Mourning New Zealand’s New Chosen Path to Destruction

Going Down Under the Devil’s Spell

NZ1My friends and those of you who have read my book know a bit about my fondness for New Zealand. I have been there more than once and not in the distant past. I have referred to several exemplary characteristics of its government more than a few times in my articles and podcasts. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that the following news article was more than enough to fill me with disappointment and a great sense of loss:

Agreement with US sees NZ as ‘de facto’ Ally

A leading academic says New Zealand has become a "de facto ally" of the United States after signing a sweeping agreement on military cooperation in Washington early today. The Washington Declaration was signed by US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman at the Pentagon today.

Coleman said the declaration foreshadowed greater cooperation in key areas including maritime security, counter terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the region and promoted peace keeping and peace support initiatives.


You can read the entire news article here.

New Zealand is going to join this country in its counterterrorism initiatives and operations. And what is this so-called US counterterrorism model? Implementing fondling and groping exercises by known pedophiles and rapists in the airports? Because that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for years under our counterterrorism guidelines and initiatives.

You see, New Zealand airport procedures made me cry-literally cry. I was shedding tears of joy when I went from one airport to another with my dignity intact. They didn’t grope me. They didn’t make me bend over and remove my shoes. They didn’t pass me through porno-ray machines. Travelling in New Zealand didn’t boil down to making a choice between convenience and maintaining dignity.

As for so-called counter-terrorism operations internationally ... well, let’s put it this way: an extra word has been placed by our nation’s war machine into mass PR targeting the uninformed masses. It is okay if you don’t want to take my word for this. New Zealand should ask the families of hundreds of thousands of people we’ve murdered around the world, check with fried and injured children and the elderly, question those with their homes in rubble, and they’ll tell you all about our terrorism operations around the world.

What does New Zealand consider US humanitarian assistance to be? I haven’t been following the NZ media, and I know the country sits in a fairly isolated part of the world, but they must surely know about our kinda humanitarian assistance, no? We are known to give money and killing equipment to despots around the world in order to help them imprison, torture and murder, and remain in power. We call that foreign aid and assistance. They should ask the people of Egypt, the Uzbeks, the Saudis ... Of course the kinds of assistance we are known to provide are always paired with a slogan or two containing words such as democracy or humanitarianism. Does New Zealand want to join this US humanitarian assistance club?

US Peace keeping & Peace Support Initiatives? Can anyone in the New Zealand government, I mean the entire government over there, think of an instance, even one, example of such activity by our nation? I am at a loss here. I am thinking ... still thinking ...nope- I am drawing a blank.

In 2008, while in Vietnam, I met other Americans who were there as tourists. Many of them said they were presenting themselves as Canadians in order not to become targets of attacks. My New Zealander friends there found this amusing. They had no such concerns. This applied to their nation as well: untouched by ugly police state practices in the airports and elsewhere. Why would they want to let all that go?

Kidnapping, rendition, torture, Guantanamo, drone-o-mania, mass civilian murder, preemptive wars, multiple wars of aggression, regime installations, despot regime assistance, illegal wiretapping, persecution- prosecution-imprisonment-torture of government whistleblowers and dissenters, limbless veterans, one soldier suicide per hour ... Yes, these are the words and descriptions associated with our nation’s counterterrorism and peace-repelling operations and activities. Does the government of New Zealand want to join us and partner up with our regime in all this? More importantly, do the people of New Zealand want to change their way of life?

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This site depends….

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  1. Hi Sibel,
    Thank you for the continual flow of valuable and pertinent information.
    I read your book and am still recovering from the shock of everything that happened to you, You are a very strong person and I admire you for your stand and conviction to fight for the truth. I hope and pray that you stay safe and have everything you need for yourself and your family. Please take care of yourself ’cause burning the candle at both ends makes a lot of light but is very consuming. Make sure you get enough rest and time off and vacation. I say that as a concerned individual who wants only the best for you and yours.

  2. Well New Zealand is a long way down under… far from the … madding crowd…

    I was today at a new zealand blog site, and, as I often do… I opened up another site at the same time, and so both sites are on my screen, that’s because it is about 20 inches across, but anyways, the coincidence is: I was watching this great documentary about the horrendous and more than … tragic… story of the New Zealanders/Austrailian battle at ANSAC, OR, the ww1 oporation to take the Dardenels, in Turkey.

    The Standard

    This video is real well done, and should be a great ‘backstop’ to your main idea that you made, that asks the question: what good is it to the New Zealanders to… again get in to it. They should see this history.

  3. Hi Sibel

    Thank you for writing this article. Yes we get even more cosier and we do go way back..…the previous labour government also worked hard to bring about a post-9/11 version of the ANZUS partnership that was the foundation of US-New Zealand relations during the Cold War.

    I thought you may also be interested to know the “leading academic” Professor Robert Ayson’s, response given to me after I sent him the 9/11 scientific evidence info and link to your work
    – quote “…I have to say that most conspiracy theories require a degree of perfect and hidden coordination that is beyond almost any government or group of governments, and that many of these theories also work against good logic and judgement. There is no case in my view for the proposition you are making which I regard as a work of fiction.

    In my opinion, the NZ government’s attitude towards its foreign policy comes from a mindset that our US and Australian allies decisions are seen to be more important than what we the NZ public (or our own intellectuals and experts) may feel and the almighty trade relationship is what matters the most. The recent Kim Dotcom arrest has also shown that the NZ security services are also more than happy to use the new powers created by 9/11 to dress up in balaclavas, leap out of helicopters and wave around high powered weaponry and allow the US to interfere in our judicial system.

    But still here in our own “God zone”, three activists from Ploughshares were recently acquitted on all charges by a trial jury for temporarily closing the Echelon communications spy base at Waihopai.

    Thank you Sibel for your tireless work, and the valuable information you give. I hope you will return to NZ soon for some well deserved R&R and maybe one day we get to meet. You will be always be welcome in Aotearoa..

  4. mhanson says:

    Hi Sibel,

    Your disappointment with NZ echoes my own. I emigrated to NZ over 30 years ago for environmental reasons, but in the last few years – particularly since 911, these have been overlaid by geopolitical ones. However, despite this depressing toadying to the U.S., I still have hopes that NZ is a better bet than most other countries. I believe this because the impending financial collapse, will result in a much greater local autonomy and thus independence from national and even local government. In addition to this, the end of cheap energy will bring to an end the corporations that so corrupt the political process – most of all in the United States.

    So be of good cheer – New Zealand offers real hope for you if you decide to come here to live – especially that little corner of NZ where I intend to live.

  5. joetoad says:

    and another thing… !

    How many could that little Island take of our escapees? Well the gates will go up pretty soon when the wave of the discontented from, up over, start to … go over and come under… Come Over…!!

    and if you get my drift: the millions of minions take to the boats. Little New Zealand won’t be equiped to answer the call for all that.

    The boatloads of the discontented from the many and most of the lands discontented…. when that wave of the brave really gets a’started from the ways of comparted…

    and you’ll see a thing that will be started… !

    In the past New Zealand and Austrailia too, did desire for more immigrants… (particularly of the certain type of course..) and that was the way it was in the day… that was…

    But I bet that that day is past and I say that day is no more.

    Today those little places in the south seas, they don’t suffer any longer from any type of … shortage of the numbers. (No shortage of humans)… that was!

    On the other hand….

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