Rep. Ron Paul on the CIA Coup: Time to Take Out the CIA?

‘The CIA has taken over the US in a coup!’

Here is a clip from a recent speech by Congressman Ron Paul on the CIA:

There's been a coup - have you heard? It's the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything! They run the military .. and they're every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. And yet, think of the harm they have done since they were established at the end of World War II. They are a government unto themselves. They're in businesses, in drug businesses, they take out dictators... We need to take out the CIA!

I don’t remember ever hearing any politician, elected official, putting these points out so very boldly, unapologetically, and fearlessly.

Let’s face it: Has there ever been anything good, anything positive, associated with this dark agency? Some may say ‘Hey, we don’t get to know of the good they do, or have done, because it would be all secret!’ Really? I mean really? Despite all the secrecy we’ve gotten to know about hundreds of flops, abuses, shady businesses, atrocious murders and assassinations, human rights violations - torture, kidnappings, renditions…With that sort of no logic-logic, you’d think their intended secrecy would prevent us from knowing about these horrendous disasters and the criminal conduct they commit around the world in our name and with our money. And, that they’d leak all sorts of heroic and good deeds (if they ever existed) to gloat about and take credit for. No?

If you were to go around the world and take a survey on what is it that most people hate about the United States, you’d hear the word ‘CIA’ as the answer given by many. Or if the answer is ‘US Foreign Policy’ and that answer is probed further, you’d see that mainly it comes down to the CIA and their dark operations conducted around the world in the last 6 decades or so. I know a little bit about this, having lived in various countries. It’s never been ‘the Americans,’ or ‘the American way of life,’ or … So do we really see this agency and its dark conduct as the representation of who we Americans are, what we believe, and how we want to treat the rest of the world? Do you?

Okay, now it is your turn. Please tell us what you think?

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  1. What if Americans stopped to “treat” the rest of the world… and focussed on “Americans first”
    And a lot is to be done…
    How can I take care of my family and relatives if I am not strong enough for me first?
    Put CIA’s money on people’s health, education, inside information and let this CIA and co. monster slightly fade away!

  2. The CIA has become a disgrace to this nation. It has continually schemed and intervened overseas creating legions of new enemies for us while making our national identity look like hypocrisy of the worst order. Now it is part of a “national security” apparatus that apparently is unable to predict that a young man whose influential father reported him as a terrorist threat should not be given a visa and then permitted to board an international flight carrying no luggage with a ticket bought the day before. We have spent billions on sophisticated spying devices that can intercept every phone call in the world and pinpoint with deadly accuracy the exact location of Al Qaeda’s #3 man over and over again. What we can’t seem to do is perform the simplest sort of detective work that would be routine for the Mayberry Police Department.

    We need to rethink our need for the CIA and all the other spy agencies, figure out what their goals ought to be, and trim them down to manageable size. Of course now that the Supreme Court has made it clear that we are a corporatocracy, any attempt to reform the CIA now will only result in more privatization and more wasteful spending.

  3. ZicaTanka says:

    I’m guessing the CIA is just a front for the establishment. If we ‘take out’ the CIA, it will only result in the illusion of removing the problem identified here.

  4. Yeah, why not exalt in the overweening good deeds and accomplishments which help the movement?
    No to that. It is strictly secret… for the American public, that is. Now I wondered when all this is held in secret if that is to avoid showing the the enemies, intent which is arguable. But, that doesn’t cut it, because the enemies in those many far off places don’t have to depend on the american news to know what is happening in their midst. Particularly because they must have some kind of grape vine, that gets the word out locally, and though that is imperfect, that might also be imperfectly stifled.
    The American public is the focus of the prophylactic against too much information, and too much vivid photography. “Too disturbing.”
    So in a way the americans are a victim of over protection from the cruel realities, which might also victimize the victims. Hot house flowers all?

  5. @CuiCui: ‘Put CIA’s money on people’s health, education, inside information…’ Exactly. And, outside Rep. Paul, have we heard any other elected official say it openly and confidently?

