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SESince the release of Classified Woman I have been receiving dozens of e-mails each day, and with those e-mails come many questions regarding the status of the book. As always, with my frantic schedule, I’ve been saving the e-mails to respond to later, and the to-be-responded-to e-mail trail has been getting longer and longer. So here is what I decided to: Answer the most common questions in one post.

When will Classified Woman be available in bookstores?

The short answer is: I don’t know. And here is the longer version as to why: This book is self-published. Despite its success during the very short period of its availability the corporate publishers and major distributors are still sitting on the sidelines, watching, and hoping for it to simply go away. To place this book on the shelves in bookstores takes a lot of work: Printing, warehousing, cataloguing, selling and marketing to bookstores, delivering, book-keeping and return policy implementation, accounting... In the next few weeks, depending on how we do with our online print and e-book sales, we’ll know more. I will keep you posted and welcome suggestions from those of you experienced in this area.

What is the status of government threats against this book?

My attorneys are still on top of the case. So are the government attorneys. I call this stage: the letter-waiting-letter period. A threat letter comes-we wait and assess-our letter is drafted and sent-we wait again-then another letter comes... Again, I believe the government is also watching the status of this book and the court of public opinion on it.

Why there hasn’t been a single peep in the mainstream media on this book?

That’s funny. Where have you been? You need to join, read, listen to, and watch Boiling Frogs Post!

How come you haven’t received any coverage from alternative publications such as Amy Goodman and Thom Hartmann?

I am not going to get into the philosophical discussion of what constitutes being alternative. I have written many analyses and commentaries on this. And of course, I cannot provide a definite answer since I don’t have it yet. Suffice to say that they have received their review copies, and they all know about the book. Sometimes these things take time. Sometimes it becomes a totally different ball game. If I were to guess: it is because George W. Bush is not in office any longer. You see, during George W. Bush I was welcomed more than once or twice at these alternatives. Then, something happened. George was gone, and I no longer was welcomed or needed for the game. Again, I’ll have a definite answer in the next few couple of weeks and I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have signing and speaking events coming up in California, Wisconsin, etc.?

As a self-published author and without the bookstore presence at this time, I don’t have any signing events. This is why I have been providing signed copies directly via web order. I am truly honored by the requests I’ve been receiving. I think I have memorized the names and location of those fans! You can order and purchase your signed copies here:

Purchase Signed Copy of Classified Woman

As for speaking events, I have received a few invites, and I will consider a limited number for this year and let you know. I am a full-time mother who has not spent a single night away from her almost-4 year old daughter. I work part-time from home, and I run this website almost full-time. Then, there is the issue of safety-not in a paranoid way. Throughout these ten years we have been receiving threats regularly. Granted, some of them are meant to be fluff meanness just to intimidate and I haven’t let that happen. Others may be a bit more serious. To make a long story short all that makes the logistics of travel a bit more difficult. I am being selective, thus I’ll pick a very few events accordingly.

How can I help Classified Woman and get the word out?

You certainly can, and I certainly depend on it. In fact, I wrote and published this book countering and fighting all its obstacles (from the government to corporate publishers and media) because I counted (and still count!) on you; every single one of you. Here is how you can help:

Tell your friends and family members and encourage them to read Classified Woman

E-mail the information and link to the Classified Woman website

Utilize social networking outlets such as FB-Twitter to get the word out

Contact and inform your favorite media personalities and reporters

Contact your local bookstores and encourage them to carry this book

I am sure you can come up with other ways, and I am certainly open to your suggestions.

As always I want to thank you for all your support and encouragement.



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  1. Hal 9000 says:

    Damn, this woman never ceases to inspire me, and it’s getting expensive.

    Alright, I’m going to buy a copy for each of the local radio talk show hosts and deliver the copies personally.

    I’m also going to print some fliers and post them around town – a picture of the book with a question below: Can you handle the truth? And, of course, the website. Maybe I’ll put one in Phil Zelikow’s mailbox.

  2. Hell yeah, Hal 9000! Great ideas – I think I’ll make some fliers too and hit the local University kiosks.

  3. jschoneboom says:

    Flyers is a good idea. If you come up with some good flyers that could be downloaded and printed, and you wouldn’t mind sharing them, maybe Sibel could post them somewhere here? I’d certainly put a few around my city.

  4. gogetem says:

    I haven’t read her book yet, but I noticed that Susan Lindauer used the self-publisher, “CreateSpace” to publish her book. I recently found out about her story via YouTube and was curious about her publishing.
    Also, I’ve ordered Sibel’s book and can’t wait to read it!

  5. dreaminglucidly says:

    I also haven’t read her book yet, but am looking forward to it. I sent Democracy Now! an irrate message for not having Sibel Edmonds on. I also sent them a message about the Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy piece on CIA knowledge of 911 hijackers entering the country (formerly to be found on and there was no coverage. What do I expect from a Ford Foundation funded organization? They will never approach the core of the issues and they will never to stories on the all important slimy tax exempt foundations. Its funny the left considers itself so enlightened because it listens to publications like Democracy Now! There is some good stuff on there as long as it doesn’t involve exposing corrupt elite establishment too much. That may bring about an “excess of democracy.”

  6. jschoneboom says:

    I read Susan Lindauer’s book too, and with all due respect to Lindauer and what she went through, Sibel’s book is a thousand times better. Lindauer *desperately* needs an editor; she does have an important story to tell but she really makes you suffer for it. (I still recommend reading it, but I have to include the warning that it’s an often repetitive rant that seems more like a first draft than a finished book.)

    I don’t mean to slag off Susan Lindauer or her book, but since it was raised by someone else, I think it’s worth making the point that if anybody is hesitating to buy Sibel’s book because it’s self-published and you’re worried about the quality of the writing — don’t be. Sibel is an excellent writer, for starters, and she went about it in a very professional way, bringing in a fine editor, and the end result is superb. It avoids the major pitfalls that can plague self-published books: it’s tight, it avoids self-indulgence, keeps the focus on the issues.

    In short, besides being the only avenue for her to tell the story the way she wanted to tell it, she’s managed to do it the way it ought to be done. It’s written to a highly professional standard.

  7. Once I started this book – lent by a friend – I had to buy it. Gladly will I send notices to my email list and pass on this book to the TV station and newspapers in my area. This book needs to be read by anyone interested in the truth about our waning moments to save this country from the hell it is tumbling rapidly into – a fascist police state.

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