Pretty Words & the Same-O-Same-O

Is “This” the New Era of Activism?

So I haven’t been writing; pouring out pages and pages of words; analyzing a bit of a sick foreign policy issue here and a handful of plentiful corruption stories there, or marveling at the rapid uncontested descent toward the ever-approaching ‘police state,’…

I am going to blame it partly on a hectic life in the fast lane, but only ‘partly.’ Here is the major reason for the absence of my ‘many-word’ postings:

WordsWordsI am tired; so very tired. I am tired of reading and listening to all these nicely written, well-argued, soundly reasoned, and sadly, factual words written and spoken by good natured preppy boys and girls. There are so many scandals, too may wrongs, and lots to fight. Unfortunately we still don’t have the majority, as is almost always the case whenever and wherever things get to be so wrong and awful; our good ole notion of the ‘irate minority.’ Yet, we this ‘irate minority’ is a decent size. The problem is, at least to me, that almost the entire membership of our current irate minority has assumed one title, and one title only: educators. Activism has been narrowed and reduced to one line of activity – producing words: writing-blogs, alternative means of communication, and, talking. Words, words, many words; pretty words, good words, big words, intellectually enriched words, academically induced words, mumbo words, jumbo words…words words everywhere.

They are all talking, writing; some are busy talking and writing simultaneously. There seems to be not enough words, or enough time to use all the needed words to cover the obscene cost of  our wars (cost in lives, cost to taxpayers, cost to morale, cost to our standing around the world, cost to…), to cover the assault on our civil liberties (from enhanced pat down of our crotches by TSA to the illegal monitoring of our every form of communication…), to cover the violations of human rights (from torture to illegal detentions to assassination squads…), to cover the daily corruption scandals (from our multi-billion-dollar private war industry to our very own elected officials)…

You may say ‘but that’s a good thing. We need to educate and inform more people in order to change the sorry state of things…’ You’d be right, except for this major reality factor: all these pretty words are written for and or spoken to the same audience circle - which includes the same large irate minority who happen to spend all their time writing and speaking them.  And, that my friend, is why we are where we are. Well, at least in my opinion.

To bring about needed change(s) we need Agents of Change. You see, it is plural: Agents. Of course we need the educators: writers, speakers, reporters/journalists…We also need organizers. We need leaders. We need participant funders. We need uniters- sure, I made up this word, but it makes sense: we need people who are good at uniting the decent. Without people fulfilling these roles, we’ll be stuck here, in this exact same situation, or most likely even worse.

Okay, back to me being tired; make it exhausted. I am surrounded with good friends and acquaintances who have been talking and writing, and of course, reading and listening to other comrade talkers and writers. Most of them are great people, and I like them. A few of them are less likable due to their own doings - disposition-intellectual snubs - but nonetheless, they mostly make sense in their writing-talking presentations. So I’ve been reading their work, one after another, and, I’ve been listening to them. I find many of their analyses, whether on civil liberties or foreign policy or whatever, to be sound, right on target, or at least interesting and worth considering. But every time I am exposed to their audience-readers, I keep seeing the same people: the already-knowledgeable vigilant small group of sods - which includes colleagues who also write-speak similar words. And, that circle of audience ain’t growing. Neither is the dynamic moving towards, getting translated to any action, or anything even resembling any action. And, we are where we are; in a place worse than it was a year ago, and far worse than where it was three years before that.

Hmmmmm. I still have plenty to say on this subject, but doing that means more words, and that my friend, is going to totally defeat the purpose of this ‘side note.’ Will the cure for my current revolt against and exhaustion of words be by throwing myself into another round of word-swamp, or, by turning the word faucet off, except for a drip here or there? I guess time will tell.

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  1. Hi Sibel… we’re all tired…

  2. Americans are great “fighters” with words. The US hasn’t won a war since WWII, and many forget about the allied military that did a considerable amount of the work. Since then it has dilly-dallied in everyone else’s business but their own which shown in their educational system, the country’s infrastructure, the fact that it “borrows” it’s money from a monster bank, and uses federal income taxes to pay the interest on a damnable sized “loan”. Instead of “federal reserve note,” it should say “US Treasury Not” on american currency. American’s are cowards. They’ve been rousted out of Vietnam, Korea, technically still goes on. An Army soldier that does a tour in Korea still wears a combat patch. American NEEDS to fall. They’ve lost the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, can’t win in Iran, even got run out of Mogadishu. A government owned by the American elite. Well, I don’t know if you feel the same as I do, but it’s time for talk to stop. It happens in other countries all the time. This “corpocracy” can burn in hell. I think we ought to assist in this outcome.


