Time to Revisit & Confront Agent Orange

 When it comes down to it We are the Number One Nation in Producing, Stockpiling, Exporting, and Actually Using WMD

agent orangeI just discovered the following article at Eurasia Review on Agent Orange, its use as a weapon by the US war machine, and the forgotten victims who are still suffering the nightmare of its contamination. Those of you who have been visiting my site for a while know the importance of this topic to me. I spent the better part of the year 2008 in Vietnam. While in Vietnam,  I travelled north to south, met with and interviewed activists, NGOs and doctors involved in Agent Orange cases, and of course, got to know a few of these victims. I am going to re-publish two of my own videos from Vietnam for those of you who are new to this website, and ask you to read the article, watch the videos, think, reflect, and help educate others on the war atrocities committed by our nation, and our established record as the number one nation producing, stockpiling and actually using Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Here is the analysis by Ikhwan Kim at Eurasia Review:

Agent Orange, the notoriously toxic defoliant first used by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War, has long been known to cause liver cancer, birth defects, leukemia, and other illnesses in people exposed to it. Although the U.S. military hasn’t actively used the chemical since the 1970s, a number of forgotten victims are still suffering the nightmare of its contamination.Forty years after the Vietnam War, South Korea and Japan have been rocked by allegations about the use of the chemical on U.S. bases. A series of recent confessions by U.S. veterans has lent credibility to the allegation that a considerable amount of Agent Orange was illegitimately used and buried in both South Korean and Japanese soil.

South Korea and Japan are thousands of kilometers away from Vietnam, and neither country has any jungle within its territory. This makes it hard to fathom why the chemical might have been used

You can read the entire article here.

And here are two clips I filmed while in Vietnam: First, Victims of Agent Orange, and the second, an interview I conducted (with Le Ly Heyslip) while in Vietnam on Agent Orange:

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  1. What can I say? This is what America does – terrorizes people around the globe while claiming it is the greatest nation in history. I have shown people video of the US aircraft flying in formation while dropping Agent Orange to ensure no part of the ground below is missed. I have shown them video of the Vietnamese survivors describing the gentle mist falling on their bodies, fields and huts. I have shown them pictures and descriptions of the sickness and death in the days and weeks that followed. But Americans don’t want to face it. And they don’t have to face it because neither their government nor their “free press” is going to expose it. That is why Americans continue to fund killing, maiming, and torture with their taxes – because they don’t experience it. We have one day of mayhem here 10 years ago and we think we have been treated so brutally that we spend the next 10 years destroying the lives of millions of people half way around the world – subjecting them to terror on nearly a daily basis. Can you imagine how quickly Americans would call for an end to the wars they are funding if they were forced to watch it everyday? But we can’t have that, there’s too much money to be made from war.

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