9/11: A Hot Case in an Igloo

The Anatomy of a Still-Open Hot Case

iglooA cold case is any criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency that has not been solved, and has been closed from further regular investigation. First, before anything else, and certainly before becoming a ‘cold case,’ a case must be ‘investigated.’ By investigated I mean a real investigation involving real investigative techniques and an investigative process performed by real investigators. If after real investigations by real investigators the case remains unsolved, then the case can be justifiably put aside as a cold case.

On the other hand, by this very same definition, a criminal ‘hot case’ that has not gone through a proper investigation by real investigators remains a ‘hot case.’ Whether that hot case is shoved into a cold case file or not does not make it technically a ‘cold case.’ The never-investigated mass murder on September 11, 2001, a case never assigned to real and independent investigators, with many witnesses never-interviewed, with many suspects never-pursued, with many questions left unanswered, and with many leads never-followed, remains a ‘hot case.’ The self-serving classifications and redactions, the many cover ups, and the burial of the case and related files in government-created massive igloos, do not make 9/11 a cold case.

Let’s take a few minutes and by comparison examine a smaller scale murder investigation involving a murdered wealthy middle-aged man in an office building that was set on fire. While the forensic teams go over the body and through the charred building and debris to search for clues and evidence, the trained detectives begin interviewing witnesses, checking out the victim’s history, following any leads and forming their list of suspects.

murderIn creating their list of suspects, the investigators look at all persons with direct or indirect motive(s): A young trophy wife with a multi-million dollar life insurance policy; a business adversary with much to gain from the elimination of the murder victim; former business partners and associates with grudges; a man who had actually threatened the murder victim; another who had shared his intense desire to see the victim dead; the owner of the handsomely insured burned down office building who had been unsuccessfully trying to sell the building and liquidate his assets …so on and so forth.

Whether through accounts of eye-witnesses or relatives, coworkers and friends, whether through documented evidence such as letters or e-mails, the investigators fill the list with possible suspects with motive(s) to see the victim dead, and maybe some with the established intent to kill him. Once the investigators create their list of suspects, and once the forensic and other evidence and witness statements have been gathered and analyzed, then they set about winnowing down the list. Using exhaustive interrogation techniques, investigative channels, and forensic evidence, the investigators begin eliminating unlikely suspects from the initial list one-by-one.

Sometimes the list is simultaneously narrowed down and expanded. While some initial suspects can be eliminated, others related to the initial suspects may be added as accessories to the crime. For example, the murder victim’s business adversary hired a professional hit organization that turned around and contracted the killing to three of its contract hit men. Or the victim’s wife’s lover plotted with her and engaged two hit men to execute the plot.

In the end, the investigators turn over their final suspect-accessory list and all the evidence that they believe will stand up in court to a prosecutor who then decides (on the evidence)  whether to bring charges against one or more suspects, and then argues the case in court. The suspect(s), motive, means and opportunity, all supported by evidence and witnesses, are presented in court for the jury to judge the case and decide guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Of course we then have those cases that never make it to court. The lack of sufficient evidence, witnesses, or even a lack of possible suspects, moves the case from the investigation phase directly into the cold case file cabinet.

Then, we have cases that never make it even to the real investigation phase. Period. Without going through the usual investigative process- evidence-gathering, witness interviews, seeking motives and means, looking for intent, establishing a list of suspects …Without turning over any suspect with ‘all’ associated evidence and witnesses to any prosecutor…These case are evasively declared closed or a cold case.

commThe investigation of the 9/11 mass murder was first assigned to a highly-influenced and dependent Congress. We are not talking seasoned detectives and investigative agents here. Then, it was given to a group of sleazy pocketed politicians called a commission. Again, we are not talking about experienced detectives and savvy and independent prosecutors. No; just a handful of masterful and deceitful politicians and their puppet administrative staff.

There never was a thorough initial list of suspects. A few hours after the mass murder a bearded man in some dark cave in Afghanistan was announced as the mastermind and less than a couple dozen dead hit-men were declared the executioners of that mass murder. As for motive and intent, there was a round or two of circular discussions in the media, but absent any real investigation and thus any need for real prosecution, establishing motive and intent were deemed irrelevant and unnecessary. Same for any accessory suspects; a few hundred were rounded up around the globe and were taken into black holes, black sites, and black prisons. Some were later released, some were tortured and killed, and some still remain in those holes. We don’t know, and it looks like we’ll never know.

