Corbett Report: The Poison Pills in Senate Whistleblower Bill

S.372- ‘A Bill set to make things all but impossible for future would-be whistleblowers

CorbettJames Corbett of Corbett Report has been doing a great job covering the recent troubling developments in the Senate version of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (S. 372). As many of you are aware this is one of the areas designated as ‘can’t touch this, can’t cover this’ by the mainstream media and the like; something our spineless congressional members take great comfort from. On behalf of all our National Security Whistleblower Members I want to thank Mr. Corbett for his diligent reporting on this long-ignored issue. For his report, which includes a well-written article, a video, and Podcast interview with me click here. And here for his recent interview with FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner.

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  1. perhaps a Freudian slip, but correction. *you call him Colbert as in Steve Colbert.*

  2. camusrebel says:

    Sibel, I have heard you called a lot of things these past eight years.
    Mostly, because of the nature of the sites I frequent, very, very highly positive. Even glowing. When they are the opposite I leap to your defense.
    But when Corbett called you , “the silent, gagged star of the 9/11 Truth movement” it just confused me.

    I fully understand your desire to not bring up the elephant, especially in an “unrelated” thread, therefore perhaps you should request James find a more catchy and realistic nickname.

  3. Dang Sibel

    Whistleblowers sure are having a bad time in this
    period of ‘Hope & Change’, real heros who deserve to be recognized
    as such.

    Thanks for the podcast and thank you as well, James Corbett.

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