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Inviting Ms. Schakowsky to Join…….

Dear Congresswoman Schakowsky:

It is an age-old tactic, when one cannot refute statements with facts, to attempt to discredit the witness. Rather than exchanging accusations, let me just go on record with facts and detailed citations.

When I became aware of incriminating evidence against high-level U.S. officials—elected and appointed—I filed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and fought for five years in court. I bore tremendous cost, financially and emotionally, to make this data public. Here is the court case identification: C.A. No. 1:02CV01294 (ESH).

Few citizens have gone this far in a FOIA case to make covered-up information available to the public. No one gains financially from fighting this kind of thing in court, and I am no exception. You have called me a fantasist, but would a fabricator pay as dearly as I did to have her claims investigated?

I fought another court case to expose government criminality through key witnesses and documents. As in the FOIA case, I bore tremendous costs and was again blocked by the invocation of the State Secrets Privilege and National Security. The court case identification is Civ.No.1:02CV01448(JR)).

No other citizen has twice had the State Secrets Privilege invoked. But why would the government, with the support of congressional representatives, go to such lengths to quash, gag, and classify the files and operations in question if they were “fantasy, lies, and nonexistent” as you say?

I complied with the whistleblowing rule and took my case to the Office of the Inspector General and provided all of the information they allowed me to. They interviewed dozens of witnesses and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents in their investigation of my credibility and the validity of my case. Here is the link to their confirmation that I and my case have merit: DOJ-IG Report. Here is the redacted report that shows how our government censored more than 90% of this report to the public: Redacted DOJ-IG Report. Very few national security whistleblowers have been granted this level of validation and vindication. The Justice Department’s own Office of the Inspector General disagrees with your characterization of me and my case.

Several senior members of Congress—from both sides of the aisle--have also investigated and publicly confirmed my credibility and the grave nature of my disclosures. This is what Senator Leahy had to say: Leahy Statement. This is what Congresswoman Maloney said: Rep. Maloney Statement. Here are the assessments of Senator Lautenberg--Sen. Lautenberg Statement—and Senator Grassley--Sen. Grassley Statement. By attacking my credibility, you are also attacking your colleagues, including many on your side of the aisle. Are you accusing these senators and representatives of being fantasists too?

You have been described as a “true blue” civil libertarian, so it will surely interest you to know that the ACLU has declared me “the most gagged” person in the history of this great nation. Are you also attacking the ACLU and calling their characterization of this case a fantasy?

I have testified under oath, and my public biography will provide you with information about my educational background, financial background, and family life. I am fully aware of the consequences of perjury, and as you can see, I would have a lot to lose were that the case. I am sure you are familiar with my sworn testimony, but you can review it here.

I’ve done more than my share through the courts, IG offices, Congress, and media. I don’t have your power. You sit on the House Intelligence Committee, and you are one of the members of the majority party in Congress.

Here is what you can do: Call for an investigation and a hearing before your committee on this long covered-up case. Subpoena the files and call the witnesses. Bring in retired Special Agent Gilbert Graham and have him testify on the official report and complaint he filed with the DOJ inspector general in 2002 regarding the FBI counterespionage investigations involving Turkey and Israel in which targeted US representatives were illegally wiretapped. This is not fiction. Here is the official and signed public version: SA Gilbert Graham Report.

Also bring in former FBI Counterintelligence Operations Manager & Espionage Investigator John M. Cole and have him testify under oath regarding espionage cases involving State Department officials, Pentagon officials, and Congressional members. Here is a preview of some of the information disclosed and confirmed by Agent Cole: Interview and Radio Interview.

Also bring in the sworn testimonies of current FBI special agents in the Chicago and DC field offices who dutifully and patriotically led the counterintelligence operations on Turkey and corrupt US officials, only to see their investigations blocked and covered-up. Their names are public.

Order the Justice Department to release the two main Counterintelligence Operations Files on Turkey and “US persons of interest”—one from FBI Chicago Field Office-1996-2002, the other from FBI DC Field Office-1996-2001. These will help bring out the facts regarding your story too. I have documentation supporting the existence of these files.

Recall that I did not accuse you of any criminal or espionage-related activity.

