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US Secret War in 120 Countries, UK's Secret Policy on Torture RevealedMedia Disinformation & the Causes of Somali Famine, Obama & Limousine Liberals, US-Russia To Train Capitalists in Marxian Monopoly, Destroying Democratic Presidents, How to Advance Liberty, A Revolving CIA Door in Pakistan & More!


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“Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us.” - P. J. O'Rourke

International Newsworthy

US Secret War in 120 Countries 

Mullen's Decision to Skip Pakistan: "Stalemate in Ties"

A Revolving CIA Door in Pakistan

Election Watchdog Row Backfires on Iraq's Maliki

Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Becomes New President of OPEC

How Turkey's Military Crisis will Affect NATO

Kosovo: "Partition is Now More Likely"

Interpol's Red Notices Used to Pursue Political Dissenters-Opponents

UK's Secret Policy on Torture Revealed

Dominican Republic: Investigative Journalist's Murder Probably Linked to his Work

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National Newsworthy

Top 5 Lobbyist Bundlers: Power Couple Tony & Heather Podesta Top the List

Democrats & Republicans Alike are Exploiting New Fundraising Loophole

Former Head of OSC Scott Bloch Gets Off Scott Free

Limousine Liberals: Government- Owned Limos Has Soared Under %73!!!

"Sudden & Unexpected" Burst of Downsizing Causes Layoffs to Explode Nearly 60% in July

US-Russia To Train Capitalists in Marxian Monopoly

White House Faces Uphill Battle with Independents

Obama's Al Qaeda-Iran Link Propaganda Comes Roaring; Thanks to the Mouthpiece Media

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Noteworthy Editorials

Destroying Democratic Presidents

Egypt After Mubarak

How to Advance Liberty

Neoliberalism's Newest Product: The Modern Slave Trade

The PATRIOT ACT & the Threat to the Rule of Law

Media Disinformation & the Causes of Somali Famine

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BFP Nightly Funnies

"We finally have a Debt Deal. See what happens when the two parties put aside their principles and do what is best for them personally?" - Jay Leno 

Apple Has More Cash than U.S. Treasury

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BFP Nightly Video Potpourri 

Video 1: Monstrous Mini-Congress

Video 2: Israeli Police Abducting a Palestinian Minor While Playing Soccer

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  1. Fighting Fire with Fire. Ron Paul echoes my sentiments especially with regard to the Office of Management and Budget and some super Congress positioning themselves to revoke Constitutional Law. Our local inept Republican Congressman Steve Southerland included me in a phone call with the bait that I might get to speak to him. Well, even if he isn’t listening, I hope that some of you are. The following was how I organized my thoughts to appeal to his Christian brainwashing. My apologies to any that find this offensive. Climate Change will rule the day.
    Dear Congressman Steve Southerland,
    This is a follow-up to my brief and poorly explained concern that you are tilting at windmills. A butterfly can spread its wings and the current generated can cause global impact. Jesus admonished the publicans to take no more than was reasonable. That has now been exceeded on all of us that work for a living. It is also said in proverbs, that he that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he will gather it for him that will pity the poor.
    I will explain the results of my present researches after seeing a multitude of budgetary offices that cannot get the answer right. I looked up U.S. Treasury, CBO, OMB, GAO, and the Fed. Are you aware that the Fed is a collection of private banks with little oversight by the U.S. government as was originally intended? Are you aware that the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), the Central bank of central banks, is in large part overseen by one wealthy family – the Rothschilds? Are you aware that $16 trillion of U.S. funny money was printed between 2007 – 2010 during BOTH Republican and Democratic Presidential terms? Are you aware of the difference between Maritime Law and Constitutional Law? Maritime Law is agreed upon by the nations as a means of commerce. If the U.S. gets to cheat and print funny money, do you wonder why the rest of the world will turn on us? Yes, the U.S. Government got its take (and all member banks receive a 6% annual dividend. Even AIG and their buddies, Goldman Sachs, got a couple hundred billion.) It appears the $79 billion represents the government’s share of the Fed’s 2010 profits: (U.S. Government does not own shares in the Federal Reserve System nor its component banks, but does receive all of the system’s annual profits after a statutory dividend of 6% on their capital investment is paid to member banks and a capital account surplus is maintained.)
    To me, it seems the U.S. government got its 30 pieces of silver. Jesus cares for the little ones, starving children in Somalia, children sold into prostitution in Thailand, but he says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. I cannot begin to tell you how far your preachers have led you astray, and you are so deeply programmed you would not understand it if I told you. But this you will understand, my life savings for medical expenses and my old mother 89 are now in danger. I have, however, bound them into the Kingdom of Heaven. That means if they are taken from me, they are taken from Jesus, Himself. You will now have to reckon with your part in usury. You can repent and use His power or continue on as you will with pleasant homilies for those not able to understand global finance.
    The Congress must regain its legitimate power to legislate and enforce. We will no longer be stolen from by those that consider themselves the Elite, who are in fact parasites upon the Host. The Elite believe that 80% of us must die off. I hope you do not consider yourself one of those with privilege willing to sell your soul to be among the 20%. Parasites without a host will die. It is inevitable.

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