BFP Exclusive: The Anonymous Weasel behind the Rumors on Ron Paul-Romney Deal

Anonymous Paul Campaign Insider Exposes the Anonymous Rumor Source

PaulRomneyRumor1For the past few weeks an intense buzz has been filling internet sites and news forums on a supposed Ron Paul-Mitt Romney deal behind closed doors. Yesterday morning the Business Insider went as far as declaring the rumor as ‘Real’ based on their high-level Ron Paul campaign-office insider. Of course, this ‘insider’ source has been kept ‘anonymous.’ And this, despite vehement denials issued by other high-level insiders, those who happen to be ‘not anonymous’, thus far more reliable and trust-worthy. Here are a few on the record and pretty much absolute denials by named advisors:

"I think the narrative is amusing to no end — I would say 99.9 percent of it is media speculation," the campaign's official blogger Jack Hunter told Business Insider. "Ron Paul's principles will not be compromised. I'm shocked that anyone would think that."

“Ron Paul is incorruptible,” senior campaign advisor Doug Wead added. “In 22 years, there have been no women, no money, nothing — so I can't believe he would make a deal now."

"Our most cordial relationship is probably with Romney’s people, but cordiality doesn’t imply anything other than that we are civil," Paul's campaign manager Jesse Benton told BI. “Just because we're polite doesn't mean we're cutting deals.”

“Our supporters wouldn’t let us sell out, so even if we wanted to sell out it would be fruitless," Benton said. "If it turns out we can’t make Ron the nominee, we would have to communicate with our people to see what would be acceptable to them."

It appears almost all known Paul advisors are on the same page on this rumor. Well, almost all:

“The courtship has been underway for a long time," a source who declined to be named, talking about internal campaign affairs told Business Insider. "They are smart enough to know that he [Paul] can't win the nomination or get a Cabinet position … but Ron Paul has to go somewhere."

PaulRomneyRumor2Look, I totally understand when government insiders, especially those inside the Intel community, see it necessary to remain anonymous. But, and this is a big ‘but,’ when it comes to political rumors like this, those associated with a political campaign, you almost always are looking at a ‘sold-out weasel’ with a can of lies/rumors intended to inflict division/harm. So I started searching for the weasel involved in this latest rumor on the Ron Paul candidacy. I had a pretty good hunch on the most likely candidate-a high-level insider-advisor who’d been mysteriously absent in any issuance of denial. But journalistically I couldn’t go with only a hunch, so I called up and e-mailed my sources at semi-news sites spreading this latest rumor. I asked them whether the information came from Ron Paul’s chief legal advisor, Bruce Fein. Of three sources two declined to respond, and one said the following: ‘I can’t confirm it, but I definitely won’t deny.

Then, today, I received a call from a former Paul campaign insider who confirmed my ‘hunch’ with 100% certainty. This insider left the campaign recently but continues to support Paul’s candidacy independently.

Now it is up to Ron Paul supporters to exert some pressure and get their own independent confirmation of the identity of this ‘dangerous weasel.’ As for me, well, I’ll end this update with a link that will take our readers to my coverage of ‘The Greatest Threat to the Ron Paul Candidacy.’

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  1. Good one Sibel. I still wonder why this “weasel” was allowed in the hen house in the first place. Interesting . . .

  2. juleswin says:

    Oh my
    I have never trusted him as one of us and its not just the weak way he argues for our positions but there is just something about him that have always rubbed me the wrong way.

    Thanks very much for the article, I almost forgot he was part of the campaign.

  3. Sibel, it looks like your prognostication about Fein was spot-on.

    But, there is another dubious – or “dubya’s” – name in the Ron Paul campaign that I was previously unaware of… Doug Wead, who Russ Baker covers in “Family of Secrets” as the political operative managing GWB’s cynical conversion to Christianity and with it the political exploitation of the evangelical vote. It was Doug Wead who coined the term “compassionate conservatism” – for what would become one of the most -if not the most (so far)- blood-thirsty presidents in U.S. history…

    More red flags are being raised then… While I am confident in the sincerity of Ron Paul, it does seem that his campaign has been hijacked by some shady characters.

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