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Inviting Ms. Schakowsky to Join…….

Dear Congresswoman Schakowsky:

It is an age-old tactic, when one cannot refute statements with facts, to attempt to discredit the witness. Rather than exchanging accusations, let me just go on record with facts and detailed citations.

When I became aware of incriminating evidence against high-level U.S. officials—elected and appointed—I filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and fought for five years in court. I bore tremendous cost, financially and emotionally, to make this data public. Here is the court case identification: C.A. No. 1:02CV01294 (ESH).

Few citizens have gone this far in a FOIA case to make covered-up information available to the public. No one gains financially from fighting this kind of thing in court, and I am no exception. You have called me a fantasist, but would a fabricator pay as dearly as I did to have her claims investigated?

I fought another court case to expose government criminality through key witnesses and documents. As in the FOIA case, I bore tremendous costs and was again blocked by the invocation of the State Secrets Privilege and National Security. The court case identification is Civ.No.1:02CV01448(JR)).

No other citizen has twice had the State Secrets Privilege invoked. But why would the government, with the support of congressional representatives, go to such lengths to quash, gag, and classify the files and operations in question if they were “fantasy, lies, and nonexistent” as you say?

I complied with the whistleblowing rule and took my case to the Office of the Inspector General and provided all of the information they allowed me to. They interviewed dozens of witnesses and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents in their investigation of my credibility and the validity of my case. Here is the link to their confirmation that I and my case have merit: DOJ-IG Report. Here is the redacted report that shows how our government censored more than 90% of this report to the public: Redacted DOJ-IG Report. Very few national security whistleblowers have been granted this level of validation and vindication. The Justice Department’s own Office of the Inspector General disagrees with your characterization of me and my case.

Several senior members of Congress—from both sides of the aisle--have also investigated and publicly confirmed my credibility and the grave nature of my disclosures. This is what Senator Leahy had to say: Leahy Statement. This is what Congresswoman Maloney said: Rep. Maloney Statement. Here are the assessments of Senator Lautenberg--Sen. Lautenberg Statement—and Senator Grassley--Sen. Grassley Statement. By attacking my credibility, you are also attacking your colleagues, including many on your side of the aisle. Are you accusing these senators and representatives of being fantasists too?

You have been described as a “true blue” civil libertarian, so it will surely interest you to know that the ACLU has declared me “the most gagged” person in the history of this great nation. Are you also attacking the ACLU and calling their characterization of this case a fantasy?

I have testified under oath, and my public biography will provide you with information about my educational background, financial background, and family life. I am fully aware of the consequences of perjury, and as you can see, I would have a lot to lose were that the case. I am sure you are familiar with my sworn testimony, but you can review it here.

I’ve done more than my share through the courts, IG offices, Congress, and media. I don’t have your power. You sit on the House Intelligence Committee, and you are one of the members of the majority party in Congress.

Here is what you can do: Call for an investigation and a hearing before your committee on this long covered-up case. Subpoena the files and call the witnesses. Bring in retired Special Agent Gilbert Graham and have him testify on the official report and complaint he filed with the DOJ inspector general in 2002 regarding the FBI counterespionage investigations involving Turkey and Israel in which targeted US representatives were illegally wiretapped. This is not fiction. Here is the official and signed public version: SA Gilbert Graham Report.

Also bring in former FBI Counterintelligence Operations Manager & Espionage Investigator John M. Cole and have him testify under oath regarding espionage cases involving State Department officials, Pentagon officials, and Congressional members. Here is a preview of some of the information disclosed and confirmed by Agent Cole: Interview and Radio Interview.

Also bring in the sworn testimonies of current FBI special agents in the Chicago and DC field offices who dutifully and patriotically led the counterintelligence operations on Turkey and corrupt US officials, only to see their investigations blocked and covered-up. Their names are public.

Order the Justice Department to release the two main Counterintelligence Operations Files on Turkey and “US persons of interest”—one from FBI Chicago Field Office-1996-2002, the other from FBI DC Field Office-1996-2001. These will help bring out the facts regarding your story too. I have documentation supporting the existence of these files.

Recall that I did not accuse you of any criminal or espionage-related activity.

The last time I saw a similar attack on my credibility was when Dennis Hastert issued a non-denial denial to information contained in a previous magazine article. He later gave up his seat, registered himself (under FARA) as an agent for the government of Turkey, and went on to collect $35,000 per month as a foreign agent. I certainly hope you are not planning to follow his footsteps by giving up your seat and officially registering with a foreign government. It would be far better if you used your position to bring out the facts. I will be delighted to assist you.

Sibel Edmonds

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  1. GO SIBEL!!!