In a real-life mass murder investigation by real investigators a document like this, explicitly stating the desire for a mass murder like this would immediately make its way into the evidence bag, and signatories such as these people with a real motive and unlimited means would be automatically added to the top of the investigators’ initial list of suspects. They would remain there until further investigated, eliminated, or possibly prosecuted. Of course this was not a real investigation, and with no real investigators, and there never was a real list of suspects.

In a real-life investigation highly suspicious suspects like this would not easily disappear into thin air just like that.

In a real-life investigation any suspect accessory like this would be investigated, interrogated, and accordingly cleared or apprehended. And other highly suspicious persons or possible witnesses like this would be questioned and examined very thoroughly, rather than being directly assisted in fleeing the country.

In a real-life investigation key witnesses and investigative experts like these would be held with the highest regard, and their knowledge, first-hand information, and documented evidence would be considered of great value. They certainly wouldn’t be censored, classified and officially gagged.

In a real-life investigation if the highest-level criminal investigative body declares the capriciously designated perpetrator only a ‘suspect’ with no real hard evidence ever linking him to the crime in question, the case would be categorized as ‘never-solved & so very much open.’

And the list goes on and on. When we get down to it, I mean really get down to it, what do we really have in the investigation of the biggest mass murder in the history of our nation? I’ll tell you what we have. We have a still ‘Hot Case’ that has been shoved inside a massive establishment-built igloo; so far, successfully.

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  1. In a real-life investigation, the crime scene would have been thoroughly examined for forensic evidence – instead of packing all of it up and sending it off to be destroyed.It IS still a hot case in the hearts and minds of very many people.I wonder if the international body that is going to do an independent study will accomplish anything(Toronto, Canada in September). Or will it be controlled by the same folks that squash such a thing here.

  2. theepitbull says:


    RE: Of course we then have those cases that never make it to court. The lack of sufficient evidence, witnesses, or even a lack of possible suspects, moves the case from the investigation phase directly into the cold case file cabinet.

    You forgot to mention that for those cases that do make it to court in hopes of exercising “discovery”, they are often dismissed by the very mechanism put in place to ensure real justice.

    Effectively, the judiciary is stacked to ensure the real perpetrators of 9/11 are never brought to justice should any investigative body have solid grounds/evidence for prosecution.




    In my humble opinion.


    PS: Link of the week: http://galleryone.com/Merchant5/graphics/00000001/gustafson-gusfo1.jpg

  3. camusrebel says:

    Sibel, thank you for your recent articles relating to 9/11. I know there was a time in the early days of BF that you were reluctant to focus much energy in that direction for fear of being labeled a whacko-truther site among other good and understandable reasons.

    Not sure if it is the approaching tenth anniversary or what that has spurred more attention to the “mother lode”/elephant in the room. Whatever it is….thank you, thank you, thank you. I will return as a daily visitor, tell my friends in the movement to do the same and donate to the cause.

    I especially liked your list of relevant witnesses who were either denied a hearing before the ommission or whose testimony was left out of the whitewash/report. A mention of Zelikow would explain a lot. His college thesis was on something like creating and using Myth.

    Also, there was a great piece over at VeteransToday a few days ago on William Rodriquez I highly rec for all interested.

    Please stay strong. Keep it up. We can win this thing and save our planet. Peace.

  4. So, once again, the overarching question becomes, “Cui Bono?”. WHO benefits? Certainly the US and Israeli defense establishment benefitted from the aftermath of 9/11. Also both countries’ intelligence services benefitted gaining unprecendented access to the US telecommunications system. As James Bamford pointed out in his book, BOTH companies that manufactured the Semantic Traffic Analyzers used in the NSA Domestic Spying Program were founded and run by former(?) members of the Israel Defense Force’s Signals Intelligence Unit 8200 providing a treasure trove of opportunities for intelligence gathering in the US.


