Joad"

  15. Sibel

    With regards to powerful Israeli lobbies–you've probably got plenty of guests lined up for the BF, but I wonder if you've thought about trying to get Stephen Walt and John Mearsheim to come on. I haven't read all of their book/expose about the Israel Lobby yet but from what I've read they're excellent. I bet they're familiar with your case and it would be interesting to hear their expert opinion on it. Just a thought

  16. The Turkish and Israeli lobbies seem so close over here, but what's to be made of clashes between their governments like this recent one:
    "Israel Planned to Kill Ergodan"

    Is it just that Ergodan is not part of the Deep State?

    I know it's not the most credible source, but the article claims the Turkish media reported it. Is this story believable?

  17. When the courts declares money as free speech they opened the flood gates for legalizing bribery.

    The money given to congress members is used to maintain their seats as being elected is a matter of dominating the media and that costs money.

    The ones who give lots of money get access and get to make their legal bribes. And then these critters are lured away to a lobbying shop after they have built enough relationships in congress. They now have even more access.

    This all amounts to turning our democracy into kabuki theater. When elections cannot be influenced by media blitz, favoring incumbents, they are gamed and bought as they were in FL and OH in the past presidential elections in the US and as seen in Iran and Afghanistan.

    Lobbyists are the agents of special interests who have ideological interests or economic interests which are not usually in line with those of the greater public – witness how the "health care" debate is going to provide legislation which benefits insurance, pharma, the medical industrial complex despite 70% of the people who poll that they want for no profit medicine – special interests running health care.

    Those who advocate what amounts to a huge cost saving by a single payer approach don't even get to sit a the table.

    There are 10s of thousands of lobbyists issuing their legal bribes and buying laws for their benefit.

    BTW there a Turkish engineer who is trotted out to reinforce all the fake science at NIST whenever they need a dupe to do their bidding.

  18. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Nate: you may want to check out Fethullah Gulen's connection with AKP; that includes Erdogan.

  19. "U.S. eyes $7.8 billion missile sale to Turkey." Where does Turkey get the money to make this kind of purchase? Is it heroin manufacturing to be sold to us? Sounds like they get the weapons and the money from us. Is it for bases into the Middle East? Is the value of the weapons overinflated in typical economic hitman strategy?


  20. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Simon: All of the above & more

    1- Turkey has been one of the largest recipient of IMF fund for the longest period.

    2- A lot of these purchases are actually paid by US tax payers; US military aid/grant to Turkey.

    3- Money from Weapons Smuggling: False Enduser Certificates- They divert some portion to countries with sanctions (also Chechnya, Afghanistan, East Turkistan…). This, with full knowledge and approval of US (US way of giving certain factions weapons indirectly; ex: Islamic Militants in Central Asia).

    4- Of course Heroin.

    So as you see, it involves multi-ingredient tactics/sources.

  21. KF, they may have signed the sale for Herons in 2005 but the Herons didn't arrive until December 2008. In the meantime, Turkey rented some Herons and all of their technical support and personnel. This was not training since Turkey had none of its own Herons; this was the Israelis running Heron operations from Batman for Turkey.

    Happily, Turkey is still having problems with the Herons.

    And, yes, I know Herons are Israeli military hardware and not American. That's why I said the TC embassy was pulling strings with the American Jewish lobby in order to get the Herons from Israel immediately in 2007.

    Simon, where does Turkey get the money? Well, Turkey doesn't have to get most of the money because the US taxpayer basically foots the bill for Turkey's American weapons. FAS reported that military sales to Turkey were subsidized up to 80% during the murderous Clinton administration. I see no reason why that "gifting" process should change now.

  22. Hi Sibel,

    I have considerable interest in your case. I don't expect you to confirm or deny what I'm asking you about in public yet, because I'm just a stranger and part of the harassment you've been going through involves set-ups and attempted framings by strangers. What I have to ask is this:

    Is there some element to your harassment, say a high-tech element, that you're afraid to talk about in public, for fear of being labeled crazy?

    If there is, I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, and I would like to get in contact with you.

    My name is Jeremy, and I'm working with a nonprofit organization that needs a high profile person who's being assaulted in the particular way I'm talking about to step forward. If you are afraid to take the first step without knowing what you're getting into, I can get you in touch with that organization.

    Please reply letting me know if you'd like me to contact you directly, or if you'd just prefer to have me post info about this organization. I think the former option is better for you, because you don't want to be tied to this organization in public until you've had a chance to evaluate what they're saying and confirm they're on the same page.



  23. @Jeremy If you are talking about HAARP, I mentioned it in passing and Sibel thought I was a kook. Catherine Austin Fitts is high profile, and she admits to being electronically harassed. Check out and Bob Beck for dated but good information.


  24. Edit_Mommies says:

    A machine that digs holes and runs on happiness. Look who finished his homework. I don't want to be hugged either.

