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The Boiling Frogs Presents Richard Moore

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This is Part 5 of our interview series on the New World Order. You can listen to the previous interviews in this series here: Part I, Part II, Part III , and Part IV.

Richard Moore shares with us his unique perspective on the working of the political world at the highest levels, the matrix of a fabricated collective illusion, how this matrix of unreality is formed for us, and his proposals for escaping it. He discusses consensus reality, as generated by official rhetoric and amplified by mass media, and how this perspective on the political process, and on the roles of left and right, bears very little relationship to actual reality, and remain as a fabricated collective illusion. Mr. Moore further discusses the new post World War II paradigm which was designed and planned in a series of meetings, by a handful of people selected from the Council on Foreign Relations, to specifically serve the interests of central bankers. He talks about the recent rise in collective activism energy such as the Arab Spring uprisings, the Occupy Movement, and various protests in Europe, the left and right as illusions foisted on us to keep us divided, the importance of localism and inclusiveness in pursuit of real changes, and more!

RichardMooreRichard K Moore, an expatriate from Silicon Valley, retired and moved to Ireland in 1994 to begin his ‘real work’ – trying to understand how the world works, and how we can make it better. Many years of researching and writing culminated in his widely acclaimed book Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World (The Cyberjournal Project, 2005). His Cyberjournal email list has been going since 1994 (cyberjournal.org). The book’s website is http://escapingthematrix.org, and his website is http://cyberjournal.org. He can be contacted via email at rkm@quaylargo.com.


Here is our guest Richard Moore unplugged!



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  1. Thanks Sibel, Peter, and Richard! Great discussion and suggestions around creating real change beyond the current hierarchical systems. I totally agree that coming together at the community level with the notion of people helping each other is the way to go. Innovative idea exchanges on that level can build on actual community needs and desires. Once a local community can become comfortable with itself and support itself, it can venture forth to interact with other like communities – all the while maintaining its own unique character. While continuing to be unique they can still support one another. Cooperation on an expanding scale without hierarchy could be possible as long as those on the grass roots level continue to participate in their own community life. I don’t see this happening overnight – but I do see interest in this in small communities now. One thing I have seen is in the wake of natural disasters, people are taking to pulling together to help each other and seeing how this works. The trick it to maintain that attitude once the immediate danger ends and we go back to bickering over nonsense. Thanks again for keeping us focused on finding solutions.

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