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SEFor the past ten years, yes-that makes it a decade already, I’ve been asked repeatedly, whether by interviewers- researchers or the general public, ‘How can we bring about needed changes? How can we make a difference? What can we the people do?’ My answer throughout this decade has been consistent-always the same, ‘Stand up and challenge this rotten system. Resist. The least you can do is to support those who stand up and challenge the system. Whether it is a lone voice in Congress or a true journalist or a whistleblower ... lend your support and stand by them.’

I have to say, for me, one of the main reasons I kept fighting back and resisting, the main factor in not giving up, was the support and encouragement I received from the people, albeit a very few-the irate minority. And today, that reason, that factor, still remains the same.

Writing Classified Woman was the continuation of my battle against our despotic government and the one percent who’ve been thriving upon it.

Publishing Classified Woman was a fight against that same government who tried, and is still trying, to censor every single word of it, and against the one percent who aided and abetted the government along the way.

I have been challenging the government and the mega corporate publishers and media outlets by self-publishing and bringing this book directly to you-the people. This is the continuation of my fight that began a decade ago. This is my way of resisting. This is me the citizen challenging our broken, corrupt and far too powerful system. This is standing up for my first amendment right to write-speak up and yours to read and know. Thus, this is our book. The people’s book. This is our collective fight.

The Government and the One Percent are watching us closely. They are waiting. They are hoping. They want to see us fail. They want to prove that what we are doing here is futile. They want us to lose. They want us to become an example that will deter other potential whistleblowers and their supporters from doing the same. They are waiting-watching-hoping, and meanwhile doing everything they can.

I want to applaud and thank every single one of you who have been supporting this book-the book our government and the one percent don’t want you to read. I want to thank everyone who’s purchased and read this book- you have challenged our enemies. I thank everyone who’s helped me get the word out-you have helped make a difference.

I have been receiving dozens of e-mails a day from people asking how they can help and support Classified Woman. Here is how:

Purchase and read this book. You can get your printed copy or download it as e-book here.

E-mail your friends and let them know about Classified Woman, and provide them with the book’s website address.

Utilize social networks of your choice to get the word out.

Let people know what this book is about and why you are supporting it by posting your reviews at blogs or forums of your choice, or places such as GoodReads.Com.

Send an inquiry and or request to your independent-local bookstores to carry this book.

Those of you who can, send a copy of this book to your local-state and or Federal representative(s).

Contact the media and let them know about Classified Woman. Of course they already know about it, but let them know that ‘you’ know!

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 17) at 2:00 P.M. Eastern I will be on the Alex Jones Radio Show. He was kind enough to give Classified Woman one full hour-and I certainly appreciate his invite. Right after that, at 3:00 P.M. Eastern I will be on the Michael Rivero Podcast Show. Again, I want to thank Mike-not only for this invite, but for volunteering his support before this book came out - during the time when we were fighting the government and looking for ways to bring this book to you.

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  1. Haley11 says:


    Funny you should post this tonight. I literally just finished reading your book an hour ago (finished in one day!). While I knew the gist of your story, I wasn’t familiar with all the nitty-gritty details that came out in this book. I used to think that “explosive” was just a hyperbolic term used by publishers to garner attention for a book, but that was the main word that kept popping into my head as I kept reading, explosive! The revelations! The cover-ups! The incompetence by Mike Feghali et al! Explosive! My husband, who is going to read this book now, had to tell me to stop clucking and crying out in exclamation so often or else I had to go read elsewhere 🙂

    So as I was reading, I was thinking of what I could do to promote your book. I don’t know how one can read it and not be completely shocked and taken aback by the levels of depravity in our government. I mean, I pay attention to this (obviously, I subscribe to your site) so a lot of this wasn’t eye-opening for me but it was shocking nonetheless. I can’t wait to see how it’s received when I pass it along to friends and family who might not be as familiar with how our great government really works.

    Interestingly, I was already planning on doing many of the things you mentioned above, Goodreads reviews, going to my social networks and heavily promoting the book, especially to some small, closed political groups I belong to where they don’t necessarily want to believe that our government is capable of such things, especially not the Democrats. I plan on offering to buy copies for each of them if they won’t go out and get it themselves. With more like-minded people, I will encourage them all to buy at least 2 copies of your book: one for themselves and one to give to a family member or friend.

    Thanks for your story, for your courage, for your unflappable moral compass, and for inspiring me to keep fighting to take down the beast that has become our government.

