James Corbett Report: New World Next Week- Secrecy Kills, Occupy Wall Street & More

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This site depends….

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  1. Thank you James and James. And Sibel.

  2. ProudPrimate says:

    Very interesting new whistleblower website I just discovered http://www.reportingwrongdoing.com/ of a specifically Wall Street insider victim of harrassment and suppression

  3. ProudPrimate says:

    Brief quote from that website http://www.reportingwrongdoing.com/

    History: I was hired by SunTrust Bank* in Atlanta for their first McKinsey Client Team, I was able to see their operation from a very privileged perspective.

    Three SunTrust Executive Vice Presidents were fired for accounting improprieties during a major Securities and Exchange Commission investigation – the EVP I reported to survived.

    I was told a valued work colleague was pushed to suicide by all the problems. If someone had pushed me to suicide, I’d want people to speak up, so I did. I talked to the SEC about major accounting irregularities not mentioned in the press.

    Shortly thereafter the long string of bad things started to happen.

    Until the February, 2011 HBGary disclosures by Anonymous, people did not believe me when I said corrupt government contractors were probably to blame. The Goons are able to operate with impunity and get cooperation from law enforcement agencies at all levels.

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