  3. it’s time to take up arms enmasse and give the “government” pause to consider going home and writing their books. This FACT will not change. I know I’d ride out in the name of that Quest. I may be wrong Ms Edmonds, but I think what you’re trying to say is that you are fatigued of “talking” and it’s time to move on.

  4. well, no one’s tired enough to do something. Other countries would have armed themselves and run the damned government out. Bush/cheney, to of the greatest war criminals since Hitler are still at large. People can’t talk their way out of that one. Some of the same bastards are working for Obama, and who’s HE working for. I’ve been researching “American History ” for a dozen years now. the lies and deceit, not to mention godawful crimes by the United States go back over a century. If this is the “peoples” government, then lets go as the “people” and throw them out! I’m a veteran of Vietnam. I’m not to old to shoulder a weapon and head east. Until this happens, or something done ENMASSE as in workouts, MASSIVE DOCUMENTS SIGNED BY MILLIONS to advise them they are working for the people, not corporations, despite corporations have all the “rights” of a human being. it is time for massive ACTION!! no more begging blogs, but demands followed by combat if necessary. Nancy pelosi thinks it’s fine to jail people who can’t afford corporate health insurance? well lets’ allow her to go back to her street corner. That goes for the rest of those rodents.

  5. It’s absolutely essential to maintain balance in your life. It appears to me that you are experiencing some (I hope) temporary burnout by not being balanced. You did the right thing by taking time off and you should not feel guilty about doing that.

    Words are very important and those with the ability to use them effectively, like yourself, play a very important role in creating activism. And what alternative is there for sensitive, aware people like yourself? Do you really think that you can just leave the field of battle and pursue pleasure or some other pastime? I really don’t think you are capable of doing that.

    By all means take time off, maybe you need even more. But don’t disappear from our lives–we need you, and each other more than ever.

  6. camusrebel says:

    all you need is one word. Preceeded by 3 #’s……911/Truth.

    Yes, we must spread the word to actual flesh and blood human beings. Some of us, myself included, have been and will continue to be out in the streets. But everyone can make sure all their friends families co-workers strangers in traffic reading my bumper sticker, we All can contribute well beyond our keyboards.

    It is our only hope.

    Or drown in meaningless words and inaction.

  7. ZicaTanka says:

    How about a citizen’s arrest of some of the criminals named in your American Conservative article. Are there any kinds of lawsuits that could be filed by citizens in lieu of Justice Dept action?

    Personally, I think getting some folks in handcuffs should be the top short term goal.

  8. Compassion out of the box: Generally my posts are experiential. A blog is by its nature words, and thus imperfect. Daily I work with farmers, millionaires, and educators. One thing we have in common is food. At the local farmer’s market I learned two Turkish words – Kudret Nori. Not only did I make friends with a Turk, an American Indian, and a Jewish evangelist, but we learned how to prepare bitter melon (Momordica charantia) – yes, Kudret Nori, which Mayo Clinic shows is a leading candidate for diabetes, sugar addictions, etc. Solving the world’s problems happens around food. Learn to grow you own food. I believe our jester, Edit-mommies made comments in this direction. Listen to you local fool. Sometimes they are wise.

  9. cinderman says:

    Look Sibel… until you recognize the 800 lb gorilla in the room – the 911 false flag – you’re not going to have a heckuva lot of backing for your cause. I couldn’t help but notice, but that after your fund raising drive, you just happened to take a little “vacation.” Well, I’m sorry, but that didn’t cut it with me. While I’m willing to cut everyone new in my life some slack – like you – you’re slipping out of sight when the fundraising drive was over brought up the yellow flag for me. I earlier mentioned about donating, but now I’ve kinda lost interest. Either you tackle 911 head on – and I know you know the truth about it – like camusrebel said… you ain’t gettin nowhere with your readers. You gotta grow some balls soon or you’ll be dancing off into the sunset with sycophants, admirer’s, and brainwashed liberals. We wanna see some real action in your corner, otherwise you’ve got a losing fight on your hands. Forget all the nebbish bs, and tackle the real battle… otherwise your website will just flounder along like another flat fish on the sea floor – all wet, slick, and a flop. Would appreciate a reply – set the record straight and your views, or I for one will go elsewhere for “snooze.” Quite frankly I had high hopes for your, but now I’m totally bored.

