The Centralized- Controlled Dissent & Grassroots Phenomenon

The Upcoming Corporate-Foundations & Watch-Dogs Turned Lapdogs Series

controlIn 2006 I made and announced a decision. I was not going to expand and institutionalize my National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC); we were not going to raise a single dollar from foundations, that is, corporate foundations, or wealthy donors. The price attached to doing so, the strings attached in becoming dependent on those funds and donors would have defeated the mission and objectives of NSWBC. It was a firm and absolute decision; one I’ve stuck with to date.

In April 2009, in one of my weekly round ups, I included a disturbing report showing that the antiwar movement in the US demobilized as Democrats, who had been motivated to participate by anti-Republican sentiments, withdrew from antiwar protests when the Democratic Party achieved electoral success.

Earlier this month I coauthored a petition asking five self-proclaimed transparency organizations to publicly take back their “transparency award” to Barack Obama. The release of the petition was followed by articles on Project on Government Oversight (POGO) questioning the real reason(s) and agenda behind their ludicrous and highly damaging act.

Now, what do the above facts have in common?

Well, it comes down to asking the question ‘why’ rather than multiple what’s.

In 2005-2006 I had close and intimate encounters with the convoluted and typically dirty world of corporate foundations and partisan agendas forming and ruling political government watchdog and related institutions. Last March I tried to give you a little glimpse of how these dealings, compromises (more like sell outs), and typical ‘smoke & mirrors’ creations work by providing you with one personal example out of many. You start getting a little bit of visibility as a grassroots coalition, and ‘they’ come to you dangling the carrots-the badly needed funds to do more. Initially, they don’t ask much in return; maybe a few of their guys and gals on the board of directors they want you to set up, or, a gentle request to tone down certain criticisms of a certain congressman from a certain party. All that in the initial stage.

The same phenomenon applies to funding and publicizing antiwar movements. The ones at the top, the ones with the funds, the ones with the publicity and organizational resources, are the ones that decide when atrocious illegal wars need opposing, and when equally or more atrocious wars need not.

And the exact same factor determines that one awful anti-transparency and anti-whistleblowers president gets to be publicly and directly attacked, while another equally or more awful anti-transparency and anti-whistleblowers president gets to be given an award ludicrously tagged as ‘Transparency Award.

Back to the question of ‘why.’

dollarsWhile we have tons of resources (articles, discussions, blogs, academic reports, etc.) on widely known diseases such as the corporate mainstream media, corrupt and sold-out elected officials, and the corporate lobby, we don’t seem to have much out there on the convoluted corporate foundations set up to reign in, centralize and control dissent, grassroots activism, and various nonprofit watchdog organizations and coalitions.

It is really interesting. Flags are quickly raised when Bill Gates or Exxon or BP mix in and weigh in to the political world. Yet, somehow, the mega billionaires’ and corporations’ foundations, those established by the same mega oil, banking and financial institutions, and their intimate ties to the political machine raises very few eyebrows; goes under-reported and under-scrutinized.

I couldn’t care less whether the corporate foundations come from the ‘R’ spectrum, think Heritage Foundation, or the ‘D’ spectrum, think George Soros and the Rockefellers. That’s totally irrelevant; one of those self-defeating distractions.  However, since the context happens to be President Obama’s joke of an award, since our upcoming case studies deal with current issues, whether drying up the antiwar movement or pumping cash into those tasked with handing out awards and medals, I’ll be focusing on certain corporate foundations.

Starting today we are going to publish a discussion and analysis series on mega corporations-foundations and their process of channeling dissent and real activism, turning watchdogs into lapdogs, and establishing needed control. We’ll present you with real dollar numbers, on the record Government-Foundation ties, and have you join us in asking the ‘why’ questions and finding the answers to them; together.

For this project I will have a disclaimer and a warning.

My disclaimer will read something like this: Boiling Frogs Post has not received a single dime from any foundation, corporation, or wealthy individual donor; ever. This website is solely operated by individual readers’ kind donations.

And my warning goes something like this: Be warned and prepared- the series you are reading will receive fierce attacks and or censorship by many quasi alternative media outlets and quasi lapdog organizations with glorious titles. You may want to check their names and organizations against lists such as this one, and you’ll know why 😉

We will be investigating Project on Government Oversight (POGO) as our example-case study and their primary fund-ers: George Soros, Rockefeller(s) foundation and family members, Carnegie Corporation and a few others, and then we will look back at President Obama’s Transparency Award advocated for and given to him by POGO. As part of this new series we’ll have a video from James Corbett, but meanwhile check out this recent fabulous clip at Corbett Report on one of POGO’s Sugar Daddies, Rockefeller Foundation- The Last Word on Snake Oil:

This post was meant to be a brief announcement on our upcoming article and video series, but somehow got lengthy. I am going to attribute it to an exhausting trip back home today and the trauma of seeing those TSA agents in 3 airports in one day! Please stay tuned.

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  1. I’ve posted a link to this page in the comments here before but given the current topic it seems worth reposting it. Haven’t really read deeply into the info on the page so I can’t vouch for it, just linking to it because it seems of possible interest. Take it for what it’s worth.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    This sounds like a great series, I can’t wait. I feel like making popcorn and kicking back for this one!

  3. mrraven200 says:

    Question Sibel, do you think Democracy Now is on the level? I think on the whole Amy Goodman does fantastic reporting ,but occasionally slips into demonizing Iran and Pakistan’s government in a way that IMO greases the slopes for the neo-cons/neo-libs to engage in war of aggression. Do you think this is related to DN! receiving foundation grants, or am I reading too much into this?

  4. Eric Saunders says:

    I am not Sibel, but I will give an answer: Democracy Now! is sketchy. The coverage on Libya has been cheerleading for the Libyan contras while castigating the Libyan government for supposedly raping everybody. They are also terrible on things like the assassinations of the 60’s. Recently when John Pilger was interviewed on the show, he stated that he was near RFK when he was shot and that he was certain that there was at least another gunman. Amy’s next question: “Tell me about RFK and Vietnam.”

    Democracy Now! gets money from the Ford Foundation which, according to former chairman McGeorge Bundy, works to “make the world safe for capitalism.” I think that Democracy Now!, like The Nation, can be fairly described as managed dissidence.

  5. Eric Saunders says:

    Here is a blogger writing about Goodman’s craven interview with Pilger:

    And here is James Corbett interviewing Andrew Gavin Marshall on the subject of these big foundations:

    I think that it is very cool that Corbett is now working with Sibel and with the Center for Research on Globalization.

  6. mrraven200 says:

    Thanks Eric I’ll check those out. I just notice Goodman will go from a story very critical of U.S. foreign policy and corporatism into something say demonizing Iran and I swear even her tone of voice changes and becomes more MSM sing songy.

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