Is Al Jazeera a Distant Cousin of the New York Times?!

Faux Syria Coverage by Western Media’s Illegitimate Child

AlJazeeraYesterday we broke the developing story of US-NATO troop deployment on the Jordanian-Syrian Border. I’ve been monitoring the media for any relevant coverage. So far I have found ‘none.’ Then, today I found a very twisted, one-sided, and completely West-Driven video report on some developments along the Syrian-Jordanian border. The report comes from the long-bought and independent-imposter news agency Al-Jazeera, you know the one who heavily beat the war drums during the Libya development? Okay, please watch the following Faux Video Report by the Al-Jazeera Drummer Boys and Girls, and let me know all the things you find wrong, missing, and ‘influenced’ within it:

Allow me to go first: no comments asked or requested from the Syrian government. No mentioning of the recent developments in Jordan … I think these pretenders have some gene-pool connection to the US media. Maybe a distant cousin? An illegitimate child? Now your turn…

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  1. I’ve been checking other sources as well (everything from Al Jazzera to sources in Europe, Canada and Asia). Again, nothing.

    I agree that Al Jazzera’s quality has gone way down since they started. “Listening Post” actually used to be critical on how the MSM operates. Now, much of it is recycled.

    Why the global blackout on this?

    Many news outlets will say if we tell the truth we’re cut off from the best sources.

    We have to answer to our management and advertisers. This is especially true for several (NPR, PBS, Tavis Smiley and others). One minute they say they’re “critical”. Then, they constantly use the sources that they say are the problem.

    Maybe some reporters think if they tell the truth they’ll be blacklisted? Hopefully not in 2011. Then again, there’s the “law” that’s supposed to protect you. Then, there’s reality.

    The “we are a business, after all” argument.

    Managment just not caring what their audience thinks. Have you ever emailed a MSM program and received an actual reply written by an actual person? People at the network level are “news personalities”. Many have been quoted as saying that the days of Walter Cronkite are a joke. Nobody cares about that anymore.

    One last point. If you tune around to many global news programs, not all but a growing number are becoming more right wing. Try to find a talk show in English in a Western country that isn’t right wing. Have you ever heard a sports talk show that wasn’t the ESPN format? I haven’t.

    Unfotunately, not all but a large majority of journalists take the status quo. In exchange for not crossing the line, at the top level you get a nice salary and perks. You get to be in NYC or Inside the Beltway with the Powers that Be. You get to the A-list parties and hang out with various celebs.

    However, what does that have to do with actual journalism?

  2. Well said, Yoshi. I remember Sibel once had a “Project Expose MSM” which I appreciated because it was naming names of individual lap dogs. I think it’s important to document these cases of unethical anti journalistic cover ups. But there are so many…

  3. Motessiere says:

    According to video: shops closed, means all are supporting the strike. Or? If you notice
    the very long shadows from the houses it means that video is recorded very early in the morning, probably Before the shops open. Sunrise in Damascus now is 06.30, long before shops open?
    AJE does not even mention if pictures are recorded in the town they are talking about, but footage leaves impression there is an overhelnmng support for the strike.
    After Libya I do not trust AJE reports very much. Its obvious that the station now more acts on behalf of Quatars political agenda and propaganda tool.

  4. above ‘report’ essence is : “army deserters protecting civilians”.
    That IS the report.

    Perception management telling us ‘responsibility 2 protect.’ R2P. NATO.

    AJ staff should access excellent report by P.Escobar

    before next broadcast. News creationism rather than illegitimate child maybe? Certainly is ‘with the program.’

  5. All good points.

    @Motessiere: excellent observation. And we never get to see these tanks…50, 60, 70 …And no interviews with the other side…We keep getting these atrocities reports, 1000s killed, injured, tanks, armors…we just have to take their word for it; act our part: sheeples. ok at their ownership…once upon a time they were good, decent. They had to be brought under control…and they were. They should change their name to ‘Al NATO’!!!

  6. @Remo: Escobar is my favorite. I believe he’ll have a report on this tomorrow at Asia Times…hopefully:-)

  7. Since good comments already logged,I tried ignoring the words for a moment and just taking in the sights and cadence of the voice, this sounds more like a sports rally than an objective news report. We should be used to that by now from the MSM, as news has devolved into entertainment. I take it as such and of not much value.

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