The Makings of a Police State-Part VI

A Nation of Suspects

Indeed, the interests of the oppressors lie in 'changing the consciousness of the oppressed, not the situation which oppresses them'- - Paulo Freire

The illegal domestic wiretapping of all Americans, the invasive search practices at every airport directed at every single US passenger, the compilation of all data on all citizens in not only one but multiple government databases, the unreasonable and warrantless search and seizure practiced on US masses facilitated arbitrarily by the FBI, are among many known and unknown government practices directed at the entire population of the United States of America.

SheepDespite the current futility, many constitutionalists, legalists, analysts, and activists are writing, talking, and arguing about the legality or illegality, constitutionality or unconstitutionality, practicality or impracticality, of these surveillance and search practices of our ‘National Security State.’ There is a plethora of material out there for you to read or listen to on those points, so there is no need for me to cover all that has been covered already; over and over. I am not going to discuss the tedious and ambiguous laws, nor am I going to waste time on the vague and irrelevant notion of and argument on security. No. I intend to focus on the subjects of these practices; the people; the masses, in fact, the entire population as the willing recipients who have come to view and accept themselves as suspects. Isn’t this what we have become; a nation of suspects?

No one any longer questions the fact that our government has been engaged in domestic surveillance of our communication systems. The news came out. The practitioners admitted to it, in fact, proudly. These activities were challenged in courts and the challenges overridden, thus making the legality or illegality, constitutionality or unconstitutionality, all irrelevant; moot.  Several years have passed and it has become, it is, a fact of life; a fact in every American’s life. And for the majority, not a painful or aggravating fact of life; just ‘a fact’ of life. Why?

Many say ‘look, there are these bad guys out there called terrorists. The government is out there looking for them; everywhere. I ain’t doing nothin wrong, and I ain’t got nothin to hide. So why should I be concerned? My government is doing it to keep me, to keep us all, safe; to protect us against those bad terrorist people lurking here and there…’

If you were to ask most ‘but why do they tap your phone line and capture your data or conversation? You the good citizen?‘ The common answer would be along these lines, ‘I don’t know. They must know something. I don’t understand how intelligence and police stuff like this works. They must know something, if they think tapping my phone and listening to my conversation helps to fight terrorists and keep us safe…I just do my own thing and since I don’t have anything to hide it doesn’t bother me. They’ve got to do what they’ve got to do to protect us…’

Most of you know that the above dialogue is more or less what we get everywhere with almost everyone. I have had that exact same conversation with tens if not hundreds of people, and I can assure you that the above rendition is in no way exaggerated or downplayed. It is the general attitude. It is the common thought and response process. It is a fact of today’s life expressed by today’s people in our country. And to recognize these common beliefs, to draw the most logical conclusion, takes neither a genius nor a philosopher nor a psychologist…But let’s move to the next related fact, and see that same logical conclusion.

Starting immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks, we began to see, and of course become subject to, jacked up security check points and searches in our airports. First, they already had us all going through big complex metal detectors. Then, they had us do the same thing but remove our belts and other metal containing garments and belongings. Then, they had us bend over like servants before kings, remove our shoes, and humbly walk barefoot through the big complex metal detectors. After that, they prohibited us from carrying our drinking water or any other liquid, and they made our lactating women open up their stored breast milk and sip it before the eyes of the traveling masses passing by…

Meanwhile we learned of their massive databases on fliers, where over one million people were divided into no fly lists, almost no fly lists, and maybe no fly lists, with further division into high-risk fliers, medium-risk fliers, and low-risk fliers…But, despite all these massive, complex and secret multiple lists and databases, we all had to go through those same detectors, with no shoes, no liquids, supposed random but all too frequent pat downs…So we never understood the rationale for having all those lists and databases anyway. No worries. We, most of us, said, ‘we may not understand, it may not make the slightest sense, it can defy all logic…but that doesn’t matter. The government must know things we don’t, and they are protecting us against the big bad terrorists…’ So we went on, kept putting up.

Recently, they said all those practices were not nearly enough, so they’ve been erecting body-scanner temples at security checkpoints, and asking us to step in them to be viewed naked-breasts, penises, arses and all. To be technically correct, they are not forcing us to go through the scanners; in fact, they are giving us options:

-You either step in the scanners and let us view you, all your private parts naked, or,

-You go through grabbing, groping, patting, and worse one-on-one searches.

They have been proudly justifying these invasive procedures by presenting them as reasonable options for people to choose from. Think of a rapist saying the following in court:

But I gave her a choice, and I made it clear. I said you either submit willfully and quietly while I rape you, or, you can fight and I’ll beat the hell out of you while I’m raping you….

We’ve been complying with all that. We get to the checkpoints, and as one woman told me:

I just go into this auto pilot mode. I remove my shoes and other items. I move forward towards the screening machine while looking into empty space and avoiding any eye contact. I step in there, slightly spread my arms and legs, pause, and step out on the other side. I then let out a deep breath for making it, without sounding off any alarm bells, and without having to be touched, groped and patted everywhere…Then I walk away quickly and try to wipe away all the memories of those long minutes…It’s the best way to deal with these things…

Again, this sounds very familiar. Just read through documented victim accounts on dealing with highly traumatic experiences. I used to read about and listen to such victims. A woman telling the story of being molested and raped by her father:

I used to pretend not being there…you know, almost like an out of body experience. He’d quietly come to my room, his breath reeking with alcohol…I’d close my eyes when he pulled down my panties…I’d spread my legs, close my eyes, and imagine not being there…imagine it was not happening…It was quicker that way. He’d be done and gone. And I would go on trying to forget, pretending I forgot…trying to erase all the memories and the feeling of being violated…

Doesn’t it feel that way? Don’t we feel violated? Don’t we feel powerless? Doesn’t it feel like total submission to a force greater than any one of us, and obviously the total of all of us?