  10. Just a question and an observation perhaps.

    I do wonder what exactly the readers and posters here want from Sibel regarding the 9/11 attacks.

    Maybe she reveal some classified info, if she has knowledge of any, and get thrown in the gulag?

    Maybe she “fess” up and say 9/11 was an inside job, and spew what has already be written and said?

    Frankly I’m tired of the pressure here to turn this site into another 9/11 forum.

    What are you asking for from Sibel? Are there not hundreds of thousands of sites where you can discuss this 9/11 topic?

  11. cinderman, have a great snooze. I for one will not miss you.

  12. Hi Sibel,

    After 18 years in this cruel jungle, I am not only tired by the victim of a financial bloodbath – I would likely be a millionaire now, cotemplating retirement in a few years, would have had many more enjoyable memories of vacations with family, time with family, being able to tell my kids we can afford their studies at any college they wanted to attend, etc.

    Having said that, does anyone really think our children/grandchildren have good chances of dying natural deaths given present facts and trends?

    I know it alienates you that I openly state it is my Christian faith and worldview that has played an essential part in my suffering for righteousness’ sake – but that is truth of matter and it is bigoted for you/others not to accept my reasons as valid for me – just as it would be bigoted of me not to accept your underlying reasons for your suffering and patriotism as valid for you, even if they have no basis in religion or are based in a faith and worldview much different than mine.

    I am the one leading the charge to expose and stop 31 years of lawbreaking at OSC/MSPB – black and white, letter of law, lawbreaking, that has contributed to a significantly diminished and more threatened America. You could help, much more than you have, but you would rather not. I appreciate what you are doing, I must make that as clear as I can – despite my financial constraints, I have contributed to this site.

    But I do not understand why you are not helping get my well-evidenced concerns substantiated or dispelled.

    Joe Carson, PE
    Knoxville, TN


    If you’d been down the road she has your ass would be burned out too. Especially, since despite her DAMNING evidence, not a single roach has gone to jail and Odumba seems quite content to use the same vermin Bush used who have LONG histories of ugly chicanery. There are people afoot who’d like to see her snuffed. I’d be fatigued in the extreme if I’d seen and heard what she has, then, after relating it to the “authorities,” the bastards are still alive! then watching the americans who she risked life and limb for continue to be STUPID, and a nation of loudmouthed cowards. My hat is off to Ms. Edmonds. She’s Middle Eastern, but shown more guts than any damned american sheep.


    why don’t you shut the fuck up. you’re a coward and a mouth. you have no ideas, just mouth. No brain, just mouth. You’ve got to be an american, long on mouth short on brain. I’d LOVE TO MEET UP WITH YOU. after than, there’d be no more cinderblock.

  15. You know Ms Edmonds. IF i was you. I think of what I was doing and what I wanted to do to be happy with life. You’re very young, married, and I would take that over this blog any day. As you can plainly see, people are looking to you for answers that you might not have for them. You’ve done americans a great service, and now, you ought to do what you WANT to do. Americans are NEVER going to work up the guts to flush the washington toilet. HELL they still think this is a democracy, and that their “vote” is their voice in “government!!” I think you should work on what you want to do. I know you’ve already been many places, but I’m sure there are others you’d like to go. you can’t save this dump. you’ve already done more than most of the rodents out here in never-never land. And their NEVER going to do anything but write. I hope you have a quiet minded day.



  17. Okay, I see a bunch of things have been totally misunderstood!

    Yes, I am tired, BUT, only tired of ‘words;’ words without action/organization.
    Otherwise, I am doing fine; I love my life: my daughter, my work, my friends… I am actually lucky to have all this.

    AND, I am filled with energy, enthusiasm, outrage, passion…to take ACTION. To actually do ‘things,’ however little, rather than, just talk talk talk. We need action, real change; revolution. Don;t you see how this current jerk of a president got himself elected based on ‘words,’ pretty words???!!!! His voters decided to disregard his actual actions (really bad ones!!), and decided to go with his ‘words.’ Well, here, they have him!

