BFP Exclusive: Karzai Clan Attorney Threatens US Journalist, Uses Intimidation Tactics

An Inside Story into How the Beltway Powers Intimidate & Silence Journalists

karzai1Boiling Frogs Post has obtained a threat letter issued by Technologists Inc to the Examiner in response to its recent exposé involving President Hamid Karzai’s brother Qayum Karzai and his mob-like operations.

In a letter dated May 5, 2012, the company’s General Counsel Michelle E. Crawford accuses the investigative reporter of being inaccurate and libelous without providing any specific or concrete counter claim, and threatens the Examiner with legal action:

If the Examiner.Com fails to print the requested correction/retraction , Ti will be left with no choice but to seek legal action against your organization and will seek damages as well as the costs of litigation, including any filing fees, attorney’s fees, and any other costs that may be incurred.


The letter was provided to Boiling Frogs Post by an anonymous source familiar with the case. To read the letter click here.

karzai2On April 27 the Examiner published an exclusive article written by investigative journalist Michael Hughes titled ‘Karzai Family Looks to Extend Boss Rule in Afghanistan.’ The article exposes President Hamid Karzai’s mob boss brother Qayum Karzai, who has lived and operated businesses in the United States and has reportedly been on the list of ‘hand-picked’ potential candidates as Afghanistan’s next president.

Two of Qayum Karzai’s companies, Technologist Inc. and Daman Construction, are known to dominate the construction, logistics and security sectors throughout southern Afghanistan, and win every government contract with zero competition:

Qayum's primary companies, Technologist Inc. and Daman Construction, win every government contract without having to deal with the nuisance of free market competition, which allows Qayum to reap healthy margins by, for example, selling $4 million generators to the governor of Kandahar for $50 million.


Hughes provides accounts of Qayum Karzai’s manipulation of business and news sectors in Afghanistan and his mob-style intimidation tactics including assassination plots against competitors:

Qayum's control of the media has reduced southern Afghanistan to a de facto totalitarian state. This doesn't seem to bother NATO a bit considering it finances Qayum-owned media outlets which, incidentally, never seem to report anything negative about the Karzai regime.


Hughes also reminds the readers how the infamous Karzai brothers, who lived in the United States, went from middle-class small business owners living on average wages to bringing in billions of dollars a year and building mansions in Dubai, all in less than a decade, and how:

..the unholy alliance that was forged between the brothers Karzai, rapacious warlords and incestuous multinational corporations, U.S. taxpayer dollars began to "lubricate an entire system of corruption that eventually extended to the Taliban.


...the coalition has continued to feed and enrich the Karzai syndicate because, according to the conventional wisdom that pervades the DoD and the White House -- no other viable options exist.


In November 2009, Boiling Frogs Post published an extensive exposé on Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, his son, the Karzai Mob, and their Washington accomplices in amassing hundreds of millions of dollars in US government contracts and related corruption games. Here are a few excerpts:

The Karzai brothers took a great interest in Wardak Junior, and he enjoyed the benefits of the Karzais’ flashy and high-flying friends. After the September 11 Terror Attacks, the Karzais made Hamed the Vice President of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce, which was founded by Mahmood Karzai. As I mentioned briefly in my piece, our Neocon Ex-Congressman Don Ritter happens to be the co-founder of this organization. Hamed was also appointed to an advisor’s post with President Karzai’s first Finance Minister, Ashraf Ghani. No small accomplishment for the barely 30 year old Hamed!


And here is where I introduced my readers to Technologists Inc, yes, the same company in question:

Hamed Wardak’s most productive venture in tapping into the US Defense Sector Pot(s) of Gold began with joining a Washington DC contracting firm, Technologists Inc., founded by Aziz Azimi, who happened to be a very close buddy of Qayum Karzai. Here is a further detail on this by e-Ariana:

Hamed Wardak’s new alliances proved extraordinarily advantageous as George W. Bush launched his “war on terror,” particularly with Khalilzad and Strmecki enjoying direct access to Vice-President Dick Cheney’s office.”

Do you want to check out the kind of contracts, the kind of millions, we are talking about with Technologists Inc.? Here is one for you:

Technologists, Inc., Rosslyn, Va., was awarded on Jan. 5, 2009, a $96,090,519 firm fixed price contract for the construction of an Afghanistan National Police National Training Center. Work will be performed in Maydan Wardak, Afghanistan, and is expected to be completed by Mar. 31, 2011. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. Web bids were solicited on Oct. 1, 2008, and 13 bids were received. U.S. Army Engineer District, Afghanistan, is the contracting activity (W917PM-09-C-0005).

That’s right. Just one of these contracts is worth nearly $100 million for connected Afghan carpetbaggers cashing in on wars suffered by ordinary American tax payers and US soldiers.


You can read my entire exposé here at Boiling Frogs Post.

According to our sources there will be a major follow up to Michael Hughes’ investigative piece on Qayum Karzai, including further revelations involving NATO and its investigations inside Afghanistan. Meanwhile, we hope to see the Examiner stand up for this brave investigative journalist. Based on a document we have received, as an independent contract journalist Michael Hughes can be thrown in front of these wolves with no backing or protection from the paper:

Please review the letter, make appropriate revisions, and reach out to the attorney/company directly. Also, pursuant to the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License, you are solely liable for the content you post on the website and are responsible for defending any claims filed as a result of the content.

The above communication was issued by the Examiner. I understand the implications and standing of the contractual agreement between free-lance reporters and media publications. Knowing how timid and awful mainstream media channels such as New York Times and Washington Post have been, knowing how this story and hundreds of similar stories have been buried and gone untouched by these soul-sellers, I salute the Examiner for taking on the needed task to investigate and expose. I certainly hope that they will back Hughes and won’t let these bluffing bullies getaway with their fluff intimidation tactics.

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