Classified Woman Unplugged in a New Session with Alex Jones

From the Book the Establishment Doesn’t Want you to Read to 9/11, Perpetual War, Police State & Beyond

SEYesterday (Friday, May 18), I had another video-radio session with Alex Jones that was supposed to be for 20 minutes but went on for over an hour. I was completely (utterly-totally) unplugged. Mr. Jones has a way of opening up his interviewees. Not only that, he is not afraid of getting into the ‘real’ issues-the macro topics. Some of you may know this already, but for those of you who don’t: I get miserably bored (and frustrated) when I am asked to recap the sufferings related to the whistleblowing journey, and to talk about the minute issues of bureaucratic bungling and incompetence. Unfortunately that happens to be the norm. Fortunately, for this Jones’ session I was not placed in that utterly boring and sleep-inducing position. We got to talk, passionately talk, about the macro issues, the most important aspects of my case and whistleblowing journey, and the core problems facing our nation. Thank you Alex Jones!

Here is the video interview session with Alex Jones:

I am thankful to all of you who have been supporting Classified Woman. Thanks to you we have been on Amazon’s top selling Memoirs lists, and rank 140 of all Amazon print books. The government, the mega corporate publishers, the mainstream media ... in short, the establishment has been doing everything to bury this book. You, the readers, and I the author and independent-publisher, have been challenging them all, and so far we seem to be doing a good job of that. Please don’t give up. Together, collectively, we are setting precedence here by making ‘them’ irrelevant. Please help us get the word out there on this book- encourage those you know to join our movement. Let’s show them the power of the people. Thank you all!

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  1. CW is at #138 for all books on Amazon, #41 in the Biographies & Memoirs category. That’s a huge increase just since last week. Congrats!

  2. More like plugged in to a whopping amplifier that goes to eleven! Rock and roll, Sibel!

  3. I mean, there were a couple times when you actually left AJ speechless. LOL!

  4. I’m glad to see you got to cut loose on Alex’s show. He’s really good sometimes about saying “for the next 20 minutes, you have the floor”. Great interview, Sibel!

  5. gogetem says:

    Yes, great interview indeed!

  6. dratman says:

    I applaud you for participating in TV and radio shows from both ends of the political spectrum.

    We are increasingly forced to face the fact that neither party is being honest with the public. A few individual politicians tell the truth when they can, but every time one of those politicians becomes a candidate for major public office, he or she is quickly pushed aside by the national media.

    It seems that everyone in Washington has become violently allergic to the truth. Naturally, there has always been a certain tendency in that direction. Politicians will try anything to hold onto power. But at the present time, it seems that the situation is much worse than usual.

    Not knowing what is going on makes us all helpless. Right now I would be very happy just to find out what it is that they are all so eager to hide — even if no one can change anything.

    In fact, I think that may be the only point on which the major political parties agree: whatever you do, don’t let the public know about it.

    Invisible government makes any sort of democracy impossible. Without accurate information, how are voters supposed to decide who they should vote for?

  7. Great Interview Sibel. You’re on a roll . . .Nicely done!

  8. As of Sunday 5/20, Amazon has CW at #120 in books and #38 in Bios & Memoirs on Amazon. Zzzzoooooooommm!!

  9. I just bought another copy on amazon today. if anyone can, buy a copy for a friend today. let’s try to push it past 100!

  10. #111

  11. #107

  12. dratman says:

    And yet Classified Woman is still not mentioned on the air or in print. Sibel’s story is a dramatic tale well told. If there is any justice in the world, her book should make a difference. (But there is no justice. Still, we can hope.)

  13. Don’t have reliable or speedy internet connection so I went to prisonplanet podcast archives to download the Friday, May 18, show. Now that AJ has so many different shows going on perhaps you were on the evening video only, etc. However, you were not on the podcast I downloaded, so if you were on that show he’s not making it available. They don’t identify guests on their podcast archive.

    Jones is appealing to a different demographic than myself, but in my hope to year you, I listened to the most disgusting demagogic and manipulative performance I’ve ever heard from him – and I’ve heard a few in years past.

    Perhaps it sounded nastier because he’s too old to fake genuine feeling during such rants when he’s pretending to be an Ol’ Testament Prophet calling down Jehovah’s wrath on wicked minions of the state (sounded like they were) and upon any woman who may find it necessary to seek a private medical procedure from a doctor. (Woe to Ye, Hypocritical Libertarians with your False Equivalencies).

  14. jschoneboom says:

    That was a fun one to watch/listen to — thank you very much “C-Bell”. 😉

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