Cocktail-Sipping Government Lap-Dogs Downplay the Real Attacks on Government Whistleblowers

Disgraced POGO Director in desperate attempt to save face after declaring President Obama as the most transparent President in the US History and giving him an award (in Secret) for his persecution and prosecution of government whistleblowers

cocktail1Let me start with a hypothetical scenario: There is an atrocious dictator who imprisons tortures and murders those who dare to criticize his regime. In any given week there are reported cases of dissenters who were sodomized, raped and or killed. Meanwhile, the members of his inner circle servants, in an attempt to make their king appear less despotic and atrocious, issued reports and statements on investigating how certain detainees’ toe nail polish was chipped. And, did it with a straight face. And, expected to be taken seriously and perceived as impartial investigatory bodies.

Now, allow me to present a real-life case in real-time: The corporate-lapdog media and NGOs have been running the following headline as an amazing revelation and exposé (think chipped toe nail polish, ok?):

Pentagon Failed to Protect Whistleblowers

The Defense Department has inadequately protected from reprisals whistleblowers who have reported wrongdoing, according to an internal Pentagon report, and critics are calling for action to be taken against those who have been negligent.


How and when did  the Pentagon go from gagging, demoting, actually, jailing and torturing its whistleblowers to ‘inadequately’ protecting them against ‘reprisal’?! Have you heard of Bradley Manning? Do you recall Col. Anthony Shaffer? 

The report, dated May 2011, accuses the officials, who work in the Defense Department’s Office of Inspector General, of persistent sloppiness and a systematic disregard for Pentagon rules meant to protect those who report fraud, abuses, and the waste of taxpayer funds, according to a previously-undisclosed copy. The report was obtained by the Project on Government Oversight, a nonprofit watchdog group.


Oh, our government went from despotically persecuting, gagging, prosecuting, jailing, and torturing its whistleblowers to being a bit ‘sloppy’ in protecting these truth-tellers.

cocktail2 Ah, I see. And this so-called ‘report’ issued by the current despot president’s inner circle servants was actually obtained by one of its lapdogs named Project on Government Oversight (POGO), led by its long-disgraced and exposed director, Danielle Brian. Okay, now it makes sense. If it doesn’t to you, read and watch the following, and you’ll know immediately what we are talking about here.

POGO’s Danielle Brian, only a year ago, we are talking long after Obama’s administration began its persecution and prosecution of government whistleblowers, declared Obama and his administration as the most transparent president in the entire history of the United States of America. Just watch this clip:

That’s right. And when we the government whistleblowers urged them to take the award back, this cocktail-sipping lap-dog, Danielle Brian, issued a statement saying, ‘No way,’ and that Obama was the best when it came to transparency and whistleblowing.

Last time I checked Bradley Manning was being detained in solitary confinement and regularly tortured/abused by the Pentagon. This cocktail-sipping George Soros lap-dancer could not care less. In fact, here is what she has been doing on this DOD case (absent from this so-called report she obtained):

So it was heartening to see a well-written timely commentary at in defense and support of Bradley Manning and on the true-nature of POGO and its hypocrisy:

This is from an organization that relies upon and, from time-to-time, supports whistleblowers (though some argue, not without merit, that POGO exploits whistleblowers in its efforts to cozy up to the powers that be).

For a different take on the Manning case, see this:

A generation before Bradley Manning, Daniel Ellsberg understood that some laws were worth breaking to expose and bring accountability to far greater crimes. Ellsberg tried to voice his grievances within his chain of command, as Manning did, before being ignored. I have heard many people justify the government’s treatment of Manning simply because of the risks he allegedly took. “He should have known better,” they say, missing the point. Asked in 1971 if he was prepared to go to prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg’s reply was simple: “Wouldn’t you go to jail to end this war?”

Future posts will explore POGO’s financial ties and its role in the veal pen that is the whistleblower community.

P.S. This isn’t the first time that POGO throws its values out the window to please the power structure.

You see, these lapdogs have been doing their lap-dog dance for way too long, and thanks to the mainstream corporate media they are never exposed, since the same media is also busy fulfilling its lap-dog duties:

 You can read more detailed documentation and reports on POGO and its disgraced director Danielle Brian, and millions of dollars handed to them by the Rockefellers, George Soros, Carnegie, and others here.

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