    Sooooo, that was what I tried to convey, and obviously I used to many words and gave all sorts of impressions!!!

    TedBohne: I’m okay with all points of views, but please refrain from using the F word (and alike); I know it is easy to express frustration with those words (I usually think of several versions in several languages when I am frustrated, but don’t use it…okay, rarely!).

    JP Carson: I have respect for what you’ve done, and been doing. You are right, I don’t like to mix religion (any religion), but I don’t judge people who differ. That’s all.

  18. Why revolt when your enemy is self destructing? The enemy we are against is systemic and won’t go quietly into that good night, let them continue to rage rage overseas before we show them the dying light.

  19. I am grateful for this site and what Sibel is doing and has already done. Until the majority, or a substantial amount of people believe our government needs an overhaul, we’ll keep riding along playing politics as they take all our remaining freedoms away. The financial system has us all by the cajones and we just can’t seem to function otherwise. If we could collapse the power of the banks, the machine won’t function. Pull the rug right out from under them. Yeah, starve the military or put that beast on a severe diet. Start bartering or develop stronger community ties and currencies.

    I don’t know the answer, but getting the word out is definitely important. Fighting among ourselves doesn’t help the cause. So many don’t want to believe the truth. So many still are stuck in the “American Dream”. Too many are still watching MSM. Did you see that movie Psywar? Good info. Free on line. Thank God we still have the free internet. We gotta keep that open and accessible, at all cost, IMO.

  20. To bring about needed change(s) we need Agents of Change. You see, it is plural: Agents. Of course we need the educators: writers, speakers, reporters/journalists…We also need organizers. We need leaders. We need participant funders. We need uniters- sure, I made up this word, but it makes sense: we need people who are good at uniting the decent. Without people fulfilling these roles, we’ll be stuck here, in this exact same situation, or most likely even worse.

    I have been writing very similar things over at Greenwald’s blog for literally years. It’s good to see at least one of the intertube’s citizen leaders/info gatekeepers acknowledge it. The next thing you might consider (perhaps you already have and have just not named it precisely) is that the netroots may indeed actually be an impediment to actual action. Whereas, in years past, citizen leaders had to get out “in the real world” to have themselves heard, now the would be leaders/organizers are content to whine and bitch. The “educating” becomes the end action and they are content with that. Greenwald is a prime example of this. He began his writing career as a very bright “nobody” and while he could have gone a couple different directions, it seems he has settled for “journalist.” That’s very troubling actually as he has a sizeable following and could be doing so much more.

    All of this is to say that “our MLK” is probably writing a blog somewhere.

  21. From the Richard Brooks film, “The Professionals”:

    Bill Dolworth: Maybe there’s only one revolution, since the beginning, the good guys against the bad guys. Question is, who are the good guys?

    Yeah, Sibel. It sucks being the one-eyed person in the Kingdom of the Blind. Bur it’s important to remember that the struggle has been going on for far longer than all of us.

    Oysterband, “The World Turned Upside Down”:

    I was watching the hoopla over Glenn Beck’s Revisionist Abomination this weekend and marveled how SOME things never seem to change.

    Leni Reifenstahl, “A Triumph Of The Will”:

    So it’s understandable to feel discouraged beating one’s head against the wall by using logic and reasoned arguments when your opponents play to emotion and fear. But it IS important to place yourself WITHIN that continuum of struggle. So Welcome to the Reservation:

    John Trudell, “Living In Reality”:

    Draw your strength and power from the sure knowledge that YOU are on the RIGHT side of history. That THAT history has been an upward path towards Liberty and away from Barbarism.

    Besides, What would you have us do?:

    Remember that you ARE an inspiration with your courage and persistence:

    John Trudell, “Heart-Taker”:

    Also remember that you are part of that long struggle to be truly Free:

    John Trudell: “FreeDUMB”:

    I’m using a lot of John Trudell videos here to try to help place you within that context of struggle while also showing the wisdom of someone who’s struggle AND the price he PAID for it has been far longer and worse than any of us here.

    So, where do we go from here? Like Trudell, I try to use the Power of Coherent Thought to engage and take responsibility for my life and what I do. I use that to try to keep the balance in my life.

