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BFPDVDTruths about Boiling Frogs Post

The first truth is what we do...We try to bring to our readers and subscribers the truth with our News and Editorial Round Ups, Investigative Video Reports, Podcast Interviews, Weekly Podcast Series, Editorials & Analyses by Independent and Nonpartisan Experts, Weekly Political/Editorial Cartoons and, BFP Exclusive/Special Investigative Reports and Exposés.

The second truth...This project is brought to you without receiving a single penny in corporate money or advertisement and without getting any support from agenda-driven corporate foundations.

The third truth...Boiling Frogs Post is solely and totally dependent on its readers. We need your support to make this all happen. One of the ways to get your support and to give something back as a thanks is to offer for sale this unique Boiling Frogs Post DVD.

This DVD features: 4 BFP EyeOpener Video Reports on our CIA series, 2 bonus investigative reports, an exclusive Sibel Edmonds Interview and a Jamiol/BFP Political Cartoon Gallery.


You can order this DVD for $14.95 + $2.99 shipping and handling – just click on the button below.


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This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.


  1. Order in. Looking forward to it! I think this might be good for me to pass around to a few neighbors. Having it on a DVD and not “the internet” might be just the thing, especially with the nicely designed sleeve.

  2. Just watching now. It’s really nice to have high quality video on the reports 🙂 Except the intro 🙁

    Hey James, I like the little piece of Japanese packaging/advertisement covering your webcam on the top of your monitor 🙂 I never noticed that before. We’ve got to create BFP brand web-cam covers. Any ideas, Jamiol?

  3. jschoneboom says:

    Ordered mine as well, and hey Sibel, if you need to tack on a bit more money for shipping over to the UK, please feel free to go ahead and do it. I don’t think you’re charging enough!

  4. dutchbradt says:

    I just watched it the other night. With my slow internet connection watching streaming video is nearly impossible. The DVD really was an eye opener! Thanks for offering this format.

  5. Sibel, James and Jamiol – great work on the DVD! Thanks.

  6. Peace Activist says:

    I have just ordered a copy of this DVD; I am looking forward to playing it. I read good mainstream newspapers over here in the UK; but whilst they cover news, Boiling Frogs gives us a chance to look at issues too contentious ever to be read in a newspaper. I am not a educated person, but I try never to forget anything that seems obfuscated, and or, anomalous. I took advantage of an offer similar to this one a few years ago. What was conveyed on the disc is still developing today; you can add to your knowledge, even in years to come.

  7. Peace Activist says:

    I typed out a comment before, saying I was looking forward to the video; I have now received and played it. I found it all very fascinating; although I’m not entirely new to the content, it was a real eye opener. I believe there is also a book; I’ll look into this and send off for a copy. I liked it all a very great deal, but I’d like to know more about anthrax, I came upon some information resonantly that has interested me.

  8. ndickow says:

    Eustace mullins would love this! Thanks Sibel! Thanks James! Thanks PeterB. Thanks GlobalResearchCenter. Thanks to the most high Yahuwah!

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