Why the Military Industrial Complex Supports Oppressive Regimes

Video- Sibel Edmonds Interview: RT

I was scheduled for an interview on the latest developments on the Turkish-Syria topic, however, they had a last minute change and suddenly I was facing questions regarding the latest exposé on Bahrain-Washington Times. If you look carefully you’ll see my eye-balls turning rapidly (mine are too tightly connected to the wheels spinning inside my head) …Anyhow, I needed at least an extra five minutes to explain the real macro points on this topic (Yap, I’m one of those who cannot sum up things in short bullet points. Why do you think I always prefer interviews of a minimum of 30-minutes?), but life (TV interviews) doesn’t work that way. That, and feeling uncomfortable using my intended (and well-deserved) words: Whores-Pimps-Johns… Well, here is the RT clip:

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  1. Good job, Ms. Edwards 😉

    It’s hard not to give examples to back up and explain your opinions. I don’t think they managed to your time very well. You weren’t long-winded.

  2. I’m glad that you’re out there making these points, Ms. Edmonds, even with limited time. And your example of lobbying by both defense contractors and State was well-done.

  3. jschoneboom says:

    You did great. How many people could go on expecting questions on one topic and effortlessly shift to another one with little or no advance notice and be as smooth and concise as that? Not many! I repeat: you did great. Even though she called you Sibel Edwards! 😉

  4. Excellent as usual Sibel. You have an incredible memory and think on your feet (or in this case, on your seat) better than most.Thanks for speaking up and clarifying any issue put to you. 🙂

  5. Sibel, in the circumstances, I thought you did very well. As much as I appreciate Rt, I sometimes find that their guests are not allowed to finish articulating their thoughts, ideas or sentences. They are rushed through the interview. I expect that there is a good reason for this but it can be somewhat frustrating.

  6. You looked good, and authentic, your eyes moved just like they should, the questions could have been a little better, but oh well…. but You looked real good. We don’t get much of a chance to see anybody who is really trying to … “answer” questions or really make good comments, in these days, believe me…. It is greatly apprecieated to see somebody like you… who answers a question… even if the ole’ eyeballs may move…

    and if the old eyeballs don’t move… in some kind a way… nobody is home… “Jose”.

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