  2. Question: Is this in response to something Schakowsky said regarding the piece in American Conservative? Or did she email you? Or what?

    Good post.


  3. 'tude vox Ro says:

    You are a courageous woman Sibel and have come far. Congratulations! You are at the verge of opening the truth to the masses.

    Thank you.

  4. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Thanks Jon.

    Coming Up Next: a solid and as usual well-researched piece by Mizgin on this topic. Also a great toon by Paul Jamiol.

    It's very sad (and disheartening) to read all the attacks and name-calling from Ms. Schakowsky's office. She's done some good work, and instead of emgaging in these vicious attacks she should use her position (as it is her duty)to call for a hearing…

  5. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Tude Vox Ro: Thank you for your kind words and support.

    Aine: She issued these public statements (basically name calling) to BradBlog and summoned her aids to work certain blogs…This is even worse than Mr. Hastert's office attack…"Liar, not credible, with teabaggers & truthers who are conspiracy theorists, fantasist,…'

    Basically, very unprofessional, uninformed and irrational.

  6. Ahhh, I see. Attack by proxy, how very wimp-like of her. Thanks for the info, as always, Sibel. You know I stand with you through all of this… no matter how many years it all takes. The truth always outs, always. 🙂

  7. Strong come back Sibel – and let's hope that she uses her position to investigate and not just talk. Perhaps you have finally found a way to move this forward.

    Thanks once again!

  8. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Aine: I know; you've been supporting this cause for a long time. I greatly appreciate all you've done.

    Dennis:Thanks, and I hope so. You know I've never been attacked by anyone like this before. As I've said she's done some good work, and I am sad to see her diminish herself this way.Mizgin will have some interesting observation; we'll have the piece in the next 1-2 days.

  9. Sibel,
    I'm arriving late to this battle, but I've got a post up today about your struggle and your response is pitch-perfect. Keep fighting the good fight and know that there are those of us out there, more emerging each day, who do care and believe in what you are doing.

  10. Thank you so much for all your hard work in trying to get the truth out. I appreciate what you must have gone and are going through. It is Americans like you who keep me hopeful that our country might someday return to the vision our founding fathers fought so hard for. Thank you!

  11. Sibel, I'm wondering if Rep. Paul's office has been contacted about the article, and what you've said concerning this story.
    He's the only one I can think of who would give an ear to hear your story.

  12. Well done. It would be nice if Congresswoman Schakowsky would help instead of attack.

  13. Damn Bitch – IF you were 1/1000th as imporrtant as you thought you were you would have disappeared years ago.

    You are a psychotic nobody.

  14. Hey Anonymous Wimp: The DoJ IG said she's credible (and that was Bush's employee). She's cited the relevant court cases, expert witnesses, etc. She's not at all psychotic, but your threat certainly sounds psychotic.

  15. Well done, Sibel!
    You stayed above the fray, responding in a mature & logical fashion.

    I didn't know that you had a b log, or I would've been here supporting you all the time!

    all warmth,

  16. Your response to Schakowsky is awesome. Clear and straight up. As many question streams from the 'conspiracy fantasists of 1/1000th importance' are. Clear cut, knowledgeable, with integrity.The request for straight answers out of a bent system.

    Now we watch obfuscation process from Schakowsky begin. 10 to 1 debate from her office will not engage ANY of the facts you presented. Will be ignored or ad hominem[psychotic nobody]

    So many situations presented through this site and others discussing control of information or sufferance of due process by 'vested interest'elected high officialdom 'at the door' are met the exact same way #deny#denigrate#ignore#threaten#physical removal. It is a method. You have the facts and they have run out of hiding places.

  17. Does Congress go all Serpico on you if you are not on the pad?

  18. The following quotation has different versions, and it has been credited to different people (usually to Mahatma Gandhi), but it always seems to come true for courageous and honest people, and it is beginning to come true again:

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

    You are going to win, Sibel.

    Best Regards,
    "Tom Joad"

  19. Hey Sibel, you could hardly have given a better response. Sorry to see this sort of stupidity from a congresswoman's office. But I guess we shouldn't be surprised. One thing though, I don't know if it's just a compatibility issue with my Mac but the link to the radio interview with John Cole doesn't appear to be working.

  20. Metem … Cole radio link isn't working for me either, doesn't seem to be a compatibility issue as I am using Windows.

  21. Thank you Sibel. Not on the front lines in this particular fight, except the known risk of the 'terrorist watch list'. Interesting response from Shakowsky. I have been following the discussion at Brad blog on this same confrontation. If she is not covering up something, then these Congresspersons work extremely long hours and are dependent upon their aides to filter and control access. Case in point, I strongly distrust Rahm Emmauel and whoever he uses to filter info to Obama. Do we know that Congresswoman Shakowsky has personally read your careful efforts not to blame her nor charge her with any crime?