  2. Haley11 says:

    Here is a response I received from a skeptic. Would anyone care to help me respond?

    “One of the things that always interests me about these stories is the veracity element. I’m not saying this story isn’t true, but why are we to believe it is? This goes for basically all of the outsider information re: government cover-ups, whistleblowers, conspiracies, etc.

    Obviously, I’m skeptical of this account on general principle, but I don’t really want to argue about the particulars. Rather, I’m interested in the phenomenon of alternative press and publication in this country. Why do we trust “outsiders” over mainstream media outlets, especially over well-established media outlets that clearly have no great respect for government secrets, etc.

    On this subject in particular, if her story was legitimately damaging to the government, why would they even allow her to self-publish? State secret laws are not difficult to apply under Obama, and Ashcroft wasn’t exactly afraid to use them either. If it suggests a government vile enough to do what she suggest, why isn’t that same government willing to silence her totally? Why not pay her off? Why not kill her outright?

    I’m going to be mistaken, probably, for believing the official story, etc., but I don’t see why people in general (and conspiracy theorists in particular) fail to apply the same skepticism to alternative journalism that they do to mainstream accounts.”

  3. First off, killing Sibel off would only lend credibility to her story.

    Second, the mainstream has been caught lying again and again. At least the alternative press is willing to cite sources, etc. I often disagree with how an alternative source will interpret a particular news item, but I tend to give them more credibility due to not being owned by companies with conflicts of interest. A good example is Alex Jones. He comes off at crazy sometimes and I don’t always agree with his interpretations, but he cites his sources and challenges people to go see for themselves. When was the last time the mainstream did that? For me, the closer the news gets to a source, the more relevant it is. Should I watch a story about oil washing up on the Gulf beaches and have it narrated to me by a reporter, or should I watch the videos taken by a local resident affected by the oil? To me, the latter is news and the former spin.

    I am highly skeptical of any source. This skepticism has led me to write off the mainstream long ago. At some point, filtering out the lies gets too tedious.

  4. Her story was actually validated by the gov. Look at the IG report. She also has more proof that she has made sure will come out if anything happens to her. And no, they are not letting her publish – she’s doing it in the face of an unwilling FBI and unwilling Publishing industry.

  5. Also, Sibel testified about much of her story under oath. It was videotaped (Krikorian case). You can find it on youtube. She could easily be prosecuted for perjury if it weren’t true.

  6. Haley11 says:

    Yeah, I almost told him to just read the book as it’s pretty evident there’s a huge paper trail corroborating her story.

    I basically said to him, if Bradley Manning comes out with a memoir in 10 years time about his ordeal, will he be skeptical of that? And what about Daniel Ellsburg and the Pentagon Papers? Is that just a conspiracy theory too? I explained some of her credentials (60 Minutes, PEN/Newman Award) and linked to a WaPo press release from 2002. That shut him up. He said fair enough, he just hadn’t had time to look into it.

    We’re on opposite sides of the political spectrum so automatically anything I say or endorse he treats with skepticism and is inclined to disagree with just on principle. It’s hard changing minds, I tell ya!

  7. @Haley11:

    I can empathize with you and I am happy that your are sharing with people who need to read it.

    I bought some extra copies and have shared them with some who either are in denial of the criminality in our government or say things like “it’s a dirty world and we’ve got to play dirty too.”

    I’ve had a variety of results/feedback. One semi-apathetic person, who never wanted to hear about such things, at least from me, saw the cover/title and wanted to read it. Then just lit up like a match!

    The most surprising response came from someone who I thought had a sense of these things already. They said they read it and then said “Yeah, but there are so many stories about 9/11. It’s all incompetence and 20/20 hindsight.” I just about flipped. Incompetence? Sure, it was encouraged and promoted. Hindsight? Can you say “cover up”? I wrote to them pointing out the criminality and with some of the same points about credibility – I get the sense that they need to see it in the NY Times or HuffPo. I almost can’t believe they read it.

    I’m still waiting to hear back from some of the more challenging recipients, but the overwhelming majority have given me confidence that this book is waking people up and changing attitudes. It shows, outright, that the real enemies of “our way of life” are domestic and there are real heroes, like Sibel, who show us how to stand up for our rights and root for the good guys. It’s validated evidence of the crimes and a moral compass to navigate them.

    Keep it up! It’s a great feeling to help flip someone’s switch and then watch the gears in their head just about pop. You can see it in their eyes. It’s a feeling of unity, an important change in discourse, and it smells like fire!

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