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The Boiling Frogs Presents Elizabeth Gould & Paul Fitzgerald
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This is Part IV of our interview series on the New World Order. You can listen to the previous interviews in this series here: Part I, Part II, and Part III

Authors and investigative journalists Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald join us to discuss their ground-breaking exclusive series ‘House of Mirrors’ on how America’s full blown surge into personal and private holy war caused the U.S. to slip into a crisis of identity. They explore the little-analyzed facts and mystical covert agendas that the United States continues to press on with into the 21st century, what those agendas may mean to America’s new role as the dark force that orders the universe, the prevailing motives that drive American national security policy today, and its de-evolution of rational defense policy and its immersion into the mystical. Gould-Fitzgerald talk about the top secret military operation known as the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) which views itself as a ‘dark force,’ Mystical Imperialism traced to both Britain and Russia’s 19th century efforts to establish dominion through a mix of imperialism and Christian zeal, and more!

Gould_Fitzgerald Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, a husband and wife team, began their experience in Afghanistan when they were the first American journalists to acquire permission to enter behind Soviet lines in 1981 for CBS News and produced a documentary, Afghanistan Between Three Worlds, for PBS. In 1983 they returned to Kabul with Harvard Negotiation project director Roger Fisher for ABC Nightline and contributed to the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. They continued to research, write and lecture about the long-term run-up that led to the US invasion of Afghanistan. They are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story , Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire and The Voice. Visit their website here.
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  1. Hello,

    I heard your interview on “The Corbett Report”, so now I’m a subscriber to your website. Just listened to Podcast show #69. Nice interview. Lots of enlightening info. I need to go back and listen to your past interviews and all the other offerings on your website. Thank you for the fine work you are doing.

    Steve Dunlap

  2. Another excellent discussion! Bravo!

  3. @Steve: first, welcome to BFP. Next, many thanks for your kind words and support. And finally, we are doing this all together, and slowly we’ll be adding to our numbers…and hopefully will get the needed ‘irate minority’ for the needed ‘real’ change.

  4. I would question how heartened Peter should be that Jonathan Stevenson is now in the National Security Council…

    First of all, take a look at this…


    Many of the points here seem to fly in the face of what we know about the NATO/AFRICOM intervention in Libya. And I might add that it was then Sec. of Defense Robert Gates who expressed reluctance to get involved with the Libya situation, while Clinton, McCain, Kerry, and finally Obama were ready to jump right in, without the input of Congress.

    So, if Obama is trying to regain control of the military brass, is it to restrain them, or the opposite? It may very well be that the Pentagon folks are the “sane” ones (relatively speaking) – if the source of the following is to be believed:


    U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff on War-Avoidance Mobilization
    November 29, 2011 • 8:29AM
    A senior U.S. intelligence source yesterday confirmed that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are on an all-out war-avoidance mobilization, fearing that President Obama is—to use a euphemism—”unpredictable.” The source emphasized that, as long as the Iran situation remains in limbo, the military brass will oppose any other military operations, including against Syria…

  5. @Roro: Excellent, thought-provoking points. This is exactly what I want/seek: critical thinking; disagreement put forth rationally and in articulate manner. I’d love to see responses to sound questions you present here, Roro. I’m with you…disheartening to see the (even if slight)differentiated interpretation/judgement based on party-lines, personalities…anyhow, hope we get others chime in here, and thank you!

  6. @Sibel, Yes I suspect Mr. Stevenson may be in the same category as your favorite guy, Bruce Fein, who I happen to be listening to on the Alex Jones Show at the moment…


    He may talk the talk all fine & good, but does he walk the walk?
    Jones doesn’t take any callers for Fein and he does not raise any of the issues that you have raised, but he does make an oblique reference to Fein getting attacked with “disinformation” at the end of the segment.

    Well, if it’s disinformation then why not correct it?

  7. I’m laughing out loud as I load my copy of modern warfare 3 into the play station. I refuse to feel shame. Although I totally agree with you and your wonderful and fascinating guests.
    Peace and Love, :}

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