The EyeOpener-White Gold: Heroin & the Destabilization of Afghanistan

The Power(s) Behind Afghan Heroin & the Real Profiteers of the International Drug Trade 


The idea that the drug trade in Afghanistan is enabled and protected by western interests for their own benefit is by no means a new or controversial idea. After all, we are talking about the third most lucrative commodity in the world behind oil and the arms trade. However, the media coverage of this issue involving hundreds of billions of dollars is another story. James Corbett brings to you questions and points not dared to be raised by the media and pseudo alternatives alike.

This is our EyeOpener Video Report by James Corbett on Afghanistan’s White Gold for

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  1. Were we not trading heroin for weapons back in the 1970’s? I believe it was the CIA & Mafia trading weapons for heroin- 1977 comes to mind.

  2. tonywicher says:

    It’s an old story. The British Empire has been selling opium since the Opium Wars of the 19th century. The world opium trade was and still is run by British banks such as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation, known to American credit card holders as HSBC. It is one of the Empire’s principal businesses. In the United States, George H.W. “Poppy” Bush was its “kingpin” for decades.

    I am a strong advocate of legalizing marijuana, which I use myself and regard as beneficial, and of treating addiction to dangerous drugs as a disease rather than a crime. But the more important point is that the drug problem cannot be solved at its own level. The Empire must fall. The imperial economic system itself must be defeated, this monetarist system that impoverishes the whole world to enrich a tiny ruling class of financial overlords. When there are jobs and opportunity for all in a growing economy, drugs become a minor health issue. Drug use is only a symptom of this deeper social disease.

  3. iwantpeace13 says:

    Gee James was so right. HSBC was caught laundering money for drug traders and “terrorists” and America signed an agreement allowing them to stay in Afganistan untill 2024. Makes me respect his work even more, not that I didn’t before.

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