The American Conservative Article & the Credibility Question

Scott Horton Interviews Phil Giraldi & Joe Lauria

Joe Lauria discusses his investigation of the case and confirmation of credibility by three FBI Agents with first-hand knowledge. Philip Giraldi expands upon the interview, and talks about the pseudo alternative media’s vested interests.

This is an excellent interview (as always) by Scott Horton of AntiWar Radio; loads of information for those in search of unbiased reporting. Here is the link.

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  1. Another good discussion! The more places this is talked about or written about the better. We need to see a very important truth that is showing up within this story – and in other stories coming out these days. And that is that there is (and has been for some time) a legacy of secrecy and covert operations going on within our country and the world that entwine drugs and other organized crimes, intellegence, terrorism, assassinations, and other actions. They are all linked together by some of the same players in a way that blurs the way we have thought about these things being separate in the past. They are not separate but all part of the same boiling pot. We each need to look within ourselves to see where that begins, make our own changes and work up from there.

    Thanks again Sibel!!

  2. U.S. adopts new policy for state secrets claims

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday it will adopt a new policy that could limit the government's claims of state secrets to block lawsuits on national security grounds, a Bush-era tactic kept by the Obama administration in some high-profile cases.

    The department said it will not invoke state secrets for the purpose of "concealing government wrongdoing or avoiding embarrassment to government agencies or officials."

    Department officials said the new policy will take effect on October 1 and will not affect current cases such as those in which the Obama administration has decided to continue the position of the previous administration.

  3. Thanks. Interesting discussion indeed.

  4. Ms. Edmonds – I have just one question for you. Do you believe the US Government was involved in the 9/11 attacks either by letting it happen or direct involvement in the attacks themselves.

    Thank you,

    Terry Jacobs
    Albany, NY

  5. Kathleen M. Dickson says:

    Pretty Awesome!
    I'll run it for a headline for a while.

  6. Sibel Edmonds says:
  7. mcthorogood says:

    @Terry Jacobs

    Have you read "Triple Cross" by Peter Lance? That might answer your question.

  8. Indeed, great discussion, but Scott Horton does his homework, and asks great questions, and plays a great devil advocate.
    I think Mr. Lauria brings up the point that indeed, there is enough here to restart the investigation, or that the major media gets their hands dirty on this one.
    But, here's what bothers me Sibel. During the whole episode, the American government has been conducting this phony "War on Terror", and rattling the sabres when it comes to Iran, while all along, and BTW, I believe you are 100% credible, high officials engaged in these activities that created the possibility that more of this technology would get into our "enemies" hands.
    It really pissed me off. Also, Sibel, I wanted to ask you if your story and the story of Richard Barlow cross at any time as well.

    Just wanted to let you know, I've been in touch with my local newspaper, as well as 2 local talk show hosts, and put it on my Facebook page, and on a conservative blog. I wrote a email to Lew Rockwell, and maybe he will put the story on his great website.
    I've even contacted my Congressional representation as well. That maybe a waste of time, but it can't hurt to try.

  9. The inconvenient truth is that the government is not interested in the truth, because in many cases their incompetence and criminality would be exposed. Their pals in the media come in handy to hide the truth and certainly the media has to be dragged kicking and streaming to it.

    It also appears that so many are compromised that corruption is business as usual down in the beltway.

    I'd be surprised if Ms Edmond's charges see any accountability or justice, but catching these creeps in their lies is priceless.

    Good catch Ms Edmonds!

  10. Metemneurosis says:

    The AC article also made it to the Real News Newtwork's site.

  11. Update, Mr. Rockwell is reading it as I write. If he puts it there, this will be huge. His website gets hits ranging in the 6 figure mark a day.

  12. You can get in on a live chat with Katie Couric Thursday, 9/24 at 2pm on Facebook

    I've got an MSM talking heads email list for dozens of cable and network shows and anchors that you can copy and paste here.

    Best wishes and let people know what they can do.

  13. Good luck getting this stuff out in the MSM – it will be easier to expose it as the bullshit it really is.

    Delete all you want

  14. Metemneurosis says:

    @ Anon 2:19am

    Please enlighten us as to which parts are bullshit and how you know this. I'm all ears.

  15. It is great to see you are making headway with this story. I have been following you for years. I have posted on all the forums I have been on and some newspaper articles.

    Hopefully this will bring an even wider audience and you will get some network coverage in our controlled mainstream media. I am disgusted with our media and DOJ!This reminds me all too much of the tale of Davy vs Goliath with the exception of you being female which is most likely even a tougher road to hoe. Thanks for your intestinal fortitude in keeping up the fight I can tell you with all my heart that I appreciate it.