    John Trudell: The Power of Coherent Thought and the Misuse of Power:

    Zen tasks us to see the World AS IT IS, WITHOUT ILLUSION. So I leave you with Jesus Raza’s encapsulation of the Struggle:

    Jesus Raza: La RevoluciÛn is like a great love affair. In the beginning, she is a goddess. A holy cause. But… every love affair has a terrible enemy: time. We see her as she is. La RevoluciÛn is not a goddess but a whore. She was never pure, never saintly, never perfect. And we run away, find another lover, another cause. Quick, sordid affairs. Lust, but no love. Passion, but no compassion. Without love, without a cause, we are… *nothing*! We stay because we believe. We leave because we are disillusioned. We come back because we are lost. We die because we are committed.

    Anawashte, Kola!

  22. Sibel, you right of course. It’s like everyone who knows anything about what has been happening or cares is sitting in a room all by ourselves while the rest of the country is outside in a world controlled by an indifferent useless corporate media. When we speak, it is like speaking into a wind tunnel and when we write, we are writing in disappearing ink. That alone can be exhausting, like outrage fatigue.

  23. Sibel,

    I hear you and feel your frustration. We Americans have a problem with action and especially direct action. We have been led to believe we express our wishes at the ballot box or in letters to the editor, or in chats around the water cooler.

    Americans can hardly mount a strike which gets noticed. We march to DC to protest war in the hundreds of thousands and we don’t even make the evening news. This depresses people who HAD thought they acted.

    And the mass of Americans ARE politically and historically naive. And many are so consumed by putting bread on the table and survival that they don’t have time for “politics”. And those that do, many of them have been seduced by materialism and the distractions of our “consumer culture”. This group simply think things go on autopilot and it’s all rigged in DC and in the board rooms anyway.

    And finally the system we have is not set up to change and evolve. It has enormous momentum to keep on going where it’s headed. If you’ve been a victim and seek redress in the courts, expect to fight for a decade and have it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get “justice”. Our justice system is basically one to get as many of the underclass into prison and out of sight… sort of the street sweeper for our failed education and economic systems. And the justice system like the others is a cash cow for those well placed within it.

    The view from here is that the system is so far gone, so corrupt and so overflowing with self serving persons who are living high off the hog within the status quo that it cannot change. Well it can if it collapses.

    And this may be where we are headed. But what’s on the other side? If the haves have their way, it will be fascism unshackled and unapologetic, right out in the open. They have the guns and so they might get their new feudalism sooner than later.

    Things are not looking up. Obama has become a clever trick to get more voters to stay home. He’s a Bush who can use three syllable words, with the same MIC and corporate view of the world as AEI, or whomever ran the W agenda.

    But we do need words and blogs and so forth to connect us to the few good guys who might be willing to be at the front of the revolution or whatever comes after the fall.

    The future for this nation looks very bleak, except if you’re one of the top tier and nothing matters inside the gates.

    The American experiment has failed. We’re just waiting for the curtain to drop.

  24. There seems to be two kinds of people in the world – those that live their lives and let others live as they wish and those that seek to prevent others from exercising their free will to live their lives as they wish.

    The overwhelming majority of people in the world are those that live and let live but those others, relatively a handful compared to the majority of people, that seek to prevent people from living freely are most of the politicians and world leaders who are in control of most institutions of this un-free society/world.

    How to convince and educate people to change the state of things? I think you’re looking in the wrong place. Those hundreds of millions or billions are not the people to convince even though they’re following an illusion created by the others. Only an illusion could keep the hundreds of millions in line since the others have no real power to control them except psychological deceptions.

    As children they ask “why?” about the world, about everything. By the time they’re adults and gone through the education system, well they learn not to question things and accept what their leaders tell them, at least up to a point. I think the point is when their beliefs and world view come into conflict with what the world leaders and politicians tell them. I think that cognitive dissonance in that situation is when they stop accepting the illusion and assert their free will and freedom to choose.

    I think we saw an example of that when they, in the thousands, told congress not to pass the bailout. Another example, but a negative one, was when after 9/11, they accepted in fear what the Bush administration told them and chose instead to accept, out of fear, the role of someone who told them they would save them from the situation which they perceived as a threat to their lives or way of life (by the way that’s the Stockholm syndrome).

    Same thing when Obama was elected. Most people in large enough numbers perceived a threat of 4 or 8 more years of a Bush-like administration a chose Obama as someone who would save them from that situation.