  25. Simon,

    The problem with confronting people over personal issues in public is that the public space is a theater, and everyone in it is a performance artist. One can't expect an honest answer to certain kinds of questions – in public. At least, not until the rules of the theater have changed, which is something I'm working on.

    Thanks for mentioning Fitts. What I'm interested in has nothing to do with HAARP. I'd still like to know what, if anything, Sibel Edmonds is willing to say in private.


  26. Afraid your performance wouldn't be up to par?

  27. Jeremy, why should Sibel tell you in private?

    She has already stated that she will tell her story in full, to any major TV network.

    As far as I know, that offer still stands. If you can meet her requirements, then we'll all know.


  28. The stuff I'm inquiring about isn't on the bullet-point list that you link to.

    She's struggling for MSM acceptance of her message, and so is the organization I'm trying to help out. I submit to you (and to anyone else trying to understand the MSM silence on certain subjects) that we are heading into an informational holocaust of sorts, that the only information which is certain to survive this era is that which is committed to long term storage on proven physical media such as paper, and is widely distributed. There is an enormous advantage in controlling what the mainstream media covers during this era, especially if you are trying to cover up a great crime.

    The citizen journalism we're seeing on the Internet is like the flashes of activity in a human mind. Even though we know this activity is far more vital than what ultimately goes into the history books, all minds eventually get snuffed out.

    The only way to keep the knowledge in those minds from dying with them is to keep the spark alive, jumping from mind to mind. If Sibel knows something else that she's afraid to talk about for fear of discrediting her main message, I want to give her every opportunity to test the waters so she can feel confident that stoking this fire is the right thing to do.

    If we can turn up the heat high enough, even the centralized control of the MSM will melt down.


  29. Redundant storage is far preferable and infinitely replicable short of a (an impossible) catastrophic worldwide magnetic storm.

  30. zb, there will be great betrayals during this time in history. techies in particular will find that the internet and other toys they think they understand so well are defective by design. u have to be able to reason about how everything really works, not (as so many do) master one tiny subject and learn a series of incantations for everything else. unfortunately the people who can figure things out for themselves are a minority, and considered very dangerous by governments. the internet will not be killed off by governments directly, but rather by the ignorance and apathy of its users, this ignorance and apathy having been carefully cultivated.

  31. There is no parallel between Sibel being 'assaulted' and using her to glean information for dissemination.

    Also, you haven't a clue.

    What you may call a 'techie' we may call an eight year old.

    In an actually relevant vein, the US seems to be up in arms over Russian plans to sell arms to Venezuela.

    What is it that makes Americans feel this double standard is justified?

  32. Eric Margolis at the Huffington Post: Dangerous Intrigues in Istanbul , September 15, 2009.

    Decent Ergenekon primer for people.

  33. Sibel Edmonds says:

    King Fisher: Thanks for the link. I'll start reading…

  34. @ zb

    "Redundant storage is far preferable and infinitely replicable short of a (an impossible) catastrophic worldwide magnetic storm."

    You can't be serious.

    That statement is not even close to being true… on either point. Of course, your preferences are your own. However, with all due respect, thinking like that is leading modern society down the garden path to its own destruction.

    There was no public access internet (www), satellite communications, GPS or cell phones the last time it happened, back when I was studying for my EE degree. Hence, the public wasn't particularly affected. While the military was certainly very aware (and very affected), the public was basically kept in the dark (literally in some places) about the very real risk we faced, still face and the fragility of our entire system (growing more so everyday), and has remained so ever since, as we continue quietly building an ever more top heavy house of cards around a centralized power distribution system, modern micro-electronics, radio communications, etc. We are so exposed it is truly terrifying.

    Even if the sum total of the world's knowledge were kept in a centralized and well-shielded and secure underground facility, even if it was distributed in its entirety among many such facilities around the world, that would not be enough as the reality of sunspots, solar storms and plasma eruptions, or even fluctuations in the Earth's own magnetic field and cosmic radiation are not the only risks.

    Think (the original) Rollerball movie (or book) by William Harrison. Recall the scene where the protagonist visits the department of "Historical Records" central computer data storage facility in Switzerland or whatever. Or Logan's Run, Soylent Green or any number of forward looking tomes. Regardless of the point being made there of how a centralized system puts society, truth or freedom at risk, practically speaking, any machine is only as effective, reliable or incorruptible as the human(s) who control it.

    And your implication that an ad hoc or de facto decentralized database exists (really only possible due to the capabilities of the www) doesn't hold water either.

    Heck, just look at what the Iranian government does with their internet and cell phone service whenever they feel threatened. Think it can't happen here or anywhere?

    Not to mention, hackers and terrorists.

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link… or the person who controls it.

    There's a great line in Frank Herbet's Dune that is oh so true, whether talking about "spice" (oil) or anything else, "he who can destroy a thing controls it".

    At the end of the day, even in the best of circumstances, electronic systems of any sort are ultimately corruptible and the most fragile and unreliable data storage medium in existence.

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst.