Think about it. Many elementary schools bring in law enforcement or psychology experts to educate our children about abduction, molestation, rape, etc. One of the things they try to teach our children, in simple and easy to understand language, has to do with recognizing ‘danger’ or ‘criminal’ or ‘wrong’ behavior, approaches, and requests, and to say ‘no,’ or walk away from predators who initiate them. One of the main things they teach:

It is not right or good if people, even friends and family, ask to see your private parts. That’s why we call them ‘private parts.’ They are private. We say ‘no’ if someone asks us to see our private parts. We don’t let people touch our private parts. We run and report to our parents if someone tries to touch our private parts. It is not right. No one should be asking you, or do to you, things like that…

Now, with all the transportation procedures, security screening rules, shouldn’t they add a qualifier to above lecture-training points? Something like:

It is not right or good if people, even friends and family, ask to see your private parts. That’s why we call them ‘private parts.’ … We say ‘no’ if someone asks us to see our private parts. We don’t let people touch our private parts… However, if it’s TSA screeners at the airports, if it’s the security police in front of the congressional building, if it’s the …then all bets are off. You have to let them do whatever they ask you to do. It is okay for TSA men and women to see your private parts. It is perfectly okay, if they pick you for random additional search, and touch your private parts; grope, pat your private body parts. Then, it is okay.

Let’s use common sense here my friends. When put in writing it may sound disgusting or outrageous to some of you, but isn’t it true? Don’t they view us and our children, and all our private parts with their new body-scanner temples? Don’t they give us a thorough pat down, everywhere, including our private parts when we say no to their temples, or, when we become the chosen random one for one-on-one pat down?

What will you tell your kids when they say, ‘But daddy, they told us at school not to let people touch us down there! How come this guy is touching me here?’ No, you tell me, what will you tell your kid when he or she innocently, but far more rationally, asks you that question?!

Now let’s go back to our submission to total surveillance in the name of vague and irrational security. Most people I know, in fact everyone I know in this country, has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Even with our spouses we adhere to respected privacy ethics. You certainly would not like or tolerate it if your partner were to go through your private mail, open and read it. No matter how innocent, worthless or trivial the content of the envelopes. You would be livid to find out your partner has discovered your password to your personal e-mail accounts, and has been reading your correspondence with others. No matter how innocent or unimportant the nature of those communications. You would be outraged if your spouse picked up the phone upstairs and listened in to your conversation with a friend. No matter what the nature or importance of that particular call. Then how is it that all these expectations of privacy, the sense of being violated when that privacy is invaded, and the swift and firm response to these violations, all go out the window when the violators happen to be total strangers hidden in secret castles of our government?

Somehow the same justification, ‘Oh, I’m not doing anything wrong, and I don’t have anything to hide…’ does not wash away the justified feeling of being violated. For some reason, lines like ‘he/she was doing it for my own good, to protect me better, or, to just make sure I wasn’t engaged in anything nefarious or dangerous…’ would seem utterly irrational or stupid. Yet, we’ve been practicing this irrational distinction with far more outrageous violations of privacy inflicted upon us on a daily basis, and by those we don’t even know - to know the extent of the damages they may be able to bring down upon our lives.

When did we make these decisions? When did we decide to put in place and live by these distinctions? When did unreasonable search practices somehow come to be accepted as reasonable? When did we accept being watched, being searched and patted down, being treated, and simply living as suspects?

Whether it’s carrying out a conversation over the phone,  whether it’s writing a quick e-mail to a colleague, whether it’s flying home to Milwaukee to see your grandmother for one last time, we, every single one of us, are being listened to, watched and read, and invasively searched as suspects. No matter how clean our background and criminal history, no matter how virtuous our daily lives and conduct, no matter how exemplary our citizenry…no matter; we are all suspects.

Are we witnessing our transformation into Orwellian masses? Because these incremental applications of indiscriminate government surveillance and warrantless-reasonless searches and seizure targeting the entire population, are geared to desensitize, degrade, and ultimately and inevitably, to dehumanize us all.

One of the notions we once tried to live by and be proud of was ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ Now, it seems we are all guilty until…well, until the end of time? Until the end of the last terrorist on earth has been announced? Until we say enough is enough and stand up for our own rights, privacy, dignity, and freedom?

Here is an excerpt from an article published in 2005:

Metro police officers are using new behavioral profiling techniques as they patrol subway stations, identifying suspicious riders and pulling them aside for questioning.

The officers are targeting people who avoid eye contact, loiter or appear to be looking around transit stations more than other passengers, officials said. Anyone identified as suspicious will be stopped and questioned about what they are doing and where they are going.

As part of their preparations for tighter security during the presidential inauguration, the officers have been trained by the Transportation Security Administration to take notice of the same behavioral characteristics and patterns that airport security officials watch for.

Orwellian, isn’t it?

It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself—anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face ... was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime ...- - George Orwell

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  1. camusrebel says:

    Yes, you’re right, ever since 9-11 we’ve been getting raped. Especially since that false flag was completely fake, we try to forget it, not thinks about it, but every day we are brutalized, justified by a lie.

    I am now comitting a facecrime.

  2. Of course, this regime is just for the proles like us. The wealthy go to private airports like Van Nuys or Taos and board their executive jets to bypass the teeming masses without so much as a cursory look. That’s why I always wear my Apache DHS shirt with Geronimo, My friend Robert’s great-uncle Mangas and the rest of the boys on it or my Afghani flat hat whenever I fly.

    What the airport security regime makes me first think of is,

    “Screw it! I’ll drive.”

    In fact, I wonder what would happen to the airlines’ paper-thin profit margin if say 10% of regular airline passengers said and did the above. Then I remembered, they would just seek another government bailout.

  3. That’s a good point re: rape survivors. You dissociate(you disappear out of your body) as a survival mechanism.

    But remember another part of trauma. What goes in must come out. Trauma is trapped energy in different parts of your body. If it doesn’t come out in a safe way, it WILL come out.

    Of course, politicians and the MSM will never tell you that 30% of the population has some form of PTSD from trauma. They want you to think that only vets have PTSD. But the during sweeps week on TV, it’s always little kids who were “abused” by priests. What they don’t say is that these psychos raped the s**t out of them.

    Why won’t they say that? If that’s what happened, isn’t that the job of the MSM? To expose the truth?

    In an ideal Woodward/Bernstein world, yes. But those MSM crusading days are long over.

    Why then does most of the population obediently comply? Sibel’s covered a lot of good points here.

    The only things that I can think of right now are fear and out-of-sight-out-of-mind. As long as I have my job, a home and some sense of security, then that’s over THERE. Not here. Torture, murder and more? They’re all “terrorists.” So to hell with it. Kill every last one of them.