  22. Sibel,
    WOW just WOW.
    What an eloquent presentation. You are an example of integrity and courage. I can't see how your case, your claims cannot be considered. I believe that the tide may be turning and it will become increasingly difficult to cover up what you have to reveal.

    On a related matter, I am an architect and involved with Architects and Engineers for 911Truth – and we would like to meet with you and work for our mutual interest in revealing the truth.

    As you may recall, my college roommate who is Turkish Dr, Erdem Cantkein was also a whistle blower who fought the drug companies and the University of Pittsburgh who were both lying, falsifying data and effectively supporting the effort in selling ineffective medicine to supposedly treat 10s of millions of children.

    I would like to arrange contact between you and, which has over 850 architects and engineers from this nation who support the call for a new investigation into the events of 9/11. Please contact me to facilitate a meeting at your convenience.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. All I can say is that we are thousands and thousands and we have your back.


  23. a person doesnt whip out the "little green men" cliché unless they are scared.

    Shakowsky is scared.
    She is lashing out.

  24. Peaceful Warrior says:

    Sibel, you are an amazing human being, a heroic American and the future will sing songs in your honor.

    About that "documentation to prove the files existence" I am curious if you would consider delivering it to the "Representative"?

    Is it something you could publish here? Could you get in trouble for doing so or just for having it?

    Also I, like Sander feel, although taking AIPAC and asociates down would be a great boon to our planet, the bigger fish to fry is 9/11…the Mother Lode.

    Knowing you testified to the commission(I think it was for 3 hours or so) is it possible that transcript can ever be recovered from the bowels of the secret dungeon. Do you have a copy?

    I understand you are in a delicate position and the way you have handle disclosures so far has been masterful and hints at a master plan, all in due time etc….just wondering.

    All the good people in the world thank you, even if most don't consciously know it yet. Together we will see a better world.

  25. Doug Canuck says:

    Sibel , In a word , perfect :p


  26. Cosimo diRondo says:

    Yow. I really feel for Schakowsky as she seems to be a victim in all this, but she is digging herself deeper and deeper. As chair of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, she is completely compromised and unreliable in any capacity to help with an investigation. Guess those Turks really knew what they were doing. What do you think the chances are that we will see any leadership and responsibility in congress in pursuing this?

    Sibel, you are an inspiration.

  27. Excellent response Sibel.

    I just read your American Conservative article last night, and when I read the story about Congresswoman Schakowsky, my first thought was how is she going to respond? She obviously is no American patriot. Instead of doing what is right to protect the American people, she ridicules and smears a true patriot who is relentlessly fighting to expose the deep rooted corruption of our government. America will not survive if the rule of law is not re-established in this country. We have been ruled by criminals and cowards for too long. If she does not respond properly to your very professional letter, then she is committing treason against the American people. I will continue to expose her on my blog until she comes clean. This corruption has got to end or humanity will not survive.

    Bless you Sibel.

    Message to Congresswoman Schakowsky:
    It's time to come clean Congresswoman Schakowsky. You have nothing to lose by doing so. Protecting your image is not worth the price each and every American is paying at the hands of these criminals. You do not deserve the privileged position you are in if you don't stand on the side of justice. Enough is enough. If you don't come clean we will expose you for what you are.

  28. "The co-worker was polygraphed on March 21. The co-worker was asked about her activities. The co-worker denied having engaged in inappropriate activities. The polygrapher concluded that the co-worker was not deceptive in these answers."

  29. Hi Sibel,

    Good for you for maintaining a calm approach as you deal with Schakowsky.

    As for the MSM avoding this, I'm wondering. Who's going to give in first and finally cover this? Because at some point they can't avoid it anymore. Eventually somebody covers it and it's "officially" news (whatever that means).

  30. Thanks again to Ms. Edmonds for her unceasing efforts to squeeze a bloody drop of truth from our congressional stones. May others follow your example!

  31. Here's a letter to the editor in Friday's Concord (NH) Herald

    This is one of my favorite parts:

    Rep. Paul Hodes serves on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform which, according to the committee's website, "is the main investigative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives" and "has jurisdiction to investigate any federal program and any matter with federal policy implications." Surely these allegations fall under the committee's jurisdiction. We should expect to see prompt action.

    Keep those letters to the editor coming, and contact your lawmakers here:

    You can find newspaper contacts from all over the country here:

    and don't forget the Talking Heads Email List here:

    Fight the Good Fight!