    No doubt there will be other manufactured threats to free people’s ways of life to keep them in line. Possibly a new financial meltdown or anything situation to prevent critical, free, and independent thinking or exercise of free will or choice.

    I don’t know exactly how to educate people to the reality but once you know what to look for and how these sociopaths behave then I think you’ll know how to wake people up and start asking “why” again.

  25. For me, I have to keep my check and balances. Yes, I’m tired- yet I diligently press on in my own way. I seek more constructive ways to use my energy.

    As I peruse along different comments I see things that completely turn me off from wanting to keep pushing on certain levels. Even with in those who
    are familiar with the details.. there is an edge present. An unpalatable edge that is not accomplishing what I believe we all want… or I hope we are all on the same page.

    I was taught that “any action would free me” so I was grateful to read your note Sibel, and your comment “I am filled with energy, enthusiasm, outrage, passion…to take ACTION. To actually do ‘things…”

    Thank you! Its futile to continue to go about debating it and arguing.
    There can be no long term solution until significant action is in place.

    There can be no constructive dialogue with angry people with bad attitudes. I am accountable to the creator of my understanding “first” then myself, and others.
    Am I proactive or reactive?
    Am I able to articulate a plausible course of action?
    I’d much rather TRY to then to continue TALKING about it.


  26. Hi Sibel,

    Just caught up all of the posts here.

    How come there’s no progress? Several reasons.

    The first one? As much as you want action to happen, the ulgy truth is you have no control over what others do. If you’re their boss, then you have some power and influence. If not, beyond doing what you reasonably can, what else can you do?

    As for endless words being written and re-written by the same group, it’s because it’s literally become a cottage industry. If you disagree, look at the examples.

    Almost every author that puts out a book on this fits this profile:
    Professor of _____ at _______ University.
    Syndicated columist for _________.
    Writes a blog at
    and so on.

    If suddenly all of these problems were solved, what would these “experts” write and talk about? Who would book these people on talk shows and the lecture circuit at $________ per lecture? So IMO there is a certain financial incentive for some for this mess to continue.

    Does the mean just give up? No, of course not. But here’s the other problem.

    In any large group, there has to be a leader. If all progressives united, who would lead? How would they deal with others who would say who are YOU to lead us? This happened to Cindy Sheehan. Fortunately, she came back and is still involved.

    Up ntil now, I’ve approached many “names” in the progressive movement about organizing protests, setting up sites and more. Almost every time, either nobody talked to me. Or, they ripped off my ideas and then took national credit for them. So I’m not worth your time to talk to. But you’ll disrespect me by stealing my ideas?

    Excluding this site, nobody else wants to publically talk about this. But I really believe that egos are one of the biggest problems. Also, frankly not all but many want their share of the profits as well. At first, to many Democracy Now was THE standard for “progressive journalism”. Now, how many other networks, blogs and sites are there trying to do the same thing? Lots. In this capitalist society, there are others who are saying, why should Amy Goodman get all of the profits, glory, etc?

    Will there ever be a national progressive radio or TV network with the MSM’s budget? No. Why? Because a lot of rich liberals became rich by working within the system. Even somebody like Michael Moore knows he can only go so far and still get studio funding for his films. If not that, he’ll have to get in line behind Spike Lee, Deniro and others as they go to the UAE, Quatar and other rich Arab states. Also, if you got all the big progressive hosts on one network, they’d kill each other in 5 minutes. So it won’t work.

    What do I do now? I cut way back on my posts because there’s only so many ways to say what everyone already knows. I just focus on my own niche to do my part (for free, by the way).

    You can analyze this to death. But if you’re unwilling to do more after that, you have nobody else to blame but yourself.

    To your credit, you maintain a quality site and give people a chance to play nice and vent. Thanks.

  27. My writing is never finished because it is always in my control. The other people cause finality. Which is probably bad for me. Instead of waiting for time to make changes I would just forget the apparency of any accomplishment. My emotions are susceptible to these formula. Nothing outside of toy blocks. Where everything lying will lie to me.

  28. WAR. This is war. Bush called it WAR.,and never rescinded,even if the book was upside down.We are all it or not,[witting and unwitting]but,in terms of SAMO, what we are talking about is invention. inventing new forms to the [r]evolution., to the confrontation of this hydra…this elephant of war with its thousand eyes and extreme malevolence[male violence].