    Here’s the ultimate photo/sound bite op. Imagine if Obama went thru a body scanner to prove to the nation how safe they are. Then imagine the nude scans of the President being shown and analyzed worldwide. Yes, you too can see the sick, twisted racial crap that would come out of it. So no chance in hell that Rahm Emmanuel would ever let THAT happen.

    If this 30% of trauma survivors were allowed to speak freely, this situation would change. But as every trauma survivor knows, most of the time you get the usual shut-up-and-carry-on attitude.

    Human emotions are NOT a light switch that can be instantly turned on and off. Yet, if you did show the effects of trauma, that would mess up TSA’s campaign to “protect the Motherland.” (Does Obama ever feel ridiculous saying that?).

  4. Sibel… we’re all in the same boat when it comes to disempowerment, control, and sheep easies. The police state has arrived in full armor. And I don’t think the Ghandi approach is going to work. Look what happened to him in the end, as well as Jesus, MLK, JFK, RFK, John Lennon, and all the other peaceniks. They all got bullets or crosses in the end.

    (Btw, I only fly as a last resort 🙂

    You know they had the full body scanners on order prior to the underwear bomber (yet another false flag). Yesterday I had my driver’s license renewed. Now you can’t keep your old one because of… “9/11 changed the law.” 9/11 has become the grand excuse for the curtailment of all our constitutional rights. And the other followup false flaggers – including the shoe bomber were only meant to scare the shit out of the micro cephalic masses.

    I hate to say it, but the only way out of this mess we’re in are two possibilities: 1) a national consumer strike; or b) an armed revolution. Regarding the former, I doubt that all the brain dead civilians, tea party groupies, bible or toran toting fundamentalists, and believers of the “two party system” will ever rally around boycotting the very industries that are wiping them out financially. With regards to the latter, I’ve been predicting this for about two decades. It will be one nasty civil war between the haves and have nots. Two movies bear this in mind – “V for Vendetta”, and “Gangs of New York.”

    The only problem with the civil war scenario is the true constitutionalists vs all the misinformed rednecks who insist on fouling their own water due to their abundance of sheer stupidity and listening to jerkoffs like rush limpballs. And voting against their own behest because killing innocent newborns is a sin and we shouldn’t allow homosexuals to have sex, much less marital status. Until we can find a way to reach out to all the shallow headed thinkers and chronic mental vegetables, we’re not going to get the unification we need to kick out all the NWO, CFR, Club of Rome, IMF, WHO, and all the other groups bent on controlling everyone on the planet.

    Oh yeh, back to flying high – yep, all our reps and overlords all get to fly private planes, so wtf do they care about us mere mortals? Meanwhile the airline industry and US tourism tanks. Outposts like Hawaii suffer the most. Everyone here is hurting big time. Will the masses ever clue in? Not likely. Remember, that in the revolution that began this great country, it was merely 10% of the population that eviscerated England’s provincial army and forced them to their knees. We can do it again. I’m sorry, but I think it’s going to be our only way. We already know that voting is a scam, and the majority of members of congress have been bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists. War without end, amen.

  5. Kingfisher says:

    Rape? Really, Sibel?
    That is a sensationalistic analogy. The issues you raised are significant enough that such theatrics should not be necessary.

    “Yes, you’re right, ever since 9-11 we’ve been getting raped.”
    What you choose to do on your own time is between you, your Bullmastiff, and whoever you found in the ‘Casual Encounters’ section of Craigslist – but you do not speak for the rest of us! 🙂

  6. ‘If people were meant to fly, God would’ve given us wings’

    I don’t recall who said that (pre-Wright bros.), but it obliquely illustrates a point. As technology expands the capacity for human beings to do things they couldn’t do of their own “God-given” abilities, so can their “freedom” be said to increase… But, as time goes on and as technology progresses, so does that “freedom” come with a price. Namely, the intrinsic Freedom that we previously held to be unalienable may now be violated.

    I’m playing devil’s advocate here.

  7. Kingfisher says:

    “Outposts like Hawaii suffer the most. Everyone here is hurting big time.”
    Feel free to go hurt big time in Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, or Pittsburgh then. I would rather unemployed in paradise, than a wage slave in one those locals!
    You live in Hawaii: you should not be allowed to gripe. 🙂

  8. Kingfisher says:

    “It will be one nasty civil war between the haves and have nots.”
    My bet is that upper-middle class and the wealthy vs. the super-wealthy superclass happens first.

  9. Haste makes waste! I meant a 1, 2 scenario, not 1, b. Too, I meant koran, not toran… plus you can throw in the cabala to boot! I hate making mistakes. But as they say in the new age “to each his om.”

    Btw, kingfisher – you’re out to lunch! What Sibel says makes perfect sense. You need to have a heart to heart with a rape victim. Or anyone else who’s been subject to extreme measures. Obviously you haven’t. Come out of your sea shell sometime and experience the bottom feeders first hand without protection. I guarantee you’ll be talking a different tune. For sure, you’ve had either a very insulated life, or you’re just another corporate shill. I’ve had my ass on the line too many times to even count them. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there. You ever had anyone point a gun at you or take potshots at you while walking down the beach? Had any best friends murdered? I’ve had it all, and more.

  10. Ignore Kingfisher , There is always a troll, Please don’t feed the trolls.

    The American People are the enemy in their eyes. They read our mail and listen to our calls because they are afraid of the people. They have to know who is working to challenge their power. They have been doing these things for years and years, but now people are waking up to this corrupt system so they (BIG Brother) are becoming more aggressive. They want us to know they are watching. They want to intimidate us. Libertarians, Tea party goers, constitutionalists et al is their biggest fear. Those of us who speak of the need to get back to a Republic that remains within the confines of the constitution have been watched for 20+ years, but now our numbers are growing. We are waiting anxiously for them to get brave enough to come for our guns. Thats when the fun starts.

    Great article

  11. The increased cost of equipment and personnel and our time are bad enough. The invasion of privacy and freedom is criminal. The terrorists are not our true enemy, rather it is those that run the state. It is unbelievable that we let them bring us to this place. They have kept us distracted and put us in fear to get us here. It is certainly tougher to try to go back now. I see a revolt in the not too distant future.

