From Susurluk and Chicago to Ergenekon

Mizgin's Desk Reports:

It would appear that the True Believers of the Democratic Party are a entering the State of Denial over the "relationship" of Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky with a female Turkish spy.

In spite of the congresswoman's claims that she has not been involved with the Turks, we know that in 2001, which is included in the time frame of wiretaps that Sibel Edmonds translated, Mehmet Celebi, of Hillary Clinton fame, donated $350 to Jan Schakowsky. Celebi was a fundraiser for another Chicago politician, Rahm Emanuel. Later, Celebi became a bundler for Hillary Clinton, raising $100,000 for her presidential campaign. She finally had to dump Celebi because of his role as producer of the Turkish film "Kurtlar Vadisi Irak".

Celebi held high-level positions within the Chicago-based Turkish American Cultural Association (TACA) and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA). Both organizations had been "targets of an FBI counter-intelligence operation investigating the corruption and bribery of high-level US officials from 1997 onward." Furthermore, the Celebi family in Turkey has been involved in arms- and narcotics-dealing and Mehmet Celebi admits to having:

" . . . worked in management capacity at some of the world's largest financial institutions and has provided financial guidance to many high-net worth individuals and celebrities as well as corporations. He has been consulting some of the largest corporations in Turkey on mergers and acquisitions in addition to international funds wishing to invest in Turkey and the region."

While Celebi was moving and shaking for the Democratic Party in Chicago, Schakowsky's husband, Robert Creamer, a political consultant, was under investigation for bank fraud. The investigation was ongoing in 1998, which was well within the timeframe of the FBI wiretaps from Chicago that Sibel Edmonds translated. It may very well be that Turkish agents targeted Schakowsky in order to obtain favors from her husband. As Sibel stated in The American Conservative interview:

They needed Schakowsky and her husband Robert Creamer to perform certain illegal operational facilitations for them in Illinois.

Chicago has its connection to Susurluk, too. Abdullah Catli, a state assassin and narcotics trafficker, had long been a member of the Gray Wolves and was wanted by Interpol in the 1990s. Catli helped fellow Gray Wolf Mehmet Ali Agca escape from a Turkish military prison in 1979, just after Agca assassinated a newspaper editor but a few short years before he carried out the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.

In 1989, Abdullah Catli, under the name Mehmet Ozbay, showed up at the Turkish consulate in Chicago to request a new passport. He showed up at the Chicago consulate for a second time in 1994 to pick up a new passport and request a new Turkish identity card. In 1995 he showed up a third time to request an extension of his required military service. It would also appear that Catli, as Ozbay, married an American, obtained a green card, and went on Interpol's wanted list during the time that he was in the US.

More interesting is that he was also reported to have been issued an American passport under the name Michael Nicholsan.

Therefore, it's pretty well established that one of Turkey's most notorious state assassins and narcotics traffickers lived close enough to Chicago to be compelled to use Chicago's Turkish consulate to obtain official documents.

In Vanity Fair's 2005 piece on the Sibel Edmonds case, the magazine clearly established the fact that the FBI named Chicago as the epicenter of Turkish corruption operations targeting US officials.

It's very difficult to believe that any politician from the Chicago area would have nothing to do with the Turkish community there. For Jan Schakowsky to deny any relationship would be utter foolishness, of course, because she's been very much involved lately with the Fethullah Gulen movement through the Chicago-based Niagara Foundation, whose honorary president is none other than Hocaefendi himself. This year Schakowsky wrote a Letter of Recognition for the Niagara Foundations 2009 "Peace and Dialogue Awards". And Schakowsky did the same in 2008 and in 2007.

Naturally, these facts raise questions. How intimately does Representative Schakowsky know the Niagara Foundation in order for her to show such consistent and strong support? What benefits does the Niagara Foundation provide Schakowsky and the City of Chicago? Since the Chicago City Council backs and promotes the Niagara Foundation, what is the foundation's real connection to Mayor Daly and former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, both of whom are involved in major, ongoing corruption cases?

