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A Parasitic Puppet Forums’ No-No List: From 9/11 to Israel & Obama-Cons

kosI generally don’t like to spend time and energy going after the little parasites at the bottom of the ailing disease chain that has infested our nation. Surely they pop up here and there as examples illustrating our real diseases. For example, if I am writing about mega corporations’ mega foundations implementing their mega infestation plans through parasitic little NGOs, then, one or two little NGO parasites show up in my writing. The same exact principle applies to phony little entities who pose as ‘alternatives.’ I usually don’t give them status by covering and dwelling upon those parasites either. With that said, I am making an exception with this post prompted by a recent example I came upon yesterday:

DailyKos has acted to ban commenters from linking to Mondoweiss, charging me with anti-Semitism. It is a disgraceful smear and hides DailyKos's real anxiety: it cannot deal with the issue of Palestinian human rights, any more than the Democratic Party can, and so Israel supporters are striking at me.


And this from another writer over there at Mondoweiss:

…Several times over the last few months I've been alerted by friends regarding 'diaries' by members of 'Team Shalom' at Daily Kos highly critical of Mondoweiss. Why does this matter? For our site, I don't think it does. It's clear some of our biggest detractors read this site avidly, including the comments that ultimately drive traffic.  Team Shalom has run a campaign to have this site banned from Daily Kos (even tho I am not aware posters there link to this site with any regularity, perhaps I am wrong) and yesterday one of my friends who posts there wrote to inform me they have achieved this goal.

You can read more on other recent censorship incidents by these Israeli Lobby parasites here.

bushobamaDoes this incident, this exposé, come as a surprise to me? Of course not. After Obama’s election any discussion threads about me or my case were also banned from this Parasitic-Zionist-Neoconistic mega establishment mini mouthpiece. I didn’t bother writing about it. With the reasons so obvious, with the pattern so very clear, and with the involved participants’ agenda extremely translucent, why waste time to dwell upon it?

It took one article to get on this extension of partisan status quo’s black-list. While foaming at the mouth they yelled ‘How dare she criticize Obama?! She should just focus on Bush-Cheney FBI and DOJ, and leave the rest of the politics to our experts....

Any real criticism and exposure of Obama-Cons made it to the top of their ‘no-no’ list.

911Same goes for other ‘dangerous’ topics. Even though, initially, this forum started off on the back of rational and legitimate 9/11 critics, despite milking the attention on 9/11 related topics at the time, it very quickly changed course and started banning and censoring any and all topics related to 9/11.

The real establishment is nonpartisan. It seeks power, control, and of course mega dollars. For them real independent and rational ‘ideas’ are dangerous. For them the ‘free exchange of ideas’ is extremely dangerous. For them the possibility of the exchange of independent rational ideas leading to ‘real action’ is detrimental. So be realistic and ask yourself what are they to do? Shouldn’t they rein in any forums and channels with any potential of becoming a place for any rational independent ideas that may lead to any real action? Right. Then, welcome the phony alternative news; welcome the little parasitic puppet forums; welcome the existence of sites such as the Daily Kos. Need I say more?

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  1. I was banned years ago from Kos for posting about that Sibel Edmonds lady.

  2. @Jon: you and Luke Ryland and Mike and me and several others; and that only on ‘me.’ Hundreds on 9/11 (the legitimate & rational critics, AIPAC, Obama… What do you think? Another badge of honor for us? Man, my collection of these badges are growing big time!!! By the way, I am about to be kicked out of FaceBook too…They’ve been messing with me…

  3. If you’re referring to the CAPTCHA thing, it’s been happening to me for months now. I recently started a twitter account, and have been trying to use that. I’ve been banned from most sites over the years… Sean Hannity’s site, DailyKos, HuffPo (though I can seemingly post comments there again), and a multitude of other sites…

  4. Interesting article and links. I don’t follow DailyKos much since it’s essentially a DLC cheerleader. That said, I’ve been encountering a lot of flak on other sites for comparing Pam Geller, her JihadWatch website and her relationship with Breivik to Tom Metzger, the White Aryan Resistance and the murder of that Somali man in Portland in 1990. In fact, due to a recent Alternet article detailing Geller’s previous contacts with Breivik, it was my contention that she and JihadWatch were civilly liable in US courts for 76 counts of Wrongful Death in the Norway massacre EXACTLY LIKE Metzger was found civilly liable in the Portland murder. Here’s a link to that alternet article I was referring to:


  5. @Ishmael: Good to have you back. We miss your voice over here (and your articles!).

