The EyeOpener- Pipeline Politics & the Rewiring of Eurasia

Covert Military Tension & the Ultimate Endgame of Western Interests in Eurasia


Pipeline politics have entered the North American consciousness over the last several months, with the proposed Keystone Pipeline connecting the Alberta Oil Sands to the United States becoming a contentious political issue sparking a storm of protest from a concerned population.

Much less in the North American consciousness, however, are a series of pipeline projects both proposed and under construction that are set to change the face of Central Asia, and to rewire the political relations of Eurasia as a whole. The political implications of these project are enormous, if underappreciated, and the potential economic rewards for the players involved are enormous, a fact certainly not lost on the players involved.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, joined by our distinguished guests Pepe Escobar and William Engdahl, presenting the West’s scramble to secure pipeline concessions in the highly strategic Caspian basin region, the likely destabilization game in these key states in a campaign of terror that will be blamed on Islamic fundamentalists or other shadowy terror groups, and how this destabilization would benefit the very NATO countries with an interest in gaining control in the region.

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  1. I have commented on this very subject twice recently, but since BFP is directly addressing the issue I hope the long essay below will not be offensive. Bill Bergman also deserves credit for his part in this involved story since much of the economics of oil geopolitics originated in the Chicago area.
    Global Econ

    Baku takes control of gas export policy
    By Robert M Cutler

    MONTREAL – The recent announcement that Azerbaijan and Turkey will construct on Turkish territory a pipeline for transiting natural gas from the Caspian Sea basin to Europe is a signal from Baku that it will drive its own energy export policy rather than have it driven by others… From Boiling Frogs Post

    Yeisk connects the Soviet Union to the Mediterranean. Azerbaijan: it is one of the six independent Turkic states as well as an active member of the Turkic Council. News from Azerbaijan, police dispersing the protest action in Baku on April 2, 2011. … one and a half thousand people took part in a meeting against oil terminals in Yeisk.
    A new anti-aircraft missile launcher is being tested near Yeisk. MOSCOW. June 9 (Interfax-AVN) – The Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy up to 250 portable anti-aircraft missile launchers of a new model in 2011. The launchers are being tested in the Krasnodar territory.

    Russian intelligence agents appear to be systematically working off a hit list. When he came into power, Putin, who was president at the time, apparently decided to expand the death zone. “We will pursue the terrorists wherever they go. If we find them in the toilet, we’ll kill them in the outhouse,” the president vowed, and set his agents loose on Chechen rebels and terrorists abroad.
    The attacks were carried out in Arab countries, Azerbaijan in the southern Caucasus and, in particular, Turkey. In September 2008, the Chechen militant Gaji Edilsultanov was murdered in Istanbul in broad daylight. Three months later, his fellow militant Islam Zhanibekov was killed in an execution-style shooting in front of his wife and children. Russian special-forces units had targeted the Chechen because of his involvement in several terrorist attacks.

    The big picture emerges clearly if research by Greg Palast in ‘Vulture’s Picnic’ is included. The major oil companies headed by B.P. tried to bribe the prime minister and his number two to obtain oil rights with minimum compensation to Azerbaijan. Moral objections by the retired intelligence operative who was not given his full cut for complicity forced Big Oil to resort to number two, Giffen. Giffen was caught and tried, had to pay $25 court costs, and was removed from probation. Hillary Clinton assured the prime minister and his number two that they would not be mentioned in the court case. In light of Sibel’s research, we see that the greatest vulnerability for stealing
    the former Soviet oil reserves in Azerbaijan lies near the port of Yeisk. Both countries are posturing while maintaining amicable relations. Both are hostage to Big Oil. If this is in doubt, Palast clearly demonstrates how B.P. has purposely destroyed the Gulf Coast
    of the U.S. and successfully covered up research that would prove they are responsible for New Orleans restructuring to eliminate the poor, and destruction of Gulf fisheries.

    BTC is an incorporated joint venture company made up of 11 shareholders and managed by BP, its largest shareholder.

    The Nabucco pipeline, which will connect Europe to gas-rich Central Asia via the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus, won formal backing from the main transit countries: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as from Germany.