Inquiring minds want to know.

But could there really be any problem here with Fethullah Gulen? He represents the Islamist trend in Turkey which has generally been at odds with the Nationalists, especially with the ultra-nationalists known as Gray Wolves, right? That's the simplistic explanation; the reality is far more complicated and would take us from Susurluk and Chicago to Ergenekon.

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  1. I am intrigued. Wasn't Gulen wanted by the Turkish government for trying to overthrow the government in favor of an islamic-sharia based government?

  2. Good news. My You tube clip re: your case is starting to get a lot of hits. Especially abroad (France, Australia and Germany, just to name a few).


  3. Sibel Edmonds says:

    Anon:Yes, but it gets more complicated. Also, Gulen has established around 500 madrasas all around the world; mainly in Central Asia (all your 'stans' + Azerbaijan).

  4. Mizgin,
    Please give us a little of your history. We know who Sibel is from 'Just a Citizen'. Do you live in America? Are you part of the Kurdish resistance? It would help to know your bias. There is a lot of innuendo regarding Shakowsky that concerns me and might invalidate the real contributions that Sibel has made toward exposing corruption at our highest levels. $350 is nothing in this country except to be able to say that Celebi and Emanuel are linked, but to put Congresswoman Shakowsky in this camp is a big leap.
    The death of Shakowsky's son-in-law appears a natural accident, but intimidation is frequently used with high profile targets. Wayne Madsen, for all of his faults, likes to point out that suicides repeatedly from 12 story buildings is a hallmark of Russian Mafiya influence.


  5. This is a fascinating article. I'd like to know what all this Turkish intrigue is really about.

    Is this about making money from weapons and arms sales and ultimately installing a government in Turkey which is controlled by forces within the USA national security state.

    Turkey clearly lies in a very strategic geographical location as well as being partly Islamic and partly western, making it more "amenable" to western influence.

    I would like the thesis put forth for what this is all about. I don't doubt that probably most pols haven't the slightest hesitation to profit from their position. They can hold good positions on some or many issues and be sell outs. Dobb and Barney Frank are two who come to mind re the financial crisis. Dodd accepted what amounts to legal bribes from Country Wide and others to sway his opinion. But he was pretty good on FISA.

    The take away is that bribery, corruption and blackmail are used by "someone(s)" to acheive various agendas.

    BTW about 40 yrs ago I got flights from the Turkish American Association and had no idea what the organization did other than the presumption of promote good relations between our countries. Who knew?

    See Capitalism- A Love Story.

  6. Kathleen M. Dickson says:

    The Most Dangerous Man in America
    today is Sibel Edmonds, LOL.


  7. Anonymous, Gulen was indicted by the state for his preaching, namely that he was encouraging his disciples to infiltrate state institutions so that they would eventually hold key positions. He was basically encouraging a fifth column approach. It seems to have worked well with the police forces and I suspect it's also happening now with the army. For example, last year was the first year in history that the TSK did not kick out any army officers with Islamist sentiments.

    Simon, I live in the US and have been educated here. Am I part of the Kurdish resistance? It depends on what you mean by that. I am a strong supporter for full political and civil rights for Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and especially in Turkey because Turkey is the key. That means that I am a DTP and PKK supporter just like the great majority of Kurds in Turkey, including my own family members still in Turkey.

    Celebi's donation to Schakowsky is nothing compared to his other, more recent donations, but that and his fundraising for Emanuel show his continued connections to Chicago Democratic politics and I don't see that Schakowsky should have any special immunity in this regard.

    The main issue with Schakowsky is that she is from a region of the US that's well-known for its Turkish espionage connections and she was compromised in this regard. Was she willingly compromised, like Jane Harmon was (and whatever happened to that story anyway? Whatever happened to Rosen and Weissman?) That may be another issue as Sibel has clearly and repeatedly stated that she did not know whether or not Schakowsky acted as a result of the compromise.

