Blows Against the Empire, the Criminalization of Dissent & the Futuristic Police State

BlowsBy way of preface, let me give you a little of my background. I was born a prototypical Southern California working-class surfer boy. As a poor, white kid, I was educated by the California Public School system of the 1960’s and was, therefore, both the avatar of the Liberal Contract of Egalitarianism and an exemplar of the Last, Best Hope of the Uttermost West. As a student of History, I made it a point to learn the Lessons of History so I could help avoid its Mistakes. Growing to adulthood in the San Francisco Bay Area of the late 60’s, my mind was further expanded by the cultural ferment of the times, seeing in the Civil Rights, the Anti-Vietnam War and Countercultural movements a “Great Becoming” as formerly marginalized groups forced the society to be more open, more tolerant, more free. In short, to expand our society to more perfectly realize the vision of the founders of this nation, a Free Self-Government of Free, Informed Citizens Ruling with Equality and Justice for All. Combined with my background as a child of seafaring men, I was instilled with the knowledge gained from growing up in a seaport town, where goods and ideas were exchanged by people from all over the globe.

My upbringing allowed me to both demonstrate against the Vietnam War and then join the Navy. While serving I found myself in charge of safeguarding, loading and firing nuclear weapons during the entire Watergate episode of the Nixon administration while I was suing the Navy for fraud as part of a class-action suit over a bonus they promised me and 30,000 others. As a result of my voyages to some 36 countries across 3 continents, I was able to relate to the people there and see myself in them. It also gave me some inkling of the true power of the vision of America as opposed to its reality.

The reality is that, for every two steps forward, there has been a step back. Because my granddad was a merchant seaman in the early 1900’s, I know of Andrew_Furuseth, because he signed my granddad’s SUP card. Because my dad grew up in San Francisco in the 1930’s, I know about the San_Francisco_General_strike. I also know of the governmental and corporate power interests’ efforts to marginalize and eliminate those voices of progress and dissent. Despite the setbacks, that “Great Becoming” seemed to grow until it reached its peak in the early 1970’s with the End of the Vietnam War, The End of the Nixon Presidency and the Church_Committee Investigations and reforms.

As the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, beginning largely in the Reagan administration, we have seen an increasing proscription of personal liberties and an enhancement of governmental and corporate power through legislative means, executive action and judicial decision culminating in the Communications Act of 1996, which did away with much of the privacy of communications provisions from the previous Act of 1934, the Patriot Act of 2001, which further enhanced the government’s ability to spy on its citizenry while expanding the definition of “terrorism” and the Military Commission Act of 2006, which stripped US citizens of all rights and liberties by the mere designation as “terrorists”. What this has led to is the growth of the Domestic Surveillance Industry with its primary function as the identification and suppression of dissenting voices and organizations. In the past, this “intelligence” was gathered exclusively by government police agencies and the military.

What is new in this structure is the growth and utilization of private corporations as an adjunct to government surveillance and a method of further populating intelligence databases in circumvention of statute. This phenomenon has been documented recently by the Washington Post in its series on Top Secret America. This has manifested itself in many ways over the years.  The Corporations’ Public Relations War On Activism, erection of The Global Surveillance System, Spying on innocent citizens, The Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004, The Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act, The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, The growth of Infraguard, laws allowing the Seizure of War Protestors Assets, the conflation of Domestic Activism with Domestic Terrorism and the use by governments and corporations of Deep Packet Inspection are all part of this continuing trend. What these programs all have in common is the expansion of secret corporate/governmental surveillance of the citizenry while concealing the uses made of this intelligence. So, how has this intelligence been utilized?

In 2008, we saw the use, by police agencies, of Preventive Detention at both the Denver Democratic and St. Paul Republican national conventions in order to prevent mass demonstrations. The harassment of Wikileaks and Bradley Manning supporters represents a continuing evolution of this strategy.  The ACLU has compiled a Resource Center documenting, in a systematic way, the corporate/governmental surveillance efforts over the past years.  They also recently held a Town Hall Meeting in Philadelphia dealing with the War on Dissent. This coincides with both governmental and corporate efforts to monitor Social Networking sites like Facebook for information on citizens and employees for inclusion into intelligence databases through "Fusion Centers". With no real oversight or controls to protect privacy. The fact that these “fusion centers” have private, corporate components virtually ensures that information found will also populate corporate databases and credit reports to turn up the next time someone tries to get a job, buy a home or obtain a loan.

While it seems that there is no stopping this combined assault on our privacy and liberty, there ARE a few bright spots. The Wikileaks, Cryptome, ACLU and similar sites are publishing information documenting the rise of the Futuristic Police State. Additionally, individual acts of resistance are appearing and leading to organizing of mass protests and actions to confront these assaults. It seems to this correspondent that we may be reaching a tipping point as the larger populace wakes up to the assaults on it. While the future is not assured, it must be remembered that these assaults cannot succeed without our acquiescence and consent. For every enemy, a hero is fashioned. It is up to each of us to become that hero in our hearts and minds. So Get Up, Jonah. It’s your time to be born. Because in the absence of visions there are nightmares, in the absence of compassion there is cancer.

