Classified Woman Interviews: Occupied Territory with Mike Feder & Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

CWLast Thursday I was on Occupied Territory with Mike Feder at Progressive Radio Network. This was my first experience with this show and it left me impressed with Mr. Feder. No boohaha, no sound bites, no boisterous interruptions ... A highly informed and articulate host who comes prepared and tackles his subjects with diligence .

You can listen to the show here.

Also last week, on Friday, I was on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. I had an entire hour to discuss Classified Woman and beyond. I’ve been on Mr. Hancock’s show many times and truly enjoy his passion and stand on ‘real independence.’

You can check out the entire show here (I am on hour two), or, you can listen to my interview section here:

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  1. Those were great interviews. It seems like you are enjoying your time on the air, talking to the public, especially on the Ernest show. I loved the Sandra Bullock story.

    Please keep it up. I hope you don’t get tired of re-telling your story – I, for one, never get tired of listening and it seems very unscripted and honest.

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