    The NSA was ALSO a BIG winner since they got access to surveille the US telecom network for the FIRST time. The Saudis were big winners since the Iraq war served to raise oil prices providing windfall profits TO the Saudis. So let’s examine a 9/11 scenario that ties all these disparate elements together into a coherent whole. Additionally, in this long response, I will offer four of my OWN personal experiences in stumbling onto possible intelligence/terror assets.

    What if the 9/11 plotters, and the Israeli “art students” who were monitoring them were ONE operation? What if the art students who targeted federal agents were specifically tasked to muddy the waters and provide cover for BOTH the former groups? Wheels within wheels, right? In this scenario, the targeting of federal agents and facilities was specifically designed to simultaneously misdirect law enforcement away from the people “monitoring” the hijackers, the hijackers themselves and to provide a mechanism to discount the REAL reports by agents like Colleen Rowley, thus PROTECTING the hijackers from discovery before the act. It is well-known that the Israeli AND Saudi intelligence services have cooperated in the past against common enemies like Saddam Hussein, Syria and Iran. Now examine that scenario in light of these four personal experiences I had.

    1.In 1992, I was working a temp job for GTE Mobilnet doing cell phone site surveys and power modifications around the SF Bay Area. One of my co-workers was the cousin of a former coworker at my PREVIOUS job who, according to the former coworker, had made a copy of a friend’s BSEE degree diploma, whited out the other guy’s name, wrote in his OWN name and then USED that degree to get a two-year job for Deutsche Bundespost as an Operations Supervisor managing a crew of 15 techs working IN Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Telecom system in the time frame around the FIRST Gulf War, paid in Marks which he banked offshore in the Jersey Islands. What makes this story REALLY interesting is that the coworker himself once showed me before and after the Iraqi Army pictures of his Central Office in Khafji, his US passport, his SECOND ISRAELI passport and a check for $28 from the Israeli Defense Force, who RUNS the aforementioned Unit 8200. NOW consider that ANY cursory pre-employment screening by ANY large corporation would include a call to the college of record to confirm that the BSEE degree was, in fact, valid. If THEY didn’t, then the SAUDI intelligence service would DEFINITELY be do so, ESPECIALLY if it meant that a possible Israeli Intelligence agent was given full access to the Saudi Domestic Communications network. Virtually the ONLY way this scenario is plausible would be that the Saudis KNEW who he was and allowed it in cooperation with Israel.

    2. on September TENTH, 2001, I was working for Allegience Telecom, a competitive Local Exchange Carrier in the Los Angeles area. I was sent out on a trouble call to a company called 9278 Communications, a phone card, throwaway cell phone vendor and package delivery service company located in a strip mall at Venice & Vermont streets in the ghetto of South Central LA. After being buzzed in through the front door, I noticed 5 or 6 Arab looking guys in suits behind the desk and one lone hispanic lady customer. I identified myself and was taken back to the package shipping area where the phone equipment was located. While I did my workm the two guys in the back, who looked more like Traditional Muslims with full beards and beanie caps, were conversing in Arabic. I couldn’t understand what they were saying only having a smattering af Arabic myself, but I told them I had to check the outside line coming in from the pole to the demarc point. As I was leaving, I told them, “Was Salaam Aleikum” as I noticed a bumper sricker over the inside doorway that saidm “Read the Koran”. Now, EVERY TIME in the past I had spoken Arabic TO an Arab, their eyes would light up, they’d get a BIG smile because some white guy was making an attempt to speak their language and I was treated like their BEST friend. THESE rwo guys looked at each other and murmered, “Aleikum was Salaam.” in return with worried expressions on their faces. Once I completed my work outside, I came back inside to give my report of the trouble I fixed. What I DID notice was that the two guys who WERE so voluble in Arabic before, NEVER SPOKE ARABIC in my presence again. The NEXT day, 9/11 happened and we were all sent home early. The FOLLOWING day, after detailing what I observed with my boss and getting his ok, I called the LA FBI field office with my experience. Within 1/2 hour, I was called back by an FBI special agent who took down my report and observations and who thanked me for being such an observant citizen.

