US Media Story: Whores, Pimps & Clients

'Lockheed Martin Goes to Bat for' …Who?

washingtontimesYesterday Justin Elliott at Salon reported on an international media-lobbying intrigue involving Bahrain, a Lockheed Martin executive and the Washington Times:

A top executive at Lockheed Martin recently worked with lobbyists for Bahrain to place an op-ed defending the nation’s embattled regime in the Washington Times — but the newspaper did not reveal the role of the regime’s lobbyists to its readers. Hence, they did not know that the pro-Bahrain opinion column they were reading was published at the behest of … Bahrain, an oil-rich kingdom of 1.2 million people that has been rocked by popular protests since early 2011.

The episode is a glimpse into the usually hidden world of how Washington’s op-ed pages, which are prized real estate for those with interests before the U.S. government, are shaped. It also shows how Lockheed gave an assist to a major client — Bahrain has bought hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons from the company over the years —as it faces widespread criticism for human rights abuses against pro-democracy protesters.

prostituteThe story is worth reading. Just remember this is an itsy bitsy tiny little case; only one example of many more similar cases occurring regularly. Hello? Think about our Congress and over 400 lobby-able crooks in it. Think about our government providing perks and access to ‘select’ reporters for being good pet boys. Think about dime-a-dozen plentiful retired generals linking their MIC bosses to the mighty purchaser Pentagon…on a daily basis hundreds of prostitution transactions like the one with the Washington Times. Come to think of it, one major difference between the examples I’m providing and prostitution in the true sense of the term is that usually the American public is at the center of services and transactions provided. That is, the services and products offered are their hard-earned dollars, their liberties, their security, their gullibly misplaced trust…

Let’s take Salon’s exposé on the Washington Times. The paper and the reporter appear to be the prostitutes. Now, figuring out the pimp(s) and distinguishing it from the client is a bit more difficult. You see, at first glance it looks like Bahrain is the client, and the Lockheed Martin Executive is the pimp, right? But if you really look at it you’ll see Lockheed Martin as the ultimate beneficiary: too much publicity on our Bahraini puppet regime may bring a few sanctions, and those sanctions may include an arms embargo, and then Lockheed Martin may lose a few hundred million dollars (peanuts of course, but hey…). Let me show you one example of the stakes for LM:

SYRACUSE, NY, October 2nd, 2007 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE:LMT] has delivered an AN/TPS-59(V)3B ballistic missile defense radar system to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The radar proceeded smoothly through a site acceptance test in August and now is being used by the Bahrain Defence Force for air surveillance. In May 2004, the U.S. Marine Corps awarded Lockheed Martin a $43.6 million contract to provide the long-range radar system to Bahrain, along with associated supplies, equipment and services, as a foreign military sale (FMS).

So ordinarily, in more US Congress-like scenarios, we’d have the pimps aka the lobby firms; we’d have the client, let’s say a MIC firm or a pharma or a foreign country, and then, we’d have the prostitutes: our elected representatives…

LMIn this particular case there seems to be an absence of a ‘pimp.’ Pretty cost effective, efficient, direct and smart: the client, Lockheed, goes to the prostitute directly and gets ‘his thing’ done, but the Arab Sheikh pays for ‘the thing.’ But wait a minute, the ultimate payment, the real dough, is going to ultimately be paid to Lockheed for all those ‘arms.’ So, in a way, we are looking at a sucker paying a client for going to and getting his ‘thing’ done with a media prostitute …

Okay it gets a bit confusing. We have these sucker puppet Arab regimes. We have MIC or Oil as ultimate clients, and then, we have the media as … what? It is the ‘John’ the client who is getting paid, so it is not exactly prostitution because that would be too noble for what these guys in the media are and do. It is more like a whore than a good ole fashioned prostitute. Then allow me to recap one more time:

In this latest US media exposé we’ve got a case of a ‘John’ and a ‘sucker’ and a ‘whore’; no?

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  1. This sort of behavior by the Times goes back over 20 years. In the early 90’s, the Times, the whooly-owned and operated subsidiary of Rev. Sun Myuung Moon’s Unification Church, broke the Franklin Credit Union/Pedophilia Ring Scnadal, alleging involvement in and participation by high officials in the GHW Bush administration, including the President personally. Then a curious thing happened. The story was squelched in a major way. It disappeared from the media altogether and GHW Bush started doing ALL KINDS of nice things for the Unification Church and it’s offshoot organizations. Former CIA Director William Colby began an independant investigation into the scandal and then he died a short time later in a mysterious “Boating Accident” on Chesapeake Bay. In the late 90’s, the Discovery Channel produced a documentary program detailing the particualars of the scandal and was set to broadcast it. A week before the scheduled air date, a shadowy deep-pocketed firm bought the entire production company that produced the documentary, pulled it from the schedule and destroyed all copies of the program. So it would seem the pimps and whores protect their own.

  2. Ishmael is really right on on this one. Check out Ralph L. Boyce, U.S. ambassador to Thailand, that resigned for allegedly running a pedophile ring. Dennis Hastert is no lily white. This evil runs into the highest levels of our government. Wayne Madsen has written extensively on this until people got tired of listening to the truth.

  3. jschoneboom says:

    Thanks for this one, Sibel, very interesting!

    I think the Washington Times does pretty much set the standard for ridiculousness — I still can’t quite accept this rag as a legitimate part of the MSM, not since its opening days when it published the infamous “God Punishes Man For Smoking In Bed” headline over somebody who died in a fire. (It was something like that…I’m paraphrasing…) But as Sibel notes, that paper is not alone in the propaganda wars. I have friends who still consider the NY Times a “liberal media” outlet. One of my favorite counter-examples for them is how the Times leapt to the defense of the huge Wall Street bonuses after the big bailout with a flurry of supportive editorials. With liberals like that, who needs conservatives?

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