    An American delegation, including Barack Obama’s national security adviser on the region, Michael McFaul, has just been to Turkmenistan to stress the importance the West puts on making Nabucco a success. American lobbying proved crucial to the success
    of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline that runs from Azerbaijan to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, which opened in 2005. Many thought that was a pipe dream in the beginning, but with strong political backing it came to acquire an aura of inevitability. Nabucco’s backers hope to repeat the BTC pipeline’s trick. Other less ambitious pipelines are also moving ahead. ITGI, which aims to bring Azeri gas to Italy via Turkey and Greece, has just announced a deal to extend a spur north to Bulgaria, ending that country’s near-total reliance on Russian gas. Another EU-backed scheme, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, has signed up gas from Iran and expects to draw on Azerbaijan too. Azerbaijan is run by Ilham Aliyev. He inherited the presidency from his late father, Heydar, a shrewd KGB general who had also run Azerbaijan in Soviet times. When the son took over in 2003 many saw him as a Moscow-educated – golden youth –
    who lacked his father’s skills. But in the past few years he has consolidated power, suppressed opposition, eliminated his rivals and abolished presidential term limits. He has also overseen the country’s rapid oil-driven growth. Although the wealth on display
    in central Baku does not extend even to the city’s suburbs, ordinary Azeris have enjoyed rising incomes. BTC at a length of 1,768km, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline is one of the great engineering endeavors of the new millennium.

    The BTC oil export pipeline transports crude oil from offshore oil fields in the Caspian Sea to the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean from where the crude is further shipped via tankers to European markets.

    The pipeline travels from the Sangachal terminal near Baku through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to the Ceyhan marine terminal on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean.

    The pipeline, which is buried along its entire length, is 1768km in total length: 443km in Azerbaijan, 249km in Georgia, and 1,076km in Turkey.

    The diameter of the pipeline is 42 inches throughout most of Azerbaijan and Turkey. In Georgia the pipeline diameter is 46 inches. The pipeline diameter reduces to 34-inches for the last downhill section to the Ceyhan Marine Terminal in Turkey.

    The pipeline throughput capacity is one million barrels of oil per day.

    The BTC pipeline facilities include: 8 pump stations (2 in Azerbaijan, 2 in Georgia, 4 in Turkey) 2 intermediate pigging stations 1 pressure reduction station 101 small block valves. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Company (BTC Co) is responsible for
    the construction and operation of the whole pipeline. It is an incorporated joint venture company made up of 11 shareholders and managed by BP, its largest shareholder.

    What remains to be definitively established are links to the International Banks dictating global geopolitics of oil, when solutions such as a hydrogen economy are purposely suppressed.

    Vulture’s Picnic Greg Palast 11/11
    Notes & Comments:

