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Calm before a Storm?

calmYou got the news on my coming book, and some of you already have a copy. Then, you got the press release from NWC, and after that the video clip of my attorney’s interview with RT. I know many of you are wondering: what’s going on?! What  next?! Trust me, I for one have been quite dizzy for a while with events unfolding one after another-behind the scenes. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen next since I am on the same boat as the rest of you, but I can tell you what I am planning to do. And I am ‘determined.’ Can’t you tell? Here is a brief list of my plans and schedule (that is, without any divine or evil sources’ interventions):

My book website will be ready, live and active next week: http://classifiedwoman.com

I am still offering our BFP package here.

I am planning to and still working on releasing the print version via Amazon, and e-books versions via Kindle and Nook, by the second week of May - unless our government decides to reenact Fahrenheit 451.  I intend to publish this book as an American citizen armed with my First Amendment and validated even by our government’s own no-longer-followed laws and regulations. Doing otherwise would be ‘Un-American.’ I will leave being Un-American to our despotic rulers and those who choose to remain docile and silent.

I am also planning to write a blog series on the behind-the-scenes experiences and adventures in getting this book published. It was one thing to fight the despots in the government, but I had no intention of engaging in a major fight with corporate mega publishers on their version of censorship. I gladly turned my back, and took the alternative road. I have been determined to practice what I’ve been preaching all along. Doing that included undertaking an alternative publication venue (independently and proudly self-published!) and using alternative media-news-forums to reach out. Anyhow, I have tons to expose (Corporate Publishers-Government-Political Party Orgy). Please stay tuned.

This coming week I will be busy with getting ready for my next battle(s), finalizing my final publication steps and website, and maybe have a few days to take a  breather and concentrate on my sweet and handful daughter. Of course we will have our usual EyeOpener video report, podcast, toon and articles.

And finally, I want to thank those of you who have been so supportive of this book and what it took (and still takes) to make it a reality. It’s been a roller-coaster ride and a battle. I wish more people would take a stand and challenge despotism-censorship-intimidation. Then again, we would not be in this place if they did. This is why I respect every single one of you, my supporters, the members of the irate minority, and I am grateful for all your support.

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  1. I would encourage everyone who has already read Sibel’s book to go to Amazon and create a review.


    This will help with the visibility on Amazon and make it more attractive to potential readers.

  2. Sibel Edmonds is a national treasure. If you are following this story and you are not a paid subscriber to this website, I don’t know how you sleep at night. My deepest gratitude to all those who are paid subscribers or have offered material support to Sibel.

  3. carnegie45 says:

    Anyone knowing what’s happening in the US and is unhappy about it, but says,’Well I know what’s happening is not right, but what can I do about it’ and is not subscribing to BFP is doing absolutely nothing to help change things. Sibel and BFP and other websites like this are the only voice we have. We know what the truth is but are too ‘Yellow belied’ to step up to be ridiculed well you’re also a ‘coward’ if you don’t support those that are doing something constructive to help change the course of events that will surely take you, your children and your grandchildren down the gutter. There is something you do. Support BFP and other sites doing the same fight.

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