    @cdithaca: I’d go even further than that…It is one thing to have solid analysts, another to be a gang of thugs…

    @ Zicatanka: Just look up how many Rockefeller(s) they’ve had;-)They are at the disposal of the establishment, or as Russ Baker puts in ‘the shadow government,’ or, as some refer to as ‘deep state.’ They control the presidency and the presidents, not the other way around…

    More later, but please keep the comments coming…

  6. just got, but havent read yet, Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets. From my developing understanding the OSS /CIA was basically an organization of wealthy movers and shakers who wanted the authority to go and protect American business / corporate interests around the world. As General Smedley Butler noted, the military is just the final recourse when the smooth talkers cant have their way with those pesky other countries who wont bend to our corporations way of thinking. the CIA just does it with huge black budgets and out of site/ beyond the law. Too bad Kennedy wasnt able to shatter them into a thousand splinters.

  7. Initially, it sounds great. Now,what do you replace it with?

    Instead of having several intelligence agencies, do we just have one (and hopefully eliminate all confusion)? Since this concerns our national security, how much of a say do we the public have in this (when much of this is classified)?

    Is Paul saying we should have a Mike Gravel-type system where we ALL get to vote on this? A libertarian dream, but impossible to do. There are too many conflicting interests here:

    Firms that have CIA contracts
    Congresspeople with said firms in their districts
    Intelligence agency employees (are all govt. employees allowed to have unions?)

    What’s the point of having all closed door Congressional hearings? The last time the House had a closed session, Kucinich was one of the few to speak out against it.

    We don’t know what’s it about.
    We don’t know when this will start or how long this will last.
    We’re not allowed to mention anything about this to anyone.
    All coverage of this is censored.

    And what happened? Absolutely nothing came out of it.

    Really, what should be done is throw out everyone who voted for the Patriot Act. Now, what’s the chance of THAT happening? Lots of people get pissed off when Obama has a news conference because they can’t watch “American Idol”.

    Sounds like Paul is throwing out tough please-re-elect-me soundbites.

  8. wow… what a surprise; an honorable politician.

    Dr Paul has my deepest respect and support.

    As to the CIA’s crimes, ex-CIA John Stockwell put it best, imo: 6 million dead in this war against the third world since WWII. And all of it, all of it!!!, FOR MISERABLE PROFIT, not legitimate government functions, nope.

    I know u folks will appreciate this story:

    Way too real.

  9. And this freakin awesome disclosure on the real terrorists:

  10. ZicaTanka says:

    All said, who amongst us believe that state secrets are necessary?

    I would guess that KF will vote yes, because, from what I gather, he has a worldview which requires them for survival – maybe because of his perception of the continuance of tribalism. (My apologies if I’m way off – please let me know, KF.)

    But, who else?

  11. Seriously try to make a difference in the U.S. and you will run up against the CIA. I learned when in the LA county jail that I was listed as a CIA dissident. At that time I had worked with the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota; I had helped develop Soviet friendship groups to undermine the Cold War profiteers in Tucson, Arizona; and was returning from Africa where I was teaching sustainable ag to an outlet for western style agriculture with its expensive farm equipment and chemical additives. The CIA decided to try and teach me a lesson. I had done nothing illegal, so the best they could do was create some false charges and try to make my life miserable. They did not count on two federal judges coming to the aid of my father’s efforts to free me, nor did they expect U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornberg to come to my defense. I got out of the LA jail and the crooked Tucson county attorney warned me not to come back in the state. Yeah, I learned my lesson. Don’t trust the CIA even if there are some good guys in their midst. That was twenty years ago. I haven’t forgotten my lessons.

  12. ZicaTanka says:

    Simon, dude, how does this help? What relevant facts from your experience would you like to share?

  13. ZicaTanka says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t ask why you are saying it was the CIA.

    Did they say “We are the CIA and we are arresting you for teaching Africans about farming and having Soviet pen pals and ‘working’ with the Lakota.”?

    Or are YOU CIA?

  14. ZicaTanka says:

    How do you learn that you were listed as a CIA dissident?

  15. Those working to free me had a friend in the intelligence community who learned that I was listed as a CIA dissident. The lesson was stay under the radar and stay clean. Big Brother is watching.

  16. theepitbull says:

    Nice to see Dr. Paul showing some courage 🙂 I agree with what everyone is saying, but, don’t forget the ‘rouge’ elements.

    The CIA is just one element; there are many others. This is an important issue that’s not going away anytime soon.