  12. cinderman says:

    Kingfisher… you’ve never been to hawaii, so you don’t know wtf you are talking about! Look, I walk my talk because of experience. You talk off the top of your micro cephalic “neo” cortex because of the lack of it.

    Btw, a troll is just another bridge fixture in the dark lurking for a chance to have 10 minutes of fame on the real stage. I’ve got nothing to prove. I get published in real rags regularly. The internet is just a sideline byline for me. I’m already famous in small circles. I’ve got nothing to prove, except when I have to.

    And MAX – thanks for the logistics support! Yeh, we got trolls everywhere. I try and ignore them, but every once in a while I gotta take a cheapshot at them just to save face. I know it’s a waste of time, so I mince my words accordingly. Life is short, thus I try and treat crap to a minimum.

    Poolman… yeh, you’re write on! To be forwarned is to be forearmed. (shirley maclaine) Yeh, the revolution is coming. Beware, brother.

    Keep in mind that it’s much cheaper and easier to wage war against your own populace! Get them in a state of fear and they’ll turn in their own grandmother.

  13. Taxes. We are paying for surveillance, Homeland Security, etc. Why I have a free round trip ticket with Delta, which I will not use, because as far as I know I remain on a terrorist watch list with no apology from TSA. Delta told me to take it up with TSA. Well, Delta, you got the big lawyers, why don’t you take it up if you want to stay in business? Meanwhile, I’m staying on the ground. I can think of a hundred taxes that weren’t here a hundred years ago, and we had the largest, most prosperous middle class in the world. I’m not even talking about income tax, but sales tax, gas tax, worker’s comp tax, vehicle license tax, utility tax, phone tax, road tax for truckers, inheritance tax, hunting license tax, building permit tax, – oh, BTW taxes are almost due so remind your turbo tax machine that it may be operating without a license but can’t go to jail for oversight. It’s just a machine.

  14. Kingfisher says:

    “Btw, kingfisher – you’re out to lunch! What Sibel says makes perfect sense. You need to have a heart to heart with a rape victim. Or anyone else who’s been subject to extreme measures.”
    I take it you have. Are you going to make light of their trauma? Perhaps in a superficial way the analogy is applicable. But there is an order of magnitude of difference between rape and the TSA’s bs; so much so that I imagine it is almost insulting to victims.

    “Kingfisher… you’ve never been to hawaii, so you don’t know wtf you are talking about!”
    Haha, but I’ve been to Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. And as will reassert that I would rather be unemployed in a paradise like Hawaii, than a wage slave in one those locales!

  15. camusrebel says:

    KF chicken been out to lunch ever since he was sent here from downtown Trollsville, one of Sunstein’s most eager pleasers. He has wet dreams of driving the bulldozer that crushed Rachel Corrie. Sad twisted little soul. Yes, Cinder, ignore is best default setting though as a passing diversion, turning it up to flambe can be amusing.

    Continuing to be too meek and afraid to confront the truth of nine eleven leads to certain catastrophe. If we all embrace it for the paradigm shifter/justice restorer it is, and spread it fast like a virus, then maybe we got a slim fighting chance.

  16. Having stated in a conversation several days after the crotch-bomber incident that there would be a large sale of surveillance equipment in the near future, I tend to see things for what they are.

    Your evaluation of 9/11 as an event that has acted as a ‘paradigm shifter’ in any positive light or as an event that has restored any justice whatsoever, regardless of where you stand on the issue, is quite baffling.

    2,000 people die, millions die in return, and you, the literary soul entirely separate from the business world profiting from said events, view the event as a good thing?

  17. “Ahh, bend over and take it like a man… or woman.”

    We’re being frog marched down Tyranny Road and that ain’t no Tennessee Williams screen play.

    And we’ll keep getting shafted, screwed and run over by bulldozers in the name of national security until we stand up and take our country back.

    But I don’t see this generation or the next taking on that bloody task, we’re too busy wondering which babe the bachelor is going to pick or if the multi-millionaires from New Orleans are going to beat the multi-millionaires from Indianapolis.

    So get ready for the next 9/11 false-flag and when that happens, watch silently-and hope they don’t come after you—while the Bill of Rights is tossed in a shredder.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  18. camusrebel says:

    whooa, slow down there zb…u must be new here. I said THE TRUTH about said event would shift one helluva paradigm. If you are afraid to do the basic research that proves it was an inside job, just admit you haven’t the balls to confront evil, or accept ugly truths.

  19. Kingfisher says:

    “He has wet dreams of driving the bulldozer that crushed Rachel Corrie.”

    Hahaha, you are obsessed with Rachel Corrie! You dream about swooping in that day like Superman and heroically whisking the helpless Rachel away from that evil bulldozer and for which she would pledge her undying love to you, don’t you?

    For the record I said that whatever sympathy I had for Rachel was lost on the stupidity of her actions.

    Further you stated that the Holocaust of the Jews by that Nazi’s had been concentrated to primarily “only the dirt poor and the physically and mentally unfit jewish folk were left in the ghettos”, and as such it was “culling the heard.” To which I asked: “With such eugenics in mind; would you agree that Rachel Corrie standing in front of an IDF bull dozer and getting plowed strengthens the gene pool?”

    You never answered the question and continue to pout and ramble on about Rachel Corrie.

    Rachel Corrie took sides in an eternal clash between to equally savage tribes, neither of who’s actions are particularly defendable. She had no reason to there. Just what did she think would happen when you stand in front of a bulldozer? They don’t fool around in that region. It was not her fight. She could have stayed home in America and lived a happy and fulfilling life with her friends and family; she chose to intervene in a virtueless conflict she had little understanding of.