  32. Mitesh Damania says:

    Janet Tavakoli, a Wall Street insider, says the bad guys looted the public and got away with it.

    Janet Tavakoli videos

  33. Anon the Neocon-

    Ok, so the Congresswoman is stupid. We knew that.

    But, the gist of your letter Mrs. Edmonds, is wrongheaded.

    Just because you are gagged, doesn't mean you are right, and the government wrong. An IG report, Mr. Cole, or Mr. X are meaningless.

    You can try leveraging the gagging and the redacting as "credibility" but um…anyone above the 120 IQ threshold, will give you a polite smile. The Congresswoman, alas, like Schmit – well, no smiles there 😉

    So let's not confuse the fact that they are screaming, with the fact of you being right.

    Now I obviously believe most of your allegations – but that says nothing about their veracity (again, threshold here). I just trust you. That you are evasive on sources – and you chose to ignore my questions to your AmCon revelations – is a revelation of its own kind.

    No doubt you are a hero, and a truculent Anatolian, but who's paying the piper, and what dance are you dancing. Gulen is not Mashkadov. Grossman is not Ceku. You claim otherwise – so does Chossudovsky. He's a crackpot. Do you really want to be in his company?

    So how about my questions. Please?

  34. hi sibel,

    i have heard of your fight through different sites and forums, but i was not aware your had your own blog/site.

    i must say im very proud and wish to express my support, much love and strenght to you.

    Godspeed Sibel.

    greetings from the netherlands.

  35. Cosimo diRondo says:

    For what it's worth, here is an e-mail I just sent to my representative, Scott Murphy on the NY 20th (who filled the recently vacated seat of Kirsten Gillibrand, who filled Hillary Clinton's senate seat). Perhaps it might nudge others to do the same. Doesn't take much effort.

    Representative Murphy,

    I am writing to get your response to the recent allegations made by an FBI whistle blower named Sibel Edmonds. She had been gagged since 2002 under the state secrets privilege from telling her story, but recently testified under oath in the Schmidt v. Krikorian case in Ohio. Also, see this week's interview with her published in the American Conservative:

    Her story has also been covered extensively by Brad Friedman at

    The allegations are stunning: high level government officials selling national security secrets to Turkish and Israeli agents over a number of years, and helping those entities infiltrate U.S. nuclear laboratories. And these are only the worst of the many allegations she has made.

    Edmonds has been deemed credible by everyone who has listened to her, including Senators Grassley and Leahy. And yet, there is no mainstream media coverage, and apparently nothing being done (or at least no public acknowledgment thereof) in Congress or the DoJ about this extremely serious matter.

    Your web site says:

    "I am proud to fight for openness and transparency in Washington, and I invite you to join my effort to restore accountability to Congress."

    I can't think of a better way of demonstrating this than by pursuing these allegations and making an accounting to the American people. If Edmonds' allegations are true, then it seems some established members of congress are too compromised to be trusted with this responsibility.

    I have lost all trust in my federal government due to the disappearance of the rule of law over the past several years. In my cynical view, only the most heinous crimes, perpetrated by the people in the highest halls of power, are the ones we seem to tolerate, seemingly for political expediency. My greatest fear in regards to the Edmonds allegations is that the crimes continue, and that the very nuclear secrets that have been sold have found their way into Iran and North Korea, and that our government is using precisely that as an excuse for more saber rattling and aggression towards those regimes, resulting in more human suffering, misery, and endless feeding of the military industrial complex.

    Please follow up on this, in a very public way.

    Thanks you for your attention.

  36. Sibel Edmonds says:

    PTLafferty: Thank you.

    JCarb: I was contacted by their office a few weeks ago. I owe them a call. I will do that this coming Monday.

    MMonk: And thank you for all your help disseminating this. BradBlog is waiting for their response that.

    n69n: Welcome, and hope to see you here regularly. I set up this blog to cover the macro issues of interest…then, this case opened up again via 'Schmidt v. Krikorian' case. In a few days we'll be covering our other issues and my series: The Makings of a Police State.'

    Tom Joad: I wish I could be that optimistic. 8 years…feels like a life time.

    Metemneurosis: Thank you. I just found out about the link. I will fix the link to a brief section…and next week I'll release the full interview (Boiling Frogs).

    Simon: I was really shocked; the response was so unlike what she's been known for…very ugly. BradBlog is waiting for their response to this letter.

    Sander O: Thanks.

    P.W.: Thank you for your encouraging words and support. I've done that: Grassley, Leahy, Waxman. This is a can of worm for some in congress, and not in a partisan way.

    Doug: Thank you.