    Love “Light” and Energy


  17. If the CIA would stick to intelligence gathering and analysis they would probably be alright, but they won’t because they will always see an opportunity to “help” in the course of their intelligence gathering and analysis. Someone once call the CIA “the mad scientists of America”: they think they have good intent but just create monsters and destruction.

    It seems as if we let them do what they do because the CIA can get things done without having to respect laws and basic human decency, but I’m not sure if that’s really why we allow them be so nasty. Figuring out why all of these governmental entities–for decades–refuse to put a leash on the CIA would tell us all we need to know about the real inner workings of our government I think. But I fear that would be like looking into the mind of Cthulhu.

  18. ZicaTanka says:

    Simon, sorry for discounting your story. I should have just said ‘that sucks’. I’m glad you were freed. I’m jet lagged and going to bed.

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong Sibel, but isn’t there something like 15 or 16 different intelligence agencies within the federal government. I believe each branch of the armed forces has their own intelligence agency. The State Department has their own, the Energy Dept has their own. I can’t remember where the other’s are. I would think the Dept of Homeland Security has their own, but maybe it’s only internal.

    They are good at toppling other countries democraticlly elected leaders but couldn’t see that the Berlin Wall was crumbling. They are good at murdering political leaders in other countries, but couldn’t stop boxcutters from using planes as missiles.

    I do have a great deal of respect for people like Ray McGovern, and Mel Goodman, who were both Soviet analysts, and consistently argued that the hype over Soviet might was way overblown. I even have a great deal of respect for Michael Schuer, who was in charge of Alec Station, whose main responsibilities was to monitor Bin Laden. (But he also created the rendition program, which is nothing but a nightmare)

    Simply put, in my opinion, the costs far outweigh the benefits. It would be better to pair down these agencies, and focus their job on gathering intelligence period. Stop having their own term come back and bite us in the rear end. END BLOWBACK once and for all.

  20. mcthorogood says:

    zOMG! Teh CIA was pwned!

    The element of secrecy allows the Deep State to function. Sharing information on a “need to know basis” enables our leaders to go to bed each night with a clear conscience, and gives them the advantage of plausible deniability when things don’t turn out as planned. The failure to share information allowed the Nigerian butt-bomber to reach the U.S.; ditto for 9-11.

  21. cinderman says:

    My improv two bytes on the CIA… heck, they’ve been doing electrode implants in brains since the 50s. They programmed a donkey with implants carrying a psuedo nuclear device on a backpack up the hardest route on a mtn. You can only imagine what they did to timothy mcveigh. Or the guy who did in john lennon. The only way out of this mess is another revolution – which I have been predicting to happen for over a decade: the have nots vs. the haves. It’s going to be a messy transition, but there’s no avoiding the cards on the table. The masses may never wake up, but like in 1776 only 10% of the population actually participated in the revolt against england. Everyone else sat on the fence, much like today. When the going gets tough, the tough have to get tougher. That’s the bottom line. Mark my words – to be forewarned is to be forearmed. (courtesy of shirley mcclaine in “out on a limb.”)

  22. Thank you Dr. Paul; I hope you can actually acheive it. It won’t be that easy. This immoral agency is going to get us all killed.

    I do know one thing; I am a mother that had to fight her childrens drug addiction and I do not appreciate an agency in my government being involved in the destruction of my children. How many lives have been destroyed right in America from these activites that are not counted in the 6 million total? I have a very long memory.

    They are apparently out of control and no agency of government can be trusted with unchecked power. That is why the founding fathers promoted 3 branch balanced government. How did this agency morph into the monster we see today?

    Someone in Washington needs to take responsibility and do the right thing. (For a change)

    I never said it was easy; it still is the right thing to do and they all know it.

  23. 344thBrother says:

    Boy Sibel, such a huge, complex and dangerous topic!

    Kudos to Dr. Paul for his courageous statement, achievable or not. Expect him to contract a rapidly developing brain or pancreatic cancer or go down in a plane crash within the next election cycle. Or perhaps, he is comic relief for these monsters. I do believe that they have a certain respect for people brave enough to speak their minds up to the point that those people can bring forth real evidence that will get them or their shadowy masters in serious trouble.