  20. In the dream we were all awakened by the noise of explosion. It rattled everything.It rattled our bones. Filled us with dust.
    In our fright, we turned and ran. There was one gate open . Thats where we ran. Through that gate left open. over it was written in steel letters., ‘Arbusto Macht Frei’.
    In the long lines thereafter, dressed still in our rags of individual freedoms, barriers began to be built everywhere. People in uniforms bellowed like cattle.
    It became simple, orwellian, since he spoke it first. SAW its modern variant first.
    Out of the maelstrom of WW2, as ‘ Intelligence man’, he saw the battlefield of the mind and manipulant techniques as they would become in the world. Animal farm. Intelligence as an industry. power ownership and control. government privatized. Super elites. Everyone knows.Everyone knew then.
    But the great conveyor belts of war industry that could crank out a fully built loaded armed crewed B20whatever PER HOUR, these systems could not let go afterward. Could not be let go of afterward. Men had seized their moment. moralities had suffered .Thats what war does. allows cruelty its succor. Its reward . There is a war on.

    the 911 atrocity was the moment the last part of the spell was cast. The last part of the imaginative process snuffed or at least Stolen. The willingness to challenge events in our time, reduced to ashes. We saw explosions. We heard them. It was SHOUTED at us from running shapes in the dust cloud . We saw gigantic structures E X P L O D I N G to the ground, flinging massive steel beams little leaves into the air in great arcs, waves of glittering steel spinning hundreds of feet straight out, and were told they were gravitational building COLLAPSEs. fire induced COLLAPSES and we, in our trauma[as identified], like puppies, children, blinked only ONCE: stood naked before the outrageous LIE. told to deny what our eyes saw and our ears heard and our deliberative processes struggled to TELL us,. and that if we didn’t go along with it, didn’t believe., then we were terrorists. The spell was cast there and then. You either believe US, or you are terrorist. its a spiritual thing.
    In our dilemma, our brains seized up with that awful dust. the fine mechanisms needed to contend with the outrage, explore and control the revenge violence bred into us, were choked with thermitic dust, and , awaiting in the wings , msmfanatics fed our panic, directed us to the gate . fear and war was driven into the hearts of the people, so that we stopped thinking. stopped looking. let it all go. Went to war. Started the brutal murder of an entire population. Signed off in the legislature by creatures of lost cause and endemic corruption. Enduring freedom and other stupid words uttered by monkeys. Black prisons and torture. Stuff of comic books and the awful past suddenly became legitimate, the representatives of the great constitution now so well able to flurry at the top table words that don’t mean shit.
    Thats the moment you are looking for Sibel. That day is the day it came to pass. D day. Dust day. When the program was initiated. Every time we walk thru that scanner, we walk through that LIE. Get radiated by it. We want to change the world? confront NIST with all its lies. Work back from there. De construct.

  21. camusrebel says:

    you go Remo.

    KF I did answer your idiotic comparison of “an inbred punk jew crushing to death a beuatiful young lady” with culling the herd. I said then it is sickening. It remains so. You called what Rachel did “playing chicken”. You make superman jokes and use 3 “ha’s”, not 2, but a hearty, “Hahaha”. It is clear why the genocide against the Palestinians is invisible to joe 12-pack, We know who controls the lame stream propaganda. Rachel wanted to break through the silence of the matrix
    and she did. There are some people who had no idea how the zionist reptiles use all the billions we shower them with to destroy the people whose land they are squatting on, temporarily. Thanks to Rachel, some number of people(yes, it may be a fairly small #, but is not zero) have woken up to the cancerous tumor we created in the middle east. Understandably you fail to grasp how heroic she was. You call it stupidity. ok, suit yourself.
    Re reading our Dec. 1 skirmish I am reminded you said you share some of my sentiment. I would love to give Rachel Corrie’s soul some rest and no longer bring her up, out of the blue, whenever I see a post from you I find disagreeable. Maybe you could share what sentiments we have in common.

  22. “whooa, slow down there zb…u must be new here. I said THE TRUTH about said event would shift one helluva paradigm. If you are afraid to do the basic research that proves it was an inside job, just admit you haven’t the balls to confront evil, or accept ugly truths”

    I wasn’t aware of the event leading to the greatest global hysteria of the past fifty years being an impetus toward freedom of thought, awareness, and an all-around ascension of mind.

    Ten words between an allusion to the ‘main stream’ and a Matrix reference.

    I don’t think your paradigm shift is complete.

  23. camusrebel says:

    zb, again you seem to be intentionaly obtuse. Let’s cut to the chase. Do you agree 9/11 was an inside job. Please answer yes or no first. If then you want to construct more sentences that would horrify a freshman english prof. you’re certainly free to do so.

  24. Irrelevant.

    I do not need to point to 9/11 as proof of a manufactured media front, nor do I need to state an opinion on the events of that day to see reality for what it is.

    It’s a good thing we aren’t in class, isn’t it?

  25. Kingfisher says:

    “Maybe you could share what sentiments we have in common.”

    – I believe the United State’s unconditional support for Israel is against its national interest and to some degree it undermines our national security. Israel’s interests are its own; what is good for Israel is not always good for the US and vice versa. This is a concept lost on many in the US.

    – Douglas Feith is a traitor who should be tried, convicted, and executed. (Actually from a counterintelligence standpoint you shouldn’t execute people for espionage because you need to keep going back to debrief them as new events occur; but I am willing to make an exception here.)

    – The case of the “art students” and 9/11 “white van” warrants further investigation, as do other counterintelligence issues involving Israel. There is strong reason to believe the white van story really happened.*

    I think we can find agreement on these.

    *That said, I believe the “9/11 Truth Movement” and some of the more vocal art-student/white-van commentators greatly undermine the chance of it being examined.

  26. This is off topic but will address some comments.

    I wanted to address Kingfisher with a bit of wit regarding his venomous
    remark about Rachel Corrie.

    I decided though not to address him at all, since I am sure his Commando Style would come roaring through his fingers, and he’d keyboard me with something equally heinous as his feelings toward Ms. Corrie.

    So instead I’ve decided to post links to the Rachel Corrie Memorial web site and her letters home to her Mom and Dad from the short time she spent in Gaza.

    Personally I believe Rachel Corrie was a beautiful soul who displayed tremendous compassion and extraordinary courage.

  27. camusrebel says:

    zb, i’ll take that as a “I don’t have the courage to take an honest look at the ever growing mountain of evidence proving inside job”. That’s ok….you have many, many cowardly commrades to cower with.

    Kingfisher, thank you for that. We may not be so very far apart after all. Hurray for civility. One small quibble. A topic “warrants further investigation” but persons calling for such an investigation more vocally than others undermine a chance thereof?