    This leads to the much wider issue of espionage operations and the ability of certain individuals connected to government to be able to leak information to foreign agents that have the ability to carry out classic espionage tactics against those having access to intelligence. Giraldi discusses this best in the Scott Horton interview with Joe Lauria and his points are well taken.

    Why won't Americans clean this up? Why do they continue to stand for it? If Schakowsky has to be the sacrificial lamb in order to expose this corruption, so what? She really does sound so much like Dennis Hastert these days.

    SanderO, the issues you raise regarding the purpose of this "Turkish intrigue" are legitimate reasons but, as you mention, Turkey is in a very geostrategic location and will be more crucial as more pipelines are built across it to supply Europe with energy resources. I think this goes, again, to the question of the importance of the control of Central Asia as Brzezinski outlined in The Grand Chessboard.

    Don't forget the Israeli component of "Turkish intrigue", a component that is routinely silenced in the US. There is also criminal activity wrapped up in Sibel's story, nuclear black market, drug trafficking, in addition to the corruption, bribery and blackmail. What is needed is a public investigation of Sibel's story so that the whole thing is exposed to the light of day and this should not be a controversial proposal, whether someone believes Sibel or not.

    If not, then there is, as Giraldi said, a fundamental problem with American democracy, and, as I see it, that means that "democracy" here is in no way different from "democracy" in Turkey.

    Your experience 40 years ago may have only been about the promotion of good relations. However, since the Clean Break Strategy, it appears that AIPAC began to mentor the Turkish lobby and it's certain that there's been a new agenda for the Turkish lobby since then.

  8. @Mizgin

    Looks like you forgot to put the web address in your link for 'his other, more recent donations'. Great research though, as usual.

  9. Thanks Metem.

    There you go

  10. Bravo Ms. Mizgin. This crap is certainly bipartisan. Shame on Schakowsky!

  11. Did anyone see that NY Congresswoman Carolyn Mahoney's husband falls to death in Tibet? Former Goldman Sachs VP was 71.

    the albany project:: Congresswoman Maloney's Husband DiesSep 26, 2009 … The husband of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney died unexpectedly during a … The husband of U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney has died on a mountain ……/congresswoman-maloneys-husband-dies – Cached – Similar

  12. "Did anyone see that NY Congresswoman Carolyn Mahoney's husband falls to death in Tibet?"

    No – because he didn't.

  13. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Yes, they do, but good luck finding out anything substantial from the MSM.

    Sibel's stories about a corrupt and comprised US Congress and the story about Gen. McChrystal wanting another 500,000 troops to fight the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' in Afghanistan were buried by the timely release by Obama (with his two poodles, Brown and Sarkozy in tow) about some Iranian building that the WH had known about for years.

    More fear mongering was the result of the release of some 'al-CIA-duh' recordings promising dire consequences for Germany if they voted for Merkel's party and it got the desired result, her party is back in power.

    Why does the cynic in me think the dead Bin Laden will go back to being worm food until the next pseudo-crisis, where he'll be resurrected, AGAIN, to scare the weak-minded and gullible?

    Fear is a great motivator and the wealthy elite use that instead of whips to keep their 'uppity' slaves in line.

    Gulen has established around 500 madrasas all around the world

    And Israel has established hundreds of Chabad houses around the world, some conveniently near drug producing and smuggling operations.

    Remember the Mumbai attacks, where witnesseses saw weapons and ammo being brought into and stored at that Chabad House?

  14. Interesting that you bring up Chabad House, Greg. I remember something in Canadian media about witnesses seeing the weapons/ammo there, but that wasn't all. Apparently some of the militants had spent some time at a guest house there before the attacks.

    What's more interesting is that Tuncay Guney, who is one of the big witnesses for the Ergenekon trial, is living in an orthodox Jewish community in Toronto. Wayne Madsen had something on that a year ago that wasn't too bad.

    I'd like to know why the TC doesn't extradite Guney, if he's as important a witness as he's been made out to be.

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