Let each of our individual and collective actions be more Blows Against The Empire. For the Starship we need to Hijack is This Planet for the Needs of the Many, which OUTWEIGH the Needs of the Few. Because you’ve got to let go, you know or else YOU STAY.

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  1. theepitbull says:

    E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. Post!!!

    This is what I’m talking about!

    Ever Forward


  2. Thank you, Ishmael!

  3. camusrebel says:

    And remember, it is all based on a lie. The lie is the disease we must eradicate. All else are mere symptoms.

    So Richard Scott, may i call you Ishmael? is that right?

    Many people are convinced that wikkileaks is a CIA/Mossad false front honeypot. just sayin

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  4. Good Post! Only thing you didn’t mention is the one where citizens rat on citizens like in the old Soviet Union days:

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    @Simon: I DID mention Infraguard in the piece with a link to the Project Censored story on them.

    @camusrebel: I’m not going to address the official fiction of 9/11 here. But you CAN,

    Call me…Ishmael

  6. Thank you Ishmael! Well said. Nothing I would add.


  7. Good Post Ishmael. I would add, however, that readers of boiling frogs might enjoy a 1996 book:
    **Secret Power: New Zealand’s Role in the International Spy Network [Paperback]** A book about NSA, echelon’s international spy network and signals intelligence, including violation of personal privacy and the law by national governments in the name of national security. Nicky Hager (Author)
    Paperback: 299 pages
    Publisher: Craig Potton Publishing (September 30, 1996, New Zealand) This book would never be published by a US publisher. Banned because of content. Uncovering the Echelon Surveillance Network, the book reads like the phone book with data only, but if you want to discover what is really going on then this book deserves a read.
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0908802358
    ISBN-13: 978-0908802357
    Secret Power:… has sold about 200 copies in the United States. American University and the Library of Congress, DOD has a copy. My state, California, has only two copies that I know of.

    On the other hand, everyone could improve their perspective on the evolution of the American System by reading Howard Zinn’s excellent history, A People’s History of_the_United States which has sold about 2 million copies; impressive for a history book:'s_History_of_the_United_States

    Just something to pass the time as we await the next false flag catastrophe. This catastrophe should happen within a year or two and there go our civil rights. Same as Germany in 1933 and 1934.

    It is difficult to be optimistic about our future, if one understands this process. One tip. Please ignore the mainstream media. They are owned largely by defense contractors.

  8. Why can’t I logout. I’ve tried dozens of times???

  9. We are the boiling frogs… The end seems to coming much sooner than some had thought. People are being intimidated not to travel. Perhaps soon we’ll be seeing checkpoints at all major highways. The militia is probably cleaning their weapons just about now.

  10. @Dennis.Thanks. I DO believe that brevity truly IS the soul of wit.

    @willl:I’m not familiar with the “Secret Power” book, but it tracks with what I see happening worldwide. John Trudell, in this piece:

    Talks about the global Nazi and it’s subservience to a class of “Ethnic Rich”, meaning the wealthy as an ethnic group seprarate and distinct from the mass of humanity. What I see, like Trudell, is an alliance of the global elites to maintain their power and privelege at the expense of the rest of us. Why do you think we’re referred to BY them as “useless eaters”? Two other documentaries I think are worth viewing are “Born Rich” and “The One Percent” produced by Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. The link to “Born Rich” is here:

    here’s the link to the 1st part of “The One Percent”:

    They’re both fascinating looks into the lives of those ethnic rich and their attitudes towards the rest of us. As Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War”,

    “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will have 10,000 victories.”

    @SanderO: All the “Enabling Acts” are passed and on the books as we speak. Watch Episode one of the British documentary series, “The World At War”, “A New Germany”:

    Then compare and contrast the Nazi party and today’s modern Republican/Tea Party. Pay particular attention to the group described as the base of the Nazis and compare with what is happening here now.

    “Germany, 1933. A huge blind excitement fills the streets. The National Socialists have come to power in a land tortured by unemployment, embittered by loss of territory, demoralized by political weakness. Perhaps THIS will be the New Beginning. Most people think the Nazis a little absurd here, too obsessive there. But, perhaps, the time for thinking is over.”

  11. @Ismael

    I am well aware that this is all “shovel ready” as they say. No way could the USAPatriot Act have been written in the short time span it was.

    That right there is telling and likely points to 9/11 as a false flag when they would take this off the shelf and shove it through congress.

  12. Great Post Ishmael. Until I watched Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show on the Police State, I had never heard of “Fusion Centers”. It’s getting pretty scary to see all that is going on, and how it’s just not being covered by the mainstream media(of course, we all know why).

    It’s unfortunate, but history does have a way of repeating itself. Seems that the majority of the people get too caught up in believing all the lies from the gov’t and others like us are looked upon as the lunatic fringe. Apparently they feel it’s better to be led into the fire and remain part of the so called “norm” than it is to break from the pack and think for ones own self.

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