    I think I kinda know what you’re trying to say, but not sure.

  28. Your assumption that I haven’t watched the videos and read the reports made me smile.

    Ok, so I say 9/11 was an inside job. Then what? What has changed?

    The world becomes shiny and bright and the millions who have already died along with the millions more that will are suddenly relegated to the back burner?

    I am suddenly a free spirit capable of higher thought and the horror show that has been 9/11 and, more importantly, its consequences are no more?

  29. You are making stock judgements based on an event that happened nearly a decade ago, just as your hated neocons do.

    Congratulations, you hate yourself.

  30. Kingfisher says:

    “I think I kinda know what you’re trying to say, but not sure.”

    That particular line of inquiry is ripe for sensationalism, and lends itself easily to persons or groups looking to push an agenda. This undermines credibility.

    I have repeatedly shared my negative opinions of the “9/11 Truth Movement” on this website and its predecessor.

  31. camusrebel says:

    Wow…ok….this might be a long post. Gonna use it like therapy and see if there is some point where I get cut off. On Jan 11, a 16 yr old girl in my class pulled a knife on a classmate. Police were summoned, she was arrested, today was her hearing. I drove her and her mother to and from, speaking on school’s behalf. On top of that I gotta digest my Frogville arch-nemesis Fishmeister morphing into my respectful debating partner as some other joker comes stumbling in to play the foil.

    And what do both have in common with our esteemed hostess with the mostess courage? A paculiar distaste for any discussion about the psychedelic paisley rhinoceros cavorting in the living room; a one Mr. N. Eleven.

    All 3 with entirely different reasons for becoming squeamish at the mere idea of an in depth discussion of that gargantuan rake about to rattle the china closet with a small twitch of the hips.

    Ms. Edmonds is a little like God. If she didn’t exist we would have to invent her. Her site, her rules….that is why I try to hold my tongue. Even going for days w/o even checking into to this oasis of sanity just to avoid the urge to spew endlessly on a topic she has made very clear she does not want to be the center of attention around here, thank you very much. Understandable. Any bozo that has followed her heroic journey will no doubt agree she probably knows not only the certainty of inside jobness but also names, dates, deals sealed in blood etc. for instance………why were so many FBI agents shut down….hmmmmm…ya think………naaaaaa, but,……maybe. The first key is ’93.

    Then there’s Kfish. My new best friend. Kinda like Christmas day in WWII when germans an brits chilled for a minute, drinking and chatting about family on front lines where thousand were butchered the day before and thousands more tomorrow, but today we become human. How easily our violent animal nature can be discarded with a moments will. Extraordinary. “That particular line of inquiry is ripe for sensationalism, and lends itself easily to persons or groups looking to push an agenda. That undermines credibility.” Ok, new BF, in just 26 words you have stunned me into speechlessness for….8 seconds.

    Lets break it down: “ripe for sensationalism”…actually could convince some fence sitters to look into things a little more

    “push an agenda”….seek the one and only truth

    “undermines credibility”….makes some people who are serenely enjoying their nice tasty virtual steak a little uncomfortable.

    I know fisher king does not watch a lot of fox noise, so what could turn an other wise rambunctious lad all a tremblin’? The actual shifting of a paradigm is not tiddly fuckin winks. Drinks will flow and blood will spill an if the boy’s wanna fight u better let em. Man up son, let’s ride!

    Then there’s precious little zee bee….awwww…aint she cute….babblin away. For her innocent ears I will put a few things out there ONCE.

    Why did the chimp sit in that classroom for 7 minutes? Then stay at the school another half hour?
    Why did cheney say “of course the orders still stand”?
    Why was protocol changed that summer to give dick control?
    I could go on and on about things like thermite, wargames and Able Danger so….I think I will.

    Who remembers what the note on the Anthrax letter said? blah, blah, blah, be afraid, 9/11, blah blah , blah. Now do you really believe Patsy Ivins is “that dude”?

    How many times in the last 9 years have you heard evil done in your name with your money justified by the incessant chant of….oh, wait…i hear another chant perculating up from the just waking up masses….and it asks….did Mahmud Ahmed(head of ISI) really wire Mohammed Atta one hundred grand, or was it “his wife” and why was he meeting with Porter Goss and Bob Graham on Capitol Hill that fateful morning and why did the junta resist a commission for over a year, then apoint KISSINGER, then never even answer 70% of the familys questions, and never let dim-son testify by himself w/o holding hands w/big dick….no video… audio….NO MOTHER FUCKING TRANSCRIPTS. Why was NORAD AWOL? How did a guy dying from liver disease in a cave half way around the world order the missle batteries ringing the Pentagon to stand down. Shanksville was obviously shot down…..duh… A LITTLE research. WTC 7?! Hello?! no plane hit it. Landlord silverstein says they decided to “pull it”….its controlled demo looked textbook….ditto first two.
    Neils Harriet(et al’s) paper proves thermite was used. Hint: cant get that stuff from poppys. One a mah favorites….the magical passport, escapes initial inferno, demolition/dust monster from hell, is found oh so conveniently on sidewalk. A-HA!!!!

    Really, I could go on and on and on and on andon and on and ona nd a nd o
    n…but I know you all just wanna know what happened with my student. Well, the hearing officer perked up when S.R. made one little contradiction in her story. One more and my student would have been locked up immediately w/a court date in a month or two. See, outside THE BIG LIE, 2 or more contradictions, “coincidences”, fishy alibis, hard to believe explanations, or “red flags” unleash the bulldog in any good investigator, on the scent, smelling him some juicy guiltly party, oh yeah, close by…..when it becomes 3 such hitches in the giddy-up of an “explanation”, he is luxuriating in One Hundred Percent Certainville.
    After four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen….such credibility stretching shennanigans, you dig me?

    The paradigm shift, little zee bee, will encompass many a gallows and maybe even a guillotine or two. Capitalism will be finished. Leaders of both major partys(if their necks are not stretched or severed) will be imprisoned, their little mafias outlawed. Network TV will be nationalized so we can educate people how to be CITIZENS. So will banks, energy and of course health care. Human beings continue to evolve. Every day. We have the intellect to make this small rock hurtling through space a paradise for every lifeform on it. Peace, love, music, arts, science, sports, family, nature….simplicity.