The last time I saw a similar attack on my credibility was when Dennis Hastert issued a non-denial denial to information contained in a previous magazine article. He later gave up his seat, registered himself (under FARA) as an agent for the government of Turkey, and went on to collect $35,000 per month as a foreign agent. I certainly hope you are not planning to follow his footsteps by giving up your seat and officially registering with a foreign government. It would be far better if you used your position to bring out the facts. I will be delighted to assist you.

Sibel Edmonds

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  1. What's the matter Mr. Neocon? Panties in knots again because your precious neocons and Israel are, once more, found in the gutter?

    You believe most of Sibel's allegations even though you don't think they're true? Is this an example of cognitive dissonance or merely a simple case of psychosis?

    Sibel never said that Gulen was Maskhadov or that Grossman was Ceku. If you had read AmCon carefully, which you obviously didn't, you would not have made such a statement.

    Now maybe you should run along and read the interview carefully, and listen to Giraldi and Lauria, instead of trying to twist these things to fit your agenda.

  2. Hi Sibel,

    I hope you keep your composure as you fight your way thru this.

    As for me, I've tried lots of times to contact various Congresspoeple on different issues. And after a certain point I just said enough. The last time I called a Senator's office, the aide sounded like she was reading a press release. I thought, if you do this to everyone who calls you, no wonder Congress's approval rating is so low. If I did that in my job, I'd be out in no time. But in govt. everyday reality doesn't apply? Apparently not (from the way you're being treated).

    Stay strong,

  3. Hi Sibel – you've shown funny it is to see the facts get in the way of Schakowsky's arguments – they have as much force as the sound of one hand clapping. One matter that is not clear though, is to what extent, if any, did she change her position on Armenian genocide after she started the affair with the Turkish woman? Best of luck in what appears to be another looming battle for you. I really think the good guys – er gal – is gonna win one for change.

  4. Sibel,

    I've been following your story since it went public. Your courage is so inspiring! How can we help you?


  5. Thank you from Brisbane, Australia.

    Dear Sibel Edmonds,

    In note that the Murdoch Press in Australia has not breathed a word aboout your revelations. Check out this Google News search.

    So much for their posturing on behalf of whistleblowers in this country. I think we can gauge how an Australian whistleblower who truly threatened corrupt powerful vested interests in this country would be treated by the Murdoch Press from their silence about you over their and over here.

    More Murdoch Press posturing on "Your Right to Know" can be found here and here. Can't find that much on line from more recent times although ther

    Some of my own modest efforts to get the truth out can be found at

    Also, there are plenty following you with keen interest at

    I hope you at least consider standing for Congress (although, I don't think even becoming President of the United States would be sufficient honour, in your case).

  6. and while we are talking about a very important issue here, the MSM trotted out a new dog and pony show to ramp up the fears about Iran. Keep looking somewhere else, in other words . . .

    Keep on Keeping-on Sibel – and thanks!


  7. Anon the Neocon-

    I think I've been hyper-consistent. Some facts must be true, all the interpretations are wrong.

    Nothing indicates illegality.

  8. @Sibel,

    What’s the story the on John Cole interview; can we get the rest of it soon? Doesn’t SA Cole have a book in the works?


  9. Sibel Edmonds says:

    King Fisher: I will have the interview up next week; together with aditional statements/confirmation from Cole on ACM article.

    His upcoming book will be released very soon. The book deals mainly with general FBI fraud, waste, abuse…How much of this will be there? Not much: it had to go to prepub review…as you know the bureau is notorious in using it's black marker to redact;-)

  10. Odd how Edit_Mommies was able to derail this discussion!

    Sibel…you might want to get a better grasp on how to keep the fools at bay…

  11. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Styve: Done. He or she will be banned from now on. We've all had it with this crazy nonsense…

  12. Sibel,
    Didn't mean to imply you are indulging the disruptors by my use of the word "grasp". You have shown you don't suffer fools lightly, and your quick response re Edit_Mommies is notable!!

  13. Edit_Mommies says:

    just being supportive. 😉

  14. I wonder will tapes made of Gov. Blago be made public at his trial which pertain to Ms. Schakowsky? She seems extremely ambitious to me.

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