    Please read the following story about why people cannot grasp BIG lies and fail to acknowledge them. It is brilliantly written by Paul Craig Roberts as are the links which should be followed. David Ray Griffin is awesome at the "Alternet" link in the middle of one of the articles link pages:

    Why propaganda trumps truth
    By Paul Craig Roberts

    Online Journal Contributing Writer

    Sep 21, 2009, 00:20

    I would love to hear your input on this.

  16. Americans have been hopelessly naive not to think that the rampant corruption, behind the scenes dealing, criminality of every sort is not business as usual in America, as it is in any 3rd world dictatorship.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The take away is that power is ALWAYS courting corruption and criminality.

    America, you are so naive.

  17. Ms. Edmonds,
    I represent PanARMENIAN.Net ( information agency. Recently,Turkish media published an article referring to your interview with The American Conservative. The Turkish article related the case where Jan Schakowsky was blackmailed by Turkish intelligence services. As a result intelligence services obtained secret documentation on nuclear weapon and frustrated the passage of Armenian Project at US Congress. We kindly ask for your comments on the news and permission to publish your reply at

  18. @Metemneurosis – as soon as she answers Terry Jacobs question on 9/11 I'll be more than happy to answer yours.

  19. Don't feed the trolls, Metemneurosis.

  20. Diana, PanARMENIAN may be interested in this, too:

    It's significant that this is in Taraf and I'm sure you and your news site are aware of some of the historically unprecedented information that Taraf has published in the last year or so.

    Let's see if Taraf does any more on this. I remember that the notoriously bad Hurriyet did a very good job in reporting The Times article on the nuclear secrets aspect, to include all kinds of details on Marc Grossman.

  21. Troll question…

    Ms. Edmonds – I have just one question for you. Do you believe the US Government was involved in the 9/11 attacks either by letting it happen or direct involvement in the attacks themselves.

    How hard is this to answer?

  22. You're right Mizgin. I just have this habit of wanting to confront these things head on.

  23. @Mr. Kinkaid

    She's already answered that question elsewhere. Go do some research.

  24. Edit_Mommies says:

    The information describing the corruption is funded by the people who sell the corruption? Any idea how accessible the Black Market just got? Is it safe to say indirect motivation is torture.

  25. @SanderO, Who are you calling Naive your coworkers, friends, pets or domestic partner? Cause real Americans ie Masons have been running this country for years and you just found out about it?

  26. Yes, Metemneurosis; I understand. But since there was already a long discussion on the trolls' questions elsewhere on this blog, then it becomes obvious who the trolls are.

    Besides, if they get fed, they'll never leave. They'll just keep asking the same trollish questions.

  27. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Coming UP Momentarily: My Response to Rep. Schakowsky on 'Credibility.' Please Stay Tuned…

  28. Sibel, Please hurry up, I cant wait much longer, you are torturing me (get it)? Where is your response to Rep. Sky? I cant wait much longer, please. This is too cool. Shalom, Jaye

  29. One of the interviewees, I am sorry I not sure which, but he said
    "They realized[the administration] that nobody is going to pick this story up, that it is safely embedded in the blogosphere where, lets face it, I mean…the thing about the blogs is they take stories the major papers won't take for a variety of reasons, but they really don't have the training or the skills to bring it out in a credible way that a big paper can, that's why we are in such a bind here. We are loosing both ways I think. Its one thing to get it out, but it would be another thing if the NYTimes wrote about it, that's for sure"

    In the age of extreme monopoly does the ownership of major media cartel have anything to do with the direction of reportage. Is that a question?

  30. Isn't it funny that people attack *your* credibility…yet Judith Miller is back on teevee!

  31. I have finally had the chance to listen to the interview uninterrupted and I think it is excellent.

    Giraldi hit something right on target, I think, when he said that he had enough of an insight into how things worked in Turkey to be able to tell right away whether or not Sibel's story was plausible.

    Knowing how things work in Turkey is probably the single greatest asset in being able to evaluate Sibel's story because that's exactly the standard that I used when I first heard of it.

    Obviously, Giraldi does believe that Sibel's story is genuine and that it's not made up and, as he acknowledges in the interview, he spent enough time listening to people in the course of his intelligence career to be able to evaluate who is spreading tales and who is genuine.

    In addition to Lauria's thesis about American "exceptionalism"–Americans not believing such extreme corruption is possible within their system–I think that a knowledge of how things work in Turkey would enable anyone to see clearly that Sibel's story, as complicated as it is, is extremely credible.

    This radio interview, along with the excellent AmCon interview with Giraldi and Sibel, if listened to (and read) carefully, will go a long way to explain in simple terms, what the reality is.


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