    Sibel, I vow to never bring this topic up again on your site w/o provocation. Please don’t ban me. Let it snow.

  32. 344thBrother says:

    Hi Sibel:

    Another excellent article. I used to fly quite often, but have been home bound since after 911. I basically burned down all my professional contacts yelling about the evidence for Inside Job. Some are creeping back toward me now, but 10 years is a long time to be out of the professional research loop. I’m glad I missed all the groping and scanning.

    My daughter, who was always more trusting of her “Friends” than I liked, suffered an assault, and I’ll never forget the sense of total fury and pain. I can’t even adequately describe it. I can still feel it and it was almost 2 decades ago. Your description of that violation is accurate. Watching some of her other “Friends” and classmates choose sides, justify and even defend the perpetrator was a painful lesson for our whole family.

    People are weak, many of them will take the path of least resistance and justify it to themselves even if it’s morally indefensible. Our children are being trained this way by TV shows like Trump. Get ahead, be a cut throat, win at any cost, it’s cool.

    Your allusion to Orwell’s “Face crime” is perfect. We now have facial recognition, gait recognition, brain wave detection, naked body scanners, surveillance, RFID, fingerprints, medical records, criminal records, financial records, employment records, and every other record imaginable all tied together in a neat computerized bundle following us everywhere we go.
    Records available to nearly any bureaucrat at the touch of a button or two. Not to mention rendition, “Stress positions”, sensory deprivation, “Enemy combatant” status, secret trials, sneak and peak, FAKE evidence etc. all these threats hanging over us like the sword of Damocles.

    Police, “Intelligence officers” and “Security” assume that we “Civilians” are guilty until proven innocent and have been trained to dehumanize us as an “Officer safety” issue. What else can explain the taser attacks and beatings on the elderly, the disabled and children? Anyone who objects to being treated like a felon becomes an immediate threat. Police brutality is completely out of control. Police Chiefs excuse their officers with a glib “The officers were acting within the policy of the Department”, end of discussion, go home, lick your wounds, shut up, or you get more.

    We’re being herded like sheep, and like sheep, most of the herd will stampede wherever they’ve been directed, by the dogs, to be shorn, to be castrated, to be rendered into raw materials, to be consumed. Maybe that’s too harsh a comparison right now, but how long before it’s reality? Sheep do nothing and they get exactly what they allow to happen. The elite have made no secret of their view that we are animals, , insects, sub-human, cannon fodder, expendable.

    There are those of us who will object, but barring armed conflict, the behavior of the “Authorities” will continue to deteriorate into coercive violence. Those of us who will object are being herded against a wall with a prod, jabbed again and again until we snap and retaliate and then we’re terrorists (A perfect self fulfilling prophecy) or we collapse and are hauled away, or we die. (Where’s the downside?)

    It’s hard not to be negative when looking at the options that we have open to us and watching them steadily slam shut like prison cell doors.

    I wish I had some words or some idea besides “Our numbers are growing and theirs are shrinking” which I do believe. But, in the mean time our children are being removed from us and trained in what amount to re-education camps, injected and fed with toxic substances and turned against their own family. Hitler and Mao went after the children too. History is repeating itself. I’m so glad my children are grown. I can’t even feel bad at not having grand children.

    Sooner or later, something will snap. Some Prozac head or militia member, or FBI stooge will set something off that will tip the whole mess over the edge and after that we’re in free fall and subject to the effect of gravity. The fact that the bureaucrats and the cops etc. . will get their share of it is no consolation to those of us who just want peace for ourselves and our children. The disgusting part is it’s a plan. Get us to kill eachother off. Divide and Conquer. There’s nothing new under the sun. Something evil this way comes. We can all feel it. The sheep are nervous.

    I suspect that the best that we can do is to try and maintain our humanity, to pass on what we know now before any real communication becomes a capitol crime and then to keep on passing it on anyway. To stand on principal not because it’s wise, but because it’s right. To protect ourselves and resist without becoming aggressors. To choose our targets carefully if we fight. To not cause collateral damage. To continue to love one another. If necessary to die FOR something greater than ourselves.

    Enough of that. off the subject…

    Would you consider having your web master install an ignore function so that we can individually decide who we choose to read and who we can easily turn off? These forums can devolve into personality battles and I can see some evidence of it starting here as well. As for me, it’s no big deal, I can just fast forward past the trolling and the rebuttals to the trolls, but it would be handier to be able to change the channel as it were.

    God bless us every one and keep the faith.
    Dave Short
    911 Truther, Militia member, Father
    Northern California

  33. I’d quick like to say that Ms. Edmonds has consistently brought forth facts that she can back up and she has tried to refrain from speculation.

    While this might be frustrating to those who are feeling urgency, it does represent a solid path to spreading truth and justice.

    And this project of hers has been growing, it seems exponentially, in the last year.

    @KF, hang in there. While I’ve had my own frustrations with you, I don’t appreciate the recent name calling directed at you.

    @CR, way to let it out – no shame in that. I hope you can refine it.

    @EM, plus or minus?

  34. @3B: Just get one of the militia secretaries to filter it for you.

  35. mm. This country reads at a middle school level. They worship the shiny glow of the TV.

    Anyone who will be impacted by any of the footage or documentation on the day has already been so.

    I’m not sure who you think will be doing the hanging, but I’m relatively certain it won’t be you.

    Tell me, what will they all do without their Wal-Marts?

  36. @Dave Short I like your honesty and hope these couple of anecdotes will help. I lived on a farm in Oregon and had a chance to closely observe sheep. You missed a few points, which apply to humans as well. We had a large Hereford named Hester that was the watch cow of the herd. Any coyotes or predators come around, and she could stare them down, or back it up with her 1000 pounds. Being new to the farm, my wife was intimidated by Hester and would not cross the pasture into the 2000 acres of forest above the farm. I set out one day while Hester was off to the side, and got up into the forest. Returning I had to cross a narrow stream between two gates, and Hester was standing right there waiting for me. Now I had been friendly to all the farm animals, including Sir Ram. This is a Scottish breed of sheep that are still partially wild. He was in charge of the ewes who were feeding along the wash. He saw what was coming, and as I approached the narrows, he used his formidable horns to butt Hester a good few in her side. She moved aside. I thanked my ram friend.
    Another time a ewe had her head stuck in the fence trying to get grass on the other side. Sir Ram mounted her, trying to pull her out. It did not work. So he trotted around the fence through an open gate, approached her head on, and butted her back out of the fence. Now, that warn’t no dumb sheep. Treat the sheeple nice. There’s a few that might do you a favor one day.

