Police State: Time to Bring Back the Pigeons & Falcons!

The Only Way to Circumvent NSA, DHS, FBI & the Rest

privacyNow it is confirmed and official: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirms that it intends to develop guidelines for how officials go about collecting intelligence from the sites. Yes. The Department of Homeland Security is not going to take a second seat to the FBI or NSA. It is flexing its muscles. It is stomping its feet, and it is determined to get its way. It is all set and ready to create its own policies and operations for monitoring social network media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook:

Caryn Wagner, undersecretary of the DHS, told an audience Monday at the National Symposium on Homeland Security and Defense in Colorado Springs that the agency began to draw up guidelines for monitoring social networking sites after the sites were heavily used during government uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa this year.

According to an Associated Press report Tuesday, federal agents are still mulling over how to best pull intelligence from social media sites and determine whether it is valid or Web chatter."We're still trying to figure out how you use things like Twitter as a source," said Wagner, according to the AP report. "How do you establish trends and how do you then capture that in an intelligence product?"

Oh, let’s add this idiotic comment by Dan Olds, an analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group as well:

"Some users might be disturbed, but what would they expect?" Olds asked. "The info they post online is essentially in the public domain in most cases and it's easy to understand why the government would look for any edge they can find vs. terrorists."

Please, someone contact this ‘yoyo’ and ask him: Since when does the government distinguish between public domain, private and those that fall in the middle? Is he high on something? Or maybe shows signs of an onset of dementia? Hello?

Let’s see: NSA has been tapping all our communications-phone, e-mail, fax …for almost a decade now with no warrants, no legal rights, in fact by directly challenging the Constitution and privacy laws. So does this dude consider the airwaves, all land lines, internet accounts and servers … all as public domain, thus totally naked and open for government grab?

Same goes for the FBI. They can sit down and type up a letter for themselves and use it as a license to grab people’s mail, GPS, even access to their homes. Does that self-granted violation right make these private properties public domain? As far as I know there is not much left that is considered private domain, and doesn’t that make this public domain issue a moot point?

Come on, I am asking you! With the NSA’s limitless spying authority on all American citizens, with the FBI’s limitless search and seizure powers, with the PATRIOT ACT, with our bodies-arses open to grab in airports (and soon on highways), what do we have  left that is considered private-personal domain?! Everything is public domain, so why even distinguish anymore?!

PigeonI think it is time to bring back the carrier pigeons and falcons. Some business-minded people should use this opportunity to make a few bucks and provide the public with an alternative to communicate privately. We’ll roll our messages, tie’em to their legs and hope our word will get to the ‘intended’ recipient privately; unread and untouched by the preying eyes of the NSA, DHS, FBI and who knows who else …

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  1. What galls me about DHS and its overreach is that this entire war on terrorism is caused by the imperial foreign policy of the US government, exacerbated and often funded by the the US government, and then that same government uses this threat to trample our Constitutional rights. DHS and FBI spend their considerable resources on entrapment schemes to arrest confused young people, and to X-ray or feel up Grandma to make sure she’s not going to try to overpower the airline crew with her knitting needles, break into to the locked flight deck with a hairpin, and fly everyone into a building without benefit of training. Meanwhile when there’s an actual attack like 911, no investigation is permitted. There is so much money to be made in this phony war on terrorism that our political system cannot act to even cut back a bit on spending. There always has to be more.

    Now they are going to spend billions to sift through ever Facebook post and Tweet to find those dastardly terrorists. It would be a lot quicker to just have the CIA turn over their records and give them the names. Of course, that’s not the point. They aren’t fighting terrorism, they’re making sure that the people of this nation never try to regain control of their government.

  2. Carrier pigeons is not a solution, the CIA has already infiltrated that network.

  3. Do what I do.I routinely advocate the violent overthrow of the US government as part of my personal plan of total World Domination. That way, I’m quickly labeled a crackpot and ignored. In this way, as Abbe’ Feria told Edmund Dantes in the Chateau D’IF,


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