U.S. Has Been Providing Turkey with $1 Million a Day to Fight Kurdish Minority

Republican Senator Slips During & After her Recent Lavish Trip

CollinsSen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, returned from Istanbul, Turkey last week. According to my Turkish sources the Senator’s trip was ‘extraordinarily lavish.’
Shortly after her return last Monday, Collins began to make her lavish organizers’ lavish expenditure worthwhile.  She spoke at a conference about the state of America’s relationship with Turkey and how it can be improved. The conference was held by the American-Turkish Council (ATC), and you may want to check here and here to get an idea as to what ATC ‘really’ is and what it is ‘really’ about.

Well, Collins said a bunch of things, and babbled a bit, but somehow she slipped and went on record with a fact that has been kept hush-hush by our government. Was it jet lag? Was it the still-in-effect high Collins got from that ultra lavish trip? Or was it too much wine served at ATC’s lavish luncheon? We don’t know, but we have Collins on record, and we know the White House is not going to be happy with this on record:

“The United States spends an average of $1 million a day to help Turkey fight terrorism.

Now don’t take me wrong, all the moguls of MIC present at that conference knew about this, and all the Turkish dignitaries, businessmen and ‘operatives’ have known about this. The thing is, Americans were left out of this mindboggling and outrageous fact. It is sort of classified for the purpose of inflammation prevention reasons…You catch my drift?

So who did Collins mean by ‘Turkey’s terrorists’? She meant the Kurdish minority and separatist groups. You may want to check Turkey’s track record on that here and here.

Interestingly, while in Turkey Collins kept emphasizing the Arab Spring’s importance as a great business opportunity for Turkish businessman to take advantage of. During her speech in a conference in Istanbul organized by Bahcesehir and the Turkish Young Businessmen association in Turkey, Collins repeatedly emphasized the importance of Arab Spring as a business and export opportunity for Turkish businesses and stated:

Turkish Businessmen took great advantage of the recent changes in that region, took the opportunity, capitalized and made investments which will be new bases for Turkey’s future export.”

Last time I checked the so-called spring was supposedly on-going, and then stalled, and then …well, nothing really. Did Collins mean the Egyptian military’s takeover as a great opportunity for Turkish businessmen? Or did she mean the new supposedly Islamic regime in Tunisia? Or maybe the US citizen who just became the Libyan PM? Well, we don’t know. What we do know is this:

The United States government gives $1 Million a day of our tax-payer dollars and China-Loan for Turkey to kill some vague terrorist enemies.

And what we want to know is:

What the heck Collins meant by Turkey using the so-called Arab Spring chaos and upheaval, capitalizing on it, and making fortune from it … Any ideas?

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