  37. camusrebel says:

    When Sally Shopping mall and Joe 12 pack realize how they have been totally PLAYED like braindead fools, I will not have to tie any of knooses. Our country has never seen millions in the street fueled by justified raging fury. Wall Mart will sell out of rope so fast folks will actually have to find their local mom-n-pop hardware store…or the next town’s over, or the next or…

    I will be busy planning the inevitable Article V Convention(look it up) where we will “alter or abolish” the fetid cesspool that is our current system of government. Dismantling capitalism, taking over Goldman Sachs, Exxon,Aetna etc for the people, cutting the military by 80%, eliminating the CIA….these things in theory take time, but when the snowball starts hurtling down the mountain of truth…a certain unstoppable momentum caomes into play. With Truth, no longer will the poor and middle class waste energy hating on each other. They will unite and come to see who the true enemy is. Tea-baggers and tree huggers, libertarians and gay librarians, unemployed steel workers and crack smoking work shirkers will all be marching together.

  38. The correct answer would be..


  39. English isn’t your first language and/or you aren’t an American.

  40. Kingfisher says:

    “Lets break it down: “ripe for sensationalism”…actually could convince some fence sitters to look into things a little more
    “push an agenda”….seek the one and only truth
    “undermines credibility”….makes some people who are serenely enjoying their nice tasty virtual steak a little uncomfortable.”

    @CR: You criticized my comment only to reinforce my point with your own statements. When you say something like:

    “The actual shifting of a paradigm is not tiddly fuckin winks. Drinks will flow and blood will spill an if the boy’s wanna fight u better let em. Man up son, let’s ride!”

    You either REALLY like the 1970’s rock band Thin Lizzy….OR….you might have an agenda.

  41. Kingfisher says:

    @ZT: Thanks for the kind words. I hope all is well.

  42. Great interview, Sibel and Peter.

    On the hiring and training of CIA operatives, The Parallax View comes to mind.

    Ms. Rowley, I hope you’ll consider running again! This time as an Independent! Part of your platform could be exposing the 5 emotion propoganda and propogandists. I know I’d support you.

  43. Woops! Wrong post…

  44. camusrebel says:

    i guess ur right KF, i suppose i do have an agenda. A few other folks have had it in the past, u might’a heard about it, it goes by different names but it is simply this……..good defeats evil.

    zb gets off his frightened knees and becomes a man

  45. camusrebel says:

    good catch on the T. Lizzy

  46. I’d quick like to say that Ms. Edmonds has consistently brought forth facts that she can back up and she has tried to refrain from speculation.

    And I’m willing to guess that info the brave lady has been ordered to withhold, under violation of the ‘State Secrets Act,’ is so much more ….. Indicting?

    Who needs speculation when the Organized Crime Rodeo in DC and Langley and Ft. Meade is a veritable goldmine to be exposed?

  47. Actually, I just remembered this clip that illustrates our new airport security regime quite prophetically:

    Come. Let us ALL sing the Rebel song.

    Rebels are We,
    Born to be Free,
    Just like the Fish in the Sea.

    I’m waiting to see if we’ll all have to translate this stuff into Swedish.

  48. camusrebel says:

    For all your bookmaking needs,


    Point spreads covered and flat out winners picked, so far w/100% accuracy

    Oh when the __________

    Go marching in

    Oh when the _________ go marching in

    Gotta be in that #

  49. 344thBrother says:

    Militia Secretaries >huh?<
    To filter for me?

    Thanks, I try to be honest. It’s a dangerous habit these days.

    Regarding sheep and rams and cows. Good story. I’ve got nothing against sheep/people they just frustrate me because they’re so darn slow. Then they freak out and stampede.

    I’ve got a story too, my grandparents had a ranch with sheep, goats and cattle. They had cattle guards keeping the cows in the pasture. The goats figured out how to cross them and taught the cows how, so they had to go to gates. @Moral, if you can’t be a goat, at least listen to one and learn how to cross the cattle guard.

    I’m doubtful that all the various groups will unite. What I see is a splintering and active divide and conquer policy in play. I’m reminded of Ceasar’s wars against the Gallic tribes. When they finally united it was too late and they weren’t organized enough to be effective. And even when most did unite there were still many provinces that did nothing, or warred against their neighbors, or actively fought on the side of Rome.

    Judging from the pattern we see right now, and from the CIA’s ongoing policy of Terrorism-(Stampede the sheep, paralyze the cattle, demonize the goats), War-(Herd everyone into one pen), and Surveillance (Find the goats and neutralize them). Plus the economic attacks. I expect Joe 24 pack and Sally Sucker Mom (yes i know)to go along with whomever keeps their TV on, their beer flowing, and Monday Night Football playing. At least until they’re out of their house, their SUV is being repossessed, their children have been corralled and they’re hungry and thirsty. THEN MAYBE we’ll see the Yuppies and the regular citizenry really get mad and start to fight.

    Unfortunately, then they’ll be fighting for food, clothing and shelter. And those of us who have these items will be fighting to keep them. It’s been played out in 3rd world countries like Haiti for decades and the Czarist Occupational Government (COG) is good at it. I think we’re fooling ourselves if we believe that we’re going to react differently from anyone else when we’re starving, cold and frightened, or our children are sick and there’s no help for them.

    The Militia has a saying, “Don’t react, respond” In other words, rioting is bad, sensible, measured, planned-for defense and if necessary offense is good. But it takes preparation and it’s getting very late in the game.

    In my opinion, our best hope is in “Yankee ingenuity”, the willingness to work together with others toward mutual goals, preparation, in our stubborn American pride and in the fundamental goodness of humanity even under the most extreme of circumstances. When we all really realize who the enemy is, then I believe we’ll see that snowball of yours gather speed. Until then, I see pieces of it breaking off in all directions.

    God bless us every one

  50. 344thBrother says:

    *sigh* another thread kilt.

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