  35. usb keys. flash memory.

    an xo laptop.

    some foil.

  36. The book industry is failing, and it has less to do with the net and more to do with little old women wanting nothing more than popular smut and people being ostracized for reading evolutionary biology on public transit.

    Enjoy the smoke.

  37. And I don't have to worry about Dune until they manage to bioengineer bulls with compound eyes for all the world to fall to their knees before.

  38. "usb keys. flash memory.

    an xo laptop.

    some foil."


    Good luck with that, mate. Let me know how it works out.

    KF will probably start whinging about how this isn't the place to discuss science… no muts and dolts allowed! 🙂

    Oh well…

  39. Quaint.

    Inbred with the best of em.



  40. Don't know what happened to that first link. Obviously "Ape Beats Man in Memory Contest" is not what I was aiming for… lol. It keeps getting cut off for some reason. I'll try breaking it up, in case anyone cares:



    That's all one string, no breaks.

    Good luck,


  41. I have problems with the Margolis article on Ergenekon.

    Except for the usual MSM mantra that "AKP is a moderate, centrist party", I've seen no one provide proof of this.

    There is no mention of the CIA's role in the Gladio program.

    There is no mention of the fact that many of those arrested as members of "Ergenekon" were, at one time, members of previous governments.

    The claims of PKK involvement with Ergenekon came up with the publication of the first indictment. Having searched through the almost 2,500 pages of that indictment, there was only one alleged link with PKK and Ocalan, and that was Veli Kucuk's plan called "The Antidote", in which Kucuk proposed a scheme of taking control of PKK through Ocalan, although the time frame for that scheme was after Ocalan's imprisonment at Imrali. If there were concrete cooperation between Ergenekon and PKK, then why would KUcuk have had to covertly attempt to create a "linkage" between Ergenekon and PKK, or why would he have had to send spies into PKK or attempt to gain Ocalan's consent for such a scheme?

    The only hard evidence of any connection between PKK and Ergenekon members is a very old (circa 1995) article of Dogu Perincek describing what the approach of the Turkish Worker's Party (IP) should be to the Kurdish situation. There was also a widely published photo of Dogu Perincek and Ocalan, from the time when Perincek interviewed Ocalan in Syria. If anyone wants to seriously claim this as the hard link between PKK and Ergenekon, then they're going to have to arrest a lot more Turkish journalists–like Mehmet Ali Birand, Nazli Ilicak, Cengiz Candar, Ahmet Altan, Yasemin Congar, and Hasan Cemal–as members of Ergenekon, because they've also interviewed Ocalan or other members of the KCK executive council.

    I don't think Margolis has tried to slog through any of the indictments.

    On the other hand, we have statements from Tuncay Guney that said Gulen had known Veli Kucuk for a long time and that one of Gulen's most prominent followers, Mehmet Demircan, had worked to get Kucuk into the Gulen movement. Kucuk had helped Gulen to open a school in Hewler (Arbil).

    In the meantime, there's been no conviction of the murderers of Hrant Dink, and he was murdered by the same kind of hyper-Islamist Turkish nationalist scum as the Ergenekon guys. The JITEM acid wells in The Southeast have not been addressed in Turkey nation-wide, and those are the same kind of Ergenekon scum that everyone associates with Ergenekon.

    Margolis' characterization of Katil Erdogan as "Turkey's best, most popular prime minister" is certainly a one-sided characterization, given that Katil Erdogan silences critics through lawsuits, charges a load of phony back taxes against Dogan Group, which publishes news critical of the AKP . . . like the exposure of AKP corruption. And since Erdogan's AKP lost so miserably in The Southeast and East in the 29 March elections, in spite of the heroic efforts of the AKP to bribe whole towns and villages for votes, the AKP began a campaign of police brutality against the people who protested AKP's acts of corruption at the polls and the DTP–the Kurdish party who enjoyed overwhelming succes in the election–continues to be terrorized by the regime through mass arrests of its members.

    Oh, did I mention that the police throughout Turkey are 80% pro-AKP?

    I don't see that Margolis' article does anything but reinforce the image abroad that the AKP wants to project.

  42. @Mizgin,

    Yeah, its a primer on the Huffington Post; a basic overview of a convoluted issue in less than 900 words for a readership that has a hard time finding Turkey on a map. It is of little value to anyone to yourself and Sibel, or anyone who reads Turkish language newspapers daily.

    Margolis seems like a pretty nice guy, send him an email; sure he would like to talk about it. I appreciate your thoughts on it and the issue. Unfortunately I don't read or speak Turkish, so any in depth analysis on the issue is limited for me. Whats the deal with the Ergenekon ties to the Russian Eurasianist movement?


  43. KF, the Ergenekon tie to the Russian Neo-Eurasianists would be Dogu Perincek. These Lefty/Gray Wolf-y guys started to get involved with the Neo-Eurasianists in the 90s. There's a little bit at Wikipedia, with some references in English.

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