    Those who staged 911 are committed to it. the control of information. manufacturing the morality that allows it the new normal. we know this. Rove told us so. NISTproved it.Our frustration is expected. it is obviously going to take longer than hoped, since’hope’was left tortured on the tables of IRAQ.
    but it is long haul anyway. on going war. it just changes its name every so often.

    American Law cannot contend with all the attacks [up]on it. We see this everyday. Yet at its heart, the Law allows for this. may yet rise to the occasion., recognize the law of Physics, for instance, and confront the authority system creating State Crimes.
    Since they are physics based too.
    either way,

    S A M O.
    deja vue
    9 years commin up.

  29. 344thBrother says:

    I totally relate Sibel. That’s the main reason I havn’t been posting in these, for lack of a better word “Stovepipe” forums. (No offense intended at all)

    It’s a bit of an echo chamber. Interesting and informative, yes, effective at eliciting change, not so much. So I’ve been trying to wedge myself into discussions in places that are uninformed, misinformed or frankly hostile. Occasionally in these places I find a bit of unexpected support, or (rarely) even trigger an AHA moment in people. Progress. And I use information I get from here to do it. So you see, it grows.

    With the Ninth anniversary of 911 approaching, that’s my focus once again.

    Don’t lose hope! Words do matter and they will matter even more when the criminals begin to fall into the grasp of justice.

    I wish I was there to give you a good old fashioned back and head rub.

    peace freedom truth justice
    Dave Short

  30. Here’s what I think needs to happen. I’ll skip the “why” arguments for each piece of the puzzle because otherwise this would be a novella.

    1. Activists and “would be” activists need [a way] to announce themselves. If I want to do something about this mess, where can I sign up to start communicating and working with others who also want to do something about it?

    I started as a fight back against the insanity of the Bush years. What I’m good at is identifying solutions, writing about them, and designing software to help facilitate those solutions. (Most significant problems have to do with poor communication among larger groups of people. With the ubiquity of computers and the internet, this is now a software problem.)

    2. We need a forum for self-identified activists (and would-be activists) to discuss what actions are possible and arrive at a strategy.

    Possible forums:
    * BoilingFrogs. Weakness: it’s difficult to have complex discussions in a single-threaded format. It could be usable, though, with careful moderation and starting new posts when a subtopic seems to warrant it. Would require additional time-investment from someone with posting and comment-admin powers.
    * Issuepedia
    * other public discussion forums — make suggestions if you know a good one that is okay with political discussions
    * I could set up a new forum using whatever software seems best, geared specifically to strategizing our responses to these issues

    3. Arrive at priority lists: what are, say, the ten most urgent problems we should do something about each of (a) this week, (b) this month, (c) this year, (d) this decade?

    4. Consider the options and strategy for action, either collective or focused, to remedy each of these problems.

    5. Begin acting.

    I realize that leaves a lot of blanks to fill in, but it’s at least the skeleton of a plan we can start implementing right now, today. The blanks are mostly areas where we would need a consensus in order to move forward anyhow.

    If Sibel (who is probably the only person reading this comment, at this late date) could at least endorse one or more of the options for #2, I could be more specific about what needs to happen next.

    If anyone wants to discuss this with me offline, I can be reached here.

  31. I’m very curious to know just what kind of action you have in mind.

    My own personal opinion is that all these words are in fact setting the stage for the sea change we know is coming with time, as the younger generations of citizens have very different political views from the older ones, and as we have the IT and supporting methodologies being developed which can help shift the balance of power away from the entrenched cronies, into the hands instead of the citizen activists. To the extent that we can all see that change on our horizon, I don’t think we should be feeling too frustrated that it’s not happening much faster, because jumping the gun could have some pretty disastrous consequences. It is not us who should be panicking, it is them, as their cronyist system continues to fray before their eyes.

    But if you think you see opportunities for some more short-term actions, beyond words, which we could expect to gain us much more than their cost (including of course opportunity cost), then I’m all ears.

  32. Sedicious: I’ve been thinking, thinking, and thinking; still no clear well-defined idea(s). One of the most frustrating aspect: lack of unity- Liberals, Conservatives; Democrats, Republicans; Prochoice, Prolife, Evang., … Palinites vs. Obama-maniacs vs. Ron Paulians vs. …

  33. If you haven’t seen it yet: essay on what Wikileaks is actually attempting to accomplish:

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