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On Doing Something to Stop This Current & Ongoing Rape

ghostbustersA few weeks ago I called up an independent journalist friend and asked whether she would like to write articles on topics of mutual interest at Boiling Frogs Post. She said she had been swamped with several projects, including a book in progress, all involving George W. Bush’s wrongdoings and dirty operations dragging us into the war with Iraq. I asked, ‘What about the same categories of deeds going on right now? You know, Libya, and now being dragged to Yemen, Somalia … and let’s not forget the daily drone-bombing of Pakistan …’ She responded, ‘I know. It’s just that I can’t stand Bush getting away with everything.  Don’t we all want some accountability from Bush and his men?’ I guess, she didn’t really answer my question.

Last weekend at the farmers Market I bumped in to an author, activist and a fairly popular blog-ist friend. I asked what he had been up to lately, and he said he was working with a group on bringing more pressure on Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney from the international community, and possibly getting them banned from entering certain countries. I asked him about his plans for our current president, his undeclared wars and black operations, and his still-in-the-making trail of civilian casualties-the babies and grandmothers and all…He sincerely answered my question without any hesitation, ‘Oh, no plans for that yet. Not yet... Maybe after we are done with Bush… Obama certainly deserves being banned, but right now we are busy with our current project targeting Bush and his evil entourage.

It seems like every time I look around I see these activists/writers/blog-ists who are extremely busy with chasing that long-gone evil president, or maybe his ghost. The guy had eight years in the White House when he was engaged in planning and executing orders for atrocious practices, and neither Congress nor the media lifted a finger to do anything about it. Even though they could; in theory, that is. Despite all our activism and whistleblowing the man came out of it without a scratch; really.

Look, I am not saying the pursuit of George W. Bush is totally futile and a waste of time. I certainly don’t disagree with those who believe the previous administration should be held accountable. After all, what do people think when they hear the name Sibel Edmonds? The FBI linguist who was retaliated against and fired by Bush’s FBI, silenced and gagged by Bush’s Justice Department, and basically, slammed and quashed and attacked nonstop by the Bush Administration (while the US Congress and the media watched detachedly without a blink). So, no, I have justifiably more reasons than many to despise the Bush Administration and seek accountability and justice.

ghostThen, what is it I am disagreeing with here? Or more accurately, what is bugging me about the few sample examples of many more examples I cited above? Allow me to provide you with a fictional example to illustrate the point of this commentary:

Once upon a time there was a man who lived happily with his wife. Then, one day, while on the way home from work, his wife was raped. Despite all attempts by the local police and all the evidence they were able to gather, the perpetuator was never caught. After a while the police quit and declared the case ‘cold.’ However, the husband who adored his wife would not give up. He set up his own little office down in the basement where he worked on the case, the evidence, possible leads…He could not let that horrible criminal, that rapist, just get away, and roam the streets free, and very possibly commit even more rapes. He would not.

The man made this his mission, and he took this mission very seriously. He was going to do all it took to find that rapist and deliver what he believed was justice. When he worked downstairs, those late night hours after work, neither his wife nor his son would dare to distract or bother him. He worked as if in a trance, intensely and with passion. Sometimes he’d imagine holding down that rapist and make him beg for his life…Months went by, then one late evening, while he was in the basement working intensely on his ‘catch that rapist and make him pay’ project, a masked man broke into his house. As his wife screamed ‘rape, rapist, help me…,’ as she was beaten, brutalized, and raped repeatedly, the man worked downstairs...despite hearing the bangs and screams…He was determined. He was going to catch that rapist who had raped his wife three years back...

I don’t think I need to spell out my point here. Do I really? We had a horrible president who did truly horrible things…for eight years. Then, he was replaced…three years ago. In the last three years we have been getting raped every single day: being raped in airports, being raped on the phone and in e-mails, being raped of our hard-earned dollars given to crooks …Every Single Day. As I am typing this commentary, as you are reading this piece, we are being raped. Right now. Right at this moment.

Thousands of people outside our country have been getting, and are getting, raped too: raped of life in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen…every single say. Right now. Thousands have been, and are being, injured-handicapped and raped of living normal lives. Tens of thousands have been, and are being, raped of having parent(s)-family. Right now, as I am typing, as you are reading, our government is killing, injuring, and creating orphans. Right now.

This is now. Right now we are all being raped as a nation. And right now there are people in other parts of the world who are getting raped by our nation. Right now. Right at this moment. Our current President, our current Commander in Chief, our current administration in power, our current government, is raping us and others in the world. Do you want to chase the ghost of the previous rapist? Or, should you be doing something to stop this current, this ongoing rape? The one happening right now-right at this moment…

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  1. One of the best statements I have read from anybody since I woke up from my sleep. I fervently hope you never lose your will to speak the truth and fight for change. Your voice is an inspiration to me.

    I may be imagining things, but I have sensed a growing urgency in you, Sibel, through your podcasts and blog posts. If I am right, I share this urgency. I do feel the water boiling. I am swimming against a current of people who are moving downstream toward a waterfall into a deep, dark canyon. Those trying to swim against this current are desperately trying to save those swept up it, but few will listen. Unless these people wake up and change direction, they will carry us all with them over the falls into the abyss.

    “It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”. George Carlin

  2. The man WAS the rapist.

  3. Thanks, HAL, and yes the urgency is growing. How could it not be?

    Xicha: and the current man ‘IS,’and we are being raped by him as of this moment…

  4. Not a very subtle little parable, but wow you make your point.

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