The EyeOpener- Police State International: The globalization of Control

Consolidation & Leveraging of Power in the Hands of a Select Few


With the National Defense Authorization Act, the Enemy Expatriation Act, and other startling measures by the US government to crack down on their own population making headlines around the world at the moment, the idea of an American police state is becoming an all too familiar tale. Less examined, however, are the international aspects of this encroaching police state, a high-tech 21st century control grid which adheres to no national boundaries and whose influence is increasingly being felt in countries throughout the so-called "free world."

Just as the tracking, surveillance, pain-compliance and database technology behind this control grid is manufactured and marketed by multinational corporations who profess no loyalty to any nation state, so too is the police state itself nothing more than an idea for the consolidation and leveraging of power in the hands of a select few at the apex of business, government and finance. This idea in turn can be marketed, adapted and adopted from nation to nation, and that is the exact process that has been developing for decades now.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, presenting the internationalization of the police state through the increasingly sophisticated technological control grid, and the collusion of international corporations and institutions to implement a homogenous and interconnected system for tracking, tracing and controlling the citizenry of the world regardless of nationality.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. jschoneboom says:

    This is nice work once again James, and thank you. Bit of a mixed bag in this one, in the sense that some of it is obviously the workings of an insane authoritarian police state, with sadistic cops beating the crap out of handicapped protesters and so on.

    But the whole bit about the transnational interoperability of data systems, I don’t know. One can imagine of course a nightmarish scenario where there’s literally no place on the planet you can go and expect privacy or safety, and if the Orwellian thought police were after you and trying to put you in a rat hole, you could run but not hide and all that.

    But one can also imagine how the system could be used in very mundane and useful and dare I say it even beneficial ways, whether it’s tracking the odd actual dangerous criminal or helping to find missing persons or what have you. So ultimately it seems to me that perhaps the emphasis on technology is somewhat misplaced in at least this case. Most tools can be used for beneficial or nefarious purposes, so what’s really important is perhaps not the technology so much but the authority itself, the transparency, the accountability.

    Yes no maybe?

  2. @ jschoneboom

    “But one can also imagine how the system could be used in very mundane and useful and dare I say it even beneficial ways”

    True, but we could make the same claim about governments, intel agencies, defense departments, multinational corporations, etc. The problem is corruption is the rule not the exception in these institutions, which is why we shouldn’t give them tools like these. History shows us these tools are intended to control dissent among the domestic population, the story that they are necessary to address criminals or terrorists is a cover as old as government itself.

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