    3. About 3 monthes later, I was working in our cage at the Sherman Oaks central office, one of 58 colocation cages Allegiance had in central offices all over the LA metro area. I had gone outside on a smoke break when I noticed another middle eastern looking guy wandering around the CO complex taking pictures of the access gates and security camera setup. So I went up and challenged the guy, asking him what he was doing there. He tried to make some lame excuse about taking pictures for an Art project he was working on, so I told him I was informing building security and walked towards the main entrance. As I did, I noticed him swiftly walking away. By the time, I got the security guard outside, the guy had disappeared. Over the next couple of months as my work took me to OTHER central offices in LA, I would ask the PacBell guys I ran into if they had encountered similar incidents. About 3/4s of the people I had talked to had experienced similar incidents, including people who would ask for tours of these secure facilities.

    4.In mid-2003, I was laid off from Allegiance and forced to move in with my stepdaughter and her husband in Lodi, Ca. to avoid homelessness while I tried to find another job, I used to buy my cigarettes at a local cheap tobacco shop run by THESE guys:


    Additionally, these SAME guys had bought the house in Lodi where my stepddaughter and her husband had PREVIOUSLY lived, so I would periodically stop by to pick up their unforwarded mail. So one day, I’m buying smokes and I ask them where they were from. They told me they were Pashtun from Afghanistan. So I told them about Simcha Jacobovici’s program, “The Quest for The Lost Tribes”, how he had found Israelite archaeological and cultural indicators among the Pashtun and advised them they should get DNA tested since that could lead them to be eligible for the Right of Return under Israeli law. I must have REALLY spooked them because, in the next few days, they went out and hired ALL white people to work the smoke shop and I never saw any of them there again. About a month after that, I took the job in New Mexico and moved here. When the Lodi Terror plot hit the news, one of the reporters was doing a stand-up interview in front of these guys’ house which I immediately recognized as the SAME house where I would pick up my stepdaughter’s mail.

  5. 344thBrother says:

    Thank you Sibel.

    peace freedom truth justice kindness
    Dave Short

  6. 344thBrother says:

    Short partial list of suspects:
    Dick Cheney > “The orders still stand”

    Larry Silverstein > “Pull it”

    Rudi Guiliani > “We knew the towers were going to collapse”. Destroyed the crime scene.

    Donald Rumsfeld > “There’s 2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon” September 10 2001. Attack Iraq.

    The Joint Chiefs > “We didn’t fly on 911”

    George HW Bush > Met with Bin Laden’s brother for breakfast on the morning of 911

    Jeb Bush > Declared State of emergency September 9th

    George W Bush > Couldn’t testify without
    Cheney. Claimed he saw the first plane hit the towers.

    Marvin Bush > Head of the Security agency at the WTC towers

    PNAC Signatories > Especially the Neocons

    George Tenet CIA Director

    Robert Mueller FBI Director

    Buzzy Krongard

    The architects of the Patriot Act

    Tom Daschle > Anthrax attack victim

    Richard Gephardt > Anthrax attack

    Head of the flight 93 crash site investigation

    I missed a bunch, but this would be a good start.

    START WITH PNAC! AND the bastards listed above.




    peace freedom truth justice
    Dave Short

  7. Bill Bergman says:
  8. This is right on point and excellently so.

    The government had virtually unlimited money and manpower resources at its disposal and a cub scout pack could have done a better investigation.

    When they started fingering Bin Laden within an hour or two of the first crash — long before any evidence from the scene could have been collected — I knew something wasn’t going to pass the stink test.

    When I was learning how to do investigations in the waybackwhen, my mentor taught me several things: 1) There’s no such thing as coincidence. Anybody pops up two or three times, chances are, that’s your guy; 2) Given enough time, money and manpower, any case can be broken. This in addition to cui bono, and Conan Doyle’s maxim about eliminating the impossible.

    It’s good to hear this coming from you.

    Thanks for posting this one.

    liberty & justice,


  9. Bill B. – King and Wolf are only interested in building their own version of the Gulag Archipelago, with headquarters located within their own Districts. Talk about igloos and deep freezes – don’t forget to bring extra woolen socks.

    Get in touch, sometime. It’s been a while.

    – Mark

  10. TorontoSecurityGuardCompany says:

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  11. http://911blogger.com/news/2011-08-21/deconstructing-911-dot-disconnection-book-review-erik-larson#comment-252308

    another link for important bridge building. have posted several of your articles (more!) there for quite awhile. check theirs out, please.! thank you. lb

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