    Cosimo diRondo: Is this your first comment here? First visit? If yes, welcome.

    Bluesky: Many thanks. I am sure Rep.Schakowsky will get to read this. If not her, her aids/staff. They have been busy posting in the web/blogs.

    T: It is not only the MSM. Many major blogs with 'agenda' and 'agenda-driven funding' and 'unconditional loyalty to Israel'

    I will be back to post additional comments. I have to feed my 14 mo girl. She's been teething again: number 10-11, and that is tough!

    Thank you all for all your support. To those first-timers here: Welcome.

  37. Ms Schakowsky should just resign her Congressional seat and do everybody a favor. It looks to me like she is backed into a corner especially when her spokesman makes unhelpful statements like: "It would be just as accurate to say the Congresswoman was kidnapped by little green men and carried in a space ship to the planet Xenon." That really does nothing to reinforce my confidence in the Congresswoman. When I first learned about The American Conservative interview and revealing of the identity of the compromised Congresswoman, it occurred to me that the other prime suspect, the Congresswoman from California (I can't even think of her name) might have used her influence to clear her own name.

  38. Sibel, I admire your courage and willingness to see this matter through. The truth is emerging, thanks to you. Shame on Jan Schakowsky for her personal attacks on you in order to cover up for her own malfeasance.
    Thank you Sibel, for doing the right thing, a rarity in the New American Century.

  39. seni seviyorum! keep up the good work

  40. Wonderful letter to Schakowsky Sibel!!

    Do you think that the others who are implicated are cowering behind Jan's strongarming you, in the hope that if she discredits you and your testimony, they will be spared the exposure?

    In other words, is Schakowsky the thumb in the dike (pun not intended), and if she falls, they all will?

  41. Sibel, I might be a little off topic (police state) but here is the live online scanner (audio) of police at the g-20 event in Pittsburg.

  42. Gardens of Solipsism says:


    You are either completely mad or the bravest woman on planet earth! My best hope for you right now is that the congresswoman is completely innocent, has been victimized and now will join you in uncovering the debacle.

    Like many, I've been reading these stories with a dropped jaw and can't believe it when they don't appear in the mainstream. Publication of them would restore the newspaper industry big time.

  43. Sibel…
    Any more info on the drowning of the son-in-law the day after your depo? I recall you said on this board that Creamer might be a person of interest, which I didn't understand, given his potential dealings with Turkish agents.

    Your steely calm must scare the hell out of them!!


  44. It would appear you are being verified by the legal advisor to the 911 commission ?
    Your a true brave hero who placed it all on the line while us weak nellies do nothing !

  45. Cosimo diRondo says:


    Thanks for the acknowledgment and welcome. I've been mostly following this (and occasionally posting) over at bradblog. But hey, why not go straight to the (substitute-your-favorite-animal-if-you-don't-appreciate-)horse's mouth? I've also been posting here and there in other sites' comments sections to direct attention over there and to AmCon, and discussing it with some people at work.

    Incredible…all you do, and a 14 mo to boot! I tried to skip all that by adopting a 3 yo. Different issues is all 😉

    Curious if you can shed any more light on "This is a can of worm for some in congress, and not in a partisan way." And also, how do you know that Schakowsky aids "have been busy posting in the web/blogs?" Are they identifying themselves as such? Thanks.

  46. "This" is a can of worms because there is so much corruption in government. It's not only R's, it's D's and it may be "de rigeur" when you are on the inside. That corruption goes with the territory. They won't say it. But they get it soon enough and realize the money to be made etc.

    One reason that others in government are loathe to shed light on corruption, is because most are tainted by it or their close friends and those held in high esteem by the public.

    Imagine if exposing the corruption was coupled with accountability. The US government would probably "fall". I mean should probably.

    We've seen that there is no serious consequences to most wrong doing in high places. One person takes a hit, he opens his mouth and snitches. Omerta my friend. Omerta.

    Sibel is a pesky truth teller and it's embarrassing them.

  47. Sibel, Have you heard of this? Shalom Jaye

  48. so this omerta thing. This endemic corruption within the system. Would that help understand the unasked questions of 9/11 and media control?
    I mean the architects and engineers are nailing some MAJOR physics onto the doors of the church of silence?

    did Luther have to argue MIHOP?

  49. In a word – YES.

    So many are corrupt that this is business as usual – painting a narrative we all can make money off of.

    Sh*t happens, enemies are there to conquer and kill, they hate our freedom and want our wealth, don't rick the boat and we can all (inside the beltway) and in the various "xxx industrial complexes" make out making America great.

    Fer godsake don't rock the boat and spoil the party and just get with the program or you two can wear cement boots or have your plane crash.

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