    While I agree completely that the CIA is a bogyman and needs to be “shattered into a thousand pieces (More like a million now) and scattered to the four winds”, I personally see the CIA and all the other covert agencies, of which we probably only know 50% and which include outside intelligence agencies that work with them such as the Mossad, the ISI, “Al Quaida”, etc. .as symptoms of a larger problem and that is the National Security State itself.

    The National Security Act of 1947 created an all encompassing safe haven for all the nasty stuff that these agencies and Individuals use whenever they do anything that would be illegal, immoral, or just plain stupidly evil.

    People like George Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bush, Dirty Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, James Baker III and Kissinger were just waiting in the White House wings when Harry Truman detonated the Nukes over Japan and then invented the National Security State out of whole cloth to supposedly help us “Protect” our vital state secrets, (Which has had the exactly opposite effect and was probably designed that way.) I see those people as the inheritors of the shadow government mantle also known as “Continuity of Government”.

    And of course even these stellar criminals got their walking orders from the likes of the Rockefellers and so it goes right up the ladder to those people who love to write about killing us and stealing everything, with great glee. There are layers upon layers of misdirection and protection between justice and these creeps, and at the top, I doubt if anyone really knows who they are. These people are Trillionaires many times over and have had many generations of old money handed down through their ancestors along with a stated policy of eventually bringing the world under one government and culling off anyone who isn’t a perfectly designed slave.

    So even if we could “Take out” the CIA in any fashion, the effect would be no more than taking a pawn in a much bigger chess game of which we are all involved, most of us are unaware of, and few of us even grasp the rules, the players or the stakes.

    Without waxing religious here, there really is a struggle between “Good and Evil” going on all over the world, and up until now, Evil has held all the cards with the exception of the majority’s inborn humanity. And Evil holds its cards close to it’s chest. (Mixing poker and Chess metaphors here).

    Bottom line as I see it, is this. We and many others like us who thus far haven’t been coopted, frightened off, tricked, disappeared or killed
    yet can now see the upper strata of this corrupt system. Not the very top, but up at the level of the high priests of power who have shown their cards by gloating about their clever plans to eliminate their competition. They have now been caught pulling false flag terrorism such as the attacks of 911 and they underestimated the effect of the internet, and the depth of feeling that their overreaching would generate.

    They also over estimated their control over our minds, so they are now trapped in a game in which all their chips are committed, where we grow more numerous every day, and where defeat means that their entire way of life will be taken from them, where they will be reviled publicly and incarcerated forever to eat bad food behind bars.

    Look at their faces. They’re not only scared, for the most part they wear these permanent sneering frowns. See any picture of David Rockefeller for example. These are people who ALWAYS have the best of everything, to whom NOTHING is denied, EVER, no matter how perverse, or expensive or rare it is and they hate it all. It must be hellish and if they weren’t so despicable and dangerous, one could actually feel sorry for them. For me to do that would honestly take a nearly Godlike sense of pity. Perhaps in another life…

    So, by all means “Take out” the CIA! And the NSA! and the Mossad! and the DOD! and Blackwater/Xe/CACI and the Pentagon! and and and and and all the Elites… and then maybe MAYBE the world can work on real peace and equality. Because to me one of the biggest lies ever told to humanity is that we are the problem. We’re not. The problem is at the top, and if we want to really change things that’s where we have to focus our efforts. All the minions below them are merely expendable layers of plausible deniability.

    Eventually, I’m afraid that Boiling Frogs the world over are going to have to develop poisonous fangs, hop out of the pot and sink them into the faces of these people at the top. It’s adapt or die.

    Apologies for the long rant. I felt compelled to express it yet again.

    I’m also available for children’s parties. : )

    God bless us everyone
    We’re going to need it.

  24. 344thBrother says:

    Lets see if I’ve managed to kill another thread.

  25. The CIA is a private army of blood thirsty mercs working for select corporations, the NWO crowd and to fulfill Neocon fantasies.

    They are anything but an intelligence agency, as they have constantly missed the obvious, like China coming into the Korean War, the Tet offensive in Vietnam, the pending collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11, etc.

    They are good at propping up the corporate state by scaring the hell out of Americans with non-existent boogieman, like those bomber, missile and nuclear warhead gaps of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    And by propagating the boogieman Du Jour, al CIA duh.

    The CIA’s involvement in JFK’s murder is enough to scatter that murderous outfit to the wind.

