Objective: The Naked Truth, The People, Minus All the “Gunk”

A few notes on the decision to bypass the “System” in order to expose the “System”

Since the release of my book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story I’ve been getting the same question in different variations: why did you decide to self-publish your book? What made you opt for self-publishing? What was the response you got on your manuscript/book? Did you even try to get this book published in the traditional way?

I know I promised you a series of articles and stories on getting this book published. I am going to keep that promise and give you plenty of ‘backstage’ stories. I’ll be doing all that once things calm down a bit around here. Meanwhile, to give you an idea, I’ll provide you with a few excerpts and snapshots. Life is short. Who knows if we’ll all make it to tomorrow? At least this way you get a pretty good idea, and no one will accuse of me playing the ‘suspense’ game.

We Need a Government Guarantee

obj1One of the top 5 mega corporate publishers specifically sought ‘a guarantee by the Department of Justice.’ Let’s call the individual on the decision-making (for book selection) editorial board: Mega Publisher A. Here is how it went:

Mega Publisher A: It is an amazing story. You have an amazing case. It is simply amazing. BUT, considering the length the government has gone to silence you and classify everything about you, what makes you think they’d let this book see the light of day?

Me: There is this process called pre publication review. The government has 30 business days to review my manuscript, redact whatever they deem classified, and once they do that, the manuscript is free to be published.

Mega Publisher A: We know all about pre-pub review. I was not talking about that. I was referring to a government guarantee saying that they would not come after us after the fact for publishing this book?

Me: I don’t understand. What sort of ‘guarantee’ are you talking about?

Mega Publisher A: I am talking about you obtaining the government’s consent ... that ‘they’ are ‘ok’ with this book being out there.

Me: The only government provided ‘consent’ I am aware of is their finalized review of a manuscript. Are there other ‘consents or guarantees’?

Mega Publisher A: With the CIA there is. We haven’t had an FBI case at this level-your level of secrecy/gag orders and controversy. But there must be. Our in-house legal advisors won’t have us risk getting on the wrong side of the FBI. So unless you provide us with that kind of a government guarantee, or, a legal commitment absolving us of any and all liabilities/responsibilities... well, you understand. Don’t you?

Me: You want me to go and get a letter from the DOJ-FBI saying they are all fine with this book? You are kidding me, right?


Later, months later, after meeting and working with several editors who used to work for these publications, I came to find out that there in fact is such a thing called ‘a blessed book’ when it comes to books that are supposedly exposing CIA dirty laundry. Outwardly, they may appear to be written by a ‘whistleblower’ to expose. In actuality, most of them were completely sanctioned and backed by the agency. As for the FBI? I still don’t know if they practice the same trend or not. But then again, the FBI has never had a case with all these gag orders, state secrets privilege invocations, etc.

Can you imagine me going to Mueller and asking him to bless and baptize my book when this agency does not clear (illegally and unconstitutionally) even a single word of my book?! Yeah, right!

Why don’t you leave the Obama Administration Out of This?!

obj2I believe the subtitle above gives you a pretty good idea. But, wait. You must hear/read the nauseating twisted reasoning to get the full effect. We’ll call this guy Mega Publisher B:

Mega Publisher B: I reviewed your manuscript. Wow. Riveting. A couple of questions before our weekly selection review meeting, Ms. Edmonds. I understand it was Ashcroft who invoked the state secrets privilege in your case, gagged Congress ... Right? I mean, the Bush administration put you through hell. Didn’t they?

Me: Yes, they did.

Mega Publisher B: So, why don’t you leave the Obama administration out of this? I mean, by 2006-2007 you were already done with the courts and pushing Congress. Why don’t you just end it there? Why muddy the water with all these points, pages after pages, on the Obama administration and the Democrats?

Me: This book covers a ten-year period. Three painful President Obama years happen to be included in that ten. That’s for one. This book deals with my organization (National Security Whistleblowers Coalition), and Obama has been far worse than Bush when it comes to national security whistleblowers. That’s another reason. This book is also written to illuminate the futility and destructiveness of partisanship, and the sameness of the candidates no matter which side of the partisan coin they are branded to fall on. That’s one more reason...

Mega Publisher B: oooooookay. Good to know. It is just that people, at least those who read nonfiction and political books, like to identify with one party or the other. Nonpartisan books don’t sell. They never have. They never will.

Me: ooooookay. Good to know where you guys stand. Goodbye.


Those of you who have read this book, those of you who have been following our writings-interviews-reports here at Boiling Frogs Post, should have a pretty good idea of the likelihood of me sanitizing my manuscript to accommodate ‘partisan demand.’