    Halliburton pumped nitrogen into the cement as a subsidiary to British Petroleum in the Makondo explosion. A similar event created an actual documented explosion in the Caspian Sea. R. King Milling, an investment banker, linked to oil companies was
    instrumental in development of the shipping channel that leads directly into New Orleans and allowed storm surge from Katrina to destroy many human lives. Giffen was sent by bankers and oil companies to bribe the head of state and its number two in
    Azerbaijan to give away their oil rights. Hillary Clinton apologized to Azerbaijan when Giffen was caught and made sure that they were not named in the lawsuit.
    Goldman-Sachs used algorithms to predict the market. There was nothing ethical. Dr. Black, the inventor, treated these experiments as financial molecules. The derivative market was the final outgrowth. (This can be countered using Edward Lorenz’s ‘Butterfly Effect’. A true believer can bind their own assets in such a manner that inflation if artificially generated becomes theft and invites direct consequences for the empowered individual.) Milton Friedman and Thomas Friedman (the apologist) both make the flawed assumption that ‘prices in a free market communicate all information’. The same tool that these people use, ‘The Capital Asset Pricing Model’ can be used to stop insider trading.
    The true story behind the Fukishima nuclear reactor meltdown is much different than told by the media. The 9.0 magnitude quake was generated 100 miles offshore. At the plant, it was a 7-8 magnitude earthquake. Stone and Webster are responsible for the failed design. TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) failed to raise the standard earthquake resistance at its plants to 600 galileos from 436. Diesel generators had a flawed design that fails the crash start. LILCO (Long Island Lighting Company) and
    Stone & Webster were successfully sued for $4.3 billion in an earlier case. Shaw construction has been implicated in many irregularities. President Obama diverted $57 billion to them for nuclear energy. This is the same company that R. King Milling
    hired to destroy New Orleans. David Axelrod, prior to his appointment by Obama, worked for Exelon, the largest nuclear operator in Amerika.
    Glass-Steagall prohibited banks that take deposits from merging with high risk investment banks. Goldman-Sachs in one day changed from investment bank to savings
    bank to qualify to receive bailout money. After Citibanks’ collapse and bailout by U.S. taxpayers, Robert Rubin escaped with $126 million. One of the architects of the repeal of Glass-Steagall was Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. Rubin spent 26 years with Goldman Sachs before entering the Treasury. Rubin is currently the Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. Lawrence Summers was a former Chief Economist for the World Bank before being Deputy Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. He then became President of Harvard University, and is now Director of the White House National Economic Council in the Obama administration. The current Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, was former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and is also a Robert Rubin protégé. Larry Summers replaced Rubin at Treasury along with Timothy Geithner. In most nations, betting government guaranteed savings accounts on risky securities remains against the law except in the U.S. Wall Street rewrote the Global Financial Services Agreement. The brilliance of the bankers was in using trade as the weapon to force 152 nations to join. This forced poor nations like Greece at risk because of a currency scam by Goldman-Sachs to pay increased interest for the amount they borrowed. You can’t make the innocent pay unless they accept that they are to blame. “The borrower is servant to the lender, and the
    rich ruleth over the poor.” KJV Bible. “Owe no man anything but to love one another.” KJV Bible.
    Peter Sutherland was in a position of great power as the Pope’s stockbroker. The first Director-General of the WTO was Peter D. Sutherland, who was previously the director general of GATT, former Attorney General of Ireland (Ireland’s dependence on credit from abroad is so great that the economic consequences of that credit being withdrawn would be catastrophic), and currently is Chairman of British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs International, as well as being special representative of the United Nations secretary-general for migrations. He is also a member of the board of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, is a member of the Bilderberg Group, and is European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and he was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission. Clearly, the WTO was an organ of the western banking elite to be used as a tool in expanding and institutionalizing their control over world trade. Bill Clinton allowed Joseph Stiglitz to sit in the same room while Summers and Rubin convinced Clinton to decriminalize banking. Obama hired Larry Summers The ‘IMF riots’ is a term used to squeeze a country financially until it riots. In the U.S., prisons have increased and stadiums have been turned into containment facilities in case large numbers of U.S. citizens riot. Money was give to AIG to bailout European banks at U.S. taxpayer expense. When the World Bank spoke in macroeconomic bullshit, Correa as President of Ecuador, also had taught economics at the University of Illinois. He rejected their demands. Stephen Cohen has been implicated in insider trading. Value is created by economists making more economists. Paul Singer is considered one of the ultimate vulture capitalists at Elliot International. The term champerty states that no one can buy stuff for sale for the purpose of filing a lawsuit. Steve Schwartzman is the speculator
    known as Mr. Blackrock. Liberia is a victim of budgets sent for debt relief snatched by vulture capitalists.
    Within the nation of Switzerland, the wealthy used child labor for one hundred years to achieve the economic and industrial success of today. They own four of five deepwater drilling rigs, including B.P.’s Transocean implicated in the Makondo blowout. BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, is located in Switzerland and were sold their
    property, by UBS, the bank implicated in theft by the U.S. and forced to pay reparations. In 2006, the Bank for International Settlements “suggested ditching many national currencies in favor of a small number of formal currency blocks based on the dollar,
    euro and renminbi or yen.”
    The Bible refers to a prophetic passage in the Book of Daniel regarding ‘a raiser of taxes’ that will suddenly fall. The Euro is vulnerable to collapse for that concealed effort to raise taxes. If it falls, then the next prophetic passage predicts a ruler who will obtain the kingdom by flatteries and not worship the God of his fathers, but a god of
    forces. This can easily be interpreted to mean the technologies now in place through mood modification of large scale populations, earthquake generators, and other related technologies linked to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project known as HAARP. HAARP is not the subject of this essay, but rather a footnote for those following development of the Global Elite whose purpose is to eliminate 80% of the world population because population is the greatest threat within their parasitic mindset. At the apex of this financial empire is BIS whose major shareholders are members of the
    Rothschild family.

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