  6. Daily Kos is also you ran with stories accusing Ron Paul of being “a racist” back in 2008
    And my site (Rys2sense) and my youtube site have also been banned from the comments section and also because of the topic of Palestine. Daily Kos is a platform for Zionist Parasites to spew Propaganda.

  7. The Daily Kosher

  8. Genral Starfire says:

    Censorship hides great fear.

  9. Richard Kurdt says:

    That’s a great quote, btw Sibel, the Sam Adams quote. Really like that one.

  10. Sibel, thanks for calling attention to this issue. One wonders when the “anti-semite” bomb will finally be declared a dud when used to defend the indefensible.

    Can there be a more blatant example of rampant bigotry than Phil’s accusers are displaying? Ironic, isn’t it?

  11. That Kos guy is too weird for me… too effeminate, not making an issue of that, but that doesn’t make him or them more interesting, they are part of the “big tent” phenomena, where “special interests” have taken over the theater…

  12. Oh by the way I was banned from another site… the great f d l… what ever anybody wants to chime in on that thing… I little wine merchant, me… But the main thing to me is: that we can put in something, to say things…
    and I will say things, soon as I can.

  13. People getting booted left and right from these so called “progressive” sites

    Clemons gave me the boot at TWN because I started raising a stink about how wimpy and status quo he was getting. In fact, he completely shut down the comment section and pretty much used me (PissedOffAmerican) as an excuse. I kinda figure it had more to do with him crawling over to The Atlantic than it did with any sort of friction he was getting in the TWN comment section.

    I think the mainstream players are slowly getting their fascist mitts on the so called “alternative media”, and one by one these sites are falling. I don’t believe everyone “has a price”, but I think most people do. It certainly appears to me that Clemons sold out, and it goes without saying about the Daily Kos. Buzzflash has gotten damned worthless as well. “WhatReallyHappened” is hanging in there, as is “antiwar”. But you can bet that these holdout sites are going to be under increasing pressure to go along to get along. And when they don’t, they will get the same kind of treatment that Mondo is getting from Kos.

  14. Thanks, Sibel. I’ll be dahing off an e-mail in the next day or so updating you on my sordid life since March in the next day or so with some article ideas to run by you. In the meantime, as long as we’re talking about alternative news sites, I’ve been following Rob Kall’s site, OpEdNews, for some time. I’d like to pass on this link to an aricle I read there recently by Saman Mohammadi entitled “The Scapegoat In American Culture. From Lee Harvey Oswald to Osama bin Laden” here:


    I found it quite illuminating and well sourced. Check it and OpEdNews out. THEY, like Bradblog, still follow your story quite well among many others.


    Attn. Sibel Edmonds: Beware of Gordon Duff! When it comes to censorship Gordon Duff of Veterans Today is every bit as kosher as the “daily Kos(her). Gordon Duff surely works for Larry Silverstein!

    He censors his readers constantly, especially the more articulate and knowledgeable ones!!

    The litmus test is his pushing the “no thermite at WTC on 911 under any circumstances”, which is Larry Silverstine’s project since his name is on the purchase orders for the thermite. Duff say thermite is a “dream techonolgy” and does not exist! (ziohogwash).


  16. many many moons ago…perhaps in 2004? I attempted to write about Palestine on Daily Kos…but was rejected and bounced until I finally got the “message”….have never returned and find that little unboiled toad Moulitsas a total bore…cannot fathom why Olbermann brings him on air to explain what he obviously has no insight about. why Keith???

  17. robertsgt40 says:

    For the thinking person, after watching Kos on a couple of MSM programs, he’s just another shill. Lame by any standards.

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