The Game & the Diplomacy

obj3One of the potential literary agent candidates tried very hard to ‘talk some sense’ into me. Yes, she tried. And she failed. And here I am. Anyhow, here is one of the last dialogues I had with her after my shock at a ‘government guaranteed manuscript demand’ and a ‘partisanship request’ (I am calling her Uptight Uptown Agent for this narrative):

Uptight Uptown Agent: You see, you just have to play the game right. You can’t dictate your terms and demand purity when it comes to successful publication and the marketing process. The game is not played that way.

Me: Who said I am here to play games? I am not here to play games. I am here to publish a book. It is a memoir. It is a story. I want to give the full story-make it the truth nothing but the whole truth. I never considered this a game.

Uptight Uptown Agent: Sigh. Okay, maybe I should have said it differently. What I meant was- you need to be more diplomatic. This process requires diplomacy.

Me: Lady, get real. Whistleblowers and diplomacy? A Diplomatic Whistleblower? That would be an oxymoron! If I was into diplomacy and playing the diplomatic games I’d be a GS 14 at the FBI today; not a fired-gagged-classified whistleblower!

Uptight Uptown Agent: You know that CIA Agent XYZ? That was a whistleblower story. But you see how diplomatic they’ve played it? They got Hillary Clinton’s backing. They got the National Democratic HQ. They’ve got the Liberal Media, including Huffington. That’s what I mean by diplomatic.

Me: You call that a whistleblowing case, but I’d call it something else. They got the sought ‘government guarantee,’ ‘partisan alignment’ ... even the Botox session prior to the filming of the 15-minute TV session. That ain’t me. This will never be me. And you will never be working with me.


obj4This book, Classified Woman, was not only challenged by the government. It was challenged and blocked by the mega corporate publishing houses. I decided to challenge the government-armed with my Constitutional rights. I made the decision to self-publish this book to put it forth as a true story without any political and partisan censorship. I published this book bypassing all the dirt and gunk demanded by these corporate publishers.

I am moving forward knowing that the corporate mainstream media will also block and blackout this book. I am doing this counting on you. You the people; you the readers. I am doing this for all of us; we the people. And I am counting on you to make the government, the mega corporations, and the mega media all irrelevant. They shouldn’t count. They don’t deserve to be counted. Let’s make the enemies of this nation and the parasites that feed off of it irrelevant, and let’s do it together.


You can visit the Classified Woman website here.

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  1. Ishmael says:

    Could be worse, you could have worked for HOOVER. That said, do you ever feel like Redford’s character in THIS film?

  2. Pandering gatekeepers. Like getting a Lick from teacher otherwise you won’t pass. Creepy. Are any of them grown ups?? Do you ever get the idea they know WTF they are saying in terms of open democracy? Freedom? Do any of them indicate recognition of definition of fascism? Clever ‘Government’. Clever spook. Psychological programming to institute systemic-epistemic-intellectual self censorship protecting insider corruption for deviant elites.
    Huffington post? PAH! At least you don’t block us from commenting here.

  3. Had you changed anything, “your” story wouldn’t have been your story, and it’s your story that the public must hear. Clearly the MSM (including the MSM book publishers) don’t want it out there in unadulterated form, for whatever reason. I notice also that notwithstanding Ed Bradley’s 2002 60 Minutes interview with you, 60 Minutes will be showing an interview with Hank Crumpton, a CIA operative, on Sunday, May 13th, and the promo materials suggest that he will talk about Chinese espionage in the U.S., and I’m guessing he will soft pedal Israeli or Turkish espionage, even though you and John Cole saw a lot of that, many active cases of which were shut down at the request or instruction of the State Department or Pentagon.

  4. “Mega Publisher B: oooooookay. Good to know. It is just that people, at least those who read nonfiction and political books, like to identify with one party or the other. Nonpartisan books don’t sell. They never have. They never will.”

    Utter nonsense! A complete lie. Nonpartisan books may not sell because these people won’t publish them. Many successful authors are fed up with the established publishers – including fiction writers – and are either self-publishing or joining together to jointly publish their work.

    Sibel, thanks for moving forward! You DO make a huge difference!

  5. gogetem says:

    RE: “Blessed book”

    Do I assume then, that, for example, Steve Coll’s “Ghost Wars” or anything written by Peter Bergen would had to have the OK from the Agency to get published?

  6. jschoneboom says:

    Thanks for being you, Sibel.

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