Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 5

Curtis Mayfield

Soothing the Best

This week's music pick, Diamond in the Back, is from the incredible Curtis Mayfield. This song was remembered more for its "Gangsta Lean" line and it's cool funky rhythm. It was, however, an anthem for being thankful for what you've got. That said, if you had this come on on a summer night driving a convertible through the city, it was the absolutely coolest song to have flowing from your speakers. I have had that good fortune and it was the best.

There's not really a video with this song and that's a good thing. The focus should be on Mayfield's music. If you have a pair of ear phones, put them on, crank it up a little, close your eyes and take a ride tonight with Curtis Mayfield.

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  1. I like how the bass cuts out just before the guitar and vibe solos – then you really feel it when it comes back in towards the end. Simple dynamics that work can be hard to find nowadays. Time for a replay…

  2. Wow I missed this weekend of music and reading because I was unfortunate to have a scooter accident….. with my daughter on the front ….gosh … lucky we were going slow … none the less its not pretty when a 3 year old faces off the road … she is going to be just fine she didn’t even cry when it happened or afterwards all weekend … just said ‘hurts here and here like Daddas knees’…oh man … ‘be thankful for what you got’…. like always the Sat. night pick is right on the money
    @Xicha ..thanks for pointing that out-it really clears out pure class – I also love the Wes style octave guitar playing ghosting the vocals ….oh what a track to help heal old aching joints….

    takecare everyone of everyone – as is the ever constant message at BoilingFrogsPost

  3. Yeah, great guitars.

    Hope your daughter is okay. I still cringe at other people’s stories. Very resilient – try not to guilt trip yourself over the accident 😉 I once clipped of a small chunk of my daughters finger while cutting her nails. I felt horrible for about a month. No scar now, but at the time I thought I’d disfigured her for life.

  4. so reilient…
    thanks for sharing your story
    gave me a needed (understanding)lol

  5. *resilient

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