  26. I guess Dr. Paul has been throwing caution to the wind because he has been so prominent in the MSM since his presidential campaign, but it is still amazing to see a politician speak so straightforward. I also imagine that he is coming to the end of his political career because he is getting up there in years and probably won’t have the stamina to take another shot at the presidency.
    As for the CIA, I’m sure many people know that since its inception the highest officials have been coming through a revolving door to and from Wall St. law firms, banks, and some critical corporations (AIG). A lot of the drug involvement of the CIA is not just related to black ops, there are multiple purposes to their drug operations. Back in 2000 it was estimated that about 500-700 billion $ are laundered per year, about 75% of which comes from drugs. So that’s an incredibly large chunk going through banks and stock markets, and would cause a crash if it were suddenly to disappear.

  27. camusrebel says:

    Taking out the CIA is indeed a prerequisite for saving our planet, but is it just a pipe dream? Only one thing can start the tsunami that will wash that stain away: 9/11 Truth. Simple.

    Many of their crimes have been well commented on already. I would like to add; Predator Drone attacks? How did they ever get control of that program? And, why in the hell would they give some of that action to Blackwater??

    But, to me the most egregious and insidious of their many hanging crimes is the drug running. From creating the crack epidemic to increasing Afghan poppy production 95% in 9 years, it is the least able to be justified. Torture, rendition, toppling Dem. elected heads, all that crap at least can be sold as in some nefarious way doing some kind of good for some entity, sort of. Besides pure profit, why destroy whole communitys, cultures? As a teacher in an “urban” setting, I see the handiwork every day. It disgusts me. Truth, and nothing but, can set us free.

  28. 344thBrother says:

    (911) “Truth, and nothing but, can set us free.”
    What camusrebel said.

    The truth must be stood for. It must be broadcast. It must be thrown into the faces of the rulers. It must latch onto their sneering faces with barbed fangs. It must stick. It must mark them and hunt them and bring them down for their crimes.

    And it will.

    Peace on earth
    Dave Short

  29. Dear Lord/Allah (whatever) who are in Heaven (I sure hope it exists!!), deliver us this day:

    Sounds kooky, I know, but it just fits.

  30. Kingfisher says:


    Yes, I think state secrets are sometimes necessary; like with everything the poison is in the portions. America is also terrible at the murky fields of intelligence, covert action, and secrecy; when compared to other nations and cultures. The CIA is also in the midst of dying the death of a thousand cuts – you will see its demise in your lifetime.

    The tribe is nature’s default setting. Much of the world is tribal, and will continue to revert back to it as the nation-state system continues to decline.

  31. @ zaknick Referencing the Count, the Illuminati story has a mythology of its own, and to divest it of any lies to get to the truth is quite a chore. I found a rather simple solution. Look up Revelation 17:8 KJV. I will offer the translation for this site, since the old English version is as difficult at piercing through the veils of the Illuminati. The Devil (Lucifer) was and is not. This is only true for believers. Since most of us are not believers or just token believers, it seems impossible to deny the logic of Satan’s existence. Most intelligent people at this blog simply ignore the entire religious bramble and deny Lucifer on the basis of logic. That works in most cases, but not when you get to the inner core of the Count’s group. Those who are unbelievers will actually see Lucifer revealed in the final part of this verse – yet is. The solution is to deny the existence of Lucifer on the basis of faith. That has absolute power, and speaking Truth to Power, well there you have it.

  32. Well, a bit off topic, but I was going thru my drawers and found an old pamphlet titled, “Sorry Mr. Franklin, We’re all Democrats now”. It’s a lengthy speech given by Dr. Paul in the House of Representatives on January 29, 2003.
    It’s long, but well worth the read. Enjoy!!!

  33. @hatchcar: Thank you for the link. I’m going there now:-)

  34. You are welcome Sibel. I’d be interested in your take on it. Also, within the next few weeks, a check will be coming your way for this site. I think I’ve freeloaded enough, so now it’s time to pay the tab. Again, so thankful and grateful to you and anyone else involved in bringing this wonderful site.

  35. Theirs not doubt that other country’s look at the CIA as organized crime or even a different form of terrorist organization.Whats even worst is how they look at our country because of the dirty operations performed by the CIA. Of course the CIA would probably tell us that all the dirty deeds they do are for the “greater good”…………yea rite.

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