The Bearer of Bad News, Ugly Truths &Uncomfortable Realities

“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it.” - Patrick Henry

Yesterday I came across a video clip depicting a gruesome hospital scene in Libya. I watched the video, and then watched it again. The children in a literal blood bath; torn limbs and ripped bodies. The excruciating pain. The ear-scratching wailings. The realities of a war. Not a declared war or a justified one. Not one waged in self defense or induced by any conceivable necessity. More like a one-sided assault waged by a big fat bully with heavy bats and sticks against unarmed little ones- an assault inside the victims’ home after a forceful break in. I believe this pretty much sums up the ugly truth depicted in the video clip - representative of thousands more that were never filmed and distributed.

I saved the video. I made a note. I thought about publishing it here at Boiling Frogs Post. But then I paused. I considered the reaction; at least the reaction of the majority. The same ole common reaction to be expected whenever ugly truths and uncomfortable realities are presented. The despise and hatred targeted at the bearer of the bad news and the illustrators of the ugly truths.

It was only a pause; a momentary pause. The quick recovery came with the reminder of why this website came about and what it really is about. It has been the media’s modus operandi to pass when it comes to ugly truths not easily digestible by the majority. It’s been the pseudo alternatives’ practice to avoid uncomfortable realities most can’t stomach… or don’t want to stomach…or maybe have never been forced to stomach.

I am sharing this clip with you here at Boiling Frogs Post as the bearer of uncomfortable realities and ugly truths. I am not attaching any warning notes on the graphic nature or disturbing effects of this clip. It is the truth; the ugly truth. This is reality; the uncomfortable kind. This happens to be an ugly truth of our own making; it is our ugly truth. It certainly is the reality of what we have become as uncomfortable as it may be. And it is way past time for us to face this ugly truth and uncomfortable reality, and own up to it - because the alternative is worse for us, and far worse for ‘our’ little victims.

“Ah yes, truth. Funny how everyone is always asking for it but when they get it they don’t believe it because it’s not the truth they want to hear.” -Helena Cassadine


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  1. Difficult but necessary to watch. People dont understand the true horror of war.

  2. jschoneboom says:

    Jesus fucking christ. I lasted exactly three seconds before I burst out sobbing and was desperately reaching for the off button. It took me twenty minutes before I could think again. If anyone can watch even a few seconds of that and still be willing to support war — any war, in any form, for any reason — well, they’re not human, I can’t understand them. I’ve agreed with Howard Zinn intellectually that all modern war is a war against children but I don’t think I’ve really understood it until now, not viscerally, not with the kind of emotion it must be understood with. Those poor children! It’s monstrous. I shouldn’t even write for another 24 hours, I’ve lost my mind, I’m gone….

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