A Parody for You: ‘Grandma Got Molested at the Airport’

By Donny Aldridge- Singer, Songwriter & Political Satirist

A friend sent me the following music clip; too real yet too funny. Enjoy it, let it be another reminder of how low we’ve stooped as a society, and keep up the spirit of resistance.

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  1. Hey Sibel,
    Totally disgusting. This has to stop!

    Did you hear about the Ambassador of India and her experience with TSA?
    Check it out. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/122700/World/finicky-us-airport-security-singles-out-meera-for-patdown.html

    The following is a test to see if html will work with WP Hashcash sorry for inconvience if any Sibel.

  2. Maybe they should be renamed “TNA”?

  3. Sibel, I noticed you named it a parody so this time there wont’t be any question. LOL. Some people’s kids!

    I will not go through those scanners. Hopefully I won’t need to fly anywhere. That radiation isn’t good for humans, and it’s accumulative.

  4. @Poolman: Glad someone noticed it; not taking chances any more:-)))

  5. Unfortunately it just keeps getting worse. It’s one thing to be subjected to improper behavior by quasi sex offenders, but it’s another thing when that offender is asked why that they chose to pat down a boy’s mom and not the boy and the offender replies with “Because you don’t have breasts.”


  6. Grandma is really having A TOUGH TIME

    First the reindeer incident and now the TSA

    A neighbor of hers confided in me that after exiting the airport, she immediately visited the local sporting goods store and cleaned the shelves.

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