The EyeOpener- Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone

BFP VideoThe NSA's illegal warrantless wiretapping programming. The building of the massive NSA data center in Utah to permanently store copies of all digital communication sent around the world. The UK government's "Communications Data Bill" to monitor emails, instant messages and other personal information. What was dismissed as crazy conspiracy theory just over a decade ago has become, in this post-9/11 era, the all-too-familiar stuff of newspaper headlines and talking head reportage.

The Sentient World Simulation’s aim, according to its creator, is to be a "continuously running, continually updated mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action." In practical terms that equates to a computer simulation of the planet complete with billions of "nodes" representing every person on the earth.

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the Sentient World Simulation and a significant peek behind the curtain at what those who are really running our society want: complete control over every facet of our lives achieved.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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This site depends….

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  1. “Beyond what can happen to specific, targeted individuals.” Corbett Report

    “Computers are only as valuable as their programming, after all, and the algorithms required to accurately predict responses in chaotic systems with multiple, dimly-understood variables is orders of magnitude beyond what is currently possible. Or is it?”

    These items in the Corbett Report require further investigation. Consider the recent news item about the Higgs Boson. What does this have to do with TIA? The safeguard of most of us in our quiet reflections is that no organization can possibly make sense of such a vast array of data. However, the billions and trillions of pieces of random data in the Large Hadron Collider require algorithms to make sense. Scientists within this program assure me that their algorithms are not being co-opted by the Elite. How can this be with such vast funding and so much open source information?

    Second, ‘targeted individuals’ suggests that if we have nothing to hide, or are below the radar then we are safe. However, if slave mentalities are the goal of such a project, then just as Facebook uses us as their marketable resource, consider the value for world dominion of many slaves whose thinking is co-opted by TIA .

    Bear with me. HAARP is filled with conspiracy theories that only someone like Wayne Madsen or Gavin Marshall would dare voice. Yet, if you care to research the data, there is material in the public domain that suggests mood modification of individual and targeted populations has been a directed research goal since before the 1970’s. Just go to and search for the Bob Beck Bibliography. Last time I looked, it was till there.

  2. We’ve gone from information gathering info of suspected terrorists… to monitoring everyone. Sibel’s first job with the FBI was the so called acceptable spying and information gathering of Turks, Pakistanis, Iranians and so forth… the so called enemies of the US.

    Why are we their enemies in the first place? Are these people looking to conquer and dominate the world and that includes the subjugation of the US and her people? Or is it the reverse? The USA has been pursuing a policy of control and dominance of the entire world and doing it in a very destructive and repressive manner. We are not charming the third world with the benefits of freedom and human rights… of a constitution which has the rule of rule and habeus corpus… and the presumption of innocence. No.. we are conquering the world in a manner far worse than the colonial powers of the pre 20th century world. The USA makes the Brits, the Portuguese, the French and the Dutch colonialism look like child’s play.

    We are the driving the misery of the world which is not a natural disaster… and when there is one, the disaster capitalists are right there exploiting the situation for dollars.

    We are living in exactly what 1984 and Brave New World predicted. Reality imitating fiction.

  3. TIA is but the tip of the National Surveillance State’s very sharp spear. Programs such as SWS can be used not only for “simulating” real-world responses by individuals to “catastrophic events” but can also help identify dissidents for “special handling” should such events lead to severe crises for our capitalist overlords. While a so-called “national security index” has been a permanent feature of U.S. political life since the dawn of the Cold War, the intervening years have witnessed an unprecedented refinement in techniques for identifying, and potentially, squashing dissent through open police state methods.

    The stuff of “conspiracy theory”? Better think again! Check out these two articles by investigative journalists Christopher Ketchum and Tim Shorrock: “The Last Roundup,” and “Exposing Bush’